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Beneath the 

Signum 1997 

Bedford High School 

Mudge Way 
Bedford, MA 01 730 
Volume XV 





! r 


Beneath the Surface 

by Rachel Johnson and Pamela Worth 

The four years we have spent in high school have been a time of growing, learn- 
ing, and dreaming. We have discovered new things about ourselves and those around 
us every day. The theme "Beneath the Surface" allows us to think about the minds, 
feelings, and personalities underneath the trendy clothes and smiling faces that we 
see every day. 

As members of the Class of '98, we have grown both personally and as a whole. 
Each individual in our class has matured; all of us have had our struggles and accom- 
plishments. We have faced our fears about the future, and realized our dreams. 

As a class, we have welcomed new people and offered our friendship; we have 
said goodbye to close companions, and promised to keep in touch. We have collec- 
tively stressed over tests, SAT's - forming our own support group. We have shared 
many happy moments, dancing together, laughing together - even diving into Walden 
Pond together! -, and showing our school spirit. 

To anyone else, we appear to be a class of academic achievers, superior athletes, 
wonderful actors, and superb musicians. This is all true, but as we know, we are 
much more than that. The bond we have created is a strong one, and because of that, 
we have allowed ourselves to be caught when we were falling, and to be pushed when 
we were lagging behind. We know that what appears on the surface is not necessarily 
what is underneath. 




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se pior Directoi 

Ad* 190 


Stay in' Alive 

by Sarah Toole 

1997's Junior Prom was an incredible success. Through the hard work of the Prom 
Committee under Susan Mara and Kelly Dutton, the new cafeteria became a "Black Hole" 
dance hall of the future. Preparations took a long time but the work was well worth it. 
Everyone at the prom enjoyed the decor and company. 

The music was rockin' and kept people dancing until the last minute. As our theme song, 
"Stayin' Alive", echoed through the crowded room, a huge conga line formed, and snaked 
around the dance floor. 

The Prom Court was an eclectic mix of people. With Shaun Fillion as the King and 
Meredith Campbell as the Queen, Dan Rashba, Tom Webster, Mark Kreuger, Matt Abt, Kacie 
Kennedy, Robin Grace, Susan Mara and Kelly Dutton made an admirable court. 

The night provided many great memories. The class of 1998 would like to thank all of 
the chaperones for volunteering to help us. Our prom was a magical evening and we wish this 
year's juniors much luck with theirs. 

1997 Junior 
Prom Court! 

Front Row: 
Tom Webster, 
Robin Grace, 
Kelly Dutton, 
Matt Abt 
Back Row: Dan 
Rashba, Kacie 
Kennedy, King 
Shaun Fillion, 
Campbell, Sue 
Mara, Mark 

Far Right: 
Ayesha is 
shocked by 
the dancing 
styles of 
Adam and 

Tom Webster 
stares off and 
Matt Abt 
looks away in 
despair as 
Kelly Dutton 
in the head 
with her rose. 

6 Prom 

Above: Regan shakes her groove thing. 

Bedford's Birthday 

Far right: Meredith 
Campbell lures 
customers into the 
Class of '98 booth. 

Right: Brandon 
Stockwell, Andrew 
Read, and Kristin 
Kremer chill by the 
C.O.A. booth. 

Far right: Seth 
glowing hair 
Weiner and 
Volpicelli like 
moths to 
Leary and 

Far left: Dan 
Rashba gets 
wet at the 
"Drown this 
Clown" booth. 
Left: The 
ROTC corps 
relax a little 
after marching 
in the Bedford 
Day parade. 

Far left: Colin 
beats his 
Left: Carli 
Kelly Clerkin, 
and Sara 
Sjostrom take 
advantage of 
the candy 
thrown off the 
floats during 
the parade. 
Mmm, street 

atop a fire 

Left: The BHS 
color guard 
tries not to drop 
their flags on 
their heads. 

Far left: Zildjian Man Bryan Nash and Chris Springer 

The Big Fishes' Last 



When the Teachers 
Aren't Looking 

es, we do have lives outside of school! In fact, BHS stu- 
dents do lots of things unrelated to school, that many of us 
do not know about. Some might even tell you that their 
activities take up more time than school. This page is dedicated 
to those brave individuals who have dared to have social lives 
outside of hallowed walls. 



Go With The 

Below: Chrisanna Mitchell 
and Katie Bowell show off 
their spirit by dressing 
alike on Twin Day. 
Right: Elissa Dill, Alyssa 
Lee, and Erin Boyd... 

Above: Brian McDonough and 
Colin Conway... No, Brian 
Conway and Colin 
McDonough! Pretty tricky, 

Right: Molly Waterhouse 
shows off her thrift-store chic 
outfit on Building 19 day. 

Right: Robin Grace and 
Stephanie Potter look cute 
for the camera. 



Left: Jon St. Saveur plays his 
trumpet in the marching 
band section. 

Below: Terrina Harford - 
doing the Cabbage Patch? 
Whatever it is, she looks 

Left: T.C. Rand makes noise 
to cheer on the Class of '98 at 
the Homecoming pep rally. 

Above: Ben Abt? God? Ben 
Abt? What an odd tee-shirt... 


Meet Me In 
St. Louis 

top right: The perils of play 
practice... Jon Boschetto 
(a.k.a. John Truitt) risks 
his hand just to get a copy 
of the script. 

right: Katherine Brooks, 
Kristen MacNamara, and 
Shannon Fillion get ready 
to launch themselves into 
the middle of the square in 
"Skip to My Lou." 

Elissa Dill, Emalie Parkhurst, and Jen 
Simpson break it down at a rehearsal. 

Shaun Fillion - Lon Smith - airlifts Jen Simpson with sinis 1 


left: Esther Smith, the leading role in the musical, 
was played by Meredith Campbell. 

"If I like-a you and you 
like-a me, and we like the 
both the same..." Laura 
Seigel - Agnes Smith - 
takes a break from 
arduous singing and 
dancing with Jackie 

Shaun/Lon and Adam Weston/Alonzo Smith meet each 
ill Hillyard, Robin Grace, Bobby Dutton, and other in homeroom, 
lian Belknap keep time during "Skip to My 





by Sarah Toole, 
Catherine Hill 
and Stefan 

It is a basic human necessity. Of 
course, we all eat, but here at the 
BHS, we have the old and new caf- 
eterias with their wonderful tables 
and chairs, ready for our use. Lunch 
is our 20-minute long social time and 
we get as much joy out of it as we 
can. We love it, we need it, it is ours. 

WARNING: You are being 
watched. If you misbehave, progress 
reports will be sent home. 

Above: Jeff Beckwith and Pat 
Mahoney invite you to their 

Right: Stefan Iwanchuk, 
Andrew Read, and Kitty 

Below: This little Torr 
Bassett went to market... tl 
little Abby Cleghorne h 
roast beef... this little Mi 
Gagnon had none. 



top: Gerard Mclean, Kirby 
Armstead, Valissa McLean, 
Keshia Eccles, (hiding) Shara 
Reynolds, Tamara Ayala, 
Jeanne Brome, Quiana 
Horsely-Davis, Marcy Pryce 

left: Shara Reynolds gets 
ready for the long ride back 
to Boston. 

left: Akil Mondesir jokes 
with M.E.T.C.O. coordinator 
Mrs. Parker, Bedford resident 
Ayesha Thomas, and Mrs. 


far right: Dave 
DeBartolo goes to a 
lot of town 
meetings . 
right: Dave 
DeBartolo, Greta 
Lynn, Shan Patel 

Right: Greta Lynn, 
Campbell, the 
omnipresent Dave 
Blanchard, Meg 
Hamel, Katie 
Rivollier, Mr. 


School Committee 

Student Advisory 

Student Government Assembly 

Making a Difference 

.acie Kennedy, Caroline King, Jen Ynostroza, Andrea Mesquita, Natasha Dillahunt, 
luvia Coulter, Lisandra Nazario, Alexis Nazario, Shaun Filion, Kristin Flynn, Jamie 
loy, Vinnie McGrath, Katelynn Merrill, Brent Duncan, Shauna Crehan, Seth Perkins, 


The Interact Club was started in 
1992 by a suggestion from the local 
Rotary Club. Today, the Interact 
Club assists with Rotary Club-spon- 
sored activities, such as their an- 
nual breakfast with Santa Claus. 
Members of the Interact Club vol- 
unteer at battered women's shel- 
ters, Bedford Community Pantry, 
and Carleton-Willard nursing 
home. Involved, Interact is a club of 

Above right: Peer Leaders Erin Slavin, Kacie 
Kennedy, Rachel Johnson, Kara Volpicelli, 
Elizabeth Brutti, Caroline King, Kim Sylva, 
Susan Mara, Lesa Pierce, Stacy Wilkes, Rachel 
Kern, Vinnie McGrath, Angelo DeFino's head, 
Corey Moy, Mark Lorusso 

Right: Peer Leader Advisors Dennis McDonald 
and Mrs. Babcock 

Betsy Payne, Mike Mead, Karen 
Thomas, Chris Payne, Jen Jones, 
Beverly Marrigan, Kara 
Volpicelli, Abby Cleghorne, Beth 
Ziulek, [middle-ish row] Gail 
Connelly, Meredith Campbell, 
Laura Olson, Dina Dmitov, 
Margot Lynn, Lauren Weeks, 
Kathryn Brooks, Heather 
Stewart, Erin Slavin, Stacy 
Wilkes, Rebecca MacFarland, 
Nicole Volpicelli, Catherine Hill, 
Krissy Ela, Liz Brady, Adam 
Bleser, Pranitan Kulholm, 
Natalie Black, Katri Huikari 

School Atmosphere 

Hey! Those wacky S.A.C. kids are lying in a zipper 
clever! Dan Penland, Greta Lynn, Blake Murphy, Seth 
Parkhurst, Lilian Belknap, Jenthri Conroy, David P 

Worth, Dawnya Goodman, Katie Boyd, Brian Richicli 

f Donation! How 
Perkins, Emalie 
nland, Pamela 

S.A.C. Superwoman Greta Lynn 
shows her open-minded smile to our 

Student Mecfcrtors 

S.A.C. Superman Dave Penland leads his 
blinded Dan away from Ms. Laver's room. 


right: Erin O'Reilly, Brian 
Richichi, Beth Lorusso, Torrey 
Bassett, Arianne Obering 

American Field 


American Field Service is dedicated to learning about other cultures from around 
the globe. They have participated in many activities at Bedford High School to 

promote cultural interaction. They have taken 
trips, tasted exotic foods, and just had a good 
time learning about the lives of people from all 
walks of life. 

Above left: Seth 
Perkins, AFS- could 
it mean A Fine 

Above, right: Kristem 
Kremer, Rayna Oien, 
Natalie Wiener, and 
Cara Abt share a 
group hug after yet 
another productive 

Dove, Top Row: Carli Parisella, Sharon Betz, Emily Perkins, Lindsey McGrath, Suzanne Kim, Seth 
>rkins, Carl Larson, Justin Hastings, Liz Jacobs, Ms. Allen; Second row: Shauna Crehan, Danielle 
3 Moss, Crystal Hayden, Lynnette Bishop, Nicole Girourd; Third Row: Nicole Volpicelli, Natalie Wiener, 
risten Kremer, Katie Busa, Pranitan Kulhom, Dina Dvinov, Mark Donnelly, Bonnie Feldman. 


Top Row: Cory Moy, Brent Duncan, 
Kristen Twombly, Rebecca McFarland, 
Kim Sylva, Bethany Russo, Eric 
Mesquita, Emily Gleason, Craig 
Gelormini, Susan Mara, Suzanne Kim, 
Jon Tate, Lindsey McGrath, John 
Bentley, Kristen Kremer, Lesley 
McGovern, Charles Bililies, Josh 
Markow, Jimmy Higson, Mike Mead, 
Seth Perkins Middle Row, Liz Brady, 
Heather Stewart, Joanna Mclnnis, 
Katie Bowen, Alyssa Milligan, Carrie 
Frank, Kelly Dutton, Bobby Dutton, 
Nicole Volpicelli, Natalie Wiener, 
Heather Twombly, Jull Bernardo, Bev 
Marrigan, Jen Simpson, Sarah Toole, 
Shaun Fillion, Bottom Row, Danelle 
DeMeo, Dina Divinov, Pranitan 
Kulhom, Gail Connelly, Caroline Leary, 
Robin Grace, Debbie Robertson, 
Catherine Hill, Krissy Ela, Tracey 
Gardini, Jen Chan, Liz Vanaria 

Spanish Club 

Top Row: Brett Sammuls, Sam 
Holland. Jesse Dill, Pawel Vrotec, Pam 
Worth, Andy Churrela, Nathan Gray, 
Vikram Sridharan, Monica Connerton, 
Danya Goodman, Crissana Mitchell, 
Betsy Payne, Sarah Ullman, John 
McGysick^ Erin O'Reilly Middle Row, 
Bethany Russo, Caroline Leary, Emily 
Jamison, Bethany Aiken, Merideth 
McGowen, Jon Boschetto, Jeff 
Derderian, Lillian Belknap, Sharon 
Betz, Liz Brady, Nicole Gosine, Kristen 
Kremer, Liz Jacobs. Middle middle 
row, Brendan Baker, Kelly Dutton, 
Meg Hamel, Carrie Frank, Catherine 
Hill, Mei-Mei Tang, Lindsay McGrath, 
Kristen Johaneson, Lydia Wilski, 
Lauren Weeks. Kathryn Brooks. 
Bottom Row, Alison Brooks, Katie 
Bowen, Alvin Tsang, Tom Webster 

French Club 

Latin Club 

Top Row, Robin Smith, Ben Abt, 
Stephanie Potter, Kacie Kennedy, Mark 
Kreuger, Sara Collins, Chris Starns, 
Brad Sylva, Norman Pryce, Kim Sylva, 
Matt Donaldson, Chris Payne, Erin 
O'Reilly. Middle Row, Angelo Defino, 
Jacki DePriest, Erin Slavin, Craig 
Gelormini, Shauna Crehan, Danielle 
DeMoss, Jill Sylva, Bernd Kullman. 
Front Row, Angela House, Stacy Wilkes, 
Merideth McGowen, Jen Jones, 
Danielle Blanchard, Jessie McGrath, 
Mei-Mei Tang, Dina Divinov, Jen Chan, 
Liz Vaneria, Mark Donnelly 


left: Kristen 
cuts through 
the throng of 
Latin club 
to sample 
the Select 


Tate try 
to blend 
into the 
wall at a 

above: Corey Moy, Adam Bleser, and 
a doughnut. 

left: Chicas to the front! Liz Brutti, 
Kelly Dutton, Emily Gleason, and Ms. 
Taub give cause to doubt the alcohol- 
free sticker on the back of the Special 
Spanish Club margarita mix. 



Good Morning, BHS! 


Top right: Jackie Sullivan psyches herself up for appearing 
as talent on "BHS Live!", and also offers a handy endorsement 
for Bruegger's Bagels. 

Far above: Tommy Baudanza escorts Steve Wilson on the 
scenic route to the Telemedia studio. 


Telemedia is a 
big group of students 
who share a purpose: 
to make the wackiest 
possible morning news show for the stu- 
dent population of BHS. With talent who 
speak to brooms, crew who play Monty Py- 
thon over the T.V.'s for as long as they can, 
candid videos of sleepy students being 
awakened at 5:00 a.m., and roll-ins of 
dancing underclassmen, BHS Live! mem- 
bers should consider their purpose filled. 

Left: the Telemedia crew: Colin McDonough, Alissa Lee, 
Pat Baxter, Trevor Donnell, Bryan Nash, Lilian 
Belknap, Broom, Shaun Filion, Marianne Roseland, 
Jen Simpson, Shannon Filion, Jackie Sullivan, Kristen 
Kremer, Jeff St. Saveur, Ben Rifkin, Gail Connelly, 
Meredith Campbell, Jon DeAruajo, Jon St. Saveur, 
Adam Weston, (standing) Bethany Aiken, Sarah Toole, 
Brian Conway, Steve Wilson, Jesse Belknap 


Forum & Debate 

right: Assistant 
editor number 
sixty-four Leslie 
Munchkin and 
editor number 
two Greta Lynn 
get really 
psyched for 
another staff 

andom Forum Candids 

Forum is a group of talented 
•iters and photographers who 
oduce a page of articles written 

BHS students and published 
onthly in The Bedford 
inuteman . Forum gives students 
:hance to put their opinions and 
oughts in print for the town of 
idford to read. The newspaper's 
ief contributors this year were 
isistant Editors Shan Patel, 
she Minchin, Dave DeBartelo, 
irl Larson, Editor-in-Chief 
mela Worth, Staff Writers Derek 
), Andrew Churella, Greta Lynn, 
th Perkins, Brett Samuels, and 
acy Samuels 

Right: staff writer Andrew Churella 

Top top: Assistant editor Shan Patel gapes. 
Top: Forum advisor Mrs. Eickel looks on as 
second assistant editor Carl Larson composes 
one of many insightful and thought-provoking 
articles for the newspaper. 

:bate Team! Dave DeBartelo, Farah Baig, Rebecca McFarland, Shauna Crehan, 
sse Hastings, Carl Larson, Seth Perkins, Tracy Samuels, Stephen Ly [not 
:tured: Shan Patel] 

This year Bedford High School has 
once again been blessed by the presence of 
a debate team. Early each year, the team, 
led by its vivacious coach, Mr. Milliken, 
looks to recruit elite personnel from the 
incoming freshmen. This marks the sec- 
ond year of Coach Milliken's plan to create 
an intimate squad of "die-hard debaters" 
to compete with local opponents, but so far 
the team seems to consist mostly of con- 
tentious juniors, sophomores, and freshmen 
who end up debating each other more than 
any other teams. However, debate was once 
again fun, and everyone is encouraged to 
go out for the team next year, as there is 
nothing in school quite like debate team. 
This year's successes include hosting the 
quickest debate tournament and getting a 
much-deserved article in the yearbook. 
With a new debate course being offered 
next year, Mr. Milliken looks to the future 
and says, "The best days of the Bedford 
Debate Team are on the horizon waiting 
for the Earth and Bedford's team to simul- 
taneously rotate into success." 

Article by Shan Patel 


Science League 

Right: Mr. Ullman, Nick 
Last, Katie Bowen, Terrina 
Harford, Bethany Russo, Pat 
Danaher, Rebecca McFarland, 
Mark Arsenault, Derek Ho, 
Mike Lee, Rashmi Kaul, Kara 


Right: The Environmental 
Club members with their all- 
important tools, (starting 
from top row) Mr. Griffin, 
Richie Tomczykowski, 
Lynette Bishop, Carrie 
Shamel, Nicole Girouard, 
Meg Hamel, Kristen Kremer, 
Natalie Wiener, Lesley 
McGovern, Kimberly Sylva, 
Jill Sylva, (bottom row) Anna 
Sabella, Karen Thomas, Jen 
Chan, Liz Vanaria, Erin 

N. H. S. / Boys' & Girls' State 

Left: Girls State Representatives Rachel Johnson and 
Robin Grace 

Below Left: Boys State Representatives Shaun Fillion 
and Mark Lorusso 

Below: NHS president Molly Waterhouse, Vice President 
Katie Bowen, Secretary Bethany Russo, and Treasurer 
Rashmi Kaul 

BHS NHS: Front Row: Sharon Betz, Victoria Caliri, Danielle Blanchard, Kim Sylva, Jen Chan, 
Laura Siegel, Natalie Black, Karen Thomas, Kelly Dutton, Katie Bowen, Regan Schwartz, 
Rachel Kern, Sarah Toole, Sarah Vanderwall, Pamela Worth, Ryan Anderson. Second Row: 
Carli Parisella, Sarah Sjostrom, Kacie Kennedy, Leslie Minchin, Jen McGue, Emily Gleason, 
Jen Conroy, Lesa Pierce, Caroline Leary, Robin Grace, Bethany Russo, Joanna Mclnnis, Liz 
Brutti, Kara Volpicelli, Kristin Hurd, Rebecca McFarland, Nick Last, Jessica Nucefora, Rachel 
Johnson. Third Row: Arianne Obering, Kelly Clerkin, Mike Lee, Carl Larson, Derek Ho, Trevor 
Donnell, Tim Pantano, Devin Lafo, Terrina Harford, Lluvia Coulter, Alison Brooks, Tom Webster. 
Last Row: Dave DeBartolo, Josh Markow, Bo Conroy, Andy Carvey, Shaun Fillion, Brian Conway, 
Pat Danaher, Dan Buttrick, Dave Penland, Pat Dwyer, Shan Patel, Seth Perkins, Will Baafi, 
Jon Tate, Bernd Kullman, Mark Arsenault, Ryan Friend, Molly Waterhouse, Pete Agneta 

Each year, four students from the Junior class are chosen based 
on academic achievement and overall character to attend Girls' State 
and Boys' State. Both events give students the opportunity not only to 
learn about government at the state and local levels, but also to partici- 
pate in mock campaigns and elections for government positions. The 
week-long event is a wonderful educational oppportunity, as well as a 
time when many life-long friendships are made. 

Class Officers 

Treasurer Lesley McGovern, Secretary Heather 
Twombly, Vice President Sarah Ullman, President 
Erin O'Reilly 

Secretary Catherine Hill, President Alyssa Milligan, 
Vice President Mike Greicci, Treasurer Natalie 
Weiner, Vice President Jessica McGrath 

A % § 

Prom Committee Chairpeople Jackie Sullivan, 
Danielle Blanchard, Kristen Twombly President Shan 
Patel, Treasurer Seth Perkins [not pictured: Vice 
President Liz Vanaria, Secretary Jill Sylva] 

Prom Committee Chairperson Natasha Dillahunt, 
Prom Committee Chairperson Susan Mara, Vice 
President Meredith Campbell, Prom Committee 
Chairperson Shaun Fillion, President Danny Rashba, 
Treasurer Curt Warrington [not pictured: Secretary 
Pat Dwyer] 


Leaders of Tomorrow 

ow: Mark Arsenault, Andy Croxford, Pat 
aaher, Brian Cox, Jesse Hastings, Angela 
ase, Michelle Washington, Natasha Dillahunt, 
rina Harford, Chea Kenyon, Ryan Anderson, 
:ky Willey, Katrina Forster, Jen Abrams 

below: Abel Markow, Alex Segal, Christine Blanchard, 
Becky Willey, Preston Kourian, Marcus McLeod, Crystal 
Salvi, Bonnie Feldman, Charles McCall, Stephen Wilkes, 
Doug LeShane, Erin Boyd, Katie Bowell, Brandon 
Stockwell, Mike Presti, Rob Luongo, Aleah Davis 

Element A Flight A 

Element A Flight B 

Element A Flight C 

>ve: Scott Juday, Nina Cox, Pat 
Grath, Julie Kenyon, Kenea 
yd, Becca Magnone, Jose 
loja, Sandra Bushey, Kelli Ring, 
ly Furey, Desiree Rumph, 
rbara McElwain, Misty Hawes, 
chel Burns, Liz Boland 

Spellburg, Ginny 
Vitiello, Chris 
Payne, Sarah 
Cottman, Tim 
Pantano, Jamie 
Chan-Moy, Bernd 
Kullman, Jason 
R a p o s a , 
Stephanie Burns, 
Betsey Payne 

Element B Flight A 

left: Lindsay Steinburg, Mike 
Sanders, Krystal Bubnick, 
Pat Gemmel, Ken Christie, 
Kristi Pitts, Maurice 
Harford, Carrie Ruch, John 
McGue, Tricia McGovern, 
Stanley Knight, Chris 
Johnson, Andrew Wotton, 
Christina McCall, Christie 
Martin, Katie Chapa, Sarah 

Element A Flight C 


220 Pages 
of fun... 

far right: This is what 
happens when we get 
released from E-3... Pamela 
Worth and Jen Conroy run 

right: Editor girls as Charlie's 
Angels - Pamela Worth, 
Rachel Johnson, Laura 
Gavornik, Jen Conroy, and 
Sarah Toole hold the coffee 
pot ransom. 

below: Sarah Toole performs 
one of many wonderfully 
exciting yearbook activities; 
selling yearbooks at lunch. 

far right: Ben Rifken, Dan 
Penland, Brian Richichi, Seth 
Perkins, Laura Gavornik, 
Colin Honkus McDonough, 
Derek Ho, Pamela Worth, 
Rachel Johnson, Jen Conroy, 
Jesse Belknap, Shauna 
Crehan, Dina Dvinov, 
Pranitan Kulholm, Natalie 
Weiner, Carrie Frank, Anna 
Larson, Catherine Hill, Stan 
Conway, Sarah Toole 


above: The bonds that yearbook brings... Jen Conroy, Pamela 
Worth, Rachel Johnson, and Sarah Toole apparently can't get 
enough of each others' company. 

right: Dan "Stan" Conway, the self-declared Mack Daddy. 


Pam: Wow, Rachel, it's the end of the year! Rachel: Yeah! P: We sure did a lot of work. Rachel. Will 
ou miss it? R: Yes and no. It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work too. It was definitely a character 
|iuilding experience, though. P: Can we say the word "work" once more in a sentence? Work, work, work. 
Veil, that is what yearbook is about. Work and lots of coffee. R: Yes, coffee is good. Well now, let's get on to 
le point of this article: thanking everyone who has made this yearbook possible-including ourselves. P: 
an we focus in on the "ourselves part? R: I thought that simply by saying that, I was. P: Oh. I can focus 
n myself if you want to sacrifice your space. R: Fine, being the wonderful, caring person that I am, I think 
will. First, I think we should let Sarah Toole know how much she has helped us this year. Her work as the 
Mitor-at-Large required many extra hours, headaches, and... coffee. P: Many, many, many props to Sarah, 
^ho was here every day and every night helping us lay out those funky pages. And since she expects me to 
ay it by now, "I know we need a Prom Court page!" Sarah, you rock. Next? R: Hmmm, how about Jen 
"onroy, our all-important, money raising, yearbook selling Business Editor? P: Well, Rachel, I don't really 
/ant to thank Jen. It's not like she was nere, like, all the time doing money stuff page stuff, and bringing 
s yummy food and bean dip. Thanks so much, Jen. We love you! R: Yeah, thanks babe. Let's see, who now? 
)erek! P: "Uh, yeah, Pam? What do you think about seals and kelp for underclassmen?" Derek is The 
lan... actually, he was the only man in yearbook for quite a while. He's the one who whipped up all those 
razy divider pages and tried to keep us thematic. K: Thank you, Design Editor. Okay, now for our last 
ditor: Laura Gavornik. P: Laura was responsible for the underclassmen section and some of the sports 
ages. She helped us on the days when no one else would. R: Thank you Laura! Now, on to the rest of the 
earbook staff who helped us with whatever we needed, whenever we needed it. Stan (The Mac Daddy)- 
hank you for being a freshmen, for hugs, for letting us boss you around. ..P: for annoying the heck out of me 
nd donating your Legos and blanket to the room! R: We love you, Stan. P: Dan, and Brian thank both of 
ou for providing cynical freshmen perspectives, for doing gofer work, and for being our buddies. R: Thanks 
Jso to Pranitan Kulholm, Shauna Crehan, and Dina Dvinov! You guys never freaked out when we were 
Hulling our hair out and demanding impossible numbers ofpages to oe completed, or zillions of pictures to 
'>e organized. P: Props to Catherine Hill, Seth Perkins, Ben Rifken, Krissy Ela, Carrie Frank, Natalie 
IVeiner, Kristen Kremer, and Anna Larson for helping us with odd jobs. R: Okay, now to thank some of the 
post important people: those people who came in to say hi to us during our most stressful times, and ended 
lip staying for hours learning how to crop pictures, lav out pages, and learn PageMaker. P: Names! Andy 
•ork, Adam Weston, Jesse Belknap, Colin Honkus McDonough, Jen Simpson, and Brian Conway started 
ut "just dropping by," and ended up harnessed to our computers. R: Some people did manage to dodge the 
earbook trap, and simply came in to say hi every once in a while. They deserve thanks for providing much- 
eeded distractions. Stefan Iwanchuk, Elissa Dill, Bryan Nash, Jeff and Jon St. Saveur, you're in here just 
3r being friendly. P: A hearty thankyou also goes to the senior class officers - especially Meredith Campbell, 
lhaun Fillion, and Dan Rashba. They proofed the senior thanks -a tedious task -, and didn't complain 
bout it. R: Thank you guys! Probably the single most important person on yearbook is Mr. Rinaldi, our 
dvisor. He lived with the stress of yearbook every day. Even beyond problems with the plant, parents, and 
tudents, he had us to deal with! P: A whole staff full of girls and Derek... He had to listen to all our chimb 
tories, all our stupid singalongs, and even cope with our occasional teary outbursts. We love you, Mr. 
I linaldi! Thanks for all those tons of pretzels! R: and apple juice; don't forget the apple juice. Well Pam, I 
I tiink the only person left for me to thank is you. I want to thank you for ignoring me when I screamed 
j bout unimportant things; for tolerating my inexplicable need to go the bathroom every five minutes, and 
1 3r everything else in between. I love you. P: Rachel, you are no less than a saint in my eyes. You let me 
I /eep on your shoulder over incomprehensible things ("1 can't find page 42!"), and you let me sing to vou. 
''ou let me yell at everyone on the staff systematically, and then stepped in as an arbitrator, you fixed 
verything I screwed up, and you tolerated all my mysterious phone calls. R: Yeah, I think we made a 
1 retty good team. P: Pretty darn good, if I may swear. R: I've heard you swear worse than that. Anyway, 
| guess it's over now. I will miss it. P: I'll miss it harder. I loved yelling at people. R: Me too. Well, GOOD- 
sYE!! P: On behalf of everyone on the staff we hope you enjoy your yearbook. But if you don't enjoy it, 
/e're not the people to tell. We're very proud of all our work. K: Definitely. And we're proud of everyone 
/ho helped make it happen. 

Design Editor Derek Ho. "Can we use It's easy to learn yearbook stuff when 
fish in this caption?" you're the Answer Man. Andy York 


The secret ingredient is Adam? 
Layout Mack Adam Weston in a not- 
at-all posed picture. 


Far Right: Meg Hamel 
shows who holds the 
power in Madrigal. 

Right: Joanna Mclnnis; 
she's soooo cute! 

1997-98 Madrigal Singers aka Action Pat 
and friends. Front Row; Jon Boschetto, 
Steph Potter, Joanna Mclnnis, Elissa 
Dill, Robin Grace, Jon DeAraujo, Andy 
York, Adam "Frack" Weston. Back Row; 
Jeff St. Sauveur, Pat Mahoney, Mer 
Campbell, Shaun Fillion, Meg Hamel, Al 
Tsang, Kristin Fehlau, Alison Brooks 


Above: Jon Boschetto, our 
new favorite tenor. 

Far Right: Mer Campbell seduces the 
camera once again. 

Right: Uh, Robin, you seem to be 
growing a Ryan out of your shoulder. 
I hope that doesn't affect your voice. 

Heavenly Voices 


Jon Boschetto, Bryan 
Nash, Andrew Carvey, 
Colin McDonough, 
Katie Busa, Nick Last, 
Jen Simpson, Emalie 
Parkhurst, Lilian 
Belknap, Karan 
Wadhera, Stepehn Ly, 
Bobby Dutton, Molly 
Waterhouse, Carline 
Leary, Sarah Toole, 
Steve Wilson, Jackie 
Sullivan, Meredith 
McGowan, Laura Seigel, 
Amanda Colford, 
Bethany Aiken, Jesse 


Will Hillyard, Chad 
Perkins, Kevin Shepard, 
Jesse Ratichek, Matt 
Carvey, Lauren Weeks, 
Christine Blanchard, 
Kathryn Brooks, Lydia 
Wilsky, Rachel Link, 
Rachel Burns, Jamie 
Chan-Moy, Andrea 
Mondesir, Andy 
Churella, Emily 
Jamison, Crystal 
Hayden, Shannon 
Filion, Jen Jones, Erin 
O'Reilly, Kim Robinson, 
Donald Cameron, 
Danielle DeMoss, 
Catherine Healy, Katri 
Huikari, Tracy Samuels, 
Anna Sabella, Carrie 
Frank, Anna Foster, 
Erika Neff, Kristen 
McNamara, Danielle 



by Sarah Toole 

Whenever they perform, the people cry out for more. Double Sextet and 
Men's Octet are the highlights at the vocal concerts held here at BHS. Their 
excellent harmonies and funky renditions of oldies get everyone's feet 
tapping and hands clapping. These student led groups have always been a 
treat to listen to and will for many more years. 

Double Sextet 

Back Row, Elissa Dill, 
Jen Simpson, Stephanie 
Potter, Meg Hamel, 
Krista Robinson, Molly 
Waterhouse, Alison 
Brooks. Front Row, 
Kristen Fehlau, Mer 
Campbell, Joanna 
Mclnnis, Robin Grace, 
Caroline Leary. 

Men's Octet 

Left to Right: Shaun 
Fillion, Andy York, Jeff 
St. Sauveur, Bryan 
Nash, Jon St. Sauveur, 
Jon Boschetto, Alvin 
Tsang, Adam Weston. 


Jazz It Up!! 

by Sarah Toole 

v ith the funky sounds of "Son of a Preacher Man" and the swing beat of "In the Mood", 
tie Jazz Band rocked the BHS Auditorium last year. Ever since then, people have been 
Tondering how they could possibly top a spectacular year, but they have. Under Mr. 
leagan's magnificent leadership, Jazz Band has wowed audiences all over Bedford. So, 
i you come to a Jazz Band concert this year, don't be suprised if you see people dancing 
i the aisles. 

Left: Charles Bililies, Jon DeArujo, and Trevor 
Donnell practice their music for jazz 
band... outside? 

Left: The 
man Jon 
St. Saveur 

Left: The BHS jazz ensemble- 
Back Row, Vikram Sridharan, 
Pat Baxter, Jon DeArujo, 
Trevor Donnell, Alissa Lee, 
Shari Dangel, Jesse Belknap, 
Brian Laundry, Paul Kadish, 
Brian Conway, Charles Bililes, 
Jon St. Sauveur. Front Row, 
Jeff St. Sauveur, Bryan Nash, 
Stephen Iwanchuk, Elissa 
Dill, Emalie Parkhurst, Dan 
Buttrick, Josh Markow, Jeff 
Beckwith, Pat Mahoney. 



Up the Band 

Concert Band 

Dawnya Goodman, Chrisanna 
Mitchell, Brad Sylva, Christi 
Martin, David LaCharite, 
Brian Laundry, Andrew 
Wotten, Derek Leary, Katie 
Boyd, Marianne Roseland, 
Erin Boyd, Alissa Lee, Tommy 
Baudanza, Shari Dangel, 
Krystal Knight, Natalie 
Weiner, Emily Perkins, 
Kristen Kremer, Rayna Oien, 
Nicole Downs, Katie Roe, 
Catherine Healy, Danielle 

Wind Ensemble 

Larry Brutti, Jeff St. Saveur, 
Jeff Beckwith, Stefan 
Iwanchuk, Bryan Nash, 
Vikram Sridharan, Shannon 
Filion, Trevor Donnell, Alissa 
Lee, Pat Baxter, Brian 
Conway, Ellen Humphrey, Jon 
St. Saveur, Jon DeAraujo, Jon 
Boschetto, Andy York, Katie 
Boyd, Ana Raimondi, Dan 
Buttrick, Brian Laundry, 
Laura Gavornik, Kara 
Volpicelli, Liz Brutti, Torrey 
Bassett, Margot Lynn, Jesse 
Ratichek, Tom Webster, Angell 
Cordner, Anna Sabella, Anna 
Larson, Krissy Ela, Charles 
Bililies, Gail Connelly, Rachel 



Eyes With Pride 

article by Pamela Worth 

The Marching Band - under the direction of Mr. Reagan for the fourth year - had an 
i credible season. Starting at Camp Coniston, NH in August, and ending at Thanksgiv- 
iig, the band worked their hardest yet to produce a stunning field show. Drum Majors 
jln and Jeff St. Saveur led the band to success as they performed at various competitions, 
fbtball games, and parades, playing songs from Star Wars . The highlight of the season 
[is their performance at Abington Band Jamboree, where they received four-plus stars 
r their show. This year's seniors would like to wish next year's band luck, and thank Mr. 
>agan for an incredible four years. 

The BHS Marching Band: Jen 
Diemer, Alissa Lee, Trevor Donnell, 
Bryan Nash, Stefan Iwanchuk, Jeff 
St. Saveur, Brian Laundry, Vikram 
Sridharan, Pat Baxter, Brian 
Conway, Matt Waldron, Ellen 
Humphrey, Erin Boyd, Jon St. 
Saveur, Dave LaCharite, Elissa Dill, 
Emalie Parkhurst, Jen Simpson, 
Marianne Roseland, Pamela Worth, 
Katie Boyd, Katie Roe, Dan 
Buttrick, Catherine Healy, Chris 
Springer, Ben Foster, Jacob 
Buttrick, Kristin Fehlau, Shannon 
Filion, Shari Dangel [Not pictured: 
Colin McDonough, Sarah Toole, 
Sarah Vanderwall, Danielle 

Left: Colin "Honkus" McDonough with a bass drum. 
Above: One-half of the matched Drum Majors, Jeff St. 
Saveur, hoists percussionist Chris "Midget" Springer over 
his shoulder at Band Camp in New Hampshire. 


"Wooden Boxes With 


article by Jesse Belknap 

Wooden boxes with strings - that's what the BHS orchestra and chamber ensemble 
are all about (excepting the flutists, of course). Led by the fearless Sir Philip Maffa, the 
orchestra performs in several concerts each year with the rest of the music department. 

The chamber ensemble is a group of highly motivated musicians who forfeit theii 
social lives in order to practice the difficult pieces of music assigned to them. In additior 
to playing with the orchestra, these students perform for the annual madrigal dinner anc 
smaller, student-led groups. 

After every concert they play, both orches- 
tra and chamber ensemble hear large amounts of 
praise from concert-goers. This year's seniors will 
miss their BHS orchestral experience, and ad- 
monish the underclassmen to practice! 


Shan Patel, Adam 
Weston, Joanna 
Mclnnis, Jesse 
Belknap, Laura 
Seigel, Suzanne 
Kim, Lilian Belknap, 
Bethany Aiken, 
Emily Jamison, Mei- 
Mei Tang 



Shaun Filion, Kelly Clerkin, 
Jon Boschetto, Nicole 
Volpicelli, Catherine Hill, 
Kathryn Brooks, Ryan 
Kosubocki, Justin Stern, 
Stan Conway, Nathan Gray, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Jesse 
Belknap, Elissa Dill, Laura 
Seigel, Suzanne Kim, Sarah 
Toole, Emily Jamison, 
Kristen Johannesson, 
Meredith McClain, Sarah 
Markow, Beth Lorusso, Ben 


Drama Club 

by Sarah Toole 

The Drama Club, as in years past, has been successful in entertaining all of 
Bedford High. This year, it took a while to get off of its feet, but once established, 
the club gained momentum. The Tournament of Plays was incredible with all 
classes doing a magnificent job. The night was an eclectic mix of humor, drama, 
and stories of visitors from outerspace as well as the TV set. In the end, the 
seniors took home the coveted Best Play award. And, as it is a tradition, the Club 
went to New York City and saw the musical "Chicago," and the acclaimed play, 
"The Diary of Anne Frank." With Mr. McDonald and Ms. Coyle as it's leaders, the 
Drama Club will continue to be the best show in town. 

Front Row: Emalie Parkhurst, Meredith Campbell, Jesse Belknap, Shaun Fillion, 
Kristin Fehlau Second Row: Lydia Wilsky, Anna Sabella, Kristen Johanneson, Lauren 
Weeks, Catherine Egan, Sarah Toole, Mei-Mei Tang, Andy York, Trevor Donnell. 
Meg Hamel, Jeff St. S auveur, Sarah Vanderwall, Amanda Colford, Jen Jones Third 
Row: Jesse Dill, Jenny Moonan, Shannon Fillion, Jen Simpson, Marianne Roseland, 
Katie Boyd, Alissa Lee Last Row: Ms. Coyle, Liz Jocobs, Monica Conorton, Liz Divierd, 
Danielle DeMoss, Colin McDonough, Jen Diemer, Dave Richards, Ben Rifkin, Adam 
Weston, Brian Conway, Steve Wilson, Jon deAraujo, Mr. McDonald 

Above: Marianne Roseland, Jen Simpson, and Sarah 
Vanderwall ham it up for the camera. 

Above: Mer Campbell uses her acting ability 
to advertise some 'great tasting' coffee. 


Jamie Carpenter 

Jennifer Diemer 

Danny Liss 

Jessica Amos 

Melynda Casement 


Eric Gibbons 

Kenny Verville 

Ryan Schellhous 

Melissa Ranhofer 

50 We miss you! 

Erin Peebles 

Nick Patterson 



Laura Olson 
& N i c k 

Amazing Athletes 

[top right] 
Matt Abt & Caroline Leary 

Ail-Around Amazing 

Angelo Defino & Joanna Mclnnis 

Admirable Artists 

Dave Winick & Kelley Jones 



"•gw Dazzling 

mstant Communicators 

Brent Duncan & Bree McCay 


Will Baafi & 
Erin Slavin 

Class Flirts 

Vinnie McGrath & Elena Vasilakis 

Class Couple 

jMark Lorusso & Lesa Pierce 


Definitely Dramatic 

Shaun Fillion & Meredith Campbell 


Sensational Smiles 

Jonathan Tate & Jaci DePriest 

Superbly Spirited 

Meredith Campbell & Ben Abt 

Prettiest Peepers 

Matt Abt & Reagan Merrill 

Marvelous Musicians 

Bryan Nash & Kara Volpicelli 

Totally Timid 

Jeff Beckwith & Erin Slavin 

Sassy Singers 

Shaun Filion & Joanna Mclnnis 

i— Ltd 

Class Clowns 

Brent Duncan & Katelyn Merrill 

Luscious Legs 

Molly Waterhouse & Drew Ratichek 

Loveliest Locks 

Heather Stewart & Bryan Nash 

Probably Partying 

Dan McGrath & Katelyn Merrill 

Sure to Succeed 

Katie Bowen & Andy York 

Most shoes: Shara Reynolds 

Most likely to beat up a teacher: Jen Ynostroza 

Most likely to walk into a wall: Elena Vasilakis 

Most likely to walk into a wall and blame it on the wall: Kelly Dutton 
Most likely to live off of her parents: Debbie Robertson 

Most likely to fall off his bike while talking on a cellular phone: Dave Richards 
Most likely to live in a pyramid: Matt Abt 

Most likely to purposefully mismatch her wedding outfit: Regan Schwartz 
Most likely to spaz out: Kara Volpicelli 

Most likely to be seen at Denny's: Marianne Roseland and Katie Boyd 

Most likely to invite another town to a party: Corey Moy 

Most likely to not smile: Brian Conway 

Most likely to wait for Madeleine: Adam Weston 

Most likely to get kicked out of business camp: Dave Matteo 

Most likely to forget where her house is: Sara Trelegan 

Most likely to marry freshmen: Susan Mara and Meg Hamel 

Most likely to fall asleep wearing her prom dress: Sarah Vanderwall 

Most likely to fight fires: T.C. Rand 

Most likely to set fires: Dave Winick, Dave Matteo, Dave DiSanzo 
Most likely to wear high heels while out camping: Andrea Mesquita 
Most likely to have a violin grow out of his hand: Jesse Belknap 
Best cars: Kelley Jones, Bryan Nash 

Most likely to lead her English class into a pond: Michelle Sampson 

Most likely to blow himself up: Colin "Honkus" McDonough 

Most likely to think that a train runs through Bedford: Gwen Kremer 

Most likely to own a casino: Nick Sabella, Liz Brutti 

Most likely to develop a callous on his forehead: Derek Ho 

Most likely to stalk the Red Sox: Ben Abt, James Ritchey 

Most likely to get crushes on ska bands: Sarah Toole 

Most likely to get his Oakleys run over: Alvin Tsang 

Most likely to move to Beverly Hills, 90210: Kelly Dutton, Matt Abt 

Most likely to star in "Shaft 2": Adam Bleser 

Best moustache: Angelo Defmo 

Most likely to become the Queens of Sheba: Rachel Johnson and Pamela Worth 

Most likely to fall off a chair and act like nothing happened: Stacy Wilkes 

Most likely to join Tool: Ben Abt and Tom Webster 

Most likely to run off with a showgirl: Jeb Brady 

Most likely to own a penny candy store: Danny Rashba 

Most likely to marry Jordan Knight: Krista Robinson 

Most likely to have a breakdown at rush hour: Heather Stewart 

Most likely to make her children wear combat boots: Ginny Vitiello 

Most likely to have the same lunch every day: Laura Olson 

Most likely to make videos of themselves: Kacie Kennedy and Erin Slavin 

Most likely to lock her keys in the car while the engine is running: Kristin Flynn 

Most likely to ride in the Kids Mobile: Alison Brooks 

Most likely to be a V.A. escapee: Bethany Russo 

Most likely to turn orange: Jen Conroy c 

Baby Pictures 

Reagan Merill 

Ben Abt Sarah Toole 

Pat Dwyer 

Angelo Defmo 

Bethany Russo 


Pamela Worth Jenn Ynostroza 

Ryan Anderson 



Benjamin J. Abt 

Tool, Brotha, Apts 

"I have found some kind of temporary 
insanity in this." 


"It's like those guys who go out in the 
woods and scream and beat drums and 
stuff and cry and hug each other. It's 
totally like that, but we record it." 

"Because Stone Cold says so, and that's 
the bottom line." 

-Stone Cold Steve Austin 
"Are vou guys paving attention?" 


Jeff Beckwith 

Creeping Death, Slayer 

"Ever since I was a child, I saw my own 
way, and God was not a part of it." 

"Live only to die some more, 
Need; killing yourself to live." 

-At the Gates 
"Clatu, verata, Ai-agm-hrmph" 

-Army of Darkness 
"...Cause it's evil. ..and I like it." 


"Hail Satanic Majesty!" 

-Rob Sanders 

Matthew Abt 

Matty, Wheels, Zeus, 
Enchilada, Serge 


-Busta Rhymes 
"Everyone's special in their own special 
way." -Mr. Rogers 
"What is this, an Abt circus?" 

-Coach Sullivan 

Jesse A. Belknap 

Jess, Pankleb, Fat Boy, 
Teriyaki Boy, B 

"We are all normal musicians. But the 
word musicians totally alters the 
meaning of the word "normal." 

-Peter Shultz 
"Preparedness makes us powerful. 
Butter merely makes us fat." 

"Good luck, Mr. Gorsky." 

-Neil Armstrong 


-Douglas Adams 

Peter Agneta 


"The first shall be last and the last 
shall be first." 

-Killah Priest 
"I don't need to get in any trouble. I 
just want to cause problems." 

-my brother 

Jennifer Bieren 

Kevin Michael 


"Life moves by pretty fast, but if you 
don't stop and look around once in all 
while, you might miss it." 

-Ferris Bueller 
"You should always try to do everyth m 
no matter how impossible it may see I 


Adam Bleser 

Bleser, Mr. Motion, Ham| 
Porpinol, Blacula 

"My learning center teacher says th< 
can get into almost any community 
college I want." 

-Bobby Marrigan 
"j space jj space jjj space jjjj return" 

-Mr. Corliss 
"Not to all of you. It's too light out." 

-girl at River Rave 
"Do you know me? Of course you dc 
I'm famous." 

-Mr. T 


Ryan Patrick 

Now, if we add these two birds 

-Mr. Sabourin 
Do we get that up front, or in advance?" 

I'm so stipud...I mean, stupid!" 

-Jaime W. 
Ooh, it's Mr. DNA!" 

Jurassic Park 
iOh, muffins!" 

-Ellen H. 

William A.E. Baafi 

Wizz, Da' Wizzard, Lil' 
Willie soon to be Big Willie 

"Chill out." 
"Chill, Dunn." 
"Peep this." 

"Never fake jacks, cuz crabs that fake 
jacks get layed on they back." 

Suzanne Marie 

Sue, Suzy-Q, Suzy, Pooh, 
Suey-B, Flower, Quezy-Sue 

"Happiness isn't getting what you want, 
it's wanting what you've got." 

-Garth Brooks 
"That which does not laugh is not 

"I've often thought of how big the 
universe is; the stars, the planets. Then 
I think of how small my petty problems 


"Life is a precious thing to waste. Live it 


Torrey Jason 

T.J., T-Dog 

"Isn't that crazy?" 

-Adam Sandler 
"...If you think pink is such a great color, 
why don't you be Mr. Pink?" 

-Mr. Pink 
"No more talky-talky." 

Adam Sandler 
"Who then now" 

"Homophobia stinks!" 

-Ms. Laver 
"The prisoner is released from captivity 
only to find a stronger set of chains." 

-Trent Reznor 

Elizabeth Bowen 

Katie, Katie B., Bo, 
Catherine, Reen, Carlota 

learned how to laugh 
learned how to cry 
earned how to love 
ven learned how to lie 
ou'd think I could learn how to tell you 

-Neil Diamond 

Catherine Megan 

Katie, KT, Kate, Katiekins, 
Catalina, Catarina, Lily 

"-Do you think I'm weird? 

-No man, seriously: Am I weird? 
-Yeah, but so what, everyone's weird." 

- Stand By Me 
"Bears always choose red balloons.' 

-Winnie the Pooh 
"All the power in the world resides in 
the eyes." 

- The Crow 
"Make me a sandwich." 

John Edward 

Jeb, the Major, Phowito, 

"A man does what he must - in spite of 
personal consequences, in spite of 
obstacles and dangers and pressures - 
and that is the basis of all human 

-John F. Kennedy 
" 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than 
never to have loved at all." 

-Arthur Hugh Clough 
"It takes money to make money." 


Alison Margaret 

Alyse, Al, Sinbad 

"Sebastian, I'm cncerned about Ariel." 

-King Triton 

-L'homme chinois 
"Fire can be your friend. 
It makes metal bend. 
But don't be too friendly. 
Or you'll meet your end." 

-Kelly and Alison 
"We have lingered in the chambers of 


Elizabeth Anne 

Liz, Lizzy, Lizard, Brutus, 

"I am a work in progress, dressed in the 
fabric of a world unfolding, 
offering me intricate patterns of 
questions, rhythms that never come 
clean, and strengths that you still 
haven't seen." 

-Ani DiFranco 
You have to laugh at yourself sometimes 
because you'd cry your eyes out if you 

-Indigo Girls 


Anj, Angie 

"Allow myself to introduce.. .myself." 

- Austin Powers 
"Come, family sit in the snow with 
Daddy, and let us all bask in TVs warm 
glowing warming glow." 

-Homer Simspon 
"Whatever made you think that humans 
learn from experience, theirs or ours?" 

-Rita Mae Brown 
"Cheers, darling, thanks a lot." 

-"Absolutely Fabulous" 

Meredith Joy 

Mer, Merry, Merrie Berrie, 

"Marilla. isn't it nice to think that 
tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes 
in it yet?" 

-Anne Shirley 
"The future belongs to those who believe 
in the beauty of their dreams." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 

Robert Carlo 

Brian Cox 

Reynaldo, Snox, Kisox, B- 
Cox, G-Flex, Funk Master 

"When I grow up, I wanna be a Haitian 


"You can't stop the Shining." 

-Refugee All-Stars 
"When I goes partying. I likes to get 

No need for gin cause me no Bedford 


"Kid, you got the wicked mint grooves, 
break it down B-Cox!" 

-some Bedford kid (thanks) 

Andy Croxford 

Big Andy, Big A, Jump, 

"There's a war going on outside no man 
is safe from." 

-Mobb Deep 
"Look at those cotton heads!" 

-Chea K. 
"By any means necessary." 

-Ahmed Johnson 
"I'm gonna beat you 'til you look like 


Charles Cypher 


"You have to forget about what other 
people say, when you're supposed to c|> 
or when you're supposed to be loving I 
You have to forget about all these thil 
You have to go on and be crazy. 
Craziness is like heaven." 

-Jimi Hendrix 


Edmund J. 

Ned, Nedual, Manual, 
NED!!!, Flanders 

/ill it ever make sense, will it ever ring 

-Jimmy Buffet 
/inning is not everything, it's the only 

lead, Heart, Hustle" 

Buc's Lacrosse 

Jennifer Lynn 

Jen, Jen #3, Jen cubed, 
Spunky Punky, Jenthri. 
Jen's little nymph 

Smile, it makes everyone wonder what 
you're up to! 

"Orange flowers exist on Jupiter." 

-David Monfre 
"A friend is a friend forever.' 

-Proverbs 17:17 
"Life isn't one damn thing after another, 
it's the same damn thing over and over 

Brian John 

BC, Brain, Colin, and I 

"Unlike the past, the future is never 
carved in stone. Make of it what you 

- Back to the Future III 
"I found friends that mean so much to 
me, in a place I never thought I'd be." 

-The Mighty Mighty 

"I never let school get in the way of my 

-Albert Einstein 
"Make me a sandwich." 

-author currently under 

"Oh, my God, they've killed Kenny!" 
-Stan, "South Park" 

Lluvia Maria 

"That's nice what you got on. ..but it 
would look better on me." 
"Don't let no fools hold you down." 

onathan Michael 

on, Juan, Don Juan, J.M., 
J. Michael 

. st tell me where to begin." 

-Fiona Apple 
hen you put your heart in it, it can 
' e you anywhere." 

-Kenny Rogers 
bow you're shining down on me from 
1 .ven." 

-Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey 
- everything I am because you loved 
-Celine Dion 

Angelo J. Defino 

Ang, Defino, Bone-doctor 

"Fatigue makes cowards of us all." 

Vince Lombardini 
"We never lose those we give to God" 

-St. Augustine 
"If you knew you were going to die 
tomorrow, how hard would you play 

"God grant me the serenity to accept 
what I cannot change.. .Courage to 
change what I can, and wisdom to know 
the difference." 


Jaclyn Julie 

Jaci, J.C., Jaci D's, JD. 

"To be trusted is the greatest 
compliment of all." 

"So I'm happy tonight... I'm not worried 
about anything." 

-Martin Luther King, Jr. 
"Please. ..keep yourself to yourself." 

-Charles Dickens 
"Dude, whatever!" 

Jennifer Joellen 

Jibby, Jen2 

"Make me a sandwich." 

-Stefan Iwanchuk 
"Only fools dream of the one thing they 
can't have, so stop dreaming, fool, and 
make it reality." 

- First Knight and me 
"Do not focus on the future, for it will be 
here soon. Instead, focus on the here and 
now, for soon it will be gone." 

Josh Fox 

"I do whatever the voices in my head tell 
me to do." -unknown 


Natasha Shanelle 

Natalia, Tasha, Tashy, Taj 

"Ladies, don't ever get mad at him, get 


"I drove my Corvette, smashed the 
guardrail, flew off the cliff, and I 

-Colonel Pappas 
"Do not follow where the path may lead. 
Instead, go where there is no path, and 
leave a trail." 


To all those of color, remember to 
Keep your head up. 

Kristin Lee Flynn 

Krissy, Krissy Lee, Flynn, 

"Trying creates impossibilities, letting 
go creates what is desired." 

-Stalking Wolf 
"You're only dancing on this earth for a 
short while." 

-Cat Stevens 
Lord knows when the cold wind blows, 
it will turn your head around." 

-James Taylor 

David Steven 

Spanky D's, DiSanzo, knees 

"Son, I have a report of you leaving this 
parking lot loudly. License, please!" 

■ -Westford officer 
"Life goes on." 


"The one who does not try. is the one 
who does not succeed." 


"We have enough shaving cream here to 
shave an army. What do you say, boys?" 

-Officer Saucier 
"David, you see this old oil, you own it." 

-Mr. Brady 

Trevor S. Donnell 

Trev, T 

"Hey Now!!" 

-Howard Stern 
"Make me a sandwich!" 

-Stefan Iwanchuk 
"For a man may hide a wound to his 
soul, but he'll never be rid of it; it's 
fastened forever." 

"Sorry I didn't call you back last night. 
My mother was online. ..again." 


"Oh, my God, they've killed Kenny!" 

-Stan, "South Park" 
"Kick the baby!" 

-Kyle, "South Park" 

Brent W. Duncan 

"Men don't follow titles, they follow U 

-William Wallace 
"You're money, baby!" 

-Trent, Swingers 
"Hey, kid. get up here! I'll hook ya ufl 

-Adam Sandler, to me 
"Mikey. Mikey, this isn't the kind of II 
place you wanna go to the bathroomL 
Why not? Because they might have i 
daddv longlegs. and, um. DEAD 

-Chuck, Goonies 

Katrina LaRae 

Shortie, Small One, Little 
Girl, Short Fry, Inches, Kit 
Kat, Tina 

"You pay for what you do and still more 

for what you become and you pay for it 

simply by the life you lead." 

"I think of life as a good book: the further 

you get into it, the more it begins to make 


"Good things come in small packages." 
"I am not short, I am just vertically 

Jacquelyn Franks 

Jackie, Jack, Jackson, 
Jackie-Chang, Smiles, 
Franks, Franksey, Ret-Ro 

"Oh, back to school, back to school, to 
prove to Dad that I'm not a fool..." 

- Billv Madison 
" Sir. may I see your license? 
-It's on the back of the car, man." 

- Cheech & Chong 
"Ugh! I'm so aggravated!" 

-Lisa C. 

"Yeah, um, could I get a small shugga 
with a little shugga shugga?" 
-Michelle P. 

Andrew Garofa|i 

Gorofala, Andy, Garfield 
Gargamel, Willow 

"Hey, I know that dude." 

-Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times . 

Rideemont High 
"I did it to alleviate boredom." 

-Mike D, Beastie Boys 
"Hey, I guess they're right. Senior r 
citizens, although slow and dangero 
behind the wheel, can still serve a 1 
purpose. I'll be right back, don't go • n 
on me." 

-Lloyd, Dumb and Dumb 
"Every dog will have its day, and mi 
will be in front of a jury." 

-AD Rock, Beastie Boys 


Shaun David 

Kelly Nicole 

Crash, Chiquita 

■aseball is all I ever wanted... I could 
t, sleep, arid dream baseball." 

-Smokey Joe Wood 
ley, what are you wearing those funny 
)thes for?" 

- Lord of the Flies 

re is hot 

it do not get caught 
r fire will burn you 
Dre often than not. 

-Kelly & Alison 

Patrick Dwyer 

Tammy Marie 

Tam-Tam, Tambone 

"I don't know the key to success, but the 
key to failure is trying to please 

"What does not kill us will make us 



Old Lady, 2-Tall, Calvyn, 
Ups, Pablo 

"What makes the desert beautiful is that 
somewhere it hides a well." 

- The Little Prince 
"Hazme un Bocadillo." 


"Life's a lot more fun when you're not 

responsible for your actions." 

Calvin & Hobbes 
-The Phantom Beave 

'There's never enough time to do all the 

nothing you want." 

-Calvin & Hobbes 

"When you're Real, you don't mind being 


-The Skin Horse 
"The most important thing is the smile." 
-Mrs. Bosak 

ennifer Gemmell 

David Nicolas 

Dave, Duvads, Davijuas, 
Deej, Spaghetti Boy, Devid 
Lee Roth 

"I try not to impress anyone. That's how 
to be." 

-Daisy Fuentes 
"I'm real cool. I chill to the max, I might 
act crazy, but I don't smoke crack." 

-Chris Merrill 
"I don't need a job. All I need are some 
tasty waves, a cool buzz going, and I'm 

-Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at 
Ridgemont High 

Emily Gleason 

Em, Emmy, Emilia, Emma, 

"Everybody wants to pass as cats. We 
all want to be big, big stars, but we've 
got different reasons for that." 

-Counting Crows 
"Don't take life too seriously, you'll never 
get out alive." 

-Bugs Bunny 
"This time, like all time, is a very good 
one if we but know what to do with it." 

"Just smile and nod." 


Robin Ashley 

Rob, Bobin, Rob-ob-ob-in 

"We do not stop laughing because we 
grow old, we grow old because we stop 

"An invertebrate will never leave a 
lasting impression." 


"In the confrontation between the 
stream and the rock, the stream always 
wins; not through strength, but through 


Sheila Grant 

Hannah D. Grey 

Hannah-Banana, Hanita, 
Skye, Heina 

"We can do no great things, only small 
things with great love." 

-Mother Theresa 
•Today I feel like chillin' just as chill as I 


-Beastie Boys 
"When you learn, teach. 
When you get, give." 

-Maya Angelou 
"All I need are some tasty waves, a cool 
buzz, and I'm fine." 

-Jeff Spicoli, Fast Times at 

Rid gemont High 
"Life's a bowl of punch, go ahead and 
spike it." 


Jennifer Lynne 

Jen, Jennie Lynne, Hager, 
Pepita, Blondie, Bubbles, 
Poison Ivy, Waki #3, Prepy, 

"Don't get lost in tomorrow before you 
find today, and make every struggle you 
go through lead you in the right way." 

Thompson Hame 

Meg, Megrit, Peggy, Margifc 
Milky, Maahgaarena 

"I believe I can fly." 

-R. Kelly 
"Where do the ducks go in the 

-Holden Caulfield 
"I haven't been human for 200 years"! 

-Brad Pitt 
"You'll soon run out of chickens." 

- The Vampire Lestat 
"The owls are not what they seem." 

-"Twin Peaks" 
"Listen to the little guy." 

-Mr. Pilla 

Stephen Hludzik 

Stove, Sludgik, Ludzy, 
Hudzik, The Notorious 
H.I.C., Base Kid 

"Chea, you're nothing but trouble." 

"We've been done, I was just waiting for 
you guys to leave." 

-Chea "Job Lane" Kenyon 
"I don't walk, I strut." 

-Chris Hevey 
"What are you talking about?" 

-Adam Bleser 

Derek Ho 

Angela Michelle 

Ang, Angelica, Angelita, 
Angelice, Angeler 

"Don't change for anyone, if they don't 
like you the way you are, oh well." 

"I got run over by an eighteen-wheeler. I 
have escaped death many times." 

-Col. Pappas 
"Yeah, I know, right?" 

-Natasha D. 
Every time I look around, it's in my 

-Summer Camp 

Katri Huikari 


"We cannot forever hide the truth abi 
ourselves, from ourselves." 

-John McCain 
"If you want to make others happy, si 
by living the kind of life and doing th 
kind of things that make you happy." 

-Brian Tracy 


Terrina Cossette 

Trinidad, Trina, Tee 

dways be good to yourself; if you're not, 
ho will?" 


^aziness may appear attractive, but 
ork gives satisfaction." 

-Harriet Tubman 
temember no one can make you feel 
ferior without your consent." 

-Eleanor Roosevelt 
iut you're not wearing any 'genes,' 

-Michelle Washington 
was dead at the scene, but the 
mncing of the old 'paddy wagon' 
ought me back to life." 


Robert Hartwell 

Crystal Hayden 


"I'm happy to be graduating this year, 
thank God." 


"True love is found in the soul." 

Christopher Guy 
Patrick Hevey 

Fluff, Hevey, Heaves, Hick, 
Huey, Crisco 



""I pity the fool that messes with me." 
-Mr. T 

"You one bad mamma jamma." 

-Adam Bleser 
"Man, he ain't got no jets!" 

-some Boston Latin kid 

Sun Ho Jang 

Rachel Gisele 

"When life hands you lemons, pick 'em 
up and put 'em in your bra. Can't 
hurt.. .might even help." 

-the old lady from the 

Shoebox cards 

Kelley Jones 

Rashmi Kaul 

Roshi, Rash, shmee-vee- 
shmee, roshmosh, 

"One's Anger is One's Greatest Enemy. 
One's Calmness is One's Own protection. 
One's Joy is One's Heaven. 
One's sorrow is One's Hell." 

"To-to today, junior" 

- Billy Madison 
"Humana, humana" 



Kacie Lynn 

K.K., Tyro, lgriega 

"If you can't sing good, sing loud." 

- Gumpisms 
"What do we live for if it is not to make 
life less difficult for each other?" 

-George Eliot (c. 1850) 
"If fui can't leave, you can't leave." 

-Candy Clerk at the Woburn 


"The best and most beautiful things in 
the world cannot be seen or even 
touched. They must be felt with the 

-Helen Keller 

Chea Kenyon 

Trouble, Apocalypse, Chia, 
My Korean, Cha-Na-Na, 
Chea-Dog, Shay, "Honey" 
the Pooh, Chea-Ling 

"All right, all right, you guys caught me." 

-Some Korean in a Blazer 
"You have offended my family, you have 
offended the Shaolin Temple." 

-Bruce Lee 
"Hey, hey Jess, did I ever tell you I like 

-Steve "Hot Tub" Hludzik 
"I do what I want, when I want, and 
that's the bottom line." 

-"Stone Cold" Steve Austin 
"You told him what? Get away from me, 
no-no-no, just get away." 

-Jessica "Rabbit" Griffiths 

Rachel Anne Kern 

Rachelle, Rach, Princess, 
Little Kern 

"Before you let yourself go completely, be 
sure you can get back." 

"To the world you may be one person, 
but to one person you may be the world." 

-Boaz's Room 
"This is who I am, what I do, and what I 
say. If you like it, let it be, if you don't, 
please do the same. I fight with love, I 
laugh with rage. You gotta live light 
enough to see the humor and long 
enough to see some change." 
-Ani DiFranco 

Caroline Anne 

Carrie, Care, C.K., Tarolin 

"Yesterday brought the beginning. 
Tomorrow brings the end. but 
somewhere in the middle we've becom 
the best of friends." 

"You can talk a great philosophy, but 
you can't be kind to people even-day, 
doesn't mean that much to me. It's th 
little things you do, the little things y 
say, it's the love you give along the wa 

-Ani DiF ranco 
"Today is the first day of the rest of y 







Kacenutz, Pocahontas, Kace, 
Dry a Sheetz, Kacita 

"I want you to wax the muffin pans, not 
the employees." 

"Shannon, you know what you want to 
do. You want to do the donut case, and 
you want to do it well." 

"Can I plead the Fifth?" 


"It's all about the Benjamins, baby!" 
-Puff Daddy 

Allison Lanoux 


Caroline Leary 

Heat, Leen 

"The less I seek my source for some 

The closer I am to fine." 

-Emily Saliers 
"I would much rather have men ask A 
I have no statue, than why I have ond 

-Cato the Elder 
"Take it easy! Take it easy! Don't lei 
the sound of your own wheels drive I 

"There are clubs you can't get into, 
neighborhoods you can't live in. scho< 
you can't get into; but the roads are 
always open." 

-Nike poster 


Michael G. Korik 


s are the people our parents warned 

-Jimmy Buffet 


Michael C. Lee 

Mike, Mikey 

G find out you're lying to me, Bub, I'll 
ft s back and chop off that other arm of 


Gwen Nicole 

Kimley, Gee, Gweny-Poo, 
Gwendolyn, Gwenivere 

"Any time you need a friend 

I'll be there 
Never be alone again 

So don't you fear 
Even if you're miles away 

I'm by your side 
So don't you ever be lonely 

Love will make it alright." 

-Mariah Carey 
"Bische' jetzt a kimley oder was?" 

-Niedersimter Kibbe Kimleys 

Paul Lentine 

Mark Andrew 

Marky, High Tower, Kruger 

"A man only educated in school is an 
uneducated man." 

-George Santayana 
"Fast, but not fast enough." 

-Concord Cop 
"Don't judge those who try and fail. 
Judge those who fail to try." 

-H. Brackson 
"Citius, Altius, Fortius" 

Mark J. Lorusso 

Loru, Little Lou, Markie 
Mark, Markie 

"Take the good with the bad.' 

"If we couldn't laugh, we would all go 

-Jimmy Buffett 

Bernd Kullmann 

Patrick Mahoney 

Gui, Guillaume, Slayer, 
Action Pat, Deicide, Pat-Dog 

"The oldest and strongest emotion of 
mankind is fear, and the oldest and 
strongest kind of fear is fear of the 

-H P. Lovecraft 
"Emotionless art is simply tolerated 

-Type O Negative 
"Adventure, excitement; a Jedi craves 
not these things." 

-Silent Bob 

-Mike Beckwith 


Susan Helen 

Suey, Sue, Suzy, Su-Beans, 

"My mother is a poem HI never be able 
to write. Though everything I write is a 

poem to my mother." 

-Tillie Olsen 
-If fui can't leave, you can't leave. 

-Candy Clerk at Woburn 



-Rich Perry 

Abel Markow 

Bobby W. 

Boob tube, killer bee 

I'll take you all on right now." 

-Guy at Fawn Lake 

Christie Briannjj 

Chrissy, Strawberry 

"It's Hoo-Rah Christie!" 

"You're not short, you're petite. 

"The road to success is never too lc 

Vincent Paul 

Vinnie, Cool Vin, Wojo, 

"It's not like they call it a maheater.' 

-Kelly Dutton 
"If a man has not discovered something 
that he will die for, he is not fit to live. 

-MLK, Jr. 

"Be yourself because you're not anyone 

-me , , 

"Men are not judged by their titles, they 


Joanna Mclnnis Kate lynn Merrill 

Jo, JoJo, Jo-Jo-Mac, 
jo-jo-ma, Zeta 

"Faces we see, hearts we know not." 
-Spanish proverb 



Withee Merri 

Boo, Booboo, Booberi 
Booda, Bamboo, Eggie^ 
Smurfette, Cee-Cee, B 

"I live as I choose or I will not hvi 

"Sometimes the dumb plans are 1 

kind." -Rose-E 
"DUH! It gets dizzy!'. 

-Can't nobody take my pride, car 
nobody kill me!" 


Colin W. 

David Charles 

latteo, V8, Spazz, Davey 

ite it when I don't score! 
In't do it, Winick did it! 
all might be strong, but you ain't 


rk's not short, he's just compact." 

Andrea C. 

rea, Dre, Deia, pequena, 
Shams, Mosquito, Little 

re is nothing on this earth that you 
iot have - once you have mentally 
pted the fact that you can have it." 

i don't know what you got 'til it's 

-Janet Jackson 
■ is what you make of it." 

Bree Kathleen 

Breezy, Breen, Phobe, Beear, 
Breek, B, Big Red, Brock, 
Cheese, Peggy Bundy, 

"You never know what you got until it's 

"...and if your band starts playing 
different tunes, I'll see you on the Dark 
Side of the Moon." 

-Pink Floyd 
"When you grab a hold of me, tell me I'll 
never be set free." 

"Oh, my God! They killed Kenny!" 

-Kyle from "South Park" 

Akil Mondesir 


Honkus, El Honko, Evil, Sir 
Honksalot, lights guy, Brian, 
Colin Iwanchuk, Honkus 
Maxiumum, Nanook, C 

"If it doesn't explode, it's no good." 

-Renne Hellino 
"Just...ish me luck." 

-Ellie Sattler 
"Honkus only has two emotions: anger 
and hunger, and hunger isn't really an 

-Andy York 
"Make me a sandwich." 

-Original Sandwicher Stefan 

"Seize this, Honkus." - H.W.P.O. 

Corey Moy 

Tzao Fan = Fried Rice 

"A thug changes, love changes, and best 
friends become strangers." 

"You have to experience life. You can't 
sit back and watch it through a window." 

-Woman in Omm pv Old Men 
"It's nice to be important, but it is even 
more important to be nice." 

"It is because I'm Chinese, right?" 

-Corey and Jamie Moy 

Daniel R. 

Trucker Buddy, Big "D," 
Doctor Dan, M.C., Grath, 
Danny M, Danny Boy, D 

"Sometimes a little brain damage can 

-George Carlin 
"That frozen concoction that helps me 
hang on." 

-Jimmy Buffet 
"You can get all As and still flunk life." 

-Walker Percy 
"How we got here I haven't a clue." 

Bryan Michael 

Jesus, Zildjian Man, M.C., 
Norm Abrams 

"So, when's the car going to be done? 
You said it would be done two weeks 

-Entire Class of '98 

"Come on!" 

-Pat Moeschen 
"Chicken in the hole! (Ch. 2) Hey Now! 
(Ch. 3) Am I the cheese? Am I alone? 
Am I even standing?" (Ch. 3)" 

"Smile!" -Stefan 


LiSandra M. 

LiSann, San, Sandra, 

"Life never turns out the way you plan. 

-E. Nazario 
"Be careful who your friends are." 

-L. Nazario 
"Always expect the Unexpected." 

-L. Nazario 
"You'll always be a part of me. 
I'm part of you indefinitely" 

-M. Carey 

Matthew C. Nolan 

Nolan, Stiltz, Matt, Matty 
N, Pythons, Googles, Shorty, 
Turbo, Speedracer, Tree 

"Have enthusiasm and be humble." 

-Mr. Sabourin 
"Never quit something that you have 
already started." 


"How's the weather up there?" 

Adam O'Brien 

Laura Harper 

Molson, Lawie, Lo-La, L 
BAR, Corky, WA-WA, - 

"If you can't sing good, sing loud!" 

- Gumpisms 
"Every man dies, but not every man 
really lives." 

- Braveheart 
"The night is young!" 

-Dan McGrath and me 
""Our character is what we do when 
think no one's looking." 


Stephanie Elane 

Steph, Space Cadet, Porn 
Sister, Patsy (AbFab) 

"Yes, I wish that for just one time you 
could stand in my shoes. Then you'd 
know what a drag it is to see you." 

-Bob Dylan 
"For long you live and high you'll fly. 
And smiles you'll give and tears you'll 
cry. And all you touch and all you see is 
all your life will ever be." 

-Pink Floyd 
"Grrr..." -me 

Tristan C. Rand 

T.C., Tic, Casper 

"The truth is, Ringo, you're the weak 
and I'm the tyranny of evil men, but I'm 
tryin' Ringo, I'm trying real hard to be 
the shepard." 

- Jewels Winefield 
"I pity the poor foo' who don't eat my 

- Pee-Wee 

"I used to rock all night and party every 
day, then it was every other day. now I 
can't even find 30 minutes a week in 
which to get funky." 

-Homer Simpson 

Daniel Eric 

'Talent will get you nowhere without 
hard work." 


"On the line, fellas" 

-Coach Fusco 
"I didn't see the sign, officer." 


"There is always a spot on the team for 
the guy who will dive on the floor for the 
loose ball." 



Andrew John 

Drew, Droobie, Andy \ 

"I own that." 

-Jeb's dad 
"You have to learn before you earn.' i 

-Ollie Verta 
"Did you ever hear the joke about t.b 
three holes in the ground?" Well, wP 


"Perseverance and character will ba 
greatest assets." 

-John A. Ratichek 
"Liberty without learning is alwayf | 
peril and learning without liberty i 
always in vain." 

-John F. Kennedy 

Ismael Ortiz 

Lesa Nicole 

Lee, Leebo, Lee Lee, Lees 

""Always do right. This will gratify some 
people, and astonish the rest." 

-Mark Twain 
"Standing still can be a moving 

-W.T Pooh 
"Where ever you're going, there you are." 

-"The Brady Bunch" 

Nathan Pine 

Stephanie Lynn 

Steph, Stephie, Potter 

"Close your eyes and try to see 
Your own unfinished memory. 
Now open them for time is brief, 
and you'll be blessed beyond belief." 

-Michael Card 
"Come on, y'all, let's go stretch." 


"By day the Lord directs His love 
at night His song is with me- 
a prayer to the God of my life." 
-Psalms 42: 8 

No Photo 

No Photo 

Shara D. 

Shiz, Chipmunk, Mary 

iadership is the power to evoke the 
ht response in other people." 

le biggest mistake you can make is to 
ieve that you work for someone else." 

loose a job you love, and you will 
■ r er have to work a day in your life." 

s all about the Benjamins, baby." 

-Puff Daddy 
ep it real!" 


David K. 

"Drivers wanted." 


James C. Ritchey 

Perv, Ritchey 

"You don't know how great something is 
until it's gone." 

"Gimme 'dat nut!" 


Clarissa Rene 

CC, Mamajama, Clorasses, 
Crissa, Rissa 

"Are you serious?" 

"Shut up, I know what I am doing!" 
-Best friend Tracy 


Deborah C. 

Deb, Debbie, Deb-Deb, 
Debsie, Debbie-Doo 

"A person who walks in another's tracks 
leaves no footprints." 

"There is nothing on earth you cannot 
have - once you have mentally accepted 
the fact that you can have it." 

-Robert Collier 


-Deb and Caroline 
"It's not a question of where he grips it. 
It's a simple matter of weight ratios. A 5 
oz. bird cannot carry a 1 lb. coconut." 

- Montv Ponthon 
"Everyone thinks that running is an 
individual sport. It's a team sport. Your 
heart. Legs. Lungs. Pride. Desire." 


Krista Jaye 

Kris, Bis, Kreest, T- 
Robinson, Christine, Robo- 
son, Milky, Moths, P.G., 
Princess, Stretch, Gumby 

"I don't feel good., guys, I really don't 
feel good this time." 

"Bee doo beep bop bop." 

-NE Aquarium 
"It was one big party." 

-Garth Brooks 
"What chick don't dig the kid?" 


"We are the music makers, and we are 
the dreamers of dreams." 

-Willy Wonka 


Marianne Mosaic-Hands, 
Slick Tallywhacker, Bagel 
Whore, Kenny, Lily 

"Ain't it funny how we pretend we're still 
a child, softly stolen under our blanket 

-Smashing Pumpkins 
"Four tails, oh Jesus man, that's a 

- Stand By Me 
I wanna be just like you. I figure all I 
need is a lobotomy and some tights." 

- The Breakfast Club 
"Make me a sandwich." 
"I like the Wizard of Oz, I like the Tin 
Man." A Christmas Story 

Jeffrey Michael 

Rossi, Rose-E, Stool, Sno' 
Rocket Scientist 

"I am what I am and that's all that I I 


"Sometimes I feel like a nut and 
sometimes I don't." 

-Almond Joy/Mounds 
"Hukuna Matata" 

-Timon and Pumban 
"Don't you know I'm loco?" 

-Cypress Hill 
"My cat's name is Mittens." 

-Ralph Wiggum 

Regan M. 

Regs, Oregano, Boufie, 

"You don't know me from the wind, you 
never will, you never will." 

-Leonard Cohen 
"Let the lamp affix its beam 
the only emperor 
is the emperor of ice cream." 

-Wallace Stevens 
"The jig is up, the point's been made. 
Elvis has just left the stage. 
The story needs another twist, and I 
have had enough of this. 

-Jill Sobule 

Carolyn Rae 

Carrie, Care, Carol Beth, 
Raymond, Shamel Lady, 

"There are so many different ways to be 
connected with people. There are the 
people who you feel an unspoken 
connection to, even though there's not a 
word for it. Then there's the people 
who've known you forever. Who know 
you in this way that other people can't; 
because they've seen you change, they've 
let you change." 

- Angela Chase, 
"My So-Called Life" 



Shnin, Ham, Shay-dog, 
Chimney, Betty-Lou, 
Shmoomps, Bone 

"School is for dumb people." 

-Leeland Pope 
"You know what you want to do. You 
want to clean the donut case. You want 
to do it, and you want to do it right." 


"We're inseparable, .kind of like 
Superman and Robin... or is it Batman 
and Robin? Oh, well. You know what I 

-Boo Merrill 

Jennifer Kriste 


Jen, Jensy-Pensy, 
snuggydoodles, Jenna-JfL 

"Where something strange and mor 
beautiful and more full of wonder th; 
your deepest dreams waits for you- ! 
beyond the next turning of the canyi 

-Ed Abby (1928-1989) 
"Leave only footsteps, take only 

-The National Park Serv 
"Go to hell in a handbasket." 


Bethany Russo 

3abette, B, Miss B, Bubbles, 
Beamer, Betonae, Patient 

vlath test, oh no!" 

- Never Ending Story 
! t's not like they call it a maheater." 

-Kelly Dutton 
The bitterest tears shed over graves are 
.r words left unsaid and deeds left 

-Harriet Beecher Stowe 
ley. what are you wearing those funny 
I othes for?" 

- Lord of the Flies 
am NOT a V.A. escapee!" 

Stephanie Ann 

Steph, Stephie, Shnef, 

tep by step....Rrraaaahh!" 

es go sploring." 

-Lesa, Steph, and Joanna 
ilences make the real conversations 
tween friends. Not the saying but the 
ver needing to say is what counts." 

-Margaret Lee Runbeck 
jr we lose not only by death, but also 
leaving and being left, by changing 
d letting go and moving on." 

-Judith Viorst 

Nicholas James 

T's, Sabella, Nick, Man, 

"When you feel like quitting, think about 
the people who told you that you could 
never do anything, and then work your 


"Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy." 

-Sam Adams ad 
"Whatever does not kill you makes you 

""Every man dies but not every man 
that has died, has lived." 

- Braveheart 
"Aaaahh. . . .uuuuum" 

Erin Victoria 

Picka, Slavin, Slaves 

"Opportunity always involves some type 
of risk, you can't steal second base with 
your foot on first." 

"Don't let weeds grow around your 

"If fui can't leave, then you can't leave." 

-Candy Clerk at the Woburn 

Michelle Marie 

Shelly, Ele, Shell-Bell, 
Michelly, Shelly-Kabelly 

"Are you gonna bark all night, little 
doggie, or are you gonna bite?" 

-Mr. Blonde 
"We would be perfect for each other if it 
wouldn't be like kissing my sister." 

-T.C Rand 



"Craziness is like heaven." 

-Jimi Hendrix 

Robin Lisa Smith 

Robo, Robib, Bib, Bibby, Bin 

"Some people spend so much time 
dreaming of tomorrow and regretting 
yesterday, that they have no time to do 
anything today." 


"Each of us is given a pocketful of time to 
spend however we may. We use what we 
will. But we can never get back a day." 

-Roger Wilcox 
"Don't be afraid to love, you'll have the 
memories forever." 

Robert C. Sanders 

Rob, Robbie, Sandals, 
Christian Freak 

"Beyond talent lie the usual words; 
sweat, blood, luck, and dedication, but 
most of all, perseverance and 

"The greater the player, the greater the 
pressure. Perfect confidence is granted 
to the less talented." 

"Faith in the unseen: 'Have you ever 
seen the wind?' 'No. I've seen the effects 
of the wind, but I've never seen the 
wind.' Then how do you know God 
exists?' 'Faith in the unseen.' " 

-DC Talk 

Heather Ann 

Marthe, Sweet Pea, Sista 

"Whoever is happy will make others 
happy, too." 

-Anne Frank 
"Cherish yesterday. Dream of tomorrow. 
Live for today." 

"Too much of a good thing is wonderful." 
-Mae West 


Michael Sullivan 

Kelly Anamaria 

Cheech, Mookie, Qui Chang, 
Confused Pocahantas, 
Sweetheart, Little Miss 

'Don't think cuz I understand I care and 
don't think cuz I'm talking we're 

"The eyes are the windows to one's 

"The ones that talk like they know you 
and your business got too much time on 
their hands.' 



Matthew Tate 

JJ, Styles, Jon, Tostito, JT, 
Jonny T's, Janxin' 

"Go hard or don't go at all." 
"One of the quickest ways to meet new 
people is to pick up the wrong ball on a 
golf course." 

-Jacob M. Braude 
"You fill up my senses 
Like a night in a forest 
Like the mountains in springtime 
Like a walk in the rain 
Like a storm in the desert 
Like a sleepy blue ocean 
You fill up my senses 
Come fill me in." 

-John Denver 


Princess, Buelah, 
Wonderbread, Vanderbunny, 
Clover, Sarita 

"Hey, be nice, it's Christmas!" 


"Oh, okay." 

"Be a queen. Own your power and your 

-Oprah Winfrey 
"I can do all things through Christ who 
strengthens me." 


Ayesha Thomas 

Yesh, Crackhead, Long 
Legs, Lefty, Cutty, Esha 

"Blessed are those who please 

-Zulu proverb 
"Never hang your head down. Never 
give up and grieve. Find another way. 
And don't pray whan it rains if you don't 
pray when the sun shines." 

-Sachel Paige 

"If your knees aren't green by the end of 
the day, it's time to seriously re- 
examine your lifestyle." 

"In complete darkness we are all the 
same. It is only our knowledge and 
wisdom that separates us. Don't let 
your eyes deceive you." 

-Janet Jackson 
"I have lots of common sense." 

'You're a loony." 

-Monty Python 

Joanna De Lane^ll 

Jo, Jo-Jo, Thorn-Bush, Buffi 

"Don't carry a grudge. While you carrJH 
a grudge, the other guy's out dancing."B 

-Buddy Hackett 
Treasure the love you receive above I 
all. It will survive long after your gokH 
and good health have vanished." 

-Og Mandina 
*You are free the moment you do not I 
look outside yourself for someone to I 
solve your problems." 


Virginia Vitielli 

Ginny, Gere, Ginny-kins 
Gin + Juice, Wench 

Elena C. Vasilakis 

Mark Tolwinski 

T-Dog, T-Bone, Twinkie 

we called to all 
isic is magic" 

ion't like my group" 


" n not stupid, I'm just lazy." 

'oney. it's a gas." 

Kara Marie 

f tred is like acid, it destroys the 
K iel that holds it." 

len a door of happiness closes, 
a ther opens; but we often look so 
I' : at the closed door that we do not 
JB the one that has been opened for 

-Helen Keller 

Sarah Colleen 

Steve, Shorty, Seewah, 
Philomena, Accent Queen 

"Lift the Wings, 
That carry me away from here and, 

Fill the Sail 
That breaks the line to home 
But when I'm miles and miles apart from 
you, I'm beside you when I need you." 

"Life is Short, Laugh Hard" 


Brian Waldron 

Bri, Lucas, Lukaplakia, 

"You don't realize what you have until 
it's gone." 

"Mercy is for the weak, the enemy 
deserves no mercy." 

- The Karate Kid 


-Mike Schofield 

Sara Trelegan 

Sally, Treli, Trelegan, Sawee 

"What you are becoming is more 
important than what you are 


"I'd rather laugh with the sinners than 
cry with the saints, the sinners are much 
more fun. ..Only good die young." 

-Billy Joel 
"I smile because I have no idea what's 
going on." 

-my keychain 

Curtis Scott 

Curt, Derk, Bak Fahn 

"Positive Education Activates Constant 


"Cowards die many times before their 
deaths; the valiant never taste of death 
but once." 

-William Shakespeare 
""Will you fight?" 

-William Wallace 

Alvin Tsang 

L'homme Chinois, Al, 
Tsunami, Al Tang 

"The losers never hustle and the hustlers 
never lose." 

-Groundskeeper Willy 
"Show me the money!" 

- Jerry Maguire 
"You are going to have some new 

-Fortune Cookie 
'You can call me Al!" 

-Paul Simon 

Michelle Lynette 

Afro Puffs, Bunquita, Shell, 

"Ladies don't ever wait for a man!" 

"I jumped out of a plane with no 
parachute and lived." 
-Col P. 

"And what time did you get up this 

-Natasha D. 
"Did you go yet?" 

-Summer camp 


Molly Tait 


"We did then what we knew how to do, 
and now that we know better we can do 

-Maya Angelou 
"If you forget where you come from, 
you're never gonna make it where you're 

-Ghost Face Killer 
"I don't need no book learnin'." 
-Cristina Ciccone 

Thomas Joseph 

Tom, Bert, Frizz, Stanley, 
Jam, Mot 

"Fences mean nothing to those who can 


"Many dreams come true 
and some have silver linings 
I live for my dreams 
and a pocket full of gold" 

-Led Zepplin 
"Make ugly faces." 

Adam L. Weston 

Frack, Frackenhole, "H" 

"The meek shall inherit the earth; they 
just better stay the heck off the track." 

-No Fear 
"Anger is a gift." 

-Zack de la Rocha 
"Pain is the hammer that breaks me; I 
cannot be broken." 

-Running Mantra 
"Make me a sandwich." 

"It's all going down the scupper, might 
as well enjoy the ride." 


Colin Weymoutl 


"Back in New York..." 

-Mark Tolwinski 


-Stephanie R. 
"You look at them yo-yos - that's the V 
way you do it. You play the guitar oJ 
the MTV. That ain't workin', that's tj 
way you do it. Money for nothin' anc| 
the chicks for free." 

-Dire Straits 

Andrew G. York 

Albatross, Pus Boy, 1600 

"The light was yellow, sir." 

"If you can't dazzle them with dexterity, 
baffle them with bull..." 

-Robert Asprin 
"Make me a sandwich!" 


Stacy Ann Wilkes 

Stacia, Spacy Stacy, Shorty, 
Baby, Crash, Stacy Wacey 

ftth your farewell you take with you 
y heart." 


,ord knows dreams are hard to follow, 
at don't let anyone tear them away - 
ild on, there will be tomorrow, in time 
■u '11 find the way." 

-Mariah Carey 
>o the words 'Shut up' mean anything 

-Jennifer Ynostroza 
/hatever, anyways!" 

David Archibald 

Winick, Unabomber, Cabeza 

"What seem to be the problem, Officer?" 

"I didn't do it, Matteo did." 

"Do you know who I am?" 

"I wish to assert the Fifth Amendment." 

Pamela Jean 

Pamiscuous, Pla, Spumoni- 
Po, W-B-P, Paul, The Pam, 

"Oh, Pam. Our mothers have wrecked 
us. We'll never be like everyone else." 
-Regan S. 

"If 50 million people say a foolish thing, 
it is still a foolish thing." 

-Anatole France 

1 40' ,4~> 

m • k 

Jennifer M. 

Ynostrozitamos, Jenni, Jen, 
J.J., Julia 

"It's not hard to make decisions when 
you know what your values are." 

-Roy Disney 
"Don't look for love, let love find you." 

-Lisandra Nazario 
"Love is a little blind; when we love 
someone dearly, we unconciously 
overlook many faults.' 

-Beatrice Saunders 
"Give your troubles to God; he will be 
up all nght anyway." 


"To the average girl, the most helpful 
books are mother's cookbook and father's 



The Class With Three Nines 

by Shan Patel 

After being together for ten full years, 
the Class of '99 has begun to show signs of 
coming together. One year more and we're 
gone, thankfully. Junior year is definitely the 
most involved year of a student's academic 
career. It is THE YEAR. Some juniors are 
aware of colleges looking over their shoulders, 
while others are salivating at the chance to get 
out of high school. All in all, junior year is the 
year in which everything peaks. Academi- 
cally, students have options to take the 
courses that they choose, and socially, the car 
becomes a daily part of the junior's life. 
The Class of '99 has great expectations 
to fill (as another class with three 9's won't 
come for ten thousand years). So enjoy us 
while we're here because we're ephemeral - for 
any of my classmates out there, that means 
fast-fleeting. I have a feeling that this class 
will have loads of fun next year, but even if it 
doesn't, I will. Let the graduation parties 
begin: one year, and gone forever! 

Jennifer Abrams 

Cara Abt Carrie Adamowich Kristin Arabasz Richard Arroues Mark Arsenauli 

Tamara Ayala 

Amy Baccari 

Farah Baig 

Keith Baird 

Joseph Barilla Patrick Baxte| 


Sharon Betz 


Natalie Black Danielle Blanchard Brian Bosnian 

Jutin Bradfield Stephani Burns 

No Photo 

m-Michael Busa Justin Bushey Daniel Buttrick Nicole Cadotte Angelina Calamita Victoria Caliri 

ristopher Carroll Andrew Carvey 

Angela Casella Lisa Cerchione Jennifer Chan Jamie Chan-Moy 

ibigail Cleghorn Kelly Clerkin Amanda Colford Wiliam Conroy Jennifer Costa Melissa Costa 

No Photo 

■arah Cottman Patrick Danaher Shari Dangel Audrey Davis Brandi Deas Monica Derderian 


David Debartolo Elissa Dill Porsha Dillahunt Angela DiPerna Arthur Dishman Marianne Dohen 

No Photo 

Matt Donaldson John Duke Patrick Fagan Kristin Fehlau Robert Feole James Foster 

No Photo 

Ryan Friend Tracy Gardini Laura Gavornik Patrick Gemmell AnnMarie 


Edward Goehe 

Jeffrey Goldman Jessica Griffiths Tracy Gullage Jesse Hastings Greg Haynes Stephanie Hill 

M\ Bii mm i 

1 m 

Kristin Hurd Jeff Jacobs Hannah Johnson Jennifer Jones Matthew Judd Paul Kadish 


Jack Keough Matthew Kerver Justin Kessler Andrea Koschuk Nicholas Kyvelos Melissa LaBrecque 

Alissa Lee Jessica Lentine 

Robert Leshin Alyson Lima Emily Link 

everly Marrigan Carrianne 

Rebecca McFarland Daniel McGilvary Jennifer McGue Sophon Meach 



Leslie Minchin Jennifer Moen David Morris Tauryn Morris Christine Mungillc Rachel Norris 

Jessica Nucefora Arianne Obering Keith Ouellette Tim Pantano Carli Parisella Emalie Parkhur! 

Shan Patel Christopher Payne David Penland Seth Perkins Emily Perry Tawnya Perry 

No Photo 

Michael Presti Shaun Pruett Norman Pryce Jason Raposa Chad Reinhardt John Remingtp 

No Photo 

.1 M11U In. 

Benjamin Rifkin Katie Rivollier 

No Photo 

Andy Romper Carrie Ruch Elizabeth Sandell Michael Schofi jl 


Sean Shmarian Laura Siegel Sarah Sjostrom Lisa Spellberg Michael Spicer Jeffrey St. Sauveur 

Jonathan St. 

Christopher Daniel Sullivan Jackie Sullivan Bradley Sylva Jeffrey Sylva 


Jill Sylva Kimberly Sylva Katie Sylvester Karen Thomas Tamieka Thomas Shane Towne 

Cristin Twombly Hannah Ullman Liz Vanaria Sarah Venable Erin Warford Matthew Whitley 

- > i, 

^^^^^ sBgHHK 
Becky Willley Stephen Wilson 



Stephanie Abrams Danielle Adams Bethany Aiken Kirby Armstead Jessica Barden Tommy Baudari: 




Michael Beckwith Lilian Belknap Heather Bendel Jon Boschetto Katie Bowell 

Erin Boyd 


Liz Brady Larry Brutti Katie Busa Donald Cameron Jasmyne Campbell Katie Chapa 

Misty Collins Gail Connelly Jenny Connor Nina Cox Shauna Crehan Sheila Cypher 

JeffDacey Jessica Dee Nicholas DeLuca Danielle DeMeo Danielle DeMoss Jeffrey Derderian 

Jesse Dill Richard DiTomassi Michael Donovan Mark Duffany Eric Duggan Michael Dunne 

Russ Duprey Bobby Dutton Dina Dvinov Keshia Eccles Brad Edris 

Krissy Ela 


Matthew Evjy Gretta Fieirring Carrie Frank Jenny French Matthew Gagnon Michael Gartlami 

Craig Gelormini Danya Goodman Nicole Gosine Heather Grant Andrea Griecci Michael Griecci 

Frederick Darren Harris Katara Harris Catherine Hill Quiana Horsley Ellen Humphrey 


Krystal Knight Jonathan Ko Ryan Kosobucki Preston Kourian Kristen Kremer Kyle Kremer 


No Photo 

Kristen McNamara Sophon Meach Michael Mead Erik Mesquita Alissa Milligan Chrisanna Mitchl] 

No Photo 


r ^ 

No Photo 

k A 

Divina Nitenson 

Ryan Nolan 


V / 

Emily Perkins 

Jonathan Potter 

Marcia Pryce 

* it * ! »*i 


Andrew Reed Kendra Reimann Melissa Roberson Eric Rogers Caitlin Romano 

No Photo 

Joshua Santerre 

Sean Savage Melanie See Alexander Segal Kevin Shepard 

Rayna Oien 

Ana Raimondl 



We are no longer the minnows, no longer 
the baitfish upper classmen feed off. We 
ARE due paying members of this school. 
We can swim freely in this mass ofhumanity. We 
great white sharks of the High School. We're 
important! We earned our respect! We belong! We 
are still growing and will one day become powerful 
enduringtrophyfish. Butfornowwewill continue 
to grow, open our eyes wider and search for expe- 
riences, knowledge, friends, sports, activities and 
thetraditionsofour school. Wehaveenduredwhat 
maybe thehardestpartofour high schoollives, and 
we have survived! Can't wait for next year! 

Reel Little Fish No Longer! 

Brendon Baker John Bentley Jillian Bernardo Kenneth Bieren 

Michelle Bieren Charles Bililiel 

Lynette Bishop Christine Blanchard Elizabeth Boland 

Kenea Boyd 

Gerald Brown Matthew Brogai 




No Photo 

Janene Brome Kathryn Brooks Craig Brown Krystal Bubnick Rachel Burns Jennifer Busa 

Matthew Carvey Maria Casella Matthew 


Andrea Chan-Moy Shira Charles 

David Cheng 

-onica Connarton Daniel Conway Angell Cordner Aleah Davis Rachel DeMore Jaclyn D'Errico 



Misty Hawes Kathryn Healy Kirk Henderson James Higson William Hillyard Heather 


Emily Hore Elizabeth Jacobs Emily Jamison Kristen Michael Jones 


Brian Kadish 


Julie Kenyon Joe Khabbaz Louis King Stanley Knight 

Th:~3 = L:~3 

\I« if 

Stephanie Jennifer Lawrence Christina Lee Rachel Lehman 



Beth Lorusso Margot Lynn Keith Lyons John Mac Isaac 


Rebecca Magnone David Marchetta Sarah Markow Thomas Matteo Christina McCall 

Shane McDonald Morgan Barbara McElwain James McElwain Lesley McGovern 


^ mm IMH| I 4 


Patrick McGrath John McGue Meredith McLane Sean Merrill Sarah Minue 

Ben Morgan- Blake Murphy Colin Murphy Alexis Nazario 


Erica Neff 

Coby O'Brien 

Keith O'Donnell Erin O'Reilly Emily Ols Christina Pak 


Derek Parham Kate Patterson Daniel Penland Joshua Pierce Kristi Pitts Elizabeth Presti 

No Photo 

Jesse Ratichek Kevin Redmond Samatha Richaud Brian Richichi Kelli Ring Robert Risdon 

Fames Roberson Nicholas Robichaud Kimberly Robinson Danilo Robles 

Katie Roe 

Desiree Rumph 


Anna Sabella 


lura Scaramelli Corey Sheehan 


Tracy Samuels 

Michael Sanders Jose Sanoja Jaime Santerre 

Ian Sirois 

Jennifer Smith Marlene Smith Meghan Spencer 


Lindsay Sternberg Benjamin Stuhl Brian Sullivan Kathryn Sylva Alan Tomczykow Richard 


Gregory Trelegan Heather Twombly Jonathan Twombly Sarah Ullman Laura Vargas Lauren Weeks 

John Whallon Kenneth Wilcox Lydia Willsky Nicholas Wilson Matthew Winic Andrew Wotton 

Pawel Wrotek 


Good -Bye 

Long before any of us went to BHS, before we were 
even born, Louie has been a member of our janito- 
rial staff. Mr. D'Andragora has cleaned up our 
messes, no matter how bad for a long time, to be 
specific, 24 years. He is retiring this year, after 
many years of diligent service, and watching many 
of us graduate. Many people believe that he has 
become a part of BHS, and that part will be sorely 
missed once he leaves. 

Above: Louie flashing his familiar 
and much loved smile. 

Above: Louie on the job. 

Mrs. Ambrose 

Mrs. Babcock 

Ms. Bosak 

Ms. Bouzan 

Mr. Brunet 

Ms. Burke 

Mr. Cacciola 




Mr. Sheinfeld 

Ms. Smith 

Ms. Smyth 

Mr. Spinosa 

Ms. Walcott 

Mr. Walsh 

Mr. Walsh 

Ms. Wrye 

Right: Seniors Andy Croxford, Ben Abt, Angelo Define, 
Adam Bleser, Chea Kenyon, Matt Nolan, Mike Sullivan, 
Vinnie McGrath, Chris Hevey, and Steve Hludzik 
Below Matt Eyjy, Ricky Harrington, Mike Gartland, Brad 
Edns, Marcus McLeod, Darren Harris, Ryan Kennery, John 
Mclsaac, Chad MacGregor, Franklin Smith Kyle Kremer 
LeFevre Doug LeShane, Tim Pantano, Mike Presti, Mike 
McFarland, Ryan Friend, Mike Scofield Tim Darling, Ryan 
Nolan Justin Bradfield, Mike Busa, Jack Keough Kris 
Carroll Harry MacHarne, John Duke, Craig Brown Andy 
c3ord Ben Abt, Matt Nolan, Mike Sullivan, Vmnie 
S^raSo^s Hevey, Steve Hludzik, Angelo Defino, Adam 
Bleser, Chea Kenyon 

Far above: Adam Bleser runs 
to make a touchdown. 
Above: Numbers 21 and 54 
try for a first and ten. 
Right: What is number 12 
doing, and where is number 
85 going?!? 

Right: Vinnie McGrath might 
be getting pulled down, but he 
keeps going strong. 

120 Sports 

IBelow: Acton-Boxborough takes a beating from a Bedford 



Pete Cacciola gives 
Adam Bleser some 
encouraging advice. 

The Bedford High School Freshman Football Team 

Left: Chris Hevey and Chad MacGregor await the next play. 
Above: The Bucs take a break to shake it out. 

Sports 121 



This year's field hockey 
season was disappoint- 
ing to some. Bedford's 
girls struggled in their 
games against more 
experienced teams, 
played their best each 
time, but were met 
with losses. This did 
not dampen the girls' 
spirit, however. 
Through bonding with 
the New Kids and 
wearing their field 
hockey jackets, the 
team solidified, and be- 
came recognized as one 
of the most spirited in 

Right: The varsity girls chill 
after an awesome victory. 
Below: Kristen McNamara, 
Krissy Ela, Nicole Volpicelli, 
Danielle Blanchard, Katie 
Sylvester, Katie Rivollier, 
Liz Brady, Carrie Frank, 
Robin Grace, Steph 
Skavenski, Meg Hamel, Mer 
Campbell, Heather Stewart, 
Kelly Dutton, Krista 
Robinson, Alison Brooks, 

Kara Volpicelli 

Above: Don't worry, everyone, Meredith Campbell's got 
the other team covered. 

The seniors pose with their New Kid: Meg, Krista, KelH 
Robin, Alison, Jordan Knight, Mer, Steph, Kara, and Heathe( 

122 Sports 

Lt: Danielle DeMeo, Shannon Filion, Katherine Egan, Lauren Weeks, Laura 
S iramanelli, Emily Perkins, Leslie McGovern, Meredith McClain, Jennie Busa, 
Llia Wilsk, Shara Chales, Kathryn Brooks, Katie Busa, Ana Raimondi, Jen 
C in, Catherine Hill, Tracy Gardini, Andrea Grecci, Meredith McGowan, Kendra 
R mondi 


Sports 123 

Girls' Soccer 

very far right: Bethany Russo 
warms up during a practice 
right: Joanna Thoren takes a 

below: Team captains Erin 
Slavin and Stephanie Potter 

far right: Varsity girls 
(starting from top row) 
Jessie McGrath 
Nikki Downs 
Lindsay Harrington 
Sharon Betz 
Carrie Shamel 
Rashmi Khaul 
Bethany Russo 
Emily Gleason 
Joanna Thoren 
Joanna Mclnnis 
Kacie Kennedy 
Susan Mara 
Stephanie Potter 
Erin Slavin 
Laura Olson 
Elena Vasilakis 

right: A picture says a 
thousand words. Joanna 
Mclnnis demonstrates. 


1 24 Sports 

The inevitable dumb jokes: 
Carrie Shamel gets ahead! 
Now that's using your head! 
Carrie goes to the head of the team! 
Carrie's heading in the right direction! 

e : J.V. girls Anna Sabella, Natalie Weiner, Andrea Chan-Moy, 
Uleen Gleason, Samantha Richardson, Christina Lee, Christina 
* i, Erin O'Reilly, Angell Cordner, Bethany Aiken, Sarah Markow, 
■--ah Minue, Caitlin Romano, Danielle DeMoss, Rebecca Magnone 

j "Fight, Finish, i 

Together!" by Stephanie Potter 

Through hard work, perseverance, and 
heart, the Varsity Girls Soccer team accom- 
plished their motto in the '97 season. With 
a roster of 14 seniors, they elevated the 
team to push harder and showed what real 
spirit it takes to make a successful team. 
One of the main highlights of the season 
was making it to the State Tournament, 
something that BHS girls soccer has not 
accomplished in 11 years. This couldn't 
have been done without the always-threat- 
ening offense provided by: Erin Slavin, 
Laura Olson, Susan Mara, Kacie Kennedy, 
Joanna Mclnnis, Katie Bowen, Carrie 
Shamel, Jessie McGrath, and Lindsay 
Harrington, or the strong defense composed 
of Stephanie Potter, Joanna Thoren, Elena 
Vasilakis, Rashmi Kaul, and starting goalie 
Nikki Downs. Sharon Betz, Colleen 
Gleason, and Sara Minue helped add to the 
team in the second half of the season. With 
great coaching from Kristen Maskalenko 
and determination from the team, the DCL 
has learned to always remember Bedford 
Girls' Soccer for playing until the final 
whistle blew. 

top: Steph Potter uses her- no, too repetitive. 
Steph receives a pass. 

Sports 125 

Boy's Soccer 

It was an amazing season for the boys' varsity soccer. The team, 
composed of 12 seniors, was determined to be state champs this year. 

Captain Mark Kruger forms the core of the team while co-captains 
Dave Matteo, Tom Webster, Matt Abt, Dan Rashba managed to create the 
team's unmatched performance. The freshmen, as well, played an 
extremely important role in the team's success. Richie and Alan Tomykowski 
along with Johnny Whalon gave the team superior skills and scored 
unbelievable game-winning goals. 

The boys' team finished the regular season with a record of 4:7:5, 
qualifying them for the state tournament. The games was at Minuteman 
Tech, whose record was 15:2, and ended with a one: nothing shoot-out 
aginst Bedford's star goalie Jon Tate. Tate's season was superior to any 
other DCL goalies' with umatched saves and excellent effort. 

Despite the loss of the state championships, Coach Dave Wilson 
wasn't a bit disappointed by the performance of any player. It was the best 
season in years, and the seniors wish luck to next year's team. 

Drew Ratichek balances tl 
soccer ball on his nose. 

Above: Bobby Dutton steals 
the ball to help Bedford score. 
Right: (top) Coach Wilson, 
Coach Boschetto, Shan Patel, 
Brad Sylva, Eric Rogers, 
Craig Gelormini, Tim 
Pantano, Bryan Nash, Jon 
Tate, Jeff Jacobs, Brandon 
Stockwell, Johnie Whalon, 
Richie Tomczykowski, Bobby 
Dutton, Alan Tomczykowski, 
(kneeling) AlvinTsang, David 
Winick, David DiSanzo, Nick 
Sabella, Mark Kruger, Dan 
Rashba, Abel Markow, Dave 
Matteo, Drew Ratichek, Tom 
Webster, Matt Abt 

Right: Seniors Nick Sabella, 
Tom Webster, Dave Matteo, 
Mark Kruger, Matt Abt, Dan 
Rashba, Coach Wilson 

126 Sports 

Left: Tom Webster faces off 
with an opponent, risking 
certain head injury, neck 
strain, and a mysterious 
disease known as "Soccer- 
ball-on-chin syndrome." 

Below: Dan Rashba races 
another player for control of 
the ball. Run, Dan, run! 

" 1 997-98 was the best season in years." 

Matt Abt kicks a pass to Tom Webster. Both seniors 
Ihighly valued players this year. 

Team Captain Mark Kruger head-butts the ball down 
the field at a home game. 

Sports 127 


Right: "I've never seen four 
boys do so much whackin' 
in all my life!" Kevin 
Shepard, Shaun Pruett, 
Ned Chaney, and Larry 
Brutti prepare to tee off. 

Right: Kevin Shepard, Keith 
Baird, Larry Brutti, Nick 
DeLuca, Joshua Pierce, Peter 
Gray, Coach Reynolds, Matt 
Winick, Joey Barilla, Ned 
Chaney, Matt Judd, Shaun 

Team Captain Ned Chaney 

Matt Judd sends yet another golf ball flying far, far away. 

128 Sports 


ove: The Fast Boys: Andrew Wotton, Will Hillyard, 
ris Payne, Kevin Redman, James Ritchey, Pat Dwyer, 
eg Haynes, Brian Waldron [not pictured: Adam 

ow: Brian Waldron stretches before subjecting himself 
a X-C practice 

The first of many Greg Beth Ziulek wears distracting 
Haynes action shots... seasonal socks. 

above: The Fly Girls: Hannah Grey, Kristin Arabacz, 
Natalie Black, Heather Twombley, Amy Furey, Lindsey 
McGrath, Katie Sylva, Katie Chapa, Kristen 
Johannessen, Abby Cleghorne, Debbie Robertson, 
Caroline Leary, Kim Sylva, Beth Ziulek 

left: Fly Team Captains: Debbie Robertson, 
Caroline Leary, Pat Dwyer, Greg Haynes SpOftS 




1*. - I >,W 

The Football 
front row 
Sarah Venable 
Lluvia Coulter 
Lesa Pierce 
Katelyn Merrill 
Molly Waterhouse 
Amanda Colford 
Middle row 
Beth Lorusso 
Tamika Thomas 
Coby O'Brien 
Christine Blanchard 
AnnMarie Giaquinto 
Meghan Spencer 
Back row 
Cynthia Sylvia 
Emily Link 
Danielle Larsen 
Kristin Twombly 
Christine Mungillow 
Kim Robinson 
Maura Neff 

Right: Captain Lesa Pierce 
leads the team in another 
crowd-stirring cheer. 

Above: Co-Captains Lesa 
Pierce and Katelyn Merril 

Right: Beth Lorusso, 
Amanda Colford, and 
Cynthia Sylvia strike a pose 

1 30 Sports 

Left: Y-M-C-A... Oh no wait, that's not it. The talented 
BHS cheerleaders show us their stuff. 

Below: The cheerleaders show us how easy it is to stand on 
one foot while ten feet in the air. 

Above: Front row; Liz Vanaria, Molly Waterhouse, Amanda 
Colford, Christine Mungillow. Middle row; Jen Hager, Julie 
Kenyon, Cynthia Sylvia, Christina Holt. Back row; Sarah 
Venable, Lluvia Coulter, Kristen Twombly. 

Co-captains Molly Waterhouse and 
Amanda Colford. 

Sports 131 

Boys' Basketball 

Above: BHS Boys Varsity 
Basketball; front row: Akil 
Mondesir, Jeb Brady, Dan Rashba, 
Cory Moy, Ryan Friend; back row: 
Vinnie McGrath, Jan Kessler, 
Shane Little, Bobby Hartwell, 
Matt Curver, Rob Leshin, Chris 
Starns, Matt O'Donnell. 

Above: Varsity Basketball Captains 
Cory Moy and Dan Rashba. 



Above: Senior Jeb Brady dribbles past anoth 

1 32 Sports 

li Above: The team huddles up to discuss some key plays. 

I I 

jE^ui 53 

Above: BHS Freshman Basketball; front row: Brian 
Kadish, Ben Morgan-Cleveland, Tommy Lima, Mike 
JJones, Chris Bynoe, Jimmy Higson; back row: Keith 
O'Donnell, James Roberson, Jose Sonaja, Bret Samuels, 
Kenea Boyd, Jason Harris. 

Left: Ryan Friend uses his 
skill to make a no-look pass. 

Below: Shane Little has a 
clear shot at the basket. 

Above: BHS Boys Junior 
Varsity Basketball; front row: 
Craig Gelormini, Darhan 
Harris, John Whallon; back 
row: Nick Deluca, Nick 
Robichaud, Seth Perkins, 
Erik Mesquita. 

Left: Captain Cory Moy flies 
over this Weston player to 
make the basket. 

Sports 1 33 

Below: Victoria Caliri 
rejects an opponent's 
attempt at a high-five in 
order to make a winning 

Right: Sarah Collins 
exemplifies good 
sportsmanship by 
congratulating an opposing 
team after a game. 

She jumps... she shoots ... she scores! 

The Varsity Girls Basketball team excited many 
people this season with their long awaited 
qualification into the State Tournament. Lead by 
Captain Kacie Kennedy and two of the DCL's leading 
scorers-Carli Parisella and Beth Ziulek-, the Bucs 
gave it their all every game through strong offense 
and a tenacious defense. They entered the 
Tournament with a winning 12-8 record, and even 
though Game 1 vs. Central Catholic ended up as a 
loss, the Lady Bucs proved their talent this season 
without a doubt. Best of wishes to sole senior Kacie 
Kennedy who will be continuing her career at 
Connecticut College, and good luck to next year's team 
in hopes of a season just as exciting and successful as 
this past one. 

Lady Bucs 

Above: The Lady Bucs get pumped up right before a g 
as they discuss strategy and skills. 

134 Sports 

Left: Two Lady Bucs jump 
at the chance to steal the 
ball from an opponent. 

Left: Captain Kacie 
Kennedy and Coach 
Maureen Sullivan proudly 
pose for a picture. 

Below: This brave Buc 
won't let her opponent's 
scary face prevent her from 

Varsity: Front row; Sarah Collins, Kristin 
Hurd, Kacie Kennedy, Elizabeth Ziulek, Kim 
Sylva. Back row: Greta Lynn, Hannah 
Ullman, Sharon Betz, Sarah Sjostrom, Carli 
Parisella, Victoria Caliri, Coach Sullivan. 

JV: Front row; Nicole Girourd, Lindsey 
McGrath, Katrina Forester, Lauren Weeks 
Nikki Downs. Back row; Andrea Chan-Moy, 
Lesley McGovern, Becca Magnone, Emily 
Perkins, Kelli Ring, Nina Cox, Natalie 

Sports 135 

Swim Team 

The BHS Swim Team: Front Row: Monica 
Connarton, Scott Juday, Sarah Minue, Andrew 
Wotton, Second Row: Jen Carguilo, Katie Roe, Jen 
Conroy, Dave Morris, Sue Mara, Kathryn Healy, 
Alex Segal, Coach Maczko. Last Row: Ben Rifkin, 
Vik Sridharan, Jeff Goldman, Jill Bernardo, Nicole 
Volpicelli, Sara McCay, Joanna Thoren, Marlene 
Smith, Coach Maczko. 

The BHS Diving Team: Joanna Thoren, Sara 
McCay, Coach Maczko, Marlene Smith, Jen 

Above: Captains Dave Morris and Sue Mara pose with 
the Coaches Maczko. 

Above: The three seniors Sue Mara, Jen Conroy, and 
Joanna Thoren take some time to chill by the pool. 

136 Sports 

Left: Captain Dave Morris 
races to the finish. 

Left: Jen Carguilo soars 
above the rest of the swim 

Below Left: Jeff Goldman 
tries desperately to escape 
the phantom arm behind him. 

Below: Sesame Street was 
brought to you today by the 
number seven. 

Left: The girls go through 
their pre-swim beautification 

Sports 137 

The BHS hockey team has had an amazing year. For the first time in sev- 
enteen years, they made it to States which was a great achievement. It was 
hard work, but they made it with an record of 8 and 1. Captain Ned Chaney 
said, "We worked really well together, and got along well. We came together 
like no other team I've been on before." After a great season, BHS hockey 
players feel great about how they played. Teamwork and cooperation seem to 

be the keys to a fun-filled, victorious Season. by Ned Chaney and Jen Conroy 





138 Sports 

Above Left: Team 
Captains Dave 
Gianetta, Mark 
Lorusso, Ned 

Left: Bam! 
Another goal 
denied. Great 
save, Bedford! 

Above: Front row; Brent Duncan, Dave Gianetta, Mark 
Lorusso, Ned Chaney, Matt Nolan. Second row; Matt 
Brogan, Mike Dunn, Joey Barillo, John Maclsaac, Chris 
Duprey. Third row; Nick Wilson, Danny Robles, Preston 
Kourian, Corey Sheehan, Ryan Nolan, Larry Brutti. 

Left: BHS Hockey players 
get ready for the game to 
begin. Hope they win! 

Below: Superman has been 
spotted at a BHS hockey 

Left: Ouch! Doesn't that 

Middle Left: Aww, how cute! 
Hockey players do have 

Left: In head to head 
combat, Bedford always 

Below: Ned Chaney chills. 

Left: The BHS 
Ice Dancers, 
um, I mean 
hockey players, 
have another 

Sports 139 


Below Right: Peter Grey 
patiently waits for his turn 
to head down the slopes. 

Below: There's hot chocolate 
down there! Jon Twombly 
speeds towards the finish 

The BHS Downhill Ski Team: first row: Josh Pierce, Peter Grey, Jon 
Twombly, Kristen Johannessen, Erin Slavin, Dave Matteo, Bobby Dutton, 
Eric Rogers, back row: Ms. Laver, Karen Thomas, Jessica McGrath, Dave 
Richards, Brian Pantano, Jesse Ratichek, Brian Bosman, Charles Bililies, 
Matt Winick, Ricky Harrington, Tom Matteo. Not shown: Bernd Kullman. 

Downhill Ski Captains Bernd Kullman, 
Erin Slavin, and Dave Matteo. 

140 Sports 

Left: (from bottom 
left) Tom Webster, 
Drew Ratichek, 
Debbie Robertson, 
Alvin Tsang, Abel 
Markow, Matt Abt, 
Krissy Ela, Catherine 
Hill, Mike Presti, Liz 
DeWeerd, Liz Brady, 
Alyssa Milligan, 
Lindsay Harrington, 
Greg Trelegan, Mike 
McFarland, Liz Presti, 
Jenny Busa 

middle left: James 
Ritchey takes his 

bottom left: Ben Abt 
flies successfully over 
the high jump bar. 

Below: Indoor Track 
Captains Alvin 
Tsang, Debbie 
Robertson, and Matt 

Sports 141 

Drill Team 

r 1 



A serious looking Drill 
Team member is ready 
for anything. 

The BHS Drill Team holds our flags 

The intimidating Drill 

Team is in formation one 


Rifle Team 

The quest for perfection along with the ability of 
superhuman control to put a hole dead center in a piece of 
paper. This is the purpose of Rifle Team. This season saw 
the absence of several members while there were many 
promising newcomers. With spectacular leadership on the 
part of Pat Mahoney and Brian Conway, the team had a great 
year. The returning team members taught the large number 
of freshmen the basics of the sport as well as creating a strong 
sense of comradery. Ask any team member and they'll tell 
you that Rifle is tons of fun. They are bound to have great 
success in future years. 

Rifle Team: 
Coach Goodwin, 
Mark Giordano, 
Chris Payne, 
L i n d g e n s , 
Justin Stern, 
Josh Markow, 
Lauren Weeks, 
Jesse Belknap, 
Jenny Moonan, 
Jimmy Higson, 
Eric Cheng, 
Brian Conway, 
Pat Mahoney, 

"Hey, can you just hold 
this target for a minute 
while I reload?" Our 
brave photgrapher 
ventures to a rifle team 
practice only to be 
gunned down by a 
grinning Pat Mahoney. 

Sports 143 

Right: Sara Sjostrom lets go 
of the ball. 

Varsity Softball: Carli 
Parisella, Sara Sjostrom, 
Bethany Russo, Kristin Hurd, 
Karen Thomas, Erin Slavin, 
Meg Hamel, Liz Vanaria, Geri 
Parisella, Jenn Williams, 
Kristine Hanson, Christine 
O'Reilly, Jenn Robb 

Bottom: Sara Sjostrom runs 
home. Not home, like her 
house, but home. Home base. 

43 r * 

Above: Geri Parisella makes 
an impressive slide, making 
it to second before the ball 

Right: Karen Thomas waits 
impatiently at home plate for 
the chance to tag someone 

Right: Kristin Hurd yells 
encouragement to her 
teammates while Carli 
Parisella sleeps. 

144 Sports 

A League of Their Own 

The Bedford Varsity 
oftball 1997 season 
r as a success! They 
lade it to the second 
bund of State Cham- 
ionships, and send 
iree players to the 
!»CL All-Star team. A 
j>t of hard work and 
|)getherness went into 

Throughout the 
fear, they depended on 
lieir pitcher, Sara 
lostrom, to overcome 
tiything and play, 
lehind the plate, Meg 
lamel and Karen Tho- 
las helped Sara along. 
Ihris OneillyKristine 
lanson, Geri Pari- 
llla, and Jenn Robb 
liocked down any- 
ling that came their 
lay. Carli Parisella, 
Irm Slavin, and 
Iristin Hurd got any 
Its that passed 
■trough the infield, 
jith Jenn Williams, 
fethany Russo, Liz 
"maria, and Caitlin 
l:>mano backing up 
leir weak spots, the 
lam seemed invin- 

Departed seniors 
I sh '98's team luck! 

article by Karen Thomas 

J.V. Softball: Coach Bozan, Stephanie Potter, Hannah 
Ullman, Melissa Costa, Victoria Caliri, Alissa Lee, Caitlin 
Romano, Michelle Sampson, Nina Cox, Tracy Gardini, 
Sarah Vanderwall, Jaci Franks, Katie Rivollier, Amy 
Baccari, Katrina Forster, Lisa Cerchionne 

Freshman Softball: Ellen Humphrey, Crystal Salvi, Laura 
Vargas, Shauna Crehan, Betsy Payne, Danielle DeMoss, 
Emily Perkins, Ana Raimondi, Danielle Tambini, Alyssa 
Milligan, Andrea Griecci 

Far above: Safe! Erin Slavin 
holds onto her hat as she 
arrives on base. 
Above: Kristin Hurd flies to 
third base. (Notice the feet) 
Left: Jenn Robb, Christine 
O'Reilly, Kristine Hanson, 
Geri Parisella, and Jenn 
Williams smile. 

Sports 145 


Bedford baseball 
showed once again how 
they are quite a force to 
be reckoned with. 
Coaches Sabourin and 
Sullivan led their team 
to an amazing 14-4 
league record. Bedford 
finished just one game 
behind, but still de- 
feated twice league 
champion Concord. The 
Bucs great season was 
led by seniors Mike 
Reed, Gary Martin, and 
Steve Lua. The team 
won their second con- 
secutive Newburyport 
Tournament. With mo- 
mentum from their 
regular season, the 
Bucs stormed their way 
to state semi-finals. 
Next year looks to be 
Warrington returning to 
the second team Lowell 
Sun All-Star and an ex- 
perienced team. Hope- 
fully the Bucs will cap- 
ture their third Cham- 
pionship in four years. 

Above: Captains Gary Martin, Mike Reid, ant 
Steve Lua 

Above left: John Duke gets ready to snag 

Above: Mike Reid about to hit 
the game-winning homer? 

1 46 Sports 

Boys' Tennis 

The 1996-97 tennis team was very dedicated; they played and 
practiced every day. If it rained, practice was held inside. The var- 
sity team practiced alone every day, competing against each other to 
improve their games. J.V., on the other hand, learned new tips and 
skills every day from the coach. In matches, they played their best. 

Right: Jon Boschetto, Karan 
Wadhera, Vikram Sridhan, 
Pat McDonald, Ben Rifkin, 
Josh Markow, Derek Ho, 
Joseph Savitch, David Wolf, 
Tom Shepard [Not pictured: 
Stefan Iwanchuk] 
Below: Josh Markow dances 
with tennis balls. 

148 Sports 


Right: Dave Wolf, Josh Smith, 
Will Steiglitz, and Tom 
Shepard show their skills at 
posing for tennis team 






Girls Tennis: back 
row, Suzanne Kim, 
Farah Baig, Jill 
Sylva, Sharon Betz. 
Middle row, Carrie 
Frank, Meredith 
McGowan, Jackie 
Sullivan, Kristen 
Arabaz, Coach Aldo. 
Front row, Krissy Ela, 
Jen Chan, Nadya 
Volicer, Laura 
Gavornik, Mei-Mei 
Tang, Marrianne 

keeping her eye on the ball. 

Above: Carrie Frank is torn 

au • J/ i i j between the camera and 
Above: Kan Kachelmyer and l . ^ u ^ ^ 

Suzanne Kim smile after 

embarassing their opponents. 

150 Sports 

Above: Nadya and Coach Aldo share a Kodak moment. 

Left: Jill Sylva and Jen Chan, 
separated at birth?... 
Below: Secret Tennis Agent 
Krissy Ela. 

Below: The girls chill after a 
rigorous practice. 

Above: The girls listen carefully as coach Aldo explains an important skill. 

The 1997 Girls Tennis 
team had a successful 
year. The team experi- 
enced the loss of many 
valuable players, but 
this did not affect the 
tremendous effort put 
in by the girls. The 
team was led by seniors 
Nadya Volicier, Nina 
Harvey, and Jean 
Connelly. Two fresh- 
men - Kari 
Kachelmeyer and 
Suzanne Kim - also 
helped the team 
greatly, playing the top 
two single spots. Watch 
for another successful 
season next year! 



Head! Heart! Hustle! 

This season was a great season for the Bedford Lacrosse team. With help from coach Jeff Snov 
the team made it to the state tournament. The defense was lead by senior captian Jay Randazzo, 
Angelo Defino, and newcomer Chris Hevey. All-Star goalie Nick Sabella also backed the team up 
by keeping scores low. More great help was added by the middies: Mark Lorusso, Mike Presti, 
Mark Kruger, Aron Feiring, Dave Matteo, and John Tate. Attackmen Brian Oates, Justin Kessler, 
and Ned Chaney added many goals. With a new coach on the way, next year should be great. 
Watch Out! 

Right: the varsity lacrosse 
team: Jonathan Tate, Larry 
Brutti, Chris Hevey, Ned 
Chaney, Angelo Defino, Mark 
Lorusso, Justin Kessler, Jon 
McGrath, Mark Krueger, 
Dave Matteo, Jay Randazzo, 
Aaron Feiring, Nick Sabella 

Above: team captains Jay 
Randazzo, Aaron Feiring, and 
Nick Sabella 

Above: Mark Krueger scoops 
the ball away from the 

Right: Angelo Defino, Nick 
Sabella, and some backs 
convene for a brief huddle. 

152 Sports 

"My ball! My ball!" Bedford fights Xaverian. 

J.V. captains Jeff Sylva, Dave DeBartelo, and Mike 

J.V. lacrosse: Jason Raposa, Charles Valente, Chad 
MacGregor, Matt Nolan, Dave DeBartelo, Seth Perkins, 
Alvin Tsang, Mike Leonik, Devin Lafo, Stephen Ly, Bobby 
Dutton, Ryan Nolan, Andrew Garafalo, Mike Griecci, 
Andrew Read, Eric Rogers, Brandon Stockwell, Mike 
Presti, Rob Leshin, Jeff Sylva 

Left: The team huddles for guidance and confidence right 
before a game. 

Above: Angelo Defino frowns at the Gatorade-squirting antics 
of Number 19. 

Sports 153 

Runners, Take Your 


The Bedford High School track team 
only heard these words a few times this 
season; with four meets scheduled for the 
entire season, it was hard for the Bedford 
Buccaneers to show the other teams their 
stuff. However, they proved themselves 
at each meet, running, jumping, and 
throwing to the best of their abilities. They 
worked hard at practices, and scored well 
at competitions. 

Star runners were Caroline Leary, 
who ran long-distance, and Devin McPhie, 
who ran the 400m and the 300 hurdles. 
Both were consistent winners. Norman 
Pryce also placed high in his best event, 
the triple-jump. 

Next year's team will do just as well - 
if not better - than last year's, with many 
of its top runners/jumpers returning. Best 
of luck to them! 

Above: Carrie Shamel clears the high 
jump and shows off her mismatching 

Directly above: Clarissa Roberson gets 
ready to wantonly hurl the shotput. 
Left: Greg Haynes picks up speed as 
he comes around the bend. 

154 Sports 

Far left: Norman Pryce 
hits the sand at a meet. 
Left: Jasmyne Campbell 
gets ready for takeoff. 
Bottom: Team Captains 
Debbie Robertson, Emily 
Gleason, and Caroline 


2ft: Team Captains Devin McPhie, 
Dbert Beckley, and Paul Bradfield 

Far Left: Girls' 
Track Team, 
A b b y 
Cleghorne, Kim 
Sylva, Car-oline 
Leary, Debbie 
Emily Gleason, 
Marcy Pryce, 
Coach Keup, 
Natalie Black, 
Beth Ziulek, 
Pamela Worth, 
Jessie McGrath, 
Boo Merrill, 
Tracy Gullage, 
Roberson, Qui- 
ana Horsely- 
Davis, Coach 
Bethany Aiken, 
Sara Colmer, 
Catherine Hill, 
Lindsey Mc- 
Grath, Rayna 
Oien, Liz Brady, 
Nicole Volpicelh 

Above: Boy's Track Team, Chris Harris, D.J. Walton, Chris Betz, 
Devin McPhie, Paul Bradfield Robert Beckley, Casey Hill, 
Oderra Jones, Andy Bergen, Steve Eschmann, Corey Moy. 
Adam Weston Brian Conway, Ricky Harrington, Michael 
Mead, Jesse Belknap, Tom Webster^ Akil Mondesir, Abel 
Markow, Norman Pryce, Greg Haynes, Darren Harris, Franklin $pQ ftS 


Players in Action 

Ben Abt 

Basketball:Freshmanl. JV2, Baseball: JV1.2, Varsity3,4 
Indoor Track:Varsity3,4 Football:Freshmanl, JV2 Var- 
sity3,4 Tool&Korn: 1.2,3,4 I would like to say thank you 
to my father. He stuck with me through everything and 
he did not give up. He pushed me to become the best that 
I can be. He tried so hard for 18 years and I appreciate 
every minute of it. Thanks Dad. I love you. Thanks to 
my twin brother. Matt, I have been with him for 18 1/2 
years. I don't know what it would be like without him. 
No one realizes how cool it is to always have at least one 
friend. Thanks to my sister for helping out around the 
house. I hope you grow up and become rich. What up G? 
Love ya too, sis. To my mother, well, buy the latest Korn 
album and check out "Good God," but thanks for having 
me and everything else up to a point. Mrs. Campbell and 
Mrs. Thoren, I appreciate everything you guys did for me. 
Thanks. Thank you very much to the following coaches: 
Sabourin, Petrillo, Sullivan, Colonel Campbell, Sabourin 
Jr., Hirsch. Cacciola, Casey. Keup, Hunt, Burns, Leblanc, 
Pelligrini, Fusco, Daugherty, Barry, Big J R., and last, but 
not least, Coach Elias, for if I did not enjoy my freshman 
year of football, I would have played soccer. Thank you 
all!! Mole-Go Red Sox! Pray for O.J.! Mike Tyson rules! 
Unabomber for president. Thanks for sticking up to the 
school about O.J. with me. We were right, well, sort of. 
Hope everything turns out well. We all miss you. Erin- 
Remember, I'm in the wedding. Thanks for letting me 
come visit. You are the awesomest girl in the world and 
I hope you stay that way. I hope I never lose touch of you. 
Hevey, Hludzik, Vin Dog, (Nitro Boys We want Sting!!!) 
Angelo, (My Heroi Adam, Skoal, Duke, Chea, Harry, 
Friendly Man, Presti-We better have beaten Concord!! 
Harney must die! Thanks for a great year guys! Dan. 
Rossi, etc. Thanks for having all the parties. Winnick- 
Where's my cd? Drew-Put those things away. Dave-, 
moment of silence for our accident. Jeb-Ya kid, you're 
huge. Chief! Matteo-Enjoy your month? Sorry about 
Andi. Danny-Fat pig! Chief! Metallica! English buddy 
(Most detentions as a duo) I love Quincy! Blazers La- 
crosse! Tater-Sr. Pavao's class, ya kid. Mark-Remember 
you and Kara on the floor at Erin's? Sorry Susan, had to 
say it. Tool-Need fromage? Want action? Thanks for 
being the only kid who likes Korn, Tool, Deftones, and 
Parker Meadows!!! Curt, Corey, Jamie, Brent, Pete-Moy 
Clan forever!!! Al-Thanks a million for you know what! 
Nash( Jesus )-Thanks for waiting in line with me for tix. 
Decay!! (RIP Gabe and Mike) Presti-You rock in the 
4x200 thanks a lot! Perv-IBP Insane Clown Posse, you 
don't have to front on me witch. (J.V. basketball) 4x200 
rocks, tattoo, real gangsta witch, home run derby, I've 
known you for 9 years, keep being wack! Jordan Remy, 
red haired kid on Acton, Quincy, Harney, Bobby Barton, 
Andy Bergin, Life is Peachy, song #14! Steph-The scariest 
moment of my life was with you and Erin that one day. 
Kelly-90210, Who are you? Erin Slavin-Um, thanks. Kacie- 
Pool parties. Bruins! Susan-Don't you just love her? 
JoJo-West Egg team what time is it? It's time to get 
loud. It's time to represent! Mace, why you keep smokin 
la la. Puff, why try, I'm a thug, I'm a di-hi. Bethany- 
Winnick's house ha ha ha. Bree, Kristin-Semi-formal was 
interesting. You girls are my favorites. Merril, Lesa, 
Molly(We love Molly. Muff?) Thanks for cheering! I 
appreciate it. Krista-Happy birthday; chief! Hi Jen 
Chan! Laura-Penguins!!! Thanks for telling me that you 
liked me after the fact. Good luck with the other #85. 
Riding in the mud was fun! Liz-Well, I guess I'm not 
banned anymore. Wow. You get the most changed award. 
From Ned to V. Coming over late at night was fun 
though. I don't know how things would be like without 
you. I hope you own the GAP someday. Thanks for so 
much and don't mess things up in the future. Liz, Rachel, 
and Gwen....Hmmmm Sista-Chief! Want a piece? Thanks 
for hearing all my chica and Erin stories. I owe you so 
much. Rollerblading buddy. Good luck and never tell me 
you can't get any guys ever again. Sally rocks. Meg- 
Museum of Fish, Guy with the Red Hair, Demon Night, 
where to begin? Shelly 's party. Kid! Mer-You thought I 
was gonna leave you out. I love you. You were there 
from the beginning. Just, keep being yourself. Thanks 
for flashlight tag, snowballs, sleepovers, everything. You 
are and will always be, my best friend. Andi-I waited a 
long time too. I hope I didn't scar you for life. Sorry! 
Moy Clan represent. Spiffy37 (Sarai-You know every- 
thing about me. One day, we will meet. Lois-You rock! 
Sorry. Katie Rivolier and Sara Sjostrom-Hmm, why did 


I mention your names? Mr. Whitmore, my inspiration. 
Mr. Modzelewski. and Mr. Buttles. You guys are what 
make this world cool. Joanna Thoren-I know things with 
us right now aren't the greatest, but you were probably 
the most influential person in my high school career. I 
want to specially thank you for everything that we ever 
did together. I will remeber always some of the best 
times of my life with you. It was hard, but now it is over 
and I just wanted to let you know that I will remember 
the good parts when I look back on it all. Thank you and 
good luck. Lauren-Well, what can I say, quite a story 
don't you think? We better keep in touch and I can't wait 
to see you on the fourth of July. Thanks! Beware of the 
Caribou Squirrel! Bring back Keith Olberman! Sorry to 
anyone I hurt throughout my four years. Thanks to Korn, 
Tool. Deftones. Shed, Metallica. Pantera, and anyone 
else who rocks. I hope to go to UMASS, become a teacher, 
and get married to a chica who will let me name my kids: 
Link Connor Nolan, Maynard Thor. and Shaniquewa 

Matt Abt 

Activities: V Baseball-234, Indoor Track-1234, V 
Soccer-234, School Council-34, NHS-34 Dad-Thanks for 
staying with us and everything you've done for me in the 
past 18 years. I love you. Ben-you need to find one girl 
and stay with her, and give all the other ones the 
powerbomb. Korn and Tool will always suck, and Mariah 
Carey will always rule. Yo man wad' up gee funk in da' 
house! Cara-keep listening to korn. Stay "hard core". 
Daisy -roof roof. To the BLUE CREW-Weeeeee RULE!!!! 
Vindog-It's been real. #10 is yours forever. Bethany — You 
will always be my math friend, kel — hey man=). Joanna 
Ma- East egg team q'uelle heur est il, es l'heure to get 
loud, es l'heure to represent. To my ceramics friends — 
"clay is the way" Heather-, you are the ceramics queen. 
Be sure and take your wheel to college w/you. watch out 
for sheep-baaaahh. Emily-You will always have a spot in 
my wing. Al- Keep watching GI Joe!. See you at the next 
B Adams concert. Alison-thanks for being my favorite 
neighbor. remember-"don't get mad, get even with dad" 
Perv- I hope someday you will find Mrs. Perv . Someday 
I will beat you in homerun derby! Mark K-wooooow!!!!! 
Dave M.-Keep jammin'. Dave D.-YOU are the ultimate 
pimp daddy!! John T.-sorry about the concussion Meg- 
despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage!!!Tom- 
May you find large amounts of fromage!!! Mer-.Thanks 
for being friendly and always smiling. Caroline- P05 
stinks!! 9/02/10-be there! Katie B. you too-stay a true 
fan!! Laura O.-I will always have much respect 4 you 
cause you hit that home run on base. Bryan N.-"rain, 
sleet, shine or snow, I ride my bike wherever I go" You 
were my first best friend. Thanks for the good 
memories. Period E Physics-worst class ever!! oh yeah. 
Kara V.- always shop with the lights off! Kelly-"Once in 
your life, you'll find someone, who will turn your world 
around, bring you up when you're feeling down"- I'll be 
sure not to "molt" through the halls!- "Du du du du du".- 
Remember-"where there's smoke, there's oak". When you 
marry nomar, and I marry mariah we can double date. 
You are my favorite person in the entire world, you are 

my angel, and I love you tons. Someday. I'd just 

like to give it up for the lunch ladies. ..just because. I'd 
like to say thanks to coach Sabourin and Coach Wilson for 
being great coaches. To the Dutton family for being so 
great to me and feeding me all the time. To everyone I 
did and did not mention: have a great life full of happi- 
ness! Future Goals- To get married, live in San Francisco, 
play for the Giants, have two kids and be happy 

Suzanne Baker 

First I would like to thank God for helping me through 
the past 17 years of my life. I would like to thank my dad 
for being there for me and pushing me to reach higher 
and to achieve my highest goals. I really don't think I 
could have done it without you. Thank you Sandy for 
listening when I needed someone to talk to. And thanks 
for attempting to help me with my math homework in the 
past. Thank you mom for setting me on the right path 
when I needed to be put there. Thanks Bob for all the 
times you let me drive your car. Thank you Grandma and 
Papa for always being there. I only lived with you for the 
first couple years of my life, even still, you both had a 
great impact on my life. Thanks to Michelle , Nicole, 
Shelly, Amy and Kristie for being there and for just being 
my sisters. Special thanks to Michelle and Nicole for 
ALWAYS being there when I needed to talk. Thank you 

Pam Worth for being a friend through 11 years. Thank 
you Kelley Perry for being a great friend Freshman and 
Sophomore year. I won't ever forget you. I miss you. 
Thanks to Emily Perry. You're a great friend and you're 
like a sister to me. Thanks for being there through my 
Junior and Senior year And thanks to you too for pushing 
me to do better! Even though it didn't work sometimes 
Pam, Kelley and Emily you are great friends. I love you 
guys for everything! Thank you Jeff St. Sauveur for 
always being there for me. You are truly a great friend 
I love you always! Thank you to Jon St. Sauveur for 
caring and being a friend. Final thanks goes to Ms 
Savarino. Hey Ms. Sav., I remembered you are a Ms 
not a Mrs.!! For 4 years I endured all the nagging! But I 
am proud to say that it paid off. T\hank you for pushing 
me to do better in all of my classes. If you hadn't beer 
there to push me from behind . I wouldn't have been able 
to push ahead and move forward , and I wouldn't be where 
I am now. Thank you to all of my friends that I regretfull) 
did not thank. You know I love you guys! Thanks again U 
all my family , friends and teachers who made a great 
impact on my life. Couldn't have done it without any o: 
you. I love you all! 

Future goals: To go to Blaine beauty school 
earn a certificate and someday run my own beauty salon 
I will also someday get married and have 2-3 kids. 

Torey Bassett 

Thanks to the follow "ing people: Kathy Benton, for help 
ing me through hard times and getting me on track. Mr 
Shoemaker, for telling me and showing me that I coule 
sing. Mrs. Burdett for sending me to Mr. Shoemaker. Mi 
Vandyke for giving me a challenge. Mr. Max, for being 
cool and being a friend not just a teacher Ms. Laver fo; 
being the coolest and going to the first ever EVID con 
cert. Ms. Mathews, for breaking chalk and being cooi 
Hendog. for being cool and taking my harassment. Mr 
Regen, for making band fun, if it wasn't for you I migh 
have quit playing horn. Brian Nash, for Bewy Chagels 
"Medium" and jamming on Green Day. Cursed For Eter 
nity, for dealing with us at shows and being cool. Stephar 
Iwanchuck a.k.a Stepenwolf, for being more punk thai 
me and filling me in on everything you ever wanted ti 
know 7 about Ska. Mike Greece for being my Man Bij 
Kisses. Jamie Carpenter, for dealing with my ego anc 
sometimes annoying comments and sticking with mi 
through all the stuff. Angie Calamita. for filling in whei 
we needed you and helping create what is now Joe Shmoej 
T.J. Calamita for being the best friend a guy could ask foil 
beating the heck out of the drums, dealing with me ana 
being there when I needed you i Don't quit the drums you • 
got talent, man. I hope things work out for us. EVIll 
RULES!!!) Mike Sands for playing music you hated "FreaJ 
Circus", info on your Mustang, letting us borrow the all 
mighty Metallica Amp. otherwise known as "The Beast! ... 
and being a friend. Shannon Simmons for being an Ardvarll . 
and letting me beat her Boo or Reagen Merill for Tom j 
house you know what I mean and for letting me beat hel . 
in gym. Ms. Suprise for chatting with me and trying tj . 
start the NU Generation. Abby Cleghorn for being ml 
lunch pal and ignoring me saying your name and laughin 
at my stupid jokes. Stephani Burns for being a gnomej 
being a really good friend and giving me that memorablj 
kiss on the bus. Leslie Minchin, for the Ace Hardwarl . 
days chillin at Video Signals and being a cool friend 
Shelly (Michelle) for Slush Puppies. All the Bands tha !j 
inspire my music. Nick Rawl for teaching the basics tj . 
me. Cindy Cox for being a sweetie and a friend you're likj 
a little sister to me. Brian Cox for his mad raps anj 
treating me like a Bohemian should be treated. Stephanil 
Hill for being there and forgetting our mistakes and keepl . 
ing a friendship. Mrs. Calamita for being the coolest anl . 
letting us chill at her crib and being fun. Steve Eschmai 
and making me laugh so hard I snorted. Michelle Golden 
for letting me throw quarters at her. Jen Schafer, fc| 
being the sweetest and always believing in me. Ginnm 
for listening to my rendition of Rod Stewarts, "Leav 
Virginia Alone." Meredith Campbell for doing the "Ran 
thing in the musical form and for being cool. I'm going tj 
miss you. Meg, for being cool and giving me all thosj 
hugs. Michelle Washington, for her friendship and thj 
dance at the 1995 Quincy ROTC Ball, thanx for saving ir,l . 
from Kindra. Jamie Wilbur (BOB I for her bowling balLi I 
All the HFC for their friendship and all the good time| 
you know who you are. Humans Being, DownFall, Er 
Hearell, Damien. Ms. Donavan, Mr. Dugan and all thj 


iachers who got us where we are. The Motorcycle Club 
no let our band play at their party. Bree Mcay for being 
:ly and stuff. Ms. Carlo, Braxtons Mom, Trevor Donnell, 
z Brutti, Ben Abt for info on KORN, Katie Boyd for the 
im, hugs, and being a good friend I love you, Jen Simpson 

I the seashell ring and friendship, love ya. Natasha 
lihunt for being Crazy. T.C. Rand for his Ace Ventura 
ipersonation and being crazy. Angela House for being a 
end since the beginning. Jon ( wan ) for dealing with me 
id showing me pictures of Shannon Miller. Bobby Duff 
| a very long list of things and letting me harass you 
out your G. I. Joe Boots. You'll always be better than 
illow! Anyone and everyone I may have forgot, sorry if 
lid it doesn't mean you're not important to me. I love 
u all. Thanks to my parents and my sister for support- 
% me. We have had some hard times and some good 
nes. I know now everything you did was for the best. I 
n only say thank you 1,000 or more times for helping 
I am sorry for my stupidity. Thanks for sticking by 
3 believing in me and loving me. I wish I knew how to 
y everything but I don't. You know what I'm saying. I 
'e you all. Last but not least Nina Cox. We have spent 
ong and strenuous two years together. We have had 
r problems and we have had our fun. I will always be 
re for you, like you have been there for me. I hope we 
B keep our relationship. Losing you would be devastat- 
No words can express how much I love you. You have 
an a big part of my life and the years we have spent 
;ether are a big part of who I am today. I love you so 
ich. Thank you for loving me and being so good to me. 
sses and hugs. Also special thanks to Chaplain Braganti, 
' priest, my friend and for being there when I needed 
neone the most. I hope I can find you and tell you how 
ich you mean to me. Thanks again everybody. I love 
of you! 

RS. Extra special thanks to GOD!!! 

Jeff Beckwith 

Sincere thanks to my entire family: my Mom 
i Dad for their support, love, consideration, and toler- 
:e of Cursed For Eternity's racket, my good friend and 
ither Mike and best friend Pat (close enough to family) 
helping me make the racket as well as for your valued 
mdship, humor, and empathy, my brother Jason for 
; ng able to take all the slowness jokes (It's Jaaaaayyyy ) 
;i being the youngest death head around. Nana and 
pa and Grandma and Grandpa for your kindness, Sara 
(so close enough to family) for being a friend and put- 
ig up with the Jawa jokes (ootidee!!), Steve and his 
I lily for the years of companionship, and my endless list 
uunts, uncles, cousins, and so on. Hail to the "Black 
i cle of Bedford": Mike, Pat, Colin, Mark, Sara, Steph 
i Alex, Steph R., Ginny, and Meff; the New Hampshir- 
i ;: Josh, Chris, and all the other people that were ever 
i Jestro; the unsigned MA/NH bands: Destro, Cyhyreath, 
';hering Spring, and Drohm; anyone I've played street 
(ice hockey with; Kitty for being a good friend and 
i mm... an interesting person to hang around with; Sheila 
1 being so quite; Erica for your past friendship and 
| sent; my friends from Burlington: Arian, Lisa, Holly, 
da, Melissa, Michelle, Eats, Kirsten, and Amy; the 
I pie that have bought a CFE demo or helped us in 
< "way too numerous to name. Thanks to the following 
tchers: Mr. Mod for the nickname that just will not die, 
I Taub for the interest in CFE, Mr. Sabourin for giving 
i confidence in my mathematical abilities, Mr. Palmer 
f being the funniest teacher alive, Mr. Milliken for 
1 ig the first English teacher that made sense to me, 
i any others that I managed to actually learn some- 
t ig from. Without the motivation from the thousands 
c srrible bands and musicians out there I would never 
I e striven to be better than you; thank you. A special 
k i of thanks to Rob Sanders, who to me epitomizes the 
( istian Church, MTV, Marylin Manson, alternative mu- 
s exgirlfriends, and politics for keeping me thinking 
a ut things that I despise in an intellectual way. My 
i uences and role models: my father, H.P. Lovecraft, 
I ar Tagtgren, Anton LaVey, Sean Reinhart, Dave 
I ibardo, Euronymous, Dead, Mozart, and Mathias 
I lham. Things I'm thankful for: my friends and family 

iously), Cursed For Eternity, my drums for letting me 
h ,hem as hard as I want for the past five years without 
e • complaining, my computer for being the only thing 
tf; says what I want it to and never yells back at me, 

1 Pheasant Lane Mall, Taco Bell, black clothes, and 
a im jackets. Also, thanks to anyone else that I manage 

to get along with in my classes. Without the support of 
several people on this list, I would not be the person that 
I am today, if even here; you know who you are and to you 
I give eternal thanks. 

Jesse Belknap 

Activities: Drama 1,2,3,4 VP 4 Orchestra & 
Chamber 1,2,3,4 Pit 1,2,3,4 Telemedia 2,3,4 Director 4 
Track 3,4 Madrigal groupie 3 Order of the Sticky Mass 1 
Debate 1 lots of other fun stuff that I tried and quit. 

To start, I want to thank my mom and dad for 
putting up with me being such a pain in the butt, giving 
me rides everywhere, and just being really cool parents. 
Abby - you're a really cool little sister, even if I don't 
admit it most of the time. Lilian - thanks for being an 
awesome sister, wearing pants with things in them, put- 
ting up with me and all of my friends, and most of all just 
being a great friend. Martin for being my best friend, 
going away to college and leaving me here, becoming a 
part of the Bedford crowd, never getting your license, the 
$15 bass, trying to start a band, and the clown joke. 
You're like a brother to me. Dave - two years of Fisix. 
Need I say more? Anyway, thanks for always being there 
for me, listening to whatever I needed to tell you, and 
being a madrigal mascot. Laura G for random trips to the 
mall, pit, writing poetry at town meeting. Andy for 
showing up at my house and asking for soup, naming my 
car, annoying Matthews in AP Calc, destroying my Sub- 
lime CD. Regan for being an eleven year old trollop, 
putting your butt on my birthday card, and being short. 
Jeff - 1 know that there's something I need to thank you 
for, but I just can't put my hand on it. Honkus for blowing 
stuff up and not calling the cops on me when I stole your 
hubcaps. Frack for burgers and lots of other stuff. Shaun 
for being in all my classes and taping every single sport- 
ing event ever. Shannon for being little Esmeralda Fillion. 
Sarah V for being cute. Katie and Marianne for feeding 
me at Brueger's expense. Conway for sending me an 
infinite number of pointless e-mails. Nash for looking 
like Jesus. Jen and Greg for the semi-nonexistent band. 
Jen D for being my photo buddy. Jen C for wearing cow 
pants and driving a purple Neon. Steve for grafix. Laura 
J for telling me about Barbie and riding with me to gbyso. 
Jackie for drivers ed, watching the marching band, junior 
prom, using your cell phone way too much. Shari for 
corrupting Laura J. Dan for sending me lots of email that 
I never answered. Don Juan for giving me someone to 
make fun of. Elissa for complaining about my driving. 
Steph and Robin for being the nicest people alive. Pam 
for putting me in charge of the froshlings. Sarah T for 
being a cool stand partner. Stefan:-) CFE for coming on 
BHS Live!!! and getting the Lord in trouble. Emalie for 
riding in my car when no one else would. Nat for being 
my French buddy. Ryan for losing my birthday present. 
Ellen for telling me that it works better out of the water. 
Allissa for hugs. Trevor for making great sandwiches. 
Spink for your gym locker. Suzanne for hitting me when 
I swore. Francesca Broom Woman for saving my butt on 
BHS Live!!! Jen and Jeannie for convincing me to do 
orchestra. Jeff, Katie, Eric, Heather, Rachel, Andrea, 
and all the other people in chamber '95. Devin, Ricky, and 
Justin for kicking my butt. Pat and Jim for not kicking 
my butt. The quartet - Lil, Laura, and Mei-Mei. Every- 
body in Orchestra. All the telemedia people except those 
who never got certified in anything. Any pit people who 
I haven't already mentioned. Al for all the cool e-mail, 
new years, and being a great guy. Amanda for being my 
third little sister. Lauren for ignoring Joel with me. All 
of the other PCPers for three awesome summers. All of 
my gbyso friends - Troy, Eric, Paula, Jason, Herb, Rachel, 
Bryan, Adrian, Vira, Susan. Mr. Huff for not letting me 
beat the system. Mr. Spinoza for making me stay awake. 
Maffa for being a really cool conductor and a good friend. 
Reagan for being the Lord of the Pit. Sorry about march- 
ing band. Sheinslam for grafix, photo, and not giving me 
a detention for this thanx. Ulmann for two great years of 
fisix. Mrs. Krueger for accepting late homework. Messma 
for not letting me take anatomy. Sandy for teaching me 
how to practice. JB for all those cool analogies. Joel for 
putting me in the back for three years. Mr. Commanday 
for keeping me there. Bruegers for feeding me. Douglas 
Adams for teaching me that 6 times 9 is 42. Uncle Tom 
for proving it. Bach, Beethoven, and Shostakovich for 
writing the most incredible music. Apologies to Andrea 
Rupp for losing the sticky mass. Anyone else who I 
forgot, I'm sorry. I'll remember you next time. Future 

Goals: to go to college, major in something that I really 
like, and then figure out what I want to do with my life. 

Adam Bleser 

Thanks to God for always looking over me and making 
things happen for a reason. To my mom for raising me by 
yourself. For always providing for me and never giving 
up. To grandpa thanks for showing how to be a man. I 
love you, I hope you and grandma are happy in heaven. 
To dad I wish you had made an attempt to visit me 
through high school. To Becky thanks for teaching me 
about life-stick with college. To grandma thanks for all 
the love you gave me when I was being a brat and for 
letting me beat you at old maid. To the Andersons thanks 
for making my summers great I hope I can visit you soon. 
Mr. Maxwell thanks for being the best teacher, I know 
you'll make an even better vice-principal. Coach Sab, 
Sully, and Petrillo thanks for teaching me football and to 
be a man. Thanks to the Thorns family for all the Christ- 
mas presents you guys are like family. Thanks to uncle 
John, Joyce, Josh and Jasmine for letting me stay at your 
house during summer. To the Websters thanks for being 
great neighbors. Thanks to the Sylvesters for treating 
me like family and always going out of their way for me. 
Thanks to all the other families who have allowed me 
into their homes and shown great hospitality-McGraths, 
Morellos, Rossis, Sullivans, and Dolans. Angelo-Thanks 
for being in all my classes 7-lOth grade. You're one of my 
best friends even though you always got me in trouble 
and got me bad grades. We had a lot of fun together and 
I know you'll be successful in life. Denmark-It's a good 
thing you moved to Whitman or I'd probably be in prison. 
Ryan-You were my best friend since 5th grade I wish you 
never moved to Chelmsford. Thanks for always lying, 
letting me throw knives at you, being a weird kid, and 
always making me laugh. Chris-I'm glad I got to know 
you. You always put me in a good mood. I've never met 
such a big kid that was so nice. Thanks for being my 
hoochie in the challenge. Good luck in college I know 
you'll be da bomb at football. Steve-You're my favorite 
hick. Thanks for always partying, being one of the coolest 
base kids and for using dope lines. Chea-You were my first 
base friend. Watch what you say. You are TROUBLE, but 
you're funny. Thanks for making fun of anybody. Dan- 
Thanks for always partying with me when no one else 
would. I've never met anybody with so many problems. 
I'll always have your back unlike Jeff. Don't start fights 
in college. Vinnie-You're one of my oldest friends. Good 
luck at west point, I'm counting on you to boss sully 
around. Thanks for hanging at Frank's, whiffle ball, and 
for being Mike Rosenberg's boyfriend. Corey-Thanks for 
being so many races. I'm glad you didn't move. Stay in 
touch out of highschool brother. Jeff-Thanks for being the 
weirdest kid ever. Thanks for building 19. breakdancing, 
dolemite, and just cruising around. You're one of the only 
kids I trust with my secrets. Good luck you rich puke. 
Mike-Besides that stupid fight! sorry) we've been good 
friends. You better visit us when you can. Thanks for 
dancing like the whitest man ever, fire trucks, and always 
fixing things. Good luck in the army. Me and Bree will be 
waiting for you when you get back. Lucas-You're probably 
my only friend that hasn't really annoyed me. Thanks for 
always taking my jokes and being down for whatever. 
"Cross country team will — you up!" Thanks to the '97 
boys: Eric-for building 19, runs, and being a weird kid. 
Brad-for always partying, teasing me. Sundet-taking me 
out, runs. Anurag-MIT and always making me laugh. Doug- 
bustin rhymes, making fun of me. Mook-letting me sleep 
over, being a nice kid. Oatsy-being my date to the semi- 
formal, letting me chill at your house. Omar-having 100 
cats, sitting with us at lunch, taking all my jokes. Todd- 
for being the funniest kid and the biggest spaz. Ja-for 
always smoking and making me laugh. BobbyM-for al- 
ways wanting to fight, having no patience, always getting 
busted, and always partying. Good luck in whatever you 
do. Brent-for always getting me in trouble and always 
making me laugh. Pete-For being the smartest kid alive, 
and always practicing bball. Garafolo-for being a midget, 
for driving us around, and for drivinq like an idiot. Korik- 
for saying I'd rather not, listening to weird music, and for 
taking all my religious jokes. Tom-for being my first 
friend in Bedford. Markfor letting me chill at your house. 
Sorry about the bathroom brother. Curt-for getting 
grounded until college, for beating up coach Burns. Wu- 
Tang 4-eva. Frank-Thanks for being one of my best friends. 
I really regret that we don't see each other as much. We 


had a lot of fun-playing golf, selling x-mas trees, acting 
crazy. I hope we get to see each other more often. 
Goodluck playing bball at Matignon. Kacie-for being my 
best friend in middle school. Joannathanks for all the 
talks and always partying. Laura-for the pinchpot, party- 
ing, and being a good friend. Katelyn-for being my first 
girlfriend. Bree-for being my best girl friend, for always 
having my back, and for taking care of me. Thanks to 
Steph and Lesa for treating me like a peice of meat. 
Thanks to Alvin, Akil, Ben, Cox, T.C., Nolan, Matteo, 
Mark, Drew, Sabella, Pat, Nick. Jaci. Kristin, Molly, Mer, 
Meg, Erin, Jen, Stacey, Susan, Mike Lee, Hartwell, 
Croxford, Danny, Jaime. Marrianne. Twombly. Rebecca, 
Amy, Jessica, Andrea. Kendra, Bentley. Michael. Richie, 
Allen, Tommy, Epple, and Heather. Thanks a lot, I'm 
sorry I don't have any room to write. Thanks to all my 
football teammates: Duke, Ham', Jack, Bradfield, Ryan. 
Keith. Presti. Darren. Marcus. Craig and Franklin. Good 
luck next year. Katie- thanks for being my first love. You 
are the nicest girl I've ever met. We've been through so 
much together. I'll always remember our times together. 

Catherine Bowen 

Activities: French Club 1234 VP 34 Spanish Club 234 
Publicist 3 Science League 34 Interact 4 N HS 34 VP 4 
Soccer 1234 Thanks first of all to my wonderful fam for 
living with my messes and my moods. I appreciate all 
that you've done for me and I love you guys. Thanks to 
Adrian for being the best person I've ever known. You are 
my best friend and I love you. Thanks to MOLLY for being 
my unit, ok tres, Gomez the Gnome, Gunstock ( Ricola and 
Beluga), Hangman, Mr. Nolan. JJ, Pop quiz, Mork Pork 
eat my bjork. ye olde country ndjfdjork, Canadian Thanks- 
giving, Beavis/beav, Andrew/Head. Polident Wipes, for 
liking PPM and Neil, the Depression Mix, tootsie train, 
Tony Bennet night, for loving DD and CBML, heheheman, 
for always getting in trouble with me, for being Chero- 
kee, and most of all for being an awesome friend and 
never asking for details. Shoot for the STARS and re- 
member, no more Mrs. Gunning! To ROBIN/Viv/Grande 
(Notre, the MIT), DBU. Desi6, paper, '92 (Keels/ Eat like 
a Viking/ Piggly Wiggly ), El productos. the tower, "cruis- 
ing" the Great, Moosehead night, BUFFETT, trek, bourn, 
Rusty's (your robe). Nope98. Zing (giantess), moutaba 
(the bag), Cowboy and Bomba, Diplc.docus, the log, SPD, 
bakery, Misty, Yentl medley. Marlena (the possession), 
Neesa&Jason, Lolei&Zorey, Wylie, Malfador and the en- 
tire Witchboard cast, including David, the spirit of the 
little boy, for always making me laugh, for being a good 
friend. BERT/TOM for Master Wok trips (Generahl 
Cheeken?), crottins, for being someone I can always talk 
to and for being one of my best friends. CARRlE-for Pizza 
Hut and deep talks, for loving Transcendentalism, rug 
dancing. Poor lady, Christmas Tree. Chodie Cornchock, 
Bargain Hunter, NOBS. SOBS, abbreivs, Birdie&Collie, 
annoyas, for being my best friend all those years, for 
being a good friend now. KELLY-for Bedus, Burkina Faso. 
90210. Adam and the Ants, freestyling, for always being 
amusing! SUSAN-saxophones/Mr. Barbas, Mike Wells, al- 
ways being a good time! KATELYN(Rose)-Goona/Gonair, 
mudstomping, peetrees. SPAMBIE. Elizabeth dead at 69. 
for parties, for being fun BETHANY-for being non-cult, 
exercising, fun at haunted houses JACI-luckycharm, Desi6 
MARTHE/HEATHER-for being beautiful!! MEG-APchem, 
chunx-o-grey matter, favorite girls (Delia's), sucatash! 
ERIN-Fiumara Friends! KRISTA-for huffdog, quiz? ALYSE/ 
ALlSON-for missing boys, Span&French LHOMME/ALV1N- 
Pasdequestion ( I win ) MERi Meeeeeer )- for being my friend 
for more than a decade!, the Dicks, Wiggle it man, DD, 
CBML, and for being the social director KAClE-scoop up 
the sandcrabs RACHEL-for math classes, chem, for being 
cool JOANNA-for the ballgame, orange soda, partying! 
LUPE/KRISTEN-you are so cool. Best of luck to you and 
Pedro. EL CLUB DE CAFE-Ruben. Rodrigo, Nacho, y Lupe: 
Eres positvos! REGAN-yellow boots, chem, physics JEN- 
quesadillas! KRISTlN-Ra&Ka, Ram&Sam. JOJO-John Paul 
soapoperas, for paying me for that bet twice and for being 
such an awesome individual. ANGELO-sorry for IA (ice?) 
LYNDSEY PADDY for being good guys. PAT-for old school 
(cis for cookie), for the hareo on your sock. Thanks to the 
90210 crew-Vin, Matt, Ben, Caroline, Kelly, and Bethany 
fy making the week shorter. Thanks to the 97girls/lunch 
table-C ristina. Megan, Melissa. Kristina&Jen( spice girls ). 
Angela, Conseulo: Long live trashduty and steak on a 
stickl Thanks also to Baffi (doo-rag), Laura, Pete, Jeb, 
Steph S., Steph P. (mochilla!), Emily, Shmee, Dave M., 

Dave D.. Drew, Dan R., Liz, Curt. Elena, and Kara for just 
being cool T h~nks to CAMOJOKAME and sleepover friends 
for still being friends now (and also tor pausing on 
PSwayze's bum I. Thanks to Bill and Claudia Waterhouse 
for feeding me ( hummus ) and to Ben. Thanks also to the 
Smith family. A big thank you to Mark and Anne Gerstel 
for always being there for me and for welcoming me into 
their home and I guess thanks to Aaron too for making me 
an honorary member. Finally, thanks to Mr. Spinosa, Neil 
Diamond, Cindy Mancini. Ms. Keltner, Chris Fleming, JJ 
corner. Jimmy Butfett, Johnny Castle, JJ. Dardana Hoyt, 
Mistress Hibbins, Peter, Paul, and Mary for all being 
influential people during my high school years. Future 
Goals: To be an influential public servant and to correct 
everyone's grammar. Gnome, Gunstock ( Ricola and Bel- 
uga), Hangman, Mr. Nolan, JJ, Pop quiz. Mork Pork eat 
my bjork. ye awesome friend and never asking for details. 
Shoot for the STARS and remember, no more Mrs. Gu 

Katie Boyd 

First of all. I'd like to thank my parents. You raised me 
to be the person I am, to believe in myself. Adam and 
Ian, you both were great people for me to admire while I 
was growing up. I love you guys so much and miss you 
dearly. Erin, we've been through many great experi- 
ences, as well many bad, but I want you to know that I 
love you a lot, no matter what I act like sometimes. 
Kristen, you are so sweet, I'm very happy for you and 
Adam. Marianne, you are like another sister. It's hard to 
remember life without you around. Thanks for being a 
good friend, driving around, Florida, flashing, slush pup- 
pies, cones, hitting trash cans. Smashing Pumpkins, porn. 
Flesh Gordon. Brueggers, stalking Bryan. 15B, spaghetti 
on the ceiling, sleepovers. Stand By Me. Andy's bed, 
study, driving onto the memorial into the bay, the play- 
ground, shotgun, the walk in Cambridge. Prosepina) Joan 
of Arc), cheating at dots, Hot Tamales, Taco Bell, Gen- 
eral chicken. Haribo, krowebahrs. goats!, flags, your 
tooth(Mentos!), keeno cruising strip, UMASS, the Hill. 
Canadian Geese, Hempfest, South Park, "I like Elvis.", 
"Not it!". Bryan, you are so excellent. I trust you so 
much and hope nothing ever changes. I consider you one 
of my closest friends. We've shared many great times, 
thanks. Shotgun (in my own car!), talking about every- 
thing, letting me stare at/stalk you, bowling (for shot- 
gun). 15B, band camp, the walk (3 times. ..Hey Now!), 
driving onto the memorial in Boston, LaserMetallica, 
Nature's Stepchild, quarters, 36 inches, $500, power 
pasties, letting me watch you work on your car. teaching 
me about the parts, green plaid boxers, the walk in Cam- 
bridge. Mikey, the Jack-O-Lantern, sweet and full of cream, 
Roy Rogers, sandwiches, Bruegger bars, history class, 
moving cars at Andy's, Trick-or-Treating, "Hey now.", 
Mmm... Bryan, rides in your car, smiles = I, the playground, 
staying out 'til 2:45AM, Eric A's party, 4th of July, kosher, 
corn on the cob, peeing on the hill, "Sounds like my bed.", 
pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, being 
cute, the parking lot. Jen S., you've done so much for me 
over the years. Remember: The Neilds, Youth Group, 
cones, the countless rides to school (thank you!), and 
everything else that has left my mind because of the 
pressure. Ms. Pamela, you make my world go around. I 
don't know what I would have done without: 7th grade 
social studies, Washington DC, band camp. Jamie Fox. 
Mtv's The State, Funny Purple Pam, special drinks. Davis 
School playground, Chadwick's (Jason Barth. Boob Guy, 
FOY, etc. ), Walden Books, Minuteman Bikepath-"Who's 
Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses?", lunch this year. Emalie, 
you are there for everything, to talk to. to listen to. 
Thanks for always being there, letting me and Marianne 
wake you up at 11:30 PM to take you to sleep over 
Marianne's, being outspoken, and all else. Thanks to: 
Sarah V- Bruegger's, "Hey, be nice! It's Christmas", 
Frozen Grapes, Ashley', "Not it!". Andy- cones, your bed. 
Senior citizen's discount, driving onto the memorial in 
Boston, following a trolley, trusting me, Sunday nights. 
Honkus- Woodstock video, Bruegger's, making me laugh, 
"Not it!". Jesse- for being so cool and hiding your beauti- 
ful hair. Dave- Bruegger's, for having such neat toys, 
being generally neat, and "Not it!". Adam- for being so 
goofy. Sarah T- for always being there. Emily- "Did I get 
hit?", gym (sorry I keep tripping you!!), and everything 
else. Jen D.- for being fun and for having the biggest 
mouth i that's good and bad. don't take offense.) Jen C- 
for cheering me up and for being such a great person to be 
around. Stefan- for being sooo bad. introducing me to 

lots of cool bands, being fun. and for smiles = i. Alissa- ill 
having all the parties and being friendly to everyoiH 
Elissa- for giving constructive criticism to all. To til 
Marching Band < including all the flags )- for making til 
year, as well as all the others, such a great time. I wo| : 
forget all the good times we've all shared, as a group a 1 
separately. This was definitely the best experience frft 
high school. Jon and Jeff- you guys make really go| I 
drum majors and really good friends. Don't change. 
Reagan- You are the greatest teacher I have ever h;B 
You have made high school a very memorable experierft 
for me and I will always remember everything you ha I 
done for me and the band. Lisa- for making flags so eft 
and being patient with all of us. Dan- for being so adft 
able and sweet. Youth Group- for having so much fun all 
always welcoming me with loving arms. UU Senior Youft 
for being excellent fun. Rocky Horror Picture Show, a 
for all the great friends I've made. Eric- You've given 
the inspiration to always stand up for what I believe in 
miss you. Pat D.- We've had a lot of great times in < 
childhood as well as now. Those were all special, and I 
sure we'll add to that list later on in life. Regan- for bei 
so cool throughout your mind, heart, and soul. Torr 
for giving great hugs and always being nice. Chris- 
being really neat and a dirty old pickle (tee-hee. I and 
having such cute friends like Mr. Jamie Fox. Trevor- \ 
are genuially nice and that's a great aspect, so try not 
lose it. Ryan- for being a friend for so many years. All 
childhood friends- we had a lot of good things: Frier 
Forever Club, Club VM, and New Kids on the Bio 
Denny- you are cool and taught me a lot about myself 
hope we will keep in touch for a long time. To : 
freshmen buddies- for being yourselves. Tommy-you c 
be nice, if you try, I know that for sure. To any one I rr 
have forgotten, I'm sorry. I love you all very much a 
would not have changed any of you for anything in 
world. You've made my life worth so much. Thank y 

Jeb Brady 

Activities: JV Baseball 1,2; JV Basketball 1 
Varsity Basketball 3.4; Interact 3,4; Environmental C 
4; Latin Club 2,3,4; French Club 1,2,3 Thanks: I wo 
first like to thank God for his guidance and for provid 
me with the friends and family I am about to menti 
Mom and Dad- you guys are the best! Even though I n 
not say it much. I love you guys. You were always th 
for me when I needed you. Dad, thanks for helping 
with my car, painting, and making me who I am. I'm 
going to write everything you did for me because I'd gc 
forever and besides your paying for this, but wait, yo 
own this print. -Just kidding Mom, thanks for helpft 
college finding, advice in womanly issues, and for beft 
fun around the house. Tim and Liz, thanks for everythft 
you have done for me like sega games, making me laift 
etc. Liz, tell your friends I don't hate them, and not hi , 
scared of me because I don't bite. I love u all. Tft 
BOYS- DREW- "Roids" Thanks for being my best frift 
and my biggest one too. I'll never forget jet skiing in m 
Concord, guy with head "Can I interest u in painting'ft 
confirmed kills. Being absurdly huge and embarrassft 
me out of the place. Lifting in basement, Owning a torn.-- 
"Got him good", setting me with Heather no matter lift- - 
long it took, remember I'm just stupid! Mr. Bambooft 
guy in truck-ahhhhhh out of control!!!. Eating fests, Stfti 
ing my CD's, Eating my food- smell in cabinet, crasrft 
into me on my bike and trying not to cry as we bleed M 
way to work- the guy who stopped and said "are uft 
right" as he tries not to laugh, U blew it. painting in 1ft 
and snow, I'm glad I'm vour friend not an enemy!! 1ft 
PAINTING CREW- Mark, Nic and Drew. Remembft. 
hour lunch breaks workday= 10-3. Pretty long hoursft 
member how sick of painting we were, bees at ft 
Oshaugnessy's, low rider, moose that around, shakeyft 
looking forward to the next year. DA DA DAVE- ft 
owning a DADA VW, Friendly's runs- 9 refills is the reft . 
I still hold!, for being my oldest friend, biking, haky sBj 
in your basement, beating up Shaq in your basement ift 
our knuckles were bleeding, beating up Jimmy- noft 
that Jimmy!. Haircuts. K kar. Long talks about "st<ft. 
learning how to light a fire, Having moon shoes, "sift 
my face".... thanks Dave. MARK- "too tall", For beiift 
riot, hey Nick and Mark I was walking down the stft 
and I saw this guy and he was like "hey" so I said Tft 
Latin Class- u smelled up the place this year, Hem, 
Prelude, low rider, "The Dance", Big Boots, "Angry", ft 
night of freedom- Picasso, Thanks for the memories If 


1ATTE0- V8, Blowing up my car, failing math with me, 
lave- always party hard. WINICK- Thanks for the jokes 
nd for putting my picture everywhere in the school Fresh- 
lan year, Pool Parties, Bikes. NICK- "Those are nice", 
lways out eating me, House of beef, Jetskiing, Painting, 
Tie smoke mobile- I know u want another one, Shakey 
ig, never ever giving up "the cheetos", Smashitaround, 
,atin, Car days, junkyard, owning a comfort cruiser, thanks 
>r the memories. RASHBA- "ears", Talking about our 
ssues", SAT class-the smell. Hot teachers- Cindy and 
jrsten, Metallica, basketball- "we played b.b.b.b.b.b.b. 
illerica", Coach's voice at dinner, The Plymouth, Fights 
t the Lexington club, you are a good friend. You guys are 
ly boys and i'll never forget u. LAURA- thanks for dump- 
lg me for Mike- just kidding. Amy C- For being irresist- 
>le and adorable- sophomore year. PAT- "Pat dog", Talks 
a the phone, revolution game, jokes, teaching me about 
msic. MIKE- For being the biggest kid in the school, "is 

quality, Iroc, Supa-bar, the cottage, the reunion, MIKE 

- you are one of the most honest friends I have, phone 
ilks, beatford, visiting Penn, sleep overs, keep in touch. 
IZ- Vanilla trees, I can see your underwear, partying in 
)ur basement. SUSAN AND KACIE- you guys are a ton 
"fun, thanks for always breaking it down with me sopho- 
:ore year, parties at Susan's basement and Kacie's pool. 
ELLY- For being my girlfriend freshman year- 1 never 

rgot your birthday!, Faces, Stimulating conversations 
t lunch with MATT, "it all goes back to the thing". Matt, 
om, Alvin, and everyone else, thanks for everything. 
ETH AND MICHELLE- for teaching me how to party, 

ith's house, "kid your huge". And last but certainly not 
ast- HEATHER- thanks for being the best!, walks at the 

s, pictures, the basement, star gazing, hot 

Alison Brooks 

xtivities: field hockey, clubs 1,2.3,4 Thanks: First, and 
ost importantly, to Mom and Dad for all you have done 
r me. I can't thank you enough for all the love and 
ipport you've given me though the years. I love you! 
athryn - thanks for pointing out that salsa doesn't smell 
iod when you're not expecting it, watching me spill tea, 
ol Rock, "too white!," for putting up with my friends 
specially Ben). Thanks for always laughing at dinner 
th me until we get in trouble. You're the best little 
3ter I could ever ask for, thanks for being so great. Kelly 
or owing me "nice things" ( and giving them in a certifi- 
te), for the bear in Maine, for the guy at Essex, for 
ways thinking the same thing at the same time, for 
incing in the window for little boys, "Fire is hot," BHOB, 
len I faked having a mouthguard! We've been through 
much together I don't know where to begin. Thanks for 
ing such a great friend through thick and thin. You've 
ught me so much over the years about being able to 
ugh at myself and not take life so seriously. And, I'll 
:ve you know, you're pretty noble too. Heather - ma 
rtinaire, thanks for showing me the truth about my 
ster, Darth Vader's helmet, and other life lessons. Re- 
smber fighting (for real) about capture the flag, re- 
jmber Munch Munch! Ill never forget the night we 
itched "Black Sheep" and had the ugly contest. Thanks 
always lifting my spirits just when I needed it. Bethany 
or being anal-compulsive and knowing it, for always 
ving gum, for never being afraid to cry - 1 know the four 
us will always be together. You guys are the best. Tom 
temember piece jokes in English, French Club stuff, 
len we went out to dinner and you spilled Coke all over 
urself! You've seen me at my best and my worst and 
vays supported me. Thanks for being such a great friend, 
itt and Ben - thanks for being the funniest neighbors a 
1 could ask for. Ben - for having so many girls and for 
ng rollerblading with Kathryn, Matt - for the old school 
v Hills and letting us put makeup on you (I promise, I 
n't tell anyone). Molly - For endless hours of ballet, I 
ver could have done it without you! Thanks for all your 
se insights (ex. the space program) and for your bold 
tlook on life. Katie - thanks for being my French and 
anish buddy, especially when we "studied" this sum- 
r. Alvin - thanks for letting me name you l'homme 
nois, for G.I. Joe, for the bread at your house. Regan - 
inks for pretending you're bad at Ceramics to make me 
1 better. I'm glad we got to be better friends this year, 
now we'll stay in touch. Bobby - for recording Chamber 
igs on Karoke with me, and to all the Duttons for 
ting me live at your house all these years. To Caroline 
supporting my career as a famous backup singer, to 
ra for being such a lovable freak, Liz for the many 

hours at the Gap together, to Joanna T. for our strange 
friendship! And, of course, to all the Pemi Girls. To all the 
f-h girls: I love you guys, remember storming around at 
camp with the NKOTB, thanks for some of the best times 
of my life. To the Knights, to Joe, Danny and Donny, 
thanks for always hangin' tough. To the sophomore girls: 
Carrie, Krissy, Nicole, and Liz - thanks for always keeping 
me laughing. To Madrigal, to Meg and Mer for our many 
musical antics: "why not...", to JoJo for pointing out the 
atrocities of math. Thanks to Coach Wood, Mrs. Rainis, 
and, of course, the lunch ladies for giving me something 
to look forward to every day. To Chris for taking me to 
Burger King when Jesse was too sick to go out, and to all 
the Ryans dor always making me feel at home. To Jesse 
for countless emails and long-distance phone calls - there 
will be many more to come, I'm sure. Thank you for 
knowing what's best for me when I don't and for teaching 
me so much about myself. I love you with all my heart. 
Furure Goals: To grow up, become rich, and let Tom live 
off my money. 

Liz Brutti 

Mom and dad-thank you for all of your support and en- 
couragement, i don't know where i would be without the 
two of you. most of all, thanks for putting up with me day 
after day and never giving up. i know that hasn't been 
easy! i love you both very much, larry-thanks for not 
only being my brother, but for being my best friend too. 
thanks for always making me look like the bad one, but 
for always being on my side and sticking up for me when 
i needed you. i'm gonna miss you. ben-thanks for being 
the cutest little buddy ever and for letting me squish you 
all the time, rachel-thanks for being my best friend in 3rd 
and 4th grade and then deciding to hate me for no reason, 
i'm glad it all worked out in the end! thanks for dmb, 
brownies, girls nights, sleepovers, jake, john, jasby, vidal, 
adam, alex, having the same crazy ex-boyfriend prob- 
lems, listening to all of my pathetic stories, crying for no 
reason, physics, shopping, andrews station, holding it for 
15 hours, realizing the truth about this school, being in a 
bad mood almost as much as i am, knowing how to have 
fun, being the smartest girl ever, being anti-social, danc- 
ing, being my first :), lexington, skinny dipping, being 
trashy, being yourself, being cute, and for ani. thanks for 
being one of the only people who truly understands me, 
for being both crazy and sweet at the same time, and for 
always being around whenever i need someone, i love 
you! kara-thank you for everything! i'm gonna forget 
almost everything, but you know the rest! thanks for 
being a band geek, crazy boy problems, wedgewood, the 
"library" in 7th grade, hampton beach, Spanish videos, 
cramming for every exam with me, sleepovers, nerds and 
smartfood, miles 1-20, Starbucks, singing in my car, tan- 
ning, bumbling fools, our books, cape cod, appreciating 
my mad driving skills, hampton beach, trying to be better 
than me at swimming and diving... but never succeeding, 
finding the weirdest guys, "research" every day after 
school, and everything else that you can ever imagine, 
thanks for being there through everything with me and 
for always being a true friend, you're the best, i hope we 
always stay close, i love you too! ben-thanks for always 
listening to my stupid stories and problems and for all of 
the hugs, thanks for Spanish videos, rollerblading, get- 
ting kicked out of my house, letting me bleach your hair, 
helping me take my mind off of things, and for the fam. 
matteo-thanks for talking until 2 in the morning, jerry 
mcguire, walking to school, and being the best neighbor, 
jeb-for trees in england, vanilla trees, talking on the 
phone with me all the time freshman year, writing me 
notes in jj's class, beattown, the worst fourth of july ever, 
and just being a dork, spanky ds-thanks for all of the hugs 
baby, and sorry about the hickeys!!! i love you! stay 
sweet, sabella-for the semi and walking to school, tom- 
for being property of the gap, going to a million dance 
recitals with me, and just being a great guy and an awe- 
some band geek, gwen-for being a spazz, cape cod, and 
the sleepovers. carolinek-for forth of july, cape cod, al- 
most getting into a fight, and dmb. molly-for being my 
cheering friend, crazy boy problems, and listening to me 
cry. jasby-for teaching me so much about life and about 
myself, sarahw-for our night out at the food court, listen- 
ing to all of my crazy stories and trying to outdo me, 
yanksee river, Starbucks boys, and just being cute, ashley- 
thanks for always being there for me, giving me good 
advice, and for our counseling sessions, i love you! thanks 
to everyone else at work for spending way too much time 

with me and not killing me! especially meghan, megan, 
beth, elena, homa, krissy, jenni, sam, judie, missy, melinda, 
and kirsta. and to everyone else who contributed to the 
high school deal: matt, torrey, katieb, alison, mer, nickd, 
kelly, emily, robin, meg, kelley, rashmi, kacie, carolinel, 
susan, jojom, corey, nash, markk, laurao, laurag, lesa, 
drew, rashba, bethany, steph, erin, heather, tater, joannat, 
and alvin. goodluck to everyone. 

Meredith Joy Campbell 

Activities: Field Hockey JV 1, V 2,3,4; VP '98 3,4; Prom 
Com 3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4, Drama Club 1,2,3,4 (Trea- 
surer 4); Telemedia 2,3,4; Double Sextette 2,3,4; Madri- 
gal 2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Tournament of Plays 1,2,3,4; 
D4 3,4; Everything Else 1,2,3,4 

My family... Whoa, how much do you guys rock? I love you 
sooo much. Mom and Dad, for being the best ever. For 
support, trust, tons of laughs, so much. ...and more. Dad, 
for being a riot 'Costco, for golf, and. ..just everything. 
Mom, whoa. For being so funny Oh, there's a Saab, feesh, 
giving me so much advice, doing papers with me at any 
hour, going out to lunch, quality time, and for being my 
best friend. Asheece and Courtiz....Ashley and Courtney 
(or Courtney and Ashley) for being the cutest girls in the 
world. I'm so glad we are so close now — I love you girls. 
For being my girls, Star$$, gossiping, eeewing at mom, 
getting me to listen to the jams, (Puff!), endless discus- 
sions, rides in Arnold, laugChs, and for talking about 
everything. To my whole fam, thanks for being great. To 
A+C's buds... especially Jessie- my third sister. You rock. 
Oh, and by the way, they made that song for money. 
That's the only reason. JK. Thanks for sharing clothes, 
chilling with me all the time. I love you honey! Meg. . .Roy! 
(see Meg's thanks). Steph! The cutest girl, you are the 
best. I'm psyched we've become so close. Talks, 
sleepovers, , jamming to 94, never getting annoyed at 
eachother, Puff, for being the one of the world's best 
listeners, and one of the world's best friends'). — To all 
the girls: Lauwees! Tons of great times, talks, laughs. D4 
(New Year's, whaaa), Susan- my Suey! WW, Beechy, 
Markies, (letting me tease you guys), Alex Snell, for 

being there always, for being one of my best friends and 

for being so much FUN! Kara.BDC (sorry I ate your 
cookie dough), updates each morning, your cool mixes, 
anatomy (DNA dances and reverse peristalsis). ...and for 
always being a great friend. Krista- Moths!- FH, plays, 
obsessing over Ben, Naveen!, freshman year, roni etc, and 
for making me happy all the time. Carrie- CBSR, I'm glad 
we're back on track... I was sad when we drifted, but 
whaddya know? I love you. ...Gardens, lulu experiences, 
Waterville, threesome. I don't ever laugh more than 
when I'm with you. Jojo-music, play stuff, for being a 
riot. Sleepolver friends for so many memories. Katie- 
keeeeer. Molly and Alison - ballet. (Al-Mrs. K! what's up 
with that?) Molly for — forever. Katelyn-Sher, you rock, 
girl. No one loves musicals as much as I do. ..except you. 
Kelly-ECCO, wormy! Bree-growing up, KF, RS, JD, for 
being fun. Kacie-Motha buff, BUMPY!, Erin-the caaabs! 
Liz, Nick, Dave- making our treks to school exciting. 
David- for skiing, fixing my computer, and for being like 
the brother I never had. Nick- listening to Beasties and 
Miller. L'homme-concerts, musicals. Joanna- growing up 
together, years of fun. Heather, Marthe! FH, SAT's, 
Pemi. Bethany-anatomy, always hosting girls nights. To 
all the nymphs.... Rachel, Liz, Lesa! Gwen for being cool. 
Danny- P and VP! '98 rocks, and so do you. To the Tikis 
for a great trip, why not, the guy's... "the swap", "cold 
hearted", and "terrors." Curtis-chemistry, mothas, you 
are the sweetest boy. Rob S for being so strong. You are 
unbelievable. The boys- Adam, Jeff, Dan, Steve, Ang, 
Mark, Andy G, Chris H, Mike K. Baafi - just because. 
Bobby and Pat- middle school relationships. Ryan - semi, 
prom, Wedgewood, PMA, Dave Matthews. Vinnie - For 
making me smile. Tom - Bert. You totally rule. Thanks 
for making me really happy. Shelly- your parties! (yeah! 
Chi Chi!). Decay, Ryan S, Ben P. Moy Clan! Ned, BC, 
making fun of my attempts at golf. Matty Abt! James- 
Perv! Jon T- my king! Dave W- you are so funny. Disanzo 
- "baby," spanky. Markies- my pipes, your showering hab- 
its. Drew, Jeb (what if Jeb were one of us). Johnny Y for 
teaching me a lot about myself, and life. Adam! We're 
gonna make it one day! For eggs, play readings, tons of 
laughs. Mike - 1 don't ever have more fun than when I'm 
with you. Thanks for a great friendship, great memories. 
We are special. Tim- where to start? Can you say timing? 
You are the best.... I have the best time with you. (RH!) 


thanks for memories — more will come. Andy. The froggies, 
Twister, etc. You are so special to me. I love you. Ben! 
My Benny! I love you forever. You rock. We just click, 
thanks for being my best friend. Torrey, theory, Roys. To 
all my Field Hockey girls. Thanks for so many great 
times. New Kids, Camp, WA, etc. To Telemedia, Poli- 
online, Spanish ex-students. To Double Sextette, and 
Madrigal for so much bonding, nachos, "tales from the 
croft," hikes, great music, and great friendships. Shaun 
for being so kind, and so wonderful. Ingrid and Emily- 
good luck. I miss you. Ben W- Chinese food, BHS Live! 
Cara - Coggins, the plays. Jon D- for being such a strong, 
great person. Marching band for being really enthusias- 
tic. Dave C for biology. BCox -dances Bryan Weiner- 
making me laugh. Dugs and La Valley -lunch. To the crew 
atBF! BDC, the best job ever! The Ryans, Jeff "wiggity 
wack," Mike H, Jen C, Jeremy. Nick D for being sweet, 
and for being a great friend. To all my Reagle buds. To 
HOBY for changing my life. Wow, I love all of you guys. 
Lauren, (L-dogs) my kindred spirit. Anthony - "whoa, 

weird." (sorry, I had to say it).'re the cutest on 

dogs. Nina S and KathyH for being great. MaryWhallon 
for friendship, guidance, and inspiration. To Ms. Keltner, 
Mr. Low, Fergie, Ms. Smith - you are the reason I love to 
learn. '95 for showing us how to have fun. '96 and '97 for 
being cool. '99, '00, '01. ...take care. Have a blast. '98 — 
you are all the best! Thanks for all the memories, they 
are forever. Good Luck. Thanks to anyone who's made me 
smile. To anyone that I didn't mention - you're not 
forgotten. I can just tell you myself. 

Ned Chaney 

Golf - 2,3,4 Hockey - 1,2,3,4 Lacrosse - 2,3,4 
High School has been the best time of my life. There are 
many people and memories that I have to remember. For 
starters I want to remember the seniors who got me 
ready for hockey and helped me when it was necessary. 
The four seasons of hockey was what I really looked 
forward to each year. Coach Bevins is the one I have to 
thank for that and the one that I have to thank if I play in 
college. I want to thank the Sonic Ranger for all of the 
time he gave me to sleep after those early hockey prac- 
tices and also when I was awake for the great arguments. 
To Jon and Rebecca who made the physics class slightly 
bearable through the monotonous speeches. Thanks for 
the nickname, NED!!!!!!, Jeb and Drew, because now it is 
impossible for me to walk down the hall without hearing 
it coming from somewhere. To the original flunk crew in 
Mrs. Keefe's class sophomore year: Jeb, Mark, Dave and 
Pat. Friends are the most important things and that's 
where the memories come from. Thanx to Dave and 
Mark for captaining the hockey team with me this year. 
To Dan, Jon, Mark and Spanky D for showing me how 
Stop and Shop can be so much fun. To Dan, "don't drop 
the WISK". To Jon, all of the little comments we made 
in SAT class. Thanks to my parents because there is no 
way that I could have got through High School 

Jen Conroy 

First I have to thank God for giving me my life, friends 
and family. I would also like to thank my family for 
raising me in this crazy world. Thankyou Crystal back in 
Illinois for being the best friend a gal could ever have! A 
big thanks out to Pamela Worth for putting up with my 
(beautiful) singing and for all the crazy yearbook dancing 
fun. Thanks to Rachel for all the rides talks and fun. 
Thanks to Andy for being incredibly adorable, making me 
incredibly happy, and all the help in Calculus. Thanks to 
Jen 1 for being the muscle woman that she is, and for the 
ice cream. Thanks to Jen 2 for being my support in being 
the new girl. And to both Jens for the Jen hugs and the 
Jen nights. Thanks to Marianne for thanking me. Thanks 
to Stefan for making me laugh. Oh, and watch out for 
those scissors! Thanks to Alyssa for scaring me every day, 
and to Trevor for all the "Trevor Hugs." Thank you Andy, 
Jesse and Adam for the raincoat. THank you Mr. R. for 
being so nice! Thanks to everyone that I haven't thanked 
yet, I love you all. Smile! 

Brian Conway 

Activities:Drama Club 9-12, Crew for Spring Musical 9- 
12, Telemedia Club 10-12, Marching Band 12, Golf 9-11, 
Winter Track 9, Rifle 10-12, Spring Track 9-12, National 
Honor Society 11-12. Future Goals: To pursue a degree 
in electrical engineering, and later work at a computer 

systems company. To find satisfaction and happiness in 
life.Thanks Foremost, I would like to thank God for the 
life that I have been given and all that I have been 
allowed to achieve. Secondly, I want to thank my parents 
for all that they have ever done for me. They found my 
limit, and then pushed me past it by just a little bit. I 
would like to thank all my teachers for the encourage- 
ment that they have given me in allowing me to achieve 
for my goals. My thanks go out to Ken Lord in particular, 
who helped to start me on the right track in computers, 
even if he does use a Mac. Thanks to all my friends, whom 
I will not name, but you know who you are. My life just 
wouldn't be the same without you, and I will never forget 
you. And if you even have a question, yes, you probably 
are my friend. I would also like to thank Brian Deardorff, 
who finally got me that job at TIAC, and was a true 
friend. Speaking of true friends, I would especially like 
to thank Elissa Dill, who was always there for me, even 
when I "pushed" her around. Thank you Elissa, I don't 
know what I'd ever do without you. One final thing 
Elissa: remember that things will always get better be- 
cause I promised they would! And in conclusion, yes 
Lilian, my car IS supposed to do that! 

Nick D'Agostino 

Football:l,2. Lacrosse:l,2,4. Basketbalhl. I would like 
to thank my whole family for their effort to raise me 
right and their commitment to make me do my best. I 
love you all: Eddy, Ana, Carolina, Seba, Sabrina, Scooter, 
and the rest of you. Angela("Mamasita")-You're one of the 
best things that's happened to me. No matter what hap- 
pens my love will always be there for you. Robbie! Roobs )- 
you're the first kid I met in this town, I can't mention all 
the crazy things we said we wouldn't do; and did. Mustang 
death rides, crashes, dirtbikes, special crusses etc. Dave- 
Don't ever change. We've stayed up a couple nights while 
everyone else was sheets. New Years in the barn. New 
Hampshire, small parties at your house etc. Pat( White 
Zombie)-you are a strange kid, and I still wonder how you 
do it. Crazy times with the Graffix and the corrola etc. 
Dan S.(Dohny). Pete L.(Pedro). Brian S.(Stem)-How's your 
B M W?. JeffD.(Old). Mike S.(Scoeflabs). Bobby M., Adam 
O.Jimmy F, Harry M., Paul L., Dan R.(Mayan),Little 
Birren.,Greg T.Carl W. (Allison L., Jackie R, Sara T, 
Rachel N, Jessica L.)You girls are mint to have around. 
Also the rest of the class of #98, you guys are Fun!For 
everybody that I mentioned and everyone I have forgot- 
ten: Because of you guys I've had the best #of years of 
partying, trouble, laughs, .etc. that any kid could have. I 
won't forget it... 

Angelo Defino 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Lacrosse 
1,2,3,4; Lacrosse capt. 4; Latin Club 3,4; 
Thanks: There are many people out there who helped me 
get to where I am today. The people that helped me the 
most were my family. Mom, I love you and you mean so 
much to me. When you moved out I really missed always 
seeing you everyday. You've always had the ability to 
make me feel better about myself. Dad, I love you and 
without you I don't know what I would have done. You 
have always been willing to do anything, under any cir- 
cumstances for Nick and I. Thanks for always supporting 
me at every game and always taking me to the hospital. 
Nick, ever since you stopped beating me up you've been 
the best brother. You've always been there for me and for 
that I love you. Brandi, I miss you and love you more 
than anything. The day you died a part of me died too. 
I'd do anything to get you back. I'll never forget you. 
Through my years in Bedford I have made many great 
friends. Steff, always make me smile and I love being 
with you. Corey, always got my back. Brent, working 
together and our thousands of jokes. Kacie, friend since 
preschool and neighbor. Adam, I used to be a good kid. 
Chea, making me watch Chris eat. Chris, eating funny. 
Mer, eighth grade semi. Lesa, my cheerleader and al- 
ways flirting. Jaci, punching me in the face. Katelyn, 
beating me up. Pete, fellow math nerd. Mark and Nick, 
fellow lax captains. Suey, that was a great party. Molly, 
jacuzzi party. Heather, Hampton Beach. Ryan, we're soft 
at the corners. Danielle, your a great friend, you were 
always there for me, and had great advice. Thanks to 
Ben, Catherine, Steve, Kelly, Mark, Matteo, Bree, Vin, 
Laura, Danny, Drew, Jeff, Erin, Sully, Alvin, Brian, and 
Curt for all the good laughs and great times we've shared. 
I also want to thank the football coaches for making me 

work so hard and making me a stronger person. Thanksl 
to coach Snow and Edwards for making me a better la- 
crosse player. Thanks to Mr. Rashba for teaching me how! 
to play basketball and coach Fusco for ending my basket-j 
ball career. Pete thanks for helping me through all myl 
injures. Thank you to all my teachers who have filled me 
with knowledge. In conclusion thanks to everyone who 
has helped me at one point in my life. 

Jaclyn Julie DePriest 

Varsity soccer 12 Varsity Cheerleading 23 

Thank you to my parents for always pushing me to dc 
my best and providing me with everything, without you 
guys I would not be where I am today. Patrick- for beingl 
the sweetest brother in the world, I wish I had been nicer 
to you. Betty- for being one of the strongest and most 
wise women in this world. Sheila- for being the big sister 
I never had you are always there for me and I love you. 
Katelyn- katel, rhubarb, is that my bulls hat? Yeah. FRG's 
(Adam Roy- Yeah Kate) and for the many parties at your 
house. Kristacruising because I broke up with my boy ( at 
least your mom thought so) Rent Grow '97 I will always 
love David "twitch neck" Coughlin Riheece -A Roni. Bree-( 
you are one of my long time friends, since about 6th 
grade, you are a good person don't ever change and al- 
ways be yourself. FRG's Curt Callarulo, Joe Dolsey, and 
cruising to Africa RobinThanx for listening to my prob's 
and somehow always having advice, having that weirdj 
accent that your entire family seems to have, touching] 
Karen's hair in Latin, What is a quest? And being the only 
other person who watched t.v. movies. Crowned and Dan 
gerous Jackie- you are one of those people that neve 
gets mad, we've been through close times of being friend 
and other ones but we always seem to act the same whic 
is good memories- '94 Chris and Cossette, me puking on 
the hill at Melvin's ( please don't tell, okay. - ) '95 NH John 
and Jeremy Sonny and Eric ( actually just Eric for us bothj 
Shawn Shoota ( the Mack) '96 Brian and Jarred and bikey 
weekend '97 Kristin- my best friend since we were 4. 
Thanx for the good advice- uh huh oh yeah I dunno, NH 
trips, barbie marathons, never bringing me to mooselake 
maguntic, poison ivy Chinese scary face, "the torn" and 
the labamba obsession, garfy and skateboards., Kevin] 
and Billy Walter, Elliot, and Andy, Brian the bird from the 
muppets, Mark Piantadosi and Drew, being a trippy head 
summer '97, and last but not least DUCK LIP '96 BABY 
!!!!!!!! I love you Matt- you have supported every goal D 
have ever had you always try to help me any way you can 
and you make me smile, I love you. Thanks for our trip to 
Maine, RPI formals (sorry about fall of '97) falling into 
more than one category of abuse, the BM, Ramada, for 
once could you.., and sleeping over on Sunday nights 
(winter '96-7). Cristina- line dancing, beefaroni, love/ hate 
relationship and for always laughing at me. Niccole- ran- 
dom cruises and listening to my prob's Alii and Sara-I 
bikey weekend and for being two of my oldest friends. j 
Johnny- for being the most interesting and confusing per- 
son I know. Brian- summers of '96 '97 and all the cruises in 
'96. Terrina- for being so black!!!! Jarrod and Adrian- for 
picking up a hitchhiker and making me sit with him in the 
back of the accord and Jarrod for my birthday at Chilli's. 
Molly-for Cape cod at Cristina's in June '97, for alwaysl 
laughing when I make fun of people and for making up 
obscene cheers. Rochelle- for pignose!!!! and for always] 
laughing at me, I don't mean to be a jerk but. .Dave, Nick 
and Pat- for being the only guys in '98 that are cool and 
worth partying with. Andrea- when AD and Jackson put 
my cats on the fan, when I got Chet instead of'BOB" the 
night Bob wanted to bike to my house, and Jeremy anc 
John summer '95. Christine and Michelle- for being such 
trippy heads and making me laugh and do bad things 
C'mon Jaci let's take them, we'll split it into three it'll 
work, and "the blonde monster". '95- Hanson, Eric, anc 
Scott '96 Pietchel, Nerney, Doug thanx for all the rides 
home summer '97 while I was in trouble. '97 Oates (junior | 
prom ) Sundet, Mook, Eric, Brad, '98 T.C. for always mak- 
ing sexual references, Johanna and Erin for Latin class 
Susan for old memories, and Laura. Girls- thanx for the 
P-bench, trips to the lake, and Jaci Krista Robin-MAC 
'99-Dan S, Mike S.,Lisa C, Maryanne, Jessica G, and 1 
i7V Future Goals :To party in college, graduate, gel 
married, and always be happy. 

Natasha Dillahunt 

Activities : ROTC 1,2,3,4, Spanish club 1,2, Color Guarc 
3,4, Prom committee 4, PPP 1,2, BBC 1,2,3,4 


As I graduate and leave Bedford High (at lasti There are 
people who made my education possible and fun. 
First of all I must thank my mom, without your love and 
"pocket change "I would not be ready for the real world. 

I think that you have given me enough change to guide 
me on my own. Sorry for all the hard times I put you 
through (Japan I Daddy thanks for all your love and sup- 
port and being cool with my boyfriends, Porsha, Chantel, 
and Ceirra Always remember our sister nights out. just 
because I don't say I love you alot doesn't mean I don't. I 
love all of you guysl43. I love you = (143) for all the 
DUMMIES that don't know MICHELLE jorge. girl thats 
just nasty, I have known you sense 6gr.we have had some 
good times together. 5:30am Screaming, rollerblading 
trips, mad props for me for doing your hair , "please spend 
the night !"(I still don't want to stay over you crib) much 
143 for ya. keep in touch. Beat down before graduation for 
all those kicks in the butt. Stacey- all those talks about 
you +anie," but I love him"girl get real. Thanks for al- 
ways being a great friend, I'm still hurt from the drive by 
jollyranchersl43 Lisandra- you are mad crazy, always 
giving me advise about love, talk to stacey. n.c.o. club 
dances were bomb until some fool broke the toilet 143 
Jenny- I give myself mad props for hooking you up with 
all of your men. we had some good times together.I wish 
we stayed close friends. take care of fruitloop "son of a 
gun"143 Angelica trips to spooky world, talking about 
people, thanks for being there in hell with me I'll never 
forget camp.Terrina- wish you the best in life as a strong 
black Trinidad mango eaten women, make lots of$ for 
me. Please get a new C.D.(bailomos)beat down b-4 gradu- 
ation for kicking mel43 K-C~ Mr.Judge! "Its the new 
-tuff' stay sweetl43 Trae- Thanks for being such a good 
friend. Sorry about S.C.143 Kelly all those dirty looks 
beat down B-4 graduation All my little black sisters- 
Janene.monica, valissa, mini, falise and quianal43 ROTC 
- wish yall the best next year thanks for listening to my 
jokes.C-FLT is the BOMB. Andrea- your slumber party, X- 
rated video, "chunchy munch" Good luckl43 
Chisti,Katrina,+Clarrisa~ Thanks for being nice to me 
even when I'm mean to yall 143 Jaci- you know I hate you 
no props for you ( JK) 111 Nana Gwen- you wanabe German 
burned cracker.good luck in getting to Germany. T.C.- are 
talks about Bebe people really believed usl43 Chea- stay 
:razy. Korea +Africa rules! take care of willyl43 To all 
the fine young boys- Jason, marcus,ryan,craig, darin, 
<anial43 Jon- Thanks for being there for me when I had 
oroblems with my parents, you are more than just a 
wyfriend you are my best friend I love you so much. Much 
ove for the class of 98 wish yall the bestlSorry to all 
hose I forgot 143 

Future Goals: Attend Berkeley College of Business, start 
ny own business and watch all of yall wear my clothes. 

David DiSanzo 

d like to thank my parents for raising me to be the 
ierson that I am. Sorry if sometimes I didn't listen dad: 
ny room, the garbage, the lawn; don't worry some day 

II get it straight. Thanks for being the greatest parents 
'ver. You guys truly are fair and reasonable even though 
sometimes I said you weren't, I really didn't mean it. I'd 
ike to thank all my relatives for being part of my family 
ind life. I love you all. Uncle Anthony thanks for fixing 
lp the K-Car. Gina, Juliana the two greatest sisters 
hanx I love you guys, picata, t.p., great car rides in Italy. 
To all my friends, thanks for being such a unique group, 
iightower, V8, Weights, Jeb, Eaarrs, T's, Tostito, 
^nchillada, Winick etc. MARK-the Audi. K -car that's 
leliant K LE, VW etc. K-car can't spin em, taco bell runs, 

bad I got caught w/ a soda, Maine, the many years 
lown the Cape, Krista, Sophia and ?, halloweens, last 
light of freedom, fica, sit on my face, real funny! Algebra, 
f you just add the 2 birds, mtb biking, the res, the loop, 
■eing juvenile is always fun, fireworks, fires, etc. stop&shop 
ame, salty seas-got any t-paste? sorry had to write it, 
iller bees, snakes, fish, fishing at res, Leonardo da Vinichi 
8' powder in the audi DREW- keep lifting, marinate, 
laine, limerock, taco bell runs, Dot, HTB, Jim, let's toss 
psome gears and juice up the K-car, just a couple of juice 
oxes in the trunck, my volksf****, porsalin porshe AKA 

1 toilete, mtb biking, the loop, sick downhills, crash and 
urn, halloweens, last night of freedom 98's done nicely 
y da Vinichi(hightower), failed attempt to lift w/you, 
'orking on cars oops we own American Standards, Alge- 
ra class, what a class, how about them birds, you drew a 

nice J-ski on your test, coke in the book while studying 
finals, eating, fellsway, road trips, Sunday night drives, 
Monday night drives, I made a bubble factor on my win- 
dow, JEB- lift on. my neighbor, you did a nice job cutting 
your sisters hair, taco bell runs, last night of freedom, 
nice shoes were those custom holes? crashing into my 
dad's car, it was funny, tennis games, ping-pong champi- 
ons, lvs 1 basketball, neighborhood games, brownies in 
the street, off-road porshe. license suspension, peddle 
yourself around town, stargazing w/BDC, Friendly's 
refill, rootbeers, cokes, big tips, BDC puking on ice-cream, 
ramada inn, stop&shop game, woolthworth's, Bedford 
hotel, TJ max got kicked out all in one day, snoball fights, 
I own it, this is your oil, car care day V8-Dave- I'm gonna 
blow your car up, parties, Halloweens, last night of 
freedom, fireworks, LXV8, being juvenile, you need me 
come on just a little, I hate it when I don't score, spazzing, 
taco bell runs, wedgewood, puke on tennis courts, valdez, 
oil cap, educating Brandon fica, pop the hood, spazzing 
again, and again, spyderco, hammered, it w r as fun RASHBA- 
obligations, sit on my face, fica, educating Brandon, soc- 
cer, beth, michelle. kelley, jonny, moose it around, ac- 
counting class, lunches, bad weeks, Olds, Sundance, get 
the olds bumping, clean driving record, your bike, your 
bike in my tree, fun chats, the fica, SABELLA-T's working 
on cars, the junkyard, car care day, the van god was that 
thing fun, taco bell runs, last night of freedom, cheetos, 
lunchlady, pizza, cheeseburger, haircuts, plan A,B. and if 
all else fails C. Do you know where I could find some 
rn******. that guy was funny, WINICK-soccer, bench 
captain, my bald head, beingjuvenile, parties, shot me in 
the but w/ a pellet word, fireworks, pranks, lunch, firedrills, 
Loren wasn't worth it, apple picking, thanks for making 
the beat parties fun, JONNY- tostito, Enchillada, Burrito, 
sociology class, fica, taco bell runs, halloweens, pump- 
kins, Spanish class how fun. clutchless volvo, wedgewood, 
beth kelley dan michelle, parties, crashing up your van 
and honda. BRANDON- because you asked, the fica, soc- 
cer, were taking you out, being funny daffy duck, JOANNA- 
thanks for always being there, I had to sleep on a bare 
matress, montreal, the fire, drives, concord etc, cahill, 
rollerblading I'm faster, push me- real funny!, sega at 
marks, just try the zipper, no showers, yellow jacket, 
Walden walk, good stories, thanks for listening and shar- 
ing, understanding me, thanks it's been great don't ever 
not talk to me, your the greatest, you really mean alot to 
me. don't ever forgetCONSUELO-physics class, Ullman, 
prom, your pro, mint, awesome kid, most definately 
obliveated, rollerblading, being a fun kid, making physics 
bearable, bertuchis, pasta, BETH-thanks for being there 
some one to always talk to, walden, parties, k-car the 
regal, friendly's Easy-E, it's all good, wheaton kid, nick's 
comedy stop, the semi well you weren't there for long, 
stopping by Pro-Motion getting taped by mark J, the boat 
how'd you not get in trouble LIZ- accounting class, hugs, 
Spanish class, hugs, two golf balls on my neck, they were 
huge, parties etc. DEB- algebra class I had fun pulling 
your hair, thanks for putting up w/ me Jon and Mark in 
soci., thanks for bringing Amanda to Hampton, nice hub 
caps, get alloys and a spoiler. AMANDA- hampton, I don't 
burn, sorry for falling asleep, apple picking, watch out 
don't hold that can u might puke, my fires are nice, my 
cars nice and not loud, buy a jeep, charley, loren mmmm. 
you need more Bedford culture, thanks for being there 
sorry if I ever screw up, I'm not always busy, thanks. 
Bedford's better than Newton, I've had a great few months 
I hope they continue MAD SHELLS AND KELS- friendly's, 
parties, going out to eat, street signs, fun nights with all 
the friends, FUTURE GOALS- be in the F.B.I, make alot 
of money, drive a nice car, come home to my loving wife 
and kids, and most important: be happy. Give my parents 
a vacation in Bora Bora or Hawaii. 

Trevor Donnell 

Activities: Jazz Band ( 1, 2, 3, 4), Marching Band (1,2, 4), 
Pit Orchestra (2, 3, 4), Stage Band (jazz group 1(1,2), Jazz 
Combo (2), Sax Ensemble (2, 4), Telemedia (4), Drama 
Club (4), Math Team (4) 

Future Goals: Go to Penn State where I will study 
computer science. After that, I will get a job working on 
computers, and after that, who knows? 
I would like to start off by thanking God for everything 
He has done for me over the course of my life. Be it my 
brains, my abilities, my good qualities, or anything else 
that helps to make me the person that I am, I owe it all 
to Him. Next, I would like to thank my family for all 

their support over the years. I could never have made it 
this far without their help and their pushing me along. 
Of all the people I know, I would like to thank those who 
have helped make my last two years of high school truly 
the best years of my life. I'm not going to thank you all 
individually (for fear of accidentally leaving someone out) 
but if you deserve my thanks, you are included in this 
giant thank you. You know who you are. To all of you, I 
wish you good luck in life and in everything you do. Have 
a long and happy existence, and I hope to see many of you 
again sometime in the future. Thank you all for every- 

Brent W. Duncan 

Activities: Varsity Hockey 1,2,3,4; J.V. Soccer 3; La- 
crosse 1,2; Football 1; Spanish Club l,2(Secretary); Latin 
Club 3; Rollerblading 1,2,3,4; Having Fun 1,2,3,4 
Goals: To become a movie star, be rich, get married, 
have kids, and then I'll be stylin' 

First I'd like to start off with my family. Mom and Dad. 
you're great, you've been there for me from the start and 
you've never let me down. You're the best parents that 
anyone could ever have, thanks for putting up with me for 
18 years, and I love you so much. Mom, all of our walks 
to Rich's when I was little (joggin', joggin'l, and all of our 
other bonding experiences. Dad, you're the funniest guy 
I know, thanks for teaching me everything I know and not 
only being a great father, but a great friend. Thankyou 
for taking me to far off ice rinks so I could get in some 
extra skating practice. (Oh yeah, mom and dad, thanks 
for tying my skates at all of those 7 a.m. Saturday morn- 
ing hockey games at Hayden. Kerry, you're the only 
person I know who's as crazy and outgoing as me, you're 
a riot and I hope you don't change, you have always been 
my best friend and you always will be. I love sharing our 
funny stories together and I know that we'll always 
have'em, and I love you very much. Auntie Donna, I just 
want to say thankyou for always being so good to me, 
especially when you're house on Genetti St. was my sec- 
ond home. You're a really nice person and I hope you stay 
that way. Uncle Glenn, what can I say, I'd never want 
anyone else as my godfather. You're the coolest guy ever, 
( I mean, yeah your reffing could use a little work, but hey, 
who's complaining! ) Thankyou for the Bruin's games and 
that one time that I met all of the Bruins at the Garden, 
I'll never forget. To all my other Aunts and Uncles, I just 
want to say thankyou too, but I only have 1000 words, so 
I have to make the most of them, but you know how much 
I love all of you. Nana, you're a "hip old granny" and you 
always make me food, sorry, I mean you always make me 
laugh. I love you a lot, and oh yeah, sorry about putting 
the dog leash on the cat and lying about it, and throwing 
the nutshells in the cookie mix. Papa, "you need me on 
that wall," he says, "you want me on that wall," he says, 
thanks for everything and keeping me on the right track. 
Nana Duncan and Grandpa, I miss you both a lot and I will 
always remember our sleepovers. When me and Kerry 
would play maid. Nana and Kerry out in the living room 
watching Golden Girls, eating cheese curls, while me and 
Grandpa were watching the hockey games in his room, (oh 
yeah, Grandpa, thanks for letting me stay up as late as I 
wanted to finish the whole hockey game.) Scotty, well 
hey, we had lots of fun and caused a lot of mischief, we've 
been friends since I can remember, I can't begin to write 
everything that we've done together, and would probably 
get arrested if I did, but anyways, I hope that you keep in 
touch, and good luck in college. Now, for the rest: Angelo, 
you're the funniest kid, we can always make each other 
laugh and we don't even have to say anything. We've 
been friends since I can remember and I know that we 
always will be, "Excuse me Flo!," B.J.'s cups, Bagels with 
an excessive amount of cream cheese. (that they do for 
you!)all of our jobs together, and whatever is next for 
us. (and let's not forget about you waking up with that 
girls shirt on!)Wow, we've had so much fun together and 
college has yet to come! Peter, what can I say, you're one 
of my best friends. You're not only my friend, but my 
conscience, I don't know where I'd be, or what trouble I'd 
be in if it wasn't for you, I'm sure that we'll always be 
friends and the plan is still on: go to college, work hard, 
go into business together, get rich, get girls, and have 
fun! Thankyou so much Pete, I really appreciate every- 
thing you've ever done for me. Curt and Corey, you guys 
are awesome and I know that you'll always be up for 
having fun with me, so thanks, and Curt, Wu-Tang was 
unreal and my bruises have finally healed, so I'm ready 


for more. College will be great and I hope that our group 
of friends will always stick together, because you guys 
mean everything to me. (Oh yeah, Jamie, you scare me, 
but I love ya anyways, so stay cool!) I'd also like to say 
thankyou to my girls: Kacie. Erin, Meg, and every other 
one who I annoyed throughout my youth. Kacie, thankyou 
for being a good friend my whole life. It seems like just 
yesterday, that we were in Mr. Fichera's class together. 
All of our Latin jokes, especially "Blown Away!", and all 
the other fun times that we've had, and there's still more 
to come. Erin, thanks for being one of the nicest girls I've 
ever met, and watch out for that capillary action! Thanks 
to both of you, for liking the same stuff as me, like: Adam 
Sandler, Dumb & Dumber, Hockey, and everything else. 
Thanks girls, stay close! I'd also like to say thanks to 
Richard, Justin, Kyle(Gail ), and Andy, you're the funniest 
kids I've ever met, and I hope that we'll always stay 
friends, we've had so many good times and I'll never 
forget them, and thanks for giving me one of the best 
summers I've ever had. Kyle, you and your silly antics!, 
you're one of the nicest kids that I've ever met, and don't 
ever change. To Dave Vincent, I just want to say thanks 
for being such a great friend to me all of these years, and 
to the rest of the Vincents, thanks for everything and 
always making me feel welcome in your home. If I 
missed anyone, then I'm sorry, and thankyou too! 

Kelly Dutton 

Activities: many things 1,2,3,4. 

Thanks to: The fam! You guys are the best . .Mom & Dad, 
thanks for letting me be myself and supporting me in 
everything I do. I couldn't have made it this far without 
you. ..I love you. Bob-dog: remember the waterskiing 
dog, the Nutty Professor Cscuze me!), and 
name a few. Skippy: thanks for ruling in taekwondo, and 
for being so annoying yet funny... see you on Planet Jor- 
dan! My baby kittens, especially Large: you are beautiful 
and I love you. TheThurks: Auntie Martha, Uncle Mike, 
Andrea & Michael: you are just about my favorite people 
in the world. Never forget Mexico or any of our other 
adventures... more to come! My girls- Alison, Heather & 
Bethany: there is no one I would have rather spent the 
past 4 years with. What can I say? You are my best 
friends in the world and I'll love you forever.. .keep on 
sweatin' to the Oldies! Bethany (Patient): remember 
taekwondo. Lord of the Flies, being an escapee, "math 
test, oh no", the Blue Crew!! You know who will win when 
Derek Jeter & Nomar Garciaparra have it out. Thanks 
for loving baseball, and for being so funny. Heather: I 
may be too mini to look you in the eye, but we've still had 
some excellent times. We've never failed to find some- 
thing to laugh at. You can call me Al! Thanks for always 
looking on the bright side, being in my gym, staying so 
loyal, and noticing Darth Vader's helmet! Get some exer- 
cise, it's necessary! Al-dog: I don't know where to start. 
But you are the best, Noblest friend I could ever ask for. 
I'll just mention the guy in Essex, and that really funny 
bear. .. thanks for being there to set me straight, for being 
honest with me when I need it most, and for making fun 
of the 2-dimensional goose. I love you so much, and that 
will never change no matter what. Kathryn B: you're the 
best goalie. Thanks for always being so cute & having a 
sense ofhumor. Vinnie (003): you RULE! Remember 
physics (that's where we had some of our best conversa- 
tions), baseball (I'll always be the #1 fan), and of course 
the Blue Crew: parking lots, the Latin Rhythm Crew 
(they'll be famous some day and you'll want the auto- 
graph back!), 90210, junior prom, Chadwick's, "It's not 
like it's called a moheater!" Sorry about eating your 
lunch every day. You're a great friend, I know we'll keep 
in touch. Say hi to Nomar for me when you hit the major 
leagues. Kara V: ever since my mom melted your 
snowpants in kindergarten, I knew we'd be seeing a lot of 
each other. We've definitely had issues, but we made it! 
I love you. All the Vs: remember Sunday River (Bim's 
Whim! ), Essex ( Skippy's flip in the tube ), and Balderdash. 
Line (can I call you Heat?): grilled cheese, taekwondo, 
Neil D, Bev Hills (what's the name of that other show?)...I 
admire you so much. Keep running, and keep jammin!! 
Tom ( Bert ): we didn't have any classes together this year, 
but i still love you! Love you, still, I do! L'homme 
Chinois: YO JOE! Thanks for stealing Doritos from my 
house. You are my favorite l'homme chinois. ..Team Short! 
Kacie: baseball, the junior prom, planting a garden! Su- 
san: the scary lights guy! Joanna M: thanks for always 
being in a silly mood with me, taking things to the next 

level, and putting up with all kinds of janx. Continue to 
obey the Oracle of Thoth, and smile even if it means 
showing the braces. My field hockey girls: Hang Tough! 
Meg, Mer, Al, Heather, Steph, Kara, Krista, Robin: re- 
member camp. Cover Girl, and all the great times. All 
the New Kids: you are my inspiration. The others- you're 
the best! Keep up the traditions and don't ever lose your 
spirit. Carrie: my little sister.. .thanks for always laugh- 
ing with me, and for being my best younger friend. Liz: 
you are the best! Thanks for spilling Coke in my car (I 
think it's still there), le mouton. and always being funny. 
Krissy: you may appear small, but only next to that 
Concord girl! Catherine: you are the sweetest girl. ..keep 
smiling and be proud of #5. I'm going to miss you guys so 
much. Don't forget me, I love you. Jeff (Jean-Jan): 
thanks for living at my house, teaching me the Carlton, 
making weird videos with Bobby, and being such a sweet- 
heart. Gaston: remember Ceramics (we have skills) and 
gym (again, we have skills). Tricia: thanks for the years 
of taekwondo, I'll miss you... beat up Nicole Latta for me. 
Johnny Whallon and Jesse Ratichek: thanks for being the 
cutest, nicest freshmen- and excellent soccer players too. 
Have fun! The 90210 crew- Katie, Matt, Bethany, Vinnie, 
Ben, Caroline: what would my Wednesday nights be with- 
out you... and Donna Martin? You guys are true fans, and 
you never fail to deliver the Power Bomb when necessary. 
Ben: thanks for putting up with me living at your house, 
having so many girls (and letting me make fun of you for 
it), playing Nintendo, teaching me to dance like a psycho, 
and opening my mind to things like Korn and Tool. No- 
body else has ever made me more mad or laugh harder... you 
are a truly unique, wonderful person. Matt: you have 
changed my life in the past few years. Remember Red 
Sox games, open-door conversations, Jeopardy, and the 
Blue Crew... gymnastics (Dominique), B. Adams, and Bev 
Hills. ..the Nutcracker, Leann Rimes, going to Essex, the 
"current status." Thanks for being so cool about all my 
crushes, loving me the way I am, and being the sweetest 
person I've ever met. I think you know how much you 
mean to me. I love you millions. 

Future Goals: To always appreciate the funny things in 
life, to marry Nomar Garciaparra and watch the Red Sox 
win the World Series, to be happy. 

Patrick Dwyer 

Activites: Basketball 1,2,3 Cross Country 1,2,3,4-captain 
National Honor Society 3,4 Student Council (Secretary) 
1,2,3,4 Spanish Club 2,3,4 SAAD 1 

Future Goals: To make a good living without devoting 
the prime of my life to schooling and paying off debts. 
THANKS: I'd first like to thank my family. Thanks to my 
parents for helping make me the person I am today. You 
somehow managed to give me enough guidence and sup- 
port and still leave me alone so I can be as independent as 
I want to be. Thankyou Dad for making me think things 
out fully and for making me use my head to solve most of 
my problems. You teaching me this will help me for the 
rest of my life and I can always count on myself now for 
getting through whatever may arise. Thanks for always 
reminding me of what is really important in life and for 
making me appreciate what's good in my life. Thanks 
Mom for taking such good care of me and being so kind 
and loving even when I haven't deserved it. I do notice 
all the little things you do for me and how much you 
really take care of me. I don't know how I'll make it in 
college without anyone to take care of me and I'll miss 
you so much. Thanks Mom and Dad. Thanks Matt for 
being the ideal kind of older brother. You always kept an 
eye out to keep me out of major trouble but at the same 
time gave me plenty of space to do for myself. You've 
been so helpful with things I'm starting to go through and 
I give you a lot of credit for doing it first. I look up to you 
and you're one of my only role models. Thanks Mikey for 
being my little brother. Maybe I should've been the last 
child because I sure don't think I'm a very good older 
brother. You're always there to help me when I need it 
and I'm always going to be there for you. Never hesitate 
to ask for my help. You're my brother and I'd do anything 
for you. I think you're one of the nicest kids I now and I 
hope you never change. Thanks to Robbie. Robbie I'm 
glad we became friends. I didn't really know you that 
well before high school but I'm glad I do now. I've 
sometimes wished I could have your life. I wish I didn't 
have to work so hard in school. I've always envied that 
you didn't. I know you're a real smart kid and you could 

definitely be a geek like me if you wanted. I love the fact 
that you don't want to though. I wish you the best success 
in life and I hope you're richer than all those kids who 
spent so much time on school work because they thought 
it was the only way. Thanks for proving them all 
wrong.i DON'T make me eat those words now ) Thanks to 
Dave for all you've done for me. You always help me 
when I need your advice. You understand the way I have 
to do things and the way my life is and your advice is 
always very helpful. I can always trust you with a secret 
and I never question your loyalty as a friend. I know 
you're going to find something you're good at and make a 
huge success out of it. Finally, thanks to Nick. You're 
definitely one of the most interesting people I've ever 
met. I first just thought you were kind of weird,! sorry), 
but I realized there was a reason for all your thoughts and 
actions. You're a very unique person and I like you all the 
better because of it. We have a weird understanding of 
each other. Thanks for all the laughs. Next, thanks to 
Katie. Who knows where we'll be when the yearbooks 
come out and we're reading this again. It is amazing 
we've gone out for as long as we have. Maybe opposites 
do attract. It's always nice to know you're there for me 
and your smiling face can sometimes make everything 
better. I know I don't often tell you all the things I feel 
about you but I love you. Thanks Pedro for being a friend 
I never thought I'd have. I can never stay that mad at 
you about stuff and you're one of the funniest kids I know. 
Thanks to Dan for always being cool to me (almost al- 
ways ) and being generous with your fun. Thanks to Schoff 
for making fun of me. Even I think it's funny sometimes 
and I deserve it. Thanks to Jeff for never getting on my 
nerves or bothering me. You're always cool to hang out 
with. Thanks to Carl for being a mooch. Just kidding. We j 
partied at the Allman Brothers. I'll never forget it. 
Thanks to Brian for coming up with so many weird words I 
and for being so generous, mueves. Thanks to Greg for ! 
being a freshmen and being just about as big as me. 
Thanks to Danny R. for singing the Lo La song with me. 
Thanks to Anurag for all those times we hung out. Cross 
country wasn't quite the same when you were gone. Thanks j 
to Frankie for being the biggest little man I ever met and 
for always making me laugh. Thanks to Curt and Danny I 
for all the fun we had in middle school and camping, j 
Thanks to Bobby Marrigan for showing up just when I'm I 
looking for you and for all the fun we had. Thanks to Jaci I 
for being a cool sister in law. You're always fun to hang 
out with and it's not over yet. Thanks to Robin, Katelyn, 
Kristin, Krista, Bree for those times we hung out at 
Katelyn's house. Thanks to Molly for being my on-again | 
off-again close friend through all our years of school. I 
hope we don't lose touch. Thanks to Angela for being a i 
cool person I became friends with. Thanks to all Matt's , 
friends and the class of '95 for making my freshmen year I 
awesome. Thanks to Donny for being a cool boss. And 
thanks to anyone I forgot. 

Shaun Fillion 

Thanks to: Mom and Dad, for your encouragement, sym- 
pathy, and love. You made me who I am. Darn good job 
for the first time. Shannon, for having identical tastes, 
campfires, duets, parties, pool. Mom and Dad learn fast. 
The Guys for sleepovers, scouts, classroom hearts, Frisbee, j 
proms, parties. Adam for getting me to sing, select 
chorus. Andy for listening. Octet, Magic. Dave for rides, i 
Madrigal. Honkus for July 4th, flips, fun times. Jeff for J 
Spring Play, Pirates. Jesse for JGMS standpartners, JTs i 
class, mix tapes, forgiving the sticky mass incident, being ] 
there. Ryan for Siskel and Ebert, Peter Pan. Dan for 
fencing, JTs class, billiards, opera. Shawn for night walks, 
Madrigal, 80's, plays, tenting, maturing together. Madri- I 
gal for steamroller, therapy, bad — minton, bonding. 
Barfield for dinner music, beats, being a great guy. Mer 
for Madrigal, Telemedia, Keltner's class, plays, listening, 
Twogs, honesty, friendship. Jon B. and Alison for 
pingpong(s). Meg for smiles, hugs, sympathy. Lilian for 
parties, being Jesse's sister, having a cool name. Jen for 
Peter Pan, driveway performances, making me smile. 
Emily for Pirates, Madrigal, plays, refusing help, inspir- 
ing me. Boo for punches. Elissa for Hercules, pig bets, 
tolerating me, Chili's, random hugs. Sarah for Orchestra, 
History, parties, dances, plays, having fun. The Robinson 
gals for marriage, Labyrinth, wax, Pigs( ! ), children's books, 
poetry, Huffs class, corrupting me. Robin for cooking 
buddies, Rent, dances, sayings, firsts, staying friends, a j 
wonderful year. Steph and Caroline for Hamlet, 


Chadwicks, Snowsinger. Mrs. Kelter for Walden, friend- 
ship. Ilsa and Maryanne for proving I never completely 
grew up. Andrea for Joseph, getting lost together, want- 
ing to be a nun. Leanne for the newspaper, Reagle, 
photos, knowing everything, competition, fun doing any- 
thing. Thank you to everyone else who helped brighten 
my days and keep me happy. Keep smiling and dreaming. 
Love each other. Carpe Diem! 

Krystin Flynn 

Activities: Cheerleading 1,2 Linkage 2,3,4 French Club 
1 Latin Club 2,3 Interact Club 4 Dancing 1,3 P-Bench 
3,4 Thanks: MOM: You are truly the most important 
person in my life. You are so beautiful, kind, warm, and 
loving. You have been a great influence in my life. I 
would like to thank you for doing everything you can for 
me. I love you. DAD:I know we don't get to see each 
other as much time together as we'd like, but you are still 
the best dad there is. I appreciate everything you do for 
me, I love you. TAAVO: You are one of the biggest 
influences in my life. You've always helped me and pushed 
me to do my best. "Help me help you." I will never 
forget all the advice and lectures you give me! "large and 
in Charge!", moving couches, Parties in N.H., funspot, 
mini-golf, I love you Taav! WALTER: thanks for always 
talking my mom into things, lending me money.etc. I 
really appreciate everything you've done for me. ALEX: 101 
Dalmations and Dolphins. You are growing up into such a 
handsome young man. I love you. JACI: We have been 
best friends since about four. I want to thank you for all 
the support you've given me, and a shoulder to cry on. 
Remember: N.H., trips to Rensalaer-Jim Moore, Plaid 
tie, UMASS Lowell-Matt, Craig, Oxygen, boat horn, blue 
boy. cap boy, sorry chief-our sleepover with Matt and 
Shaun, cruises. Thanks for all the memories, I love you. 
BREE:I know we're not technically best friends, but I 
still think of you as one. You have given me lots of advice 
and vice versa. You are a great person and a true friend. 
I love you. Don't Forget: Freshman year, Melvin's party- 
projectile vomit, Jamming into Fanelli's car. S-A-T-U-R- 
D-A-Y NIGHT! What's up? Little green men, hand 
massages, lice check, Bree's just good at those things, 
Breaking my chair, your springs brook late night, 
Merrimack, SEMI, Driving Eric to Boston at five a.m., 
Westfield, Bugaboo Creek-fishbowl, riding in the back of 
the truck to N.H. ROBIN: You are an awesome person and 
a great friend. I enjoy our long talks and your advice. I 
love you. Remember: the glasses, trips to the corner 
store, purchasing, BUSH-riding in the back together and 
dancing to spice girls. Barf up the barley, Jerry.Robo on 
the hobo, fourth of July in N.H.. D.J.'s- sublime, DJ Tan- 
ner, DJ Jazzy Jeff, SAT class, dancing to coconut, crying 
to you and Mike, Questions, Bowling at Bowl, our party 
after the SAT. KATELYN: We've had a lot of great memo- 
ries throughout the past couple years and even 
before:lovey,loveyjailbuddy, biomass gasohol and GM 
motors, dance parties, dance parties with Chris 
Merrill, Spytech:B.H.S.Spytech: me, you, Will, Russ, 
Spytech: secret mission, K.W. mission,finals, "let's find 
people", double hits, landing in rain, UMASS 
Lowell, impressing the men with your shotgun technique. 
I love You. KRISTA: Linkage, Inc., UMASS Lowell, Your 
man Ed, your so crazy.fawny, clam your clam, 
sleepovers, late-night movie, homeless for the 
night.roadtrip, Linkmasters,infatuation with Chris Webber, 
cottage with Gary and Mook, Crash, five dollar ATM 
machines, Jason Kellman, Hold on, Spytech: B.H.S., 
Spytech: secret mission. Krista, you and I have become 
good friends throughout the past year, you are a terrific 
person, I love you. SHAUN: I want to thank you for 
always having time to talk to me and giving me advice. 
Remember: rubbing your hair, mid afternoon naps.teas- 
ing me.backrubs, blacksheep, Hampton Beach-that's in 
Hampton! sensitive ears, pretzels in your 
pocket.sleepovers. PIETCHEL: residence at my house, 
our feast, Dunkin Donuts, N.H. Jet's play A-Marco Polo, 
watching out for me. NERNY: being your sunshine, "don't 
mess with the kid", New Years Eve dance, hanging out 
with Josh, two hour talk, all-nighter at Westfield, Hold 
On- Wilson Philips,MarcPolo. JAMIE: SEMI, prank calls, 
unny faces, being my big brother in N.H. JOSH: calling 
me from Japan, Dalmations, New Years Eve. FANELLI: 
gym, rides. RUSS: Semi, Spytech. CALLY: table dances. 
CHET: sharing birthdays. WILL: Spytech, dancing- LiT 
Kim, footloose, baby oil, wrestling, liking to snuggle, 
•vedding, sleepovers, tickle spots. DONNY: cape SCOTT: 

You will always hold a place in my heart, good luck in the 
future. SUNDET: nashua runs, prom, sublime. ERIC: 
writing on each other. MOOK: futon, getting roped. 
BRAD:laser show, N.H. GARY: Pulp Fiction, N.H. CHRIS- 
TINA C: "Luke I'm your dad." KRYSTAL: fall' 96,Oxy- 
gen. MATT T. sleepovers, Oxygen, two hours, kiss at 
midnight. ED: your so crazy. CHRIS W: Linkage Buddy. 
PICKETT: your all that. DAVE E.: "Did you get your 
SAT's back yet?" the stamp, bookroom buddies. ROBIN 
L.: thanks for everything, I hope we keep in touch. OS- 
CAR and SUSAN: for being my second parents. BRIAN 
and GAYLE: letting me sleep over every night. NICK, 
PAT, DAVE, ROBBIE: for always partying. Thanks to 
lunch '96-'97. thanks to DAN, NICK, DREW, DAVE, 
VINNY ,CHEA ANGELO, ADAM. Thanks also to: 
JOANNA: trip to Medford, Carriage House. LAURA: for 
being so down to earth. ERIC H.: for being the most real 
person I know. BEN: SEMI, thanks for being such a good 
friend. EMA: you will always remain in my heart and 

Future Goals: swim with dolphins, get a Dalmation. Marry 
the greatest guy in the world and have three beautiful 
children. Never lose touch with my best friends. To live 
my life to the fullest, and most of all, to be happy with 
whatever I do. 

Jacquelyn Franks 

Jacquelyn Franks ACTIVITIES: Softball 1,2,3,4; field 
hockey 1 

mom & dad your the greatest ! mom thanks 
for all those important talks & helping me make wise 
decisions & dad for all the help in softball and for always 
being there if i needed anything. Thanks for putting up 
with my picky attitude too ! LOVE YOU BOTH! Johnny 
thanks for being the best big brother and friend. You were 
always there when i needed you for the most part any 
ways. Thanks for all the beatings too that were supposed 
to make me tough but just left me with bruises. Thanks 
for everything Love you ! Lisa (turtle) your like a sister 
to me. We've had so many fun times together & for sure 
many more remember walking endlessly around the neigh- 
borhood, playing bike tag, wearing the SO COOL shirts, 
sledding off the roof at the barn, apple fights, OTHE 
GREEN THINGO, walking each other halfway home be- 
cause we were scared, driving around in Dave A.Os truck 
peeling out everywhere. Thanks for being such a great 
friend! Jessica b. ( ret-ro) You were like a big sister to me 
when you were around! we always managed to have the 
best times together & you were always there to talk to. 
Remember the crickets, cruising, arguing, cartoon net- 
work and doing sneaky little things. Thanks for every- 
thing-I MISS YOU! Allison 1. you are the greatest friend 
thanks for it all Remember all the trouble we used to get 
in but it was always so much cruises, 4 wheel- 
ing at Huckins farm, 70 20 drinks with Josh & Kevin, 
Fawn Lake, and many more good times. Sara your a great 
friend weOve had a lot of fun times together that 1011 
never forget the hyundai ( thanks for making it my car 
too!) learning how to ski, trying to break into your 
house, cruising listening to 0SUBLIME0, thanks for all 
the talks too! Jaci D. We had a lot of good times together 
that iOll always remember.MelvinOs parking 
lot, pretending we had our license driving your dadOs 
Explorer in your driveway and the backyard.being mad at 
each other for 10 min. .walking around the 
neighborhood, JOKES, all the times in N.H.(Peabody 
boys),big John at the dock (double trouble ),the tempo w/ 
Brian & Jarrod,& so many more great times. Thanks 
again for being such a great friend and for all the talks 
too.Thanks to your family too for taking me in like a 2nd 
daughter.HOWS THE PINNA-KID!Christine your great & 
a funny friend thanks for all those talks,cruises,back park- 
ing lot at school, swimming in Billerica at your aunts,taking 
peoples cars to cruise & everything else i forgot it was 
great! IOm here if you need anything tine-teen! Michelle 
youOve taught me a lot over the past few years. Thanks 
for always being there when i needed you to be and all the 
good advice youOve given me. Some special moments 
learning how to make good drinks, partying at your 
house,Billerica girls, all those cruises & favors,canOt for- 
get New Years eve in the snow bank, NELLIE & and all 
the other good times too. THANKS KID! Lyndsay thanks 

for all the good times together and all the cruises your a 
great friend. Josh thanks for everything your a good 
friend. Kevin thanks for all the good times together! Jes- 
sica your a great friend thanks for the trips to 
N.H.,cruising,and everything else.YouOre a weird kid but 
thatOs what makes you such a unique friend, so donOt 
ever change! Paul your great thanks for all the good 
times together.all the cruises & talks, going up to 
N.H. .flipping the sea-doo over.and everything else 
too. Someday soon learn not to do 3600s in the middle of 
great rd. Lima your a good friend but you need to hang 
out more & not look so pist all the time! Matt M. thanks 
for all the good times that weOve had together! Rich 
thanks for everything youOve done I appreciate it all. Gary 
youOve been a great friend to me for all the years I've 
known you. Thanks for all the good times together & for 
having the Chinese man sing happy birthday to me! Oh ya 
donOt forget to call me when you become famous! Chris 
(PINNA) thanks for all the good times together your a 
great friend. Jen (KILLA) Your awesome thanks for all 
those cruises and good times together.math class.back 
parking lot & just making me laugh. Mike m. thanks for all 
the good & bad memories that IOll never forget! Stan 
thanks for being so nice and for all the JIBBA0S too! and 
thanks to all of my other great friends who have given me 
so many good memories and fun times together Mike 

5 .Carl W.,Dan 'S .Brian S. .Jeff D , Pete L .Danny R.,Pat 
D.,Nick D.,Robbie C.Dave G.,Greg T.Bobby M.,Mike 
Sullivan, Dan M..JJ S.,Jay M. .Derek G. .Jimmy 
F.(HIMMY),Jeff R.,Tamika T.(PIN-BAR), Debbie R., 
Boo, Adam O .Domenick C,Jarrod K.,Eric K , Brian 
M.,Wendy C.,Nina,Molly W,Kristin F.,Robin S.,Angela & 
Maria C.Mike C, Rachel N.,Kacey L., Jason M .Bree 
S. .Angela D.And to anyone else i forgot SORRY!! I'd also 
like to thank the teachers who have been so helpful & nice 
through the years Ms. Light, Mrs. Jordan, Ms.Bouzan, 
Mrs.Ambrose, Mr.Maxwell & Mr.& Mrs. Sullivan. Future 
Goals: To be successful.get rich.get married, have 5 kids 

6 to live happily. 

Andrew Garofalo 

Activities: Football 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2; Lacrosse 3,4; 
Spanish Club 3T.M.M.#1; Paintball 3,4 
First I'd like to thank god for guiding me through the last 
four years, and keeping mefrom injuring myself. I'd like 
to thank my parents for being the greatest parents a kid 
could ever have, and for my sister for putting up with me 
through the years. Thanks to:Dan M. for never driving, 
having all those rippers, and teaching me how to party. 
To Jeff R. for being the biggest pimp I know. Remember 
BUDZ? Thanks for grossing us out all the time, and for 
being the biggest wierdo. I hope your kids don't turn out 
like you. JUST KIDDING! Keep on break dancing. To 
Bobby Ail-Star Marrigan for being my friend since Nurs- 
ery School. Remember whipping snow balls at cars at 
Fawn Lake? Remember when my mom yelled "BUD 
LIGHT!" Thanks for corrupting me and stealing my 
money. Remember Fawn Lake, "I'll take you all on!" To 
Sully for being a thug, and giving me my nickname. Thanks 
for using words such as clam, snach, rat, and nice poopah. 
Give me back my damn sling-shot! Thanks for giving me 
that brutal birthday beating when I turned 18. Good luck 
in the Army. You're the man. To Lucas aka Brian W. for 
being a "pin #@*7c &!$." You're one of the funniest kids I 
know. To Adam B.for getting all the ladies, and for being 
one of the meanest kids I know. To the two hicks: Steve 
L. the Steelers suck, SORRY. Thanks for keeping me 
awake in math class. To Chris H. keep eating those 
Goldfish. "I don't walk, I strutt." Thanks to Chea for 
being the prettiest boy I know. To T.C. for stealing CDs 
at Tower. Thanks to MarkL Mike K. and Angelo D. 
Thanks to all the girls of '98, you guys rule. Thanks to '95, 
you guys rocked, especially the girls. Thanks to the 
freshmen Mike M.C.Grath, the twins, and Tommy M,(you 
guys are the biggest punks). Thanks to Coach Sabourin, 
Mrs. Sullivan, and Mr. Palmer. Thanks to everyone for 
whaling on me in their thank-yous. Looking back at the 
years has been fun. I'll miss my whole crew. Keep in 
touch. Also thanks to anyone I have missed. Future 
Goals: Make my fortune by becoming a con-artist, then 
retire with my loot and marry a blonde with blue eyes. 
Then have two kids and live in the Bahamas. 


David Nicolas Giannetta 

Activities: Football 1; Tennis 1; Golf 2,3; Hockey 
1,2.3,4, Captain; Spanish Club 2; Latin Club 3. 
Thanx to: My Boys - Robbie. Nick and Pat - "Zima 
Boyz". TOP. Sleep overs, partyin, Playstation and all 

the good times To Pat( Warren I for being my best 

friend since we met at the age of 2. We've been through 
a lot. Thanx for lettin me bite you in the stomach. Big 
Wheels. You getting so pissed off without training wheels. 
College Pro painting was the bomb. I know we won't go 
to the same college, but I hope we'll stay close. You're a 
great friend who I look up to in a weird sort of way. I 

might not show it but I do To Robbie for being so 

happy about everything. "Real friends, muh, real friends" 
For lettin me crash at your house. Hampton '96. Beatin 
up Teddy. Golfing in the back yard. Driving fast. Cherry 
Candenish. I luv you man. I know we'll keep in touch, 

even if we don't go to the same school To Nick for 

being so perfect. It rubs off on me sometimes. "I'm a 
perfectionist" For being so tan. College Pro Kid. "I 
have so much to do - Ahhhl. Shhhh, everythings ok". For 
showing me the true power of Egg. Going to Nautilus. 
Crusin in the Clown mobile. I want to stay close as 
always my Italian buddy. I want to thank Joey for being 
such a good friend. Golfin ( Before golf too ) Crusin in the 
Stang. Driving to hockey. Laconia (you too Pat). Buyin 
The GTI and Stang. Hookin up w/ your sister's friends. I 
know we'll go to the 99's sometime. Don't worry about 
the grade situation, we'll stay together. To the B.B.'s 
Dan, Pete, Mike, Jeff, Bryan, Carl Greg and Danny for 
being a cool bunch of guys. Kiln Brook, Farmer's Field, 
Smokin DJ's kid. I plan on seeing you guys after High 
school. Thanx for being such a cool group. To Angela and 
Katie for all the cool times at Ange's house. To the Rossi 
Posse for all the good times. TEAM MICRO MACHINES. 
To Steve W. for playin street hockey and all the other 
games. For being so hairy. Breaking your leg. Passing 
out on the walkway. Let's keep in touch. To the '98 girls. 
To Katelyn for being my second sister. "Scarf Ice Frosty, 
I don't know you or your dog". Cathy's Cartlon's. before 
New Year's at Bobby's. All the parties and all the fun we 
had. We'll always be stuck together, probably brother 
and sister - in laws. To Sara for all the fun times we had 
at Katelyn's house. Thanx to Molly, Jaci, Jackie, Robin, 
Kristin, Krista and Bree. Thanx to Laura for being mint 
and the ride to Bickford's I Oct. '97 1. To Stacey for all the 
good advice. To Gwen for being such a German hottie. 
Ridin in the Escort. Good Times! Wink, Wink) To the '98 
Boys Soccer Players for getting a kick out of everything. 
To the Hockey team and Bevins of which I won't forget. 
Caitlin for being my first love, for all the times we had. 
I will never forget you and I hope we keep in touch. Amy 
and Kristin for all the kinky stuff at 3:00 A.M. in Kristin's 
bedroom. Freshmen Picks - Andrea. Lesly and Heather 
for being ever so sexy. Hope we'll all have a fun time 
together at some point. Class of '95. Trojanz will always 
rule! J-Luv for being such an older influence. You were 
and will always be my favorite Senior. Thanx for stickin 
with me no matter what. I appreciate it. To the Carlo's 
for being my second family. Marilyn your cooking is the 
best. "Breakfast". Bobby for golfin. I'll never forget you 
guys. Special Thanx to: Grandpa and Grandma for being 
so generous. Teaching me the game of tennis. I love you 
both very much. Papa for always having something to 
say. Carla for being a cool sister even though you told on 
me for everything. I still love you. Sorry for making you 
think I'm such a psycho. Chris for being the best boy- 
friend possible for my sister and hooking me up with cool 
stuff. Mom for being so concerned about everything. 
Waking me and my friends up in the morning w/ the 
vaccuum. For doing all the mommy things, especially 
changing my diaper I ewww I. Dad for being the greatest 
influence on my life. For all the advice. Helping me w/ 
my car. Fixing my car. Getting up in the morning w/me 
for hockey. I love you both so very much, words can't 
describe my affection. For Whitney for being the coolest 
dog around. For all the good times we had growing up 
together. I'll miss you and never forget you. Future 
goals: Go to college, meet up with my friends and drive 

Emily Gleason 

ACTIVITIES: soccer, track, Spanish club, and some other 

Thanks to my parents for "teaching me how to fish" & for 


the support you have given me — especially with soccer. 
BOO: You have been a pain, but we've had some fun. Play 
tough in soccer & w/stuff in general. I love Bubba too, 
just like you, Jessie. & Nikki. KRISTEN M. & CHRIS F: 
thanks for the help & time you have given to me. CHRIS: 
thanks for the pizza & BOO bucket. To the SOCCER 
TEAM: thanks for a lot of memories, so many of us have 
played together for so long. It's been fun. F&F! JESSIE/ 
Pipes: Thanks for always drilling me with the ball at 
practice. You're an awesome Paddy-sitter. NIKKI: UNC 
rules! I'm going to miss you playing during ceramics 
class. You & J. P. should keep practicing your "routine" for 
Star Search. JOT: Thanks for always making me play 
left side. RASHMI: Thanks for letting me ramble, for 
CVS fun, & the time we almost died in the Mitre parking 
lot. BETHANY: my bus buddy. Thanks for always clueing 
me in. for making me go to the Jr. Prom, for our UNC 
twin plan, for Betucci's and Chicken Gemelli. KATIE B.: 
"It's not whether you win or lose, but how many tricks 
you pull." CARRIE: Why do we say together? Thanks for 
staying w/me in track. You're the best high jumper/coach 
ever! ELENA: thanks for driving me everywhere, for 
Fam-nights. Daiquiris. McD runs. Nantucket, movie rent- 
als, (I don't have a card, but I have a phone number!) 
everything. Thanks for being there. JO-JO: the most 
original person I know. Thanks for making me laugh, for 
a ride when E.V. couldn't, being Co-Sec, & the "B-team". 
KIM: thanks for all the fun breaks watching Apollol3 at 
CVS. Long runs & snow fights during track were fun too. 
WEBSTER & SABELLA Fams: thanks for my childhood 
memories (David, Sara, & Anna: Bonfires on the beach). 
NICK: thanks for acting like the brother I never had & 
beating on me. TOM: thanks for being there so it wasn't 
just me & Nick, & for going along w/my crazy ideas at 11 
p.m. HEATHER. MATT. ALVIN: thanks for Jr. yr. ceram- 
ics. The wing rules! Also, MATT: volleyball in gym. 
ALVIN: physics class. HEATHER: for pushing me to go to 
the Jr. prom, working out w/Cindy, & being a supermodel. 
DANNY R.: thanks for making sure I never left History 
w/out a bruise. BETH: ("fave fresh") for making track 
fun with your latest "interest," the snow fights, & the 
H20 fights. ROBIN: for being one of my oldest friends, 
for listening & giving good advice, for being a dance nut 
like me, & for Plymouth. CAROLINE: for being the 
nicest girl, for wanting to go to the Garment District, for 
our Int'l dances, & for Plymouth w/Robin. KARA: for 
being a spaz, but also being there for me (Let's run thru a 
field naked). JON T: Chem, Spanish, & Eng. (East Egg 
team. . . ). COREY: for gym class, visiting me at work, 
trying to teach me b-ball (you still owe me that bet), for 
your "Corey Stories." for stalking me and Bethany, and 
for listening. DEBBIE: for our talks & understanding 
about A., emotionally unstable guys, rides to school, for 
being unique, for a lot of memories ("my ring, my ring"), 
camping, Hawaii, track, being fun & for all the laughter. 
Thank-you to anyone I forgot, it wasn't intentional. 
FUTURE GOALS: to do something with my life and be 

Robin Grace 

Activities: Dance 14 yrs, Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, Drama 
Club 3,4, Spring Musicals 1,2,3,4, Field Hockey 1,2,3,4, 
Captain 4, Chamber Singers 2,3, Madrigals 4, National 
Honor Society 3,4. Tournament of Plays 3,4, Quern Club 

To my parents- 1 love and appreciate you guys so much. 
Thank you for teaching me everything I know ( and a little 
more). You have been there, without fail, through 
eveything. Lauren- to my sister and my best friend, you 
have kept me young at heart, and made my life so much 
happier. I love you. Caroline + Steph- Hampton, skiing. 
"Major Po", Jars of Clay, marshmallow fluff, "He's so 
hot!", and everything else I know I'm forgetting. Madri- 
gals- our bonding weekend, and all of our memories to 
come. Jon-Jon, you're so cool. Bedford FH- NKOTB!!! 
Camp, Greenwich. BOB, our spirit, coach Wood, KRISTA! 
You're awesome. Emily- one of my best friends since first 
grade. "Am I being too bossy?" Thank you for listening to 
my every crush, dilemma, and everything else. Deb- can 
we say Hawaii? Thank you again for droplets, Max, ham- 
mocks, Ishwatari's, boogieboards. Thanks for being my 
oldest friend- 15 yrs! Jen- you are such a great friend. 
Thanks for still being my friend after 7th grade. Mr. 
Fichera's 5th grade class- 'nuff said. Ms Taub- you made 
Spanish fun for everyone, you're awesome. Rashmi- humana 
humana, numerous bus rides watching, well, you know. 

Kelly- I love Nowinow, endless Spanish projects, and for 
laughing with me. Lesa- for sitting behind me in every) 
class, counting my stripes, Sphinxter folder. To the Fillion I 
fam- thanks for being such warm, nice people. To my 
favorite freshmen- Shannon and Lydia ' Spam and Lima 1 
Bean ). Carrie. Jessie, and Alyssa- for sticking with me ini 
dancing, and dealing with Fatso 1+2! To Kim- for teachingi 
me always to give lOO'r, not to be gray, and to never give 
up. Also, to Shaun- thanks for being my first love, but 
being a friend all the way through, Rent, Semi, Prom, 
"You're welcome, thank you!" Sorry to anyone I forgot- 
I've written way too much. 

Future Goals: Be a physical therapist, marry Savion 
Glover, dance my life away in peace and happiness, and 
stop stressing! 

Margaret Hamel 

Activities: eat M&M's. drink coke. Go to Disney world 
Thanks: First to my mom for the enormous amount of 
help you gave me. I probably wouldn't have gotten through 
it without you. Dad- you always helped me laugh and the 
interest you put in my life will never be forgotten. Chrissy- 
who's that girl 9 Yo' big Meg, thanks for being my mentor, 
my counselor, my wardrobe, thanks for JTT. twin peaks. ' 
and all other media we shared, i wuv my sistah! TONY- 
my little black cat Antonio, sorry about the wound that 
bird gave you. but you're a cat and you cant read so 
thanks. MY GIRLS: MER- Mothas Roy< see mer's thanks). 
CARRIE- you've been my friend for too long, jk, no matter 
what, you will always mean soooo much to me. too many 
memories too little space. SHNEPH- shawniall of themi 
threesome, the cure, in love and war, 7 years in Tibet, 
babe you rule and you're too special 111 thank you with a 
card. SUSAN-MMC. Pedifile. six grade hall, freshmen 
hall, frosh taxis, WA-WA - Backseat buddies, 'I'm, starin' 
it down', Washington trip, bball. silence of the lambs,D4: 
new years eve, whaa, the huddle KEL- for all the years 
we've known each other our fun ceases to end, you're by 
far my weirdest most eccentric friend, Hove you. 
BETHANY-thanks for eating with me, arm wrestling me. 
being my twin??. AL, JO , ERIN-one word-Crackabout 
two words Whiffle Wiz Three words-The Gym Journal 
Four-Girls youOre late again Five-Chris, what are you 
doing? KATIE-our models, chem, skull chunks, bomb, you're 

wearing a skirt?MOLLY-I wish i was one of those dolls 

Night Swimming, Mario Bros.KACIE: chidren of the corn. 
CCD, buttonnoseERIN-softball animal crackers peewee 
and lemonade stand and those crazy straws MILKY-Fieldl 
Hockey, Milking, cover girl, 'so wait is there a dance 
tonight?, why because we're seniors' KARA-holly, being 
my first friend in kindergarden, and so much more.MY 
BIG GIRLS: EM sbp newsies, POPQuiz, INGA-mistress ofl 
discipline MY LITTLE GIRLS: D-cape cod, i love little 
boys, for being there to listen to my stupid problems, 
having no butt, finding our lifeguards, being my favoritel 
person to take to CC, I miss you already babe HANNAH- 
for being the one to really understand who i am, and whoj 
I will be.KATIE: SLUSH PUPPIES, and for hating me. 
and beating me up. MY REALLY LITTLE GIRLS: ANDY- 
the little sister i never had. and for being the cutest. 
LESLEY: Disc, foods, f-h. being the best! SHIRA- for 
threatening to kick my bum, being the craziest. MY BOYS: 
JAMIE- for being my best friend, and my brother, BRENT- 
Movies, watching all the f-h and Softball games. JEFF-fori 
being my first kiss PAT- for being the best and coolest 
friend that ill keep forever. CURT-7th grade, marbles, we 
were special. NASH- teeth, crotch, the first ride, MIKEY- 
the bbQ, DAVE-Hahaha, ANDY, the smartest,(i love 
Dave), MST 3k. Madrigal- 1 LOVE U. DAVE R-ah, leave 
me not to pine. JEB-for lifting with me BEN- red hair guy. 
Demon Knight. Shelley's Party. ADAM B- for a very con-! 
fusing four years WINIK- ART 3, Paully. FOR ALL WHO 
LEFT: JEFF WHITMORE-Scary GABE- for leaving too 
soon, not talking, being the most missed. BRAD-christmas. 
Nov. 30, staying with me to take my tests, candy canes, 
the necklace. I Miss you, too much. THE BIG BOYS: 
ADAM- San Antonio. Maine, Plymouth, Bridges of Madi- 
son county, I love you babe. SKOT- you and me. you are 
so smart, and talented why won't you call me? AD- 10:10 
send me a wave, bring me a latee. YMC-dave, matt, DBH. 
Scott Carroll, art 2 forever! DooGS: lunch, DAVE ymc,| 
we should have hooked up. PAUL- nice boat, air force one 
BRYAN-my bro, ymc, i can still sign my signature better i 
MY LITTLE BOYS!!!-JOHNDUKE-for always saying Hi. 
SHAUN-I LOVE YOU, DAVE P- the smartest most under- 
standing guy i have ever met, MARCUS- 1 am still wait- 



ing for my call, for always being concerned about me, and 
beeing the sweetest. SHANE- purple Jean Boy, Friendly 's 
CRAIG- I'm a Midget!, break, south park, whts going on 
this weekend? KYLE-My fav freshmen 
forvever.ANDYREAD- I'm sorry, thanks for a great sum- 
mer. RICHIE/ALAN-Old North bridge, RICHIE- craig's, 
alvins, m&m's. SCOTT-south park, shut up! JOHNNY- my 
boy, when are we going to harvard? (THANK SALSOTO 
PEOPLE NO ONE KNOWS: BEN B-Nantucket, fourth of 
July, 26, Kramer, 4 years of mystery. JEFF M- Yessss, 
you're the cutest. JAVIER-my bro, NACHO, our walk, 
summer ill never forget DELI- for calling me, , ANTHONY- 
the coolest cat. STAR BUCKS: for the espresso, KEVIN- 
apron, the free drinks, summer of my life. DRIVERS ED: 
Lackness, shaner, drew, fritz, Matt, My friends are OK 'its 
time to take it home now-NKOTB 

FUTURE GOALS: eat m&m's, drink Coke, drink Coffee 
and get taller the truth is out there, Damn good coffee 

Terrina Harford 

Terrina Cossette Harford Activities: 
AFJROTC 1,2,3,4; Color Guard 1,2,3,4; Drill Team 2,3,4; 
French Club 2,3; Debate Team 3,4; NHS 3,4; Science Club 
4; Thanks: First, I would like to thank God, the Almighty 
for guiding me through all these years. Thanks to my 
parents for putting up with me, I know I have not been 
easy. I love you. Thanks to my bother for listening and 
understanding I love you. To all of the JROTC crew, a 
great family. N, Dillahunt(Amy) you're a true friend that 
will always tell the truth. M.Washington I will miss your 
little phrases. WWII? Not wearing any GENES! You're 
very intelligent, I mean that! A, House-natural born killer, 
always let yourself be strong. C, Kenyon all those chats in 
summer school(Kiwi)- nasty boy. J, YnostrozafWhitney 
too), your laughter will always make me smile. S, Wilkes 
you're beautiful too. K, Foster and K, Martin for always 
making me laugh. L,Coutler you are a great dancer. D, 
Robinson all those chats in Geometry. S, Mara, all the 
math classes we have shared together. J,DePriest( 1/4, 
coco-skin, calypso dancing fool, whitey) you're the freaki- 
est girl I know-You Down! Katie-that non-sexual crush 
you have on me. Joanna-no SAT course will ever be the 
same without you. M, Arsenult (Karate Master) be your- 
self, that is a true leader. P, Danaher the nicest 7 foot boy 
I know (hairy pitts). J, Hastings you are the groove mas- 
ter, stay the way you are. B, Kullmann-my ROTC rival. B, 
Stockwell-I know you like BROWN SUGAR. To Mr. Sab. 
Always enthusiastic. Mrs. Morris (Miss Barry )-always bust 
a gut, but never flip a noodle! Mrs. Luke the best science 
teacher alive. Mrs. Messmer the most graceful person I 
know. To Colonel and Sarge for being much more than 
ust teachers. Future Plans: Go to college and become a 
Flight Surgeon and go into SPACE. 

Christopher Hevey 

Activities: Football 11,12-Lacrosse 11,12-Hot Tub 12 
I would like to begin my senior thanks by first thanking 
Hod and my savior Jesus Christ. Everything I've accom- 
plished and everything I will accomplish is possible only 
:hrough the lord. After God comes family and I owe my 
amily everything. Thank you, Mom and Dad for never 
nving up on me and basically making who I am. Thank 
/on, Caitlin for being a brat and always making me look 
;ood, I wouldn't trade you for the world. Thank you Aunt 
Hathy and Uncle Reis for giving me three little cousins I 
idore and for your constant interest in what's going on in 
ny life. Thank you, Memere and Pepere for my most 
ondest childhood memories: Christmas, trips to Maine 
md even more that words can't begin to explain. I wish 

could thank more but space does not permit so a final 
hank you to all of my relatives that have given me a kind 
hought. I would now like to thank Coach Sab, Coach 
^etrillo and Coach Sullivan. Never in my life will I forget 
ny time spent with you all. You have no idea how much 
Ve grown and learned while in your presence. You guys 
ire CHAMPIONS. THANK YOU. I'd also like to thank 
itrs. Messmer and Mr. Maxwell for being the coolest 
eachers in Bedford. Next I'd like to thank the people 
hat make high school what it is-a state of confusion-MY 
'TIIENDS. Let me start with my boys from 98. To Jeff 
tossi, your a somewhat weird kid but so am I so it's cool. 
Tianks for paint ball, stealing P-benches, car chases, 
ringing girls, doing that funky break dancing move and 
Dr drives to Billerica. Thanks, pal. To Steve Hludzick, 

my fellow hick, us base boys rule this school, sucka. Thanks 
for the rides to town, permanent hearing damage, sing- 
alongs, puking during football games and off docks in N.H 
and for being my partner in the challenge of Bedford. See 
you in Chattahoochee. Adam, I remember last year think- 
ing how cool it would be to hang with you and the rest of 
the boys. I couldn't have been more right. Thanks for 
getting all the girls (What are you talking about), being 
the creme that rises to the top, taking helmets in the 
back, exposing my fluff, always taking sides with me, and 
for informing me about the end of the world. Your the 
best, thanks. To Dan McGrath, he of the many parties. 
Thanks for the basement and the couch within it, the 
barbecue, the 2 week old sandwich, the muffins and hun- 
gry man dinners, New Hampshire, flaming candles and 
being as easy going as I am. I look forward to future 
episodes, thanks Dan. To Mike Sullivan, my fellow cap- 
tain and paint ball sniper. Thanks for being a nasty 
linebacker, emphasizing words such as rat, yelling at your 
dad and letting me smoke you in paint ball, SUCKA. To 
Brian Waldron for being a punk except when Michelle's 
around, breaking away from football bondage, Jon 
Desmond and for actually cheering for me at a football 
game. To Chea "the Korean" Kenyon, thanks for Tower 
Records, taking me to the movies and Madden at your 
house. I wish both you and Jessica the best. And Chea, 
you are trouble. To Vincent McGrath, thanks for going to 
all those football visits with me and being one bad mamma- 
jamma of a quarterback. Good luck in Collegiate Foot- 
ball and if I happen to play against your team in college, 
well, just pray that doesn't happen for your sake Vinnie, 
ha ha ha ha. Thanks to Angelo Delfino, Ryan Friend, 
Nolan and the rest of the football crew for making this 
year special. Thanks to Bobby M. for being a bad influ- 
ence but always providing amusement and Andy G. for 
always driving. To the girls of 98, Joanna T, Laura O., 
and Stephanie( thanks for Angelo's Brownies) thanks for 
always being nice to me and winning at powder puff 
football. To John Duke, Jack and Harry and the rest of 
'99 thanks for being the coolest juniors. To Kristin T. and 
Jessica G. for always looking good in History and putting 
up with my A.D.D, thanks. To the Girls of 99, Mary Ann, 
Katie S. and Melanie thanks for hanging out on the week- 
ends, it was a blast. To Rebecca M., I hope things went 
great for you this year, sorry about the Nikki incident but 
I really did mean well. Thanks for being someone I can 
talk to. To Justin Kessler, for being the hardest working 
kid I know and for all training we did junior year and for 
some pretty PHAT concerts, thanks, that was time well 
spent. Thanks to my people from C.H.S especially the 
Kerns, I will never forget you and although you'll prob- 
ably never read this I miss you all, thanks. In conclusion, 
I hope I didn't forget anybody and I'm sorry if I did. 
Finally my goals for the future are to someday go back to 
Ohio, start a family, own a pig and coach high school 
football while teaching. SEE YA 

Steve Hludzik 

Activities: Football 10,11,12; Hockey 11,12; Dan's Base- 
ment 12 First of all I want to thank God, because without 
him nothing I have ever accomplished would have been 
possible. Mom and Dad thanks for all the support and 
love you've given me through the years. To my brother 
Mike, thanks for always looking out for me and keeping 
me out of trouble. You've always been there for me when 
I needed you. To all of the rest of my family thanks for 
your love and support. To my Korean, Chea, you were my 
first friend here and even though you're nothing but trouble 
you'll always be my dog. You're gonna get us in a huge 
fight one day, but you know I'll have your back. Just be 
sure to invite me to your and Jess's wedding. Thanks for 
always making me hungry in the morning. And thanks for 
all of that extra entertainment on those summer nights. 
Jeff, you were my first Bedford friend. When I first met 
you I thought that you were kind of weird, but now that 
I know you , I realize how much of an understatement 
that actually was. But thanks for bringing me out and 
helping me fit into Bedford life. (Life is but a dream, 
dream, dream.) You are the class clown hands down too. 
To the Pimp Daddy Adam Bleser, thanks for taking up all 
the girls at all of our parties. I'll see you May 4, 2000 and 
we're going to party like there's no tomorrow, cause 
there isn't going to be one. Brian, I hope that one day you 
get to visit the motherland. Thanks for always being a 
punk. Dan thanks for not making me pay rent over the 
summer. You have to start wearing that Trucker Buddy 

hat more, just stay away from me when you do, you go 
from Dr. Dan to Mr. Hyde. For example: "This one's for 
drinkin' and this one's for later, which one do you want?" 
, "They didn't say, Hi, they said, nice @$$." But even 
though your a spaz , your still my homie. Sully you're my 
b*t%h in paintball. Thanks for making those huge bon- 
fires on those cold nights. Bobby, thanks for being afraid 
of killer bees. Ben thanks for keeping me up to date with 
all of the happenings in every other town (especially 
Concord). Now Hevey, what can I say about my fellow 
Hanscom hick. Thanks for giving me someone to watch. 
Whether you're trying to get that last drop of juice out of 
the bottle, singing, staring, eating, making a comment, 
walking, running, or just sitting there you've always made 
me laugh . Thanks for making those trips down to Billerica 
and giving me someone to roll to town with. Vin thanks 
for always putting my attention to the worst place in 
Spanish class. Angelo thanks for our in depth conversa- 
tions and songs at football practice. To Corey, Jamie, and 
Curt, for beating up Rob. To Duke, Harry, and Ryan for 
being the coolest Jr's. To Joanna for sucking on wet 
towels and always bugging me to drive my Jeep. Kristin, 
it's coming back around again. Jessica thanks for all the 
stories. Katie thanks for all the answers in Physicsjeven 
though I get better test grades than you). Melanie, 
thanks for always moving your eyebrows when you talk. 
To Andy, thanks for always taking our jokes without snap- 
ping on us. That goes for Nolan too. To Ames, Jarrod, 
Pratt, Kyle, Chris, Shane, Calvin, Troy, Natasha, and all 
of my other friends from Idaho; I hope we always stay 
close and never forget the times we had. Mr. Maxwell 
and Mr. Palmer thanks for being the best teachers. To 
Coach Sabourin, Coach Sullivan , and especially Coach 
Petrillo and Coach Srholec thanks for everything you 
taught me about football and about life. To Pete for 
keeping me healthy all season. To everyone on the foot- 
ball and hockey teams thanks for all the good times and 
the bad. To anyone I forgot, either I'm sorry or I'm sure 
there's a reason. But I'm sure you know how I feel about 
you, whether it be good or bad. 
Future Goals: To be rich and never have to work 

Katri Huikari 

First of all I would like to thank my parents and my other 
family in Finland. You gave me an opportunity to be an 
exchange student and you have supported me emotion- 
ally as economically. Without you I could not have had 
this year here. Thanks to my friends in Finland, too. 
Secondly I would like to thank all three of my host fami- 
lies. Without you I could not have had made it through 
this year. I really do not know how to thank you enough! 
Thirdly I would like to thank everyone else that I dealt 
with during my senior year here. Without you I would 
have gone back to Finland earlier! I had great time with 
you. This was a very special year for me. I am not going 
to forget you. I am gonna miss you all! Hopefully I can 
come back some day to see you. 

Rachel Johnson 

Activities: French Club-1,2,4; Girls State-3; National 
Honor Society-3,4; Prom Committee-3, 4; Yearbook Busi- 
ness Editor-3; Yearbook Co-Editor-in-Chief-4; Forum-4 
First I must thank the most important people in my life: 
my family. Mom and Dad, you guys have helped me 
through so much. You know how much I love you, and I 
could not possibly write all of the things I have to thank 
you for in this small amount of space. Most importantly, 
thank you for always supporting me, and for always giv- 
ing me the push I needed to finish the job. Melissa and 
Lindsey, I love you both very much. Melissa-I know you'll 
always be able to beat me up, and Lindsey-you'll always 
come to my rescue (or at least try to)! You guys are the 
best little sisters anyone could ever have. Next, I have 
to thank the person who gave me the challenging yet 
awesome responsibility of helping to put this yearbook 
together: Pam. You have always been able to make me 
laugh, and to think about things in a different light. 
Thank you for listening to me ramble on about the guys in 
my life (or lack of ), and for sharing your stories with me. 
Oh, and I really didn't mean to hit you on the head in the 
car! I will never forget you. And remember-the answer 
is always two! Kelley J.-Jelley Kones, my lunch buddy of 
three years. I'm so glad I got to know you. I always 
loved hearing your Friendly's stories-well, there was one 
I really wish I hadn't heard. I think you have the record 
for having the most near-death experiences ever with 


your car ( Don't worry-I'm not far behind you I. Lori. even 
though you're not here right now. I have to thank you for 
all the awesome times we had together-and the boring 
ones too Remember the road construction cones? Amanda 
thought we had been kidnapped! Seika at the football 
game eating popcorn-and drooling in the car Waiting for 
40 minutes at Chile's to be served, then asking the wait- 
ress if we could have it to go (sorry). The mall- "I'm 
wiggling!" The base movie theater-they wouldn't still be 
in business if it weren't for us. Snowboarding-not being 
able to walk the next day! Getting home from Boston 
three hours late-whoops! We have some great memories, 
and I hope we'll always stay in touch. Jen Conroy-you are 
the craziest person I know. I'm so glad I got to know you 
this year. You're the only person who understands that 
the smoke from my car is normal! Coffee is the best! 
Dancin' to the oldies-Pretending that we were secret 
agents out on a mission to find. ..milk! You're a great 
person, and I know we will always be friends. Emily and 
Lesa-we survived that class! Hey. it wasn't all that bad. 
Elena-you gotta watch those doors babe! Caroline K.. 
Bethany-thank God we got out of there in time! You know 
what I'm talking about. The Peer Leadership gang-you 
guys are awesome. This year was a lot of fun . I'll re- 
member all of you. Sarah Toole-layout master-you were 
really fun to work with this year-despite the fact that you 
made me "specify" that I ( you ) wanted a Barbie instead of 
a Hot Wheels! Laura G. -sorry we were talking about 
your little bathroom experience when we thought you 
weren't listening. You know we love ya! Good luck next 
year, and thanks for all your help. Seth P.-you're a great 
guy. You were a huge help this year-you really made 
Yearbook fun. Dina. Pranitan. Shauna. Ben and Pat. the 
Brat Pack iDan. Blake and Brian). Kristen Kremer. 
Caroline Leary. Kelley Jones and everyone else who worked 
on Yearbook this year-you guys did an awesome job. and 
your work was greatly appreciated. Thank you all so 
much. Mr. Rinaldi-thank you for putting up with us when 
we seemed to be losing our heads. We couldn't have done 
it without you. To anyone that I may not have thanked. 
I didn't forget you. I just can't write three years of 
memories down in one piece of writing. All of you will 
hold a special place in my heart forever. Thanks for the 
memories. Future Goals: To become an elementary 
school teacher, marry the perfect man (I know he's out 
there somewhere), and to enjoy life to its fullest. 

Kacie Lynn Kennedy 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1.2,3,4 A'arsity Basketball 
1,2,3,4 -Capt.4 /Spanish Club 1,2,3,4 /Latin Club 3,4 / 
NHS 3,4 /Interact 4 /Env. Club 4 /Building 19 member 3,4 
The first and most important people I want to thank our 
my parents. Mom-for making my life the best it could be. 
Thanks for always being there no matter what. I appre- 
ciate everything you do for me and you'll never know how- 
much ILL* Thanks for all the laughs. Dad-Pappy . I mean 
Vidal. Thanks for being my #1 fan. Your hard work makes 
you a role model but your love of family makes you the 
best dad ever. Thanks for everything. ILL'. Sean-Thanks 
for never giving me neckrubs! I'm glad we have gotten so 
close-you're the best! ILU. Sadie-for being so cute and 
being the best dog in the world. ILU. Thanks also to the 
rest of my family- I love all you guys. Now onto my 
friends. THE GIRLS— ERIN-For being so crazy with me, 
from our best friend song to the "90210" video. For Andes 
Mints. SCORE!, driving to music and my piece of gum 
even' day. We have so many jokes and memories, and 
we've taught each other so much through the years. Our 
friendship is one I cherish and 111 never forget you. SUEY- 
We've always been there for each other no matter what. 
Remember Disney, Caesar, Ralph, bangs, coffee cake, and 
waterguns. Your strength in personality would make 
your mother proud. JOJO-for pretending not to know 
who your secretpal was. For Bernicio, Judge Roy Bean.& 
One Meriam. You're the coolest girl, never change. Also 
for being Chewbacca. LAURA-freshman year. Boys on the 
Side, Fly, For What Its Worth,& BRUTAL! You better 
never lose that video. KRISTEN-history videos. Caleb, 
You Sock!, train wreck, flashlight tag, & Breakfast Club. 
GERI-tapping feet, Domino's, M.C.Macarena. & all our 
talks. Thanks for all your advice and alw ays listening. 
CARLI-UCONN, Florida, AAU. Canada. & schlong! Stay 
crazy' JILL-for SO's, Beach Boys. & "weemawup." Thanks 
for being more than just a neighbor. MER-motha' buff and 
Bumpy Waz' up. MEG-gerber baby & button nose. STEPH 
S. -vanishing soap & yeeahh! I'm here for you when you 

need me. Keep your head up. STEPH P.-your southern 
talk and positive attitude. KELLY-for baseball. Bart, and 
Bongo. KARA.ALISON.& BET HANY-for baseball. 
KATELYN-Drop Dead Fred & black blazers. BREE-Furina 
& "the sweater." JACI-Tony & my ear. KATIE B.-7th 
grade yearbook. JOANNA-. . . what? EMILY-Fine. I will. 
SHMEE-for secret pal & milking cows. Thanks also to 
Lesa. Elena. Heather. Molly. Stacy. Jen. Liz, Caroline. 
Caroline, Gwen, Rachel, and Carrie. THE GUYS — DAVE 
M-For knowing me so well and the brick wall theory. 
Remember the pool floats and the yellow ball. Thanks for 
always being there and listening to me. VIN-for the late 
night mall & movie outings. Thanks for the prom 
Slavigator. Remember West Side Story. Michael Flatley. 
Bisuteki.etc. We've had some great times & you are very 
special to me. DAVE W-ring siblings 4-ever! For Bradlees, 
mall & movie parking lots, parties, & always making me 
laugh. DAVE D-for being Spanky D's. Thanks for the 
Semi. JON T-for bad drawing land & Mike from PA. 
You're awesome Tostito! MARKY- for harassing me and 
being SO cute! DREW-for being so big. JEB-for elbow- 
dancing. MATT-for losing the Red Sox tickets! BEN-for 
Cam Neely. ANGELO-for being in the Independence Rd. 
gang, your turtles, and the spider. BRENT-for Barefoot 
Gen, circumvent, blown away. Adam Sandler. & passing 
the tennis ball to me in 5th grade. PETE-for letting me 
go in the morning. AKIL-for always saying Hi. DANNY- 
for Jack. NICK-for banana burping. ADAM-for middle 
school best friends. MACHO MARK-for your sailor hat. 
RYAN F-BNL, A.P Chem , & talking at Alvin's. JOEY B- 
for Latin. CRAIG G-for Noodles. MATT G- for always 
caring. COREY-for your bony macaroni, peer leadership, 
and always reminding me of all the friends I have. JAMIE- 
for the gum incident, being Chinese, and writing letters. 
Thanks for being so understanding, it means a lot to me. 
Who knows where we'll go but I'm glad we've become so 
close. Thanks also to Tom, Alvin, Curt, James, Dave. Jeff 
& Dan, etc. Joey S-for the prom. I had a great time. Pat- 
for being my 2nd mom, being my sponsor and my role 
model, helping me, and always making me laugh. ILU. 
Wendy-for letting me harass you. The P's-for your Bedford 
spirit. Ms. Taub-for being a friend rather than just a 
teacher. I'll miss ya'! Ms. Hennessy-SOHCAHTOA. 
CHOSHACAO! Mrs. Sullivan- for all the insults but also 
the laughs Thanks to all my teachers. To the soccer 
team for KSC. Power Bars, sleepovers. dinners, & STATES! 
PADDY-take over the burps. COLLEEN-buy some Ba- 
zooka Joe. LINDSAY- Hi! Keep up the dancing! JESTER- 
YO! For being so tough & so funny. Thanks also to 
Robbie, Chris, Suelo, & Melissa. Kristen-for PIG and 
coffee. Thanks for being so cool. Remember - collar 
down! Thanks to the Boys Soccer Team for the Rev. game 
& Jack. To the B-ball team for the 24/7 you know what! 
HURDY-stay tough and use your legs! SHARON-try not 
to hurt anyone. Also to Sarah. Kim, Victoria. Beth. 
Hannah, and Kelly. Thanks also to Katie A.("DOB"i and 
Mac. Coach Sullivan- for our almost fatal trips to B.C. 
Thanks for always caring & I hope to see that cartwheel 
this year! Pete C- for being so dedicated. TO anyone I 
left out, I'm sorry, but thanks for everything. And finally 
thanks to the whole class of '98 for coming together in our 
last year at BHS. Best wishes to everyone. I'll never 
forget any of you and I'll miss you all. 
Future Goals: To marry a man who loves me, never lose 
track of my friends, and live my life to the fullest I can 
with a smile on my face. 

Chea Kenyon 

First. I would like to thank my savior Jesus 
Christ, because of him I can do anything through him who 
gives me strength.. Mom. thank you for always being 
there for me. I know I must have been a pain for eighteen 
long years but, you put up with my attitude and com- 
plaints. I'll forever love you mom. Don't worry soon as I 
get enough money I'm going to buy you a house like I 
promised. Dad. thanks a lot. I know it wasn't easy for a 
young man like you to marry into a marriage that in- 
volved a young boy. but you received me with all of your 
undivided love, you held nothing back. I can't remember 
a time when you weren't on my side. You were always 
loving and supportive. I want to thank you with all my 
heart. I love you dad. Julie, thanks for being a great 
sister and I'll always be there for you. love you. Nana and 
grandpa, you guys are the best grandparents a kid could 
have, love you forever. Coach Sabourin. thank you for 
opening my eyes to "ENTHUSIASM". Coach Sullivan. You 

are a very unique man and I would like to thank you for 
pushing me to the edge and for helping me into manhood. | 
Good ole' Sargent Pinckney hope you get that "Kilo- I 
Juliet." . Andy you've been my boy since I've moved here j 
and I know we will be forever. It would cost me a "Big 
Blue Lady" and a half to write down all of our memories, 
you and I will be tagteam champs. Stove Daddy, I re- 
member the first time I met you and it's been all good. 
The wrestling events, the beach, the rides to school and | 
having "Radio Boy" for a brother. I'll always be your 
Korean. Hevey. I'm glad you moved to Hanscom. I don't 
know what I would do without a Christopher Guy Patrick 
Hevey singing and making the funniest damn faces in the | 
world. Elks forever! Dan, I appreciate your hospitality 
and your basement too, I had some of the best times 
down therei "Milkman", hope you didn't lose it. ) Vinny. I 
know the "Bulldog" will go places in life, see you at the 
top. Angelo. the Italian Stallion, watch your back if you 
know- what I mean! Jeff. I just want to thank you for being 
you. Your a great kid and I know I can count on youuhe 
time you gave me a ride home at 2 a.m.) and you can 
always count on me. Adam'Dolemite/121 Buc Sweep/ 
Blackula Bleser. Thanks for the good times. Sully. I 
wouldn't be a "Willy" without a "Mike", thanks for the 
headaches. Sean, my brother, good luck in the Korean 
Army, look me up when you get back. Terrina thanks for 
making my life a living heaven and hell, you'll always be I 
my Trinidadian Queen, tell your Mom hi. Tasha. I'll never 
forget Virgina and New Jersey, good luck in life. Angela, 
didn't think I would write about you did you. well how- 
could I not thank someone who was such a big part of my 
life, but it ended and we've both moved on with our lives. 
I just want to thank you for the good times we had. I hope 
you kick the habit. I also want to thank your mother and 
father for being nice to me. I wish you the best of luck and 
remember what I told you, "111 always be there for you." 
P S. Give Bruce a pat on his fat tummy for me. Jamie, 
sorry about the windshield. 111 get you the money when I 
can, O.K.? 2+l-Braveheart=Fun. Fun, Fun. I'll never for- 
get Team Bravo in N.J. who demolished Chappy and Team 
Alpha. Maybe someday you can accomplish the level of 
"Golf ball" like me. Hey have any C.K. One lotion I can 
borrow. I love you man. good luck in life. Scotty-D. thanks 
for pushing me in the weight room, introducing me to 
C.J.. Jamie, and the rest of your crazy friends. I'll always 
remember taking you with me into the Concord River. 
What's up Gray Ghost! T.C."Sid/Harry/Mr.Casement"Rand 
Meet me in Aspen. O.K.. but don't drive too close. M@. 
your a sweety and I'm glad were "Bob Foss" pals. Hurdy. 
hope you liked our date to the dance on base. Twomb. 
thanks for the best psychbag in Bedford, hope you liked 
mine. Mel. "What I look like ...Patti Labelle." Jessica. I 
love you girl. Remember how we met and look at us now. 
I've never had anyone write me a letter for everyday I 
was on vacation. Things like this make me realize you 
truly are the one for me. I know it'll be tough with me in 
college, but with a love like ours we can do anything. I'm 
keeping my fingers crossed for Benjamin Thomas, one day 
we'll read this to our kids. Ill love you always and for- 
ever. There's nothing I wouldn't do for you. Love you! I 
Thank you Karen for the nights you allowed me to stay 
over, those pregame meals and especially for coming to 
all of my home games and supporting me. Thank you Tom | 
for being such a great guy. coming to see me play football, 
and for lending me the Vette and the Blazer. Jaimie I 
know you think I'm a weirdo, but I'm not. I'm just a dog. 
a hard working dog. Save me a piece of your annyoing 
Rost-Bif. Nana Griffiths, thank you for the food and nice 
conversations. And how could I forget Uncle Steve and) 
the Infamous Aunt Dianne. Thanks for the laughs and The 
dance If I forgot to thank anyone like. Lisandra, Jen I 
Lawnmower Thief, Katrina. Rack. Rivo. Jen Chan. Tom 
and Jackson Bleckley.Col.Pappas. Drew. Mateo. DiSanzo. • 
Ryan Friend. Mrs. Morris and I know there's a lot more I 
have to thank. I'm sorry, you know I love you all. Good 
luck guys! 

Rachel Kern mom. thank you for being my best friend, and to dad. | 
for letting me be your little girl forever, the two of you j 
not only dealt with me. but made me believe that you 
truly love to deal with me. you both inspire me. teach 
me. and give me so much happiness, i love you. to my 
other best friend, david. for always being there even 
though you're at school, being over-protective, teaching) 
me how to live and have fun. torturing me for so mam | 


vears. taking me out with your friends, to rage, doing so 
many favors for me, and showing me life, to brian. for 
explaining life to me, the brownies, and being the last 
one to think i'm so innocent, muffy, for being the cutest 
kitty in the whole world! and to the rest of my family, 
thank you for teaching me so much, to my best friend at 
school, liz, so many memories! for thinking just like me, 
all the movie nights, surviving the summer, being "trashy", 
searching for meaningful relationships, being my bedford 
girl, going shopping, dealing with life with me, letting me 
hate you in 5th grade, blasting ani. billy madison. andrew 
station, harvard square nights, "tequila sunrise", your 
ittitude, being chased by german men. 14 hours of blad- 
der control, loving lexington. jake, john. nick, and all the 
others, obsessions, lost in arlington. being mean, vinyl 
jrom outfits, being first, three as the magic number, and 
or our 2-person clique, i love you and stay you. kara, for 
ate-night talks, physics, classes together, prom 
light. ..streaking, getting chased on the highway after 
zolfing. gym talks, the segregation of "experience" at 
rirls' night, and for being able to understand me and my 
Trillions of personalities. Caroline, for taking me dancing, 
oving bedford. kindergarten best friends, being late ev- 
•ry morning, your brians. homeroom talks, campfire. and 
ill the classes, gwen, for going off at me german, all the 
lights, guy talks, and your house, dave matthews - what 
light, if you remember, pemi shores girls - liz. kara, 
lison. heather, bethany. lesa. steph. and mer. to mrs. 
ullivan, for being the one teacher who inspired me so 
nuch. alvin, all the rides every morning, and junior prom 
.ight. to everyone for all those "girls' bonding" nights 
hez moi. to torn, bethany. molly, katie, heather, alison, 
ave. corey, laura for cleaning my shoes, campfire girls, 
best friends forever" club. ..and to everyone else who 
lade high school what it was for me. thank you for the 
memories, to lefty/nefty. thank you for making me who i 
m. aligp for being there always... you're one of the best 
riends i could have asked for. jess 1, you were my first 
efty friend, need i say more? thank you both for making 
le laugh so much ( billy madison i and for holding my hand 
•henever i cried, kutz 95,97.israel 96, i'll never forget 
ou. halie. whose smile and laugh always reminds me 
nat it's ok to be happy and for life to be silly, you're 
onderful! toby, my liason, the girl who was my first 
nstant friend" lauren. the only one who could figure me 
ut and fit it all on one piece of paper, thank you for 
•aching me i'm strong, becca. dealing with life every 
jesday, and for finally bonding senior year, karen, kutz 
lade us friends, our guy talks, crying for no reason, and 
11 the saltines. dave, for being the one who let me call 
1 3 in the morning and never being mad. will, for helping 
le survive, jared, for being my personal psychologist and 
jo-booster, adam, for everything i've learned, and my 
her boys, for being able to make me laugh, cry. and 
•ream all at the same time, and finally to the steins for 
1 of the vacations, dinners, holidays together, and fam- 
v bonding, cara, for being my older sister, and jodie for 
'coming a part of our family... in my book, you're wel- 
>me anytime, and to all of the seniors, good luck, and 
•member to be yourself... 

.ture goals: i hope to marry the man that i fall in love 
ith, have three beautiful children, and live a life filled 
• ith happiness and love. 

Caroline King 

I :tivities: Field Hockey 1,2,3; Indoor Track 2; Ski 1; 
(i utdoor Track 1.2; Interact 4; Spanish Club 1; Drama 
I ub3 

I. lanks: First, thanks to my parents. Mom and dad for 
ur love and support because I know sometimes I am not 
■ e easiest child. You have always been there when I 
I 'eded you. I love you both. Peter, Joey- your are the 
1 st brothers I could have. Stay sweet! Shannon- What 
I n I say! You are one of my best friends! Don't ever 
'get the memories! Berea, Greenwood. Collins. Tanney, 
eshman year l. Summer 97'- O.O.B., T.J.'s Pizza, "What 
imber is this?", Funtown. bikini contest, Jai and Erik 
i jfinately the best part! I. skateboarding buddy ( Ben), " 
int a ride on my motercycle?" How many times did we 
up there?, Souper Salad. There is so much more but it 
s to be cut short- remember don't ever crash my car 
I ain! Robin-Mv other best friend. Let's not get into a 
, ht again! Northeastern I hockey game ). you and Newman- 
l 5tty bad, walking up and down your street for hours, 
I u, me, Bryan, and Jarred ( mistake! ) "Kelley's". and many 
ler times. Keep in touch after were roomates in col- 

lege! Andrea- Their are so many things I can say. You are 
the sweetest person I know! Don't ever forget- "Bubba 
night" Atleast you didn't have to sit up front! The club- 
"Never go out with a club guy" Lois and Bryan's= bad 
combo! Souper Salad. Nature's Heartland (Joe), " Cau- 
tion, wet floor!" Eddie Bower, Steak Escape. "You are a 
baker!" "Do you have any milk?" "Bottle of water", "ba- 
nana icecream". Mad Maggies, "dough woman", PR.. Good 
Times. "Good Burger." We have grown so close over the 
years. Thank's for being my psycologist. You always made 
my day better! We will be friends forever! Rachel- Our 
famous quote since freshman year- "I hate school!" well, 
it's almost over. Adam and Bryan= bad. but Gabe and 
Erik= good! Dis. Foods, parties at your house, hating 
outdoor lunches, Dave Mathews, brownies, "ways of get- 
ting A's in history." J. P. - "We both kissed him?" Props to 
you! 2 yrs. old- "Shawn the Lawnmower Man" was cool, 
underdogs. You will always be one of my shortest friends! 
We will be friends forever because who else will we ex- 
plain our guy problems to? Leslie- Hey sweetie! Where do 
I begin? It's only been a year and we already have a 
million memories! That dance was pretty fun! Hanging 
out in "Oxygen" line. "Kelley's". Umass lowell parties! 
"Your house is my house." You are practically my sister. 
(We fight like sisters!) Ugly boy and retarded boy. boy 
with tongue ring. "No Doubt". "Good Times". Locking my 
keys in the car, Hampton. I know that I will be in you and 
Shawn's wedding. I love you like a sister. Don't ever 
change! Stacey- One of my newest and closest friends. 
Remember Bentley, Craig and Jason, "Just ignore him 
and maybe he will go away", peer leadership. "Don't spill 
anything else on me alright!". Barbecued chips, and so 
much more. Stay sweet and don't get mad at me the next 
time I think you are Rachel. Melissa- We had good times 
and bad times but we always managed to stay friends! 
Berea, "Jason's obsession", Umass Lowell, walking around 
Lowell for hours. Souper Salad. "Are you twins?" "What 
is the difference between garden and salad bar?" Thankyou 
for looking like me and being my twin sister. You were 
always there when I needed you. Liz- Miss preppy. Cape 
Cod was awesome, when your brother and Jeb wanted us 
to fight those girls. Hyannis. the Mayflower. "Strawberry 
Blonde contest", Rachel's parties. Dave Mathews. Sarah- 
My little junior friend. Souper Salad was fun with Tello. 
Always remeber "Bubba night!" We will have to do that 
again. You better come visit me at college! To Erik and 
Jai for giving me the best summer I ever had! Ben Y.-You 
are an awesome friend! Funtown, "How old are you?" 311. 
We make a good team Remember, in ten years we can 
get married. Jeff. Nick. Ian- you guys made my summers 
worth waiting for! We had some good times. See you at 
Uconn in 1 year! Debbie- You are definately an original! 
Judge, track, our sociology project. No Doubt. To Carrie 
for memories from J.G.M.S, "My so-Called Life", Jem 
and Canarie. ski team, Sab's class last year, photo. To 
Steph for being one of my oldest friends. Even though we 
have grown apart, we will never lose touch. I will always 
be here for you. Jen for being another one of Tiago's girls 
(like me. i You still have to come with me to Lowell. 
Corey for switching into physics so I wouldn't have to be 
by myself , for making English class interesting, and 
being my Peer leadership buddy. You are a good friend! 
Shannon S. for typing, for coming to the Cape with me in 
7th grade. FUJI! Lisandra for being really sweet and 
never saying anything mean. To Vinnie for going to Dave 
Mathews ( Best concert ever! ) Which we almost missed 
after losing you guys! To Laura and Bree for suffering 
through chemistry with me. To Jackie for dancing out in 
the Billerica parking lot with me. for analysis. and psych., 
"Stop calling me names." To Angelo for being in almost 
all of my classes and for adding excitment to physics. (I do 
understand football! I To Bethany for being my physics 
partner in crime and an avid watcher of U.S.A. High. You 
can be in the wedding! To Emily, Caroline, Carrie. Debbie. 
Kara, Alison, and Chrissy for doing track with me. "High- 
jump running pole event." To Andrea. Mer. Meg. Heather. 
Steph, Krista. Kara, Kelly. Alison, and Robin for being 
my Field Hockey girls! To the class of 1998 and all of the 
great years we have shared! I love you all!!!! 
Future GoalsiTo go to college, party, settle down after 6 
years, marry an Italian guy with blue eyes, have two 
kids, win a million dollars, one day see Andrea get her 
liscence. and to never lose touch with my friends. 

Michael Korik 

Thanks: Mom. Dad, and Sasha-thanks for putting up with 

me and always being there. Baba Sona- for never letting 
me go hungry, never complaining, and being the best 
Grandmother anyone could ever have. Mark- for beating 
me up. and then becoming my best friend There are so 
many things we did that were so fun. thanks for all the 
great times. Mark and family- for the Buffet tix. and 
always being so nice to me. Jeff- letting us play with all 
your toys, making everything, even school, fun, and being 
a great friend. Dan- always knowing that there is some- 
body out there partying. Mike- all the funny things you 
do. that I can laugh about even years after it actually 
happened. Adam- for not beating me lately and letting 
me talk. Also thanks to Brian W. Bobby M., Lesa P.. and 
Jay R. Mrs. Jordan- being the best teacher, and helping 
me out so much. Also thanks to Patrice Bouzan, Mr. 
Maxwell, Mr. Kelly, and Mr. Corliss for teaching me how 
to type. Thanks to everyone I might have missed, who 
has made the past years fun. 

Future Goals: Go to a business college, get rich and 
retire early. 

Mark Kruger 

Activities Varsity Soccer 1.2,3,4 Captain 3.4 Lacrosse JV 
1,2 Varsity 3 Ski Team 1 Spirit Soccer Club Bay- 
State Games 4 

First I would like to thank my parents for always being 
there for me and dealing with me when I am obnoxious. 
Thank you for guiding me and teaching me to do the right 
thing, even if I do not do it all the time. Thanks Matt for 
being a cool little brother and letting me beat you up. 
Remember to have fun in high school because before you 
know it. your off to college. To my friends DAVE D for 
being funny, causing problems back in the day, rippin 
wheels, for being ummm, a ladies man, owning a reliant, 
then a nice audi, now your nice VW dah dah dah, strut 
bahh, magnum, last night of freedom, frigidaire, ronsonol 
hockey, cruisin to the cape, up to maine, your knees 
DREW for being huge, living at nautilus, painting, being 
juveniles, owning a porsche toilet, slow, nice stereo, and 
my rice burner beat you. for being solitary since 7th 
grade (brutal) JEB for having a nice name, owning a 
lemon, buying a jet ski and using it once, causin problems, 
painting, long hard days at work, latin, being huge, 
WINICK for being a pain, almost getting arrested more 
then once, jet skiing, the cape, dirt biking, incidents with 
your truck, parties at your house, making me laugh, your 
motorcycle, halloweens, MATTEO for being a spazz own- 
ing a V8. and trying to blow up cars, skiing and mountain 
biking at waterville. NICK for having a rack, being funny, 
painting, the last days with the van. mountain biking 
back in the day, your huffy. OTHER GL~YS cookman for 
cruising around, being bored, going to McD's, the bridge, 
last night of freedom, your car. and just being cool, rashba 
for having big ears and being a good sport about it. latin, 
soccer, being cool, twins, for being good at soccer, helping 
me out my senior year, good luck in the future you guys 
better win it all, craig for being noodles, bobby d. for 
being cool, johny w for being to nice, to everyone on the 
BHS soccer team, thanks to coach wilson and barton for 
the list of those certain chicks, ingjuveniles. for knowing 
absolutely everything, being in algebra with me, owning 
a porsche/ last nightof freedom JONHY T for being whipped 
earlier in life, now for being the man, for chillin with us 
all the time, drivin a van. ool, johny w for being to nice, 
matt a for being huge and cool, jamie for leaving lunch 
with me. corey for always supporting me. curt for being 
funny, alvin for having parties on nights of the fights. 
Mike d for being goofy and beating on me. only two more 
years left ha ha. n and barton for helping me out. Boscetto 
for being a friend and a coach tim helping me out fresh- 
men year, and playing soccer with me all the time, seeing 
your place in the ghetto, brian cox for being renaldo. and 
for being funny, thanks to everyone I forgot TO ALL THE 
GIRLS laura for going shopping with me. being a good 
friend, giving me advice, putting up with me in analysis, 
angry seagulls, being bored with me. Kacie for being KK. 
being cute, putting up with me in english last year, being 
my girlfriend in fifth grade, whacking me with your purse. 
Mer for being merry. Steph for getting mad when I touch 
your arms, and going to church with me. sometimes. 
Joanna for being a good neighbor, playing neighborhood 
games, the bus stop. Heather for knocking down blocks at 
your house when we were younger, for having long hair 
know, being funny in sociology. Erin for being pica. Emily 
for being nice Kelly for being my Nashoba helper. Kara 


for being a good friend through the years, and always 
being nice to me. Elena for being a good friend, many 
different memories of old. and for being cool to me al- 
ways. Kelley Jones for being your wonderful self. Gwen. 
JoJo. Erin P. kristin L. katie a. for always being cool. 
Thanks to all the girls I forget I am sure you made my life 
better in some way. Finally thanks to SUSAN for being 
not only a girlfriend for over 2 and VS years but a best 
friend we have so many memories together it's not even 
funny here are just a few snowstorm at fawn lake, good 
Friday, your halloween party, the night after family day 
at Wedgewood, going down to the Cape, you wanna be 
cool, being cool, movies at our houses, riding my bike to 
your house all the time before I got my license, telling 
each other stories about our pasts. Drew's house fresh- 
man year, #lfor everything, nice eyes, your sides, you 
have too many clothes, sleep tight, sweet dreams, those 
are just a few memories. Thank you for always being 
there when I need it. College is coming up. but hopefully 
we'll work through it and no matter what, I will never 
forget you, I love you and I always will. ALL THE 
have no use for him. dude. kid. beat, hot commodity, 
going down the street and I met this guy and he was like 
hay. you own a toilet, and it is, school is fun, we love this 
institution, youths at large, your parents car I mean gas, 
declaring yourself an expert, acting like a juvenile, dude 
its like this, smashitaround. bumping uglies, IN CLOS- 
ING. I would like to thank everyone that I forgot, and 
thank you to the class of 1998 for being a great class. 
Future Goals: To get a good education somewhere, find a 
job that is interesting, make some money, get married, 
play soccer until I can't walk, own a RUF CTR Porsche 911 
Turbo, and most importantly have fun. 

Bernd S. Kullmann 

Activities: ROTC: 1, 2. 3, 4; Ski Team: JV 2, Varsity 1, 3. 
4; Drill Team: 3. 4; National Honor Society: 3. 4: Latin 
Club: 4. 

Thanks: I would like to thank my mother and father for 
supporting me through school. I would like to thank my 
brother for putting up with me and being there for me. I 
would also want to thank all my teachers for teaching me 
and helping me to achieve academic excellence. Special 
thanks to Mr. Sabourin. Mrs. Gullage. Col. Papas. Sgt 
Pinkney. Mr. Norton. Mr. Sheinfeld. and Mrs. Luke Also I 
would like to thank Mrs. Jordan and Ms. Bosan for listen- 
ing to all my complaints and helping me with my work. 
Also, I encourage all the cadets in ROTC to strive to 
achieve their best, and I want to thank them all for four 
excellent years. Future Goals: To graduate from college 
and become a fighter pilot in the USAF or to get a PhD in 

Allison Lanoux 

First of all I need to thank my mom. You have been so 
patient with me, so compassionate. I cannot think of 
anyone who could possibly have me as their daughter and 
deal with it so well. I owe so much to you and dad. thank 
you for being so supportive, and never forget that I LOVE 
YOL"'! You to Carter for being a great big brother. I know 
you're on your road to success, love you. To Sara, Jackie, 
Jess, and Lisa-I don't know where to start with you girls. 
We've shared the best and worst of times together. We've 
got a lot of memories to look back on. some 111 never 
forget, and cannot put down on paper I for my own safety 
with the law i. To Sara-we started off together and ended 
up together, us two have pretty much done it all, from 
beginning to end. from the path, to Jungle Love, and 
everything else we've done. I love you and will never 
forget you. To Jackie-how can I possibly rewrite on paper 
some of the thigs we've done, the Infiniti was my treat, 
coronas daily. I cannot go on and on. but know we always 
had a good time.To Jess and Lisa-you guys can't be for- 
gotten-Ill miss you next year, thank you both for the 
good times. I hope to keep in touch. To you four-I love all 
of you and wish you the BEST of luck.To Josh and Kev-you 
guys are awesome. I can't start on what you mean to me. 
Kev. you're great. I hope you're successful. Josh, I'll 
never forget you, you're so good to me. I hope we're 
always in touch in one way or another. To Christine, 
Michelle- you guys are great. I hope you're happy in all 
you do in life-the best of luck to you both. To the people I 
want to mention-Colleen. Jeff R. Dan M. Peitchell and 
Nerny. Kristin. Jaci. Rich. Adam. Paul. Bobby.Dan and 
Brian, Mike. Nick D. Dave G. Cassett and Rachel. Pete. 

Jenn, Angela and Marie. Alyson. THW. you're all are 
great, and to anyone I've forgotten. I'm sorry 'I'm late 
and rushed as usual I, but I wish you all and the class of 98 
the best of luck, its been a great four years- Good-Bye! 

Caroline Leary 

Activities: Cross-country 1,2.3,4 Capt. 3.4; Swimming/ 
Diving l.Z.3,4 Capt. 4; Track 1,2,3,4 Capt. 3,4; Tourna- 
ment of Plays 1,2,3,4; Interact 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; 
French Club 3.4; Double Sextet 4 Thanks: Mum and Dad 
for causing commotions and taking pictures of them, per- 
fect attendance at my meets and performances, shooting 
the yeahbut dog, writing millions of bibliographies, and 
working like crazy to make Kate and me happy by taking 
us to every part of California and introducing us to every- 
one you know. Kate, one word: awesome! There are not 
cool enough words to describe you, you cwazy beast! 
Thanks for laughing at my frogs, warning me not to break 
the seal, playing "Boston Kate", whale, introducing me to 
every supercool band that has played on Earth; having 
same clothes, phone voice, and mind! I love how you 
always know what I'm talking about and can do tongue 
tricks. Nana, thanks for letting us stay up late to watch 
Dallas; Ally, thanks for the Dove bars: Chuck 
Careyremembering L.L. Bean fiasco, letting me win the 
ski races, serenading us and being the jolliest fella around. 
Chuck Leary-knowing everything and excluding nuts from 
your recipes; Susan-indian pudding. Jo. I'm not as scared 
of you as I was in the baby pool. ..thanks for not giving up 
on me and making me play with you. loving Hampton and 
Point Break, "thanks for the tip. your welcome for the 
tip. and here's another tip..." (we finally surfed! >. having 
a rockin' time in the Lincoln screaming Wooshter and 
Sphintah. laughing and cringing at the hole in my knee 
and driving me to the hospital, being my mom and clean- 
ing up after me. loving yellow, and passing gas. I love you 
because you're tough and have shown me how to be tough. 
Thanks Thorens. for feeding and driving me everywhere: 
J.D. wholeheartedly giving me his food. Debbie, could you 
BE a little NICER 1 double, backward, crisscross... I Thanks 
for showing us the moose game. 1 1 bet you didn't think 
you'd get to run with a moose, eh? I There's no way I could 
have run without you. buddy. Thanks for teaching me how 
to shop for shoes, laughing at me land at yourself when 
you fell in the stream i, making camp juice, driving me 
everywhere in your Adriatic Blue munchkin. stalking 
Yihann, and being the craziest girl ever. Barry, thanks for 
driving through crazy traffic to coach us. letting us be 
ironmen, always asking if we're OK. telling the reporter 
the nicest stuff anyone could say. Kimbeing the best X-C 
cheerleader; Katie S. -being a bat; Beth-doing extra in- 
tervals; Abby-laughing all the way home from Barry's; 
Nathalie-eating my poptarts and working hard; Kristin 
A.-being L'N-sarcastic: Kristen J.being born on 10/15; 
Lindsey-nnishing like mad: Amy-always saying hi; Katie 
C. -loving strides: Heather-laughing at Debbie: Hannah- 
calling me bionic woman: Pat-throwing apples, going nuts 
on the cart; Greg-running faster than the road runner; 
Brian. James. Will. Chris. Andy C. and Wmaking fun of 
Debbie so well; Christina C. -touching Carlisle sign; 
Paulcaring about the team: Brian G.-laughing the hardest 
at Debbie and being funny without trying. Rob-ob-ob-in, 
how have I only known you for three years? It seems like 
way longer! Thanks for entertaining our English classes 
with your laugh, teaching me the swallowing-water-phone 
trick, being brave iNOT a wimp!), locker room chats, 
buying exotic CDs. knowing everyone's name, pink 
headband, expressing your bum freely on the dock, being 
quote queen, and getting excited about everything; Steph. 
thanks for coming to Bedford, being my math partner for 
3 years, taking us to Fourth Cliff to discover your Mom's 
yummy enchiladas, become members of the QL*EM club, 
and learn about major PO and Jars, and for talking about 
space till 4am. Thanks for leading me through Star- 
Spangled. being so motivated and teaching me Analysis. 
Let's run! You guys are so refreshing to be with! Thanks 
Bumbling Fools-camping out at Dutton's. making fun of 
hair sprays and going nuts; Duttons for making their 
house the Bev. house, letting me be a Boy Scout at Smug- 
glers' Notch; Kelly-organizing everything, being the most 
creative girl around, being good at everything I skating, 
peer editing, taekwondo. making apple pies...), knowing 
where to buy cheap grilled cheese, appreciating Wilson's 
and Jordan action, writing sonnets about me, calling me 
Leen. laughing at my lame puns, celebrating the main joy 
in life: BEY! by throwing parties < of Five- even,- Wednes- 

day, and connecting Bev. to all that exists in the universe) 
the hardcore Bev. addicts I Kelly. Matt. Ben, Vinniel 
Bethany. Katie I for being loyal to the gang i even Swank I 
Ben. buying spoons for Joanna at Stop and Shop ani 1 
chatting with my grandmother on the way to Hampton) 
Matt, leading the way iclay is the way) in ceramics (wi/ 
miss your expertise!), giving me Bev. membership carq 
and wearing a girls' pinny for the picture: Mr. Powera 
gym class-playing hardcore floor hockey games and Mis! 
sion Impossible; Emilia-being muy inteligente. makinj 
thoughtful cards, being a superb track captain, memorizj 
ing the presidents on the dock, taping ER without fail! 
and laughing at Debbie. Elena-getting the twucks off thl 
tw ack: Alison-going to the movies with Tom and Gerrul 
Heather-letting me cruise in the tan van, knowing word! 
to "Her Majesty", organizing Hampton trips: Russos-teachl I 
ing CCD, taking me to California: Bethanyhating even! 
one, asking flight attendants for Pepsi, wanting to buy I 
lOpound block of ice, calling me Leen; Tom-being mU 
track buddy and liking poop; Alvin-being an excellent hosL 
and friendly boy: Joanna M. -buying smelly No Smokin 
signs; Ryan S. -worshipping Mo; Melynda-driving to th 
\ideo store illegally: Carrie-being computer i scary! ) illit 
erate and writing with curvy pens; Skating girls (Me 
Kelly. Joanna '-Dun. doo. dee. door: Liz-owning 25 pairs c 
GAP everything: Yolpicellis-being efficient: Nicole-bu\ 
ing twin hats: Kara-warning me about sand in my ey< 
anatomy sleepover. driving Grampi. graduating froi 
Wedgew ood: Meg-having blue hair, playing w hale: Rati 
and Regan-giving professional massages; Tricia M.-sho 
ing me how to scoop, getting lost in alternate univer 
Ms. Smith-teaching me how to beat up people: Sarah D 
teaching us how to dive and adopting us; Beth-pretendin 
you care what people are saying, Krissy and Carrie-pu 
ting up with getting lost trying to find Wallex. Catherine 
cleaning up after the Sparrows. Tracy-smiling and beu 
supportive: Srta-para darnos sonrisas en nuestras c 
Ms. Keltnershowing us yoga. Mrs. Sullivan-cheering ft 
us. waking up early to show us cool trails. Thanks to i 
the drivers of Bus 3, for whistling and calling me : 
shine. GOALS: surf in Australia: dance with John Travolt 

Michael C. Lee 

Science League-10.11.12: Math League-10,11,12 NH£|| 
11,12; Enviormental Club-11,12 
Finally, Only eight more months before I leave this 1 
In the past 4 years I have learned a lot, saw a lot 
fights. Thankfully all my teachers are nice like 
Kreuger. Mrs. Gullage. Mr. Maxwell. Mr. McGowan, etj 
Even in Chief LUmann's class I learn a lot. As for otha 
teachers, they provided me with a great learning atmd 
sphere. There are other teachers like Mr. Huff and Mi 
Rull who are simplly annoying. But they do sreve thei 
roles as teachers I scary and boring). As I left BHS Tn 
look forward to my future with one word. "CHARGE!" 

Mark Lorusso 

Activities: Football J.V. 1,2: Hockey 1,2,3. Captain •) 
Lacrosse 1,2,3, Captain 4: French Club 1,2; Environ 
mental Club 3; Peer leadership 4:Thanks To: Lesa fa 
always being there for me. and being the best girlfriecl 
and bestfriend a guy could ever have. Mike and Jay for al 
the memories and fun w e had togetheras best friends cl 
Cot Hill. Jeff for being my best friend from school, and a| 
the advice you gave me especially in third grade. Dan ftl 
always being someone I could rely on to have a good tinrl 
with. Mike S. for always being the life of the party an 
making every one laugh, but most of all being a gre;| 
friend from back in our elementary school days. Thanks I 
Adam. Angelo. Brian. Bobby. Chris, and Steve: you gu} 
are the best. Thanks to all the girls. Thanks to tn 
hockey and lacrosse team for all the thrills. Thanks I 
Ms. Savarino. Ms. Bouzan. and Mrs. Jordan for all you 
help. Thanks to the Lavangies. Montemagnos. Pierce) 
and Randazzos for being my families away from horn 
Aunts and Uncles near and far. thanks for everythin 
Thanks to all my Grandparents for always being there f | 
me. John: Thanks for being the best and of courfj 
funniest older brother a kid could have. Beth: It's kind , 
nice not to fight anymore. ...but it was fun while it laste | 
Thanks for being a wonderful little sister. Mom and Da , 
you are the best! Thank 

you for everything that you have ever done for me, it w j 
always be appreciated. Thank you for all the love ail 
support you've given me through the years, and for beii i 
so understanding. Future Goals: Graduate from collejj 


4 I 

nd become a successful Physical Therapist, but most 
nportantly to live life happy. 

Patrick Mahoney 

'hanks to: My family for always being there and always 
upporting me in whatever I do, my friends and bandmates 
1 Cursed for Eternity and Destro: Jeff and Mike Beckwith, 
osh Estes and Chris Smith, Sara, Colin, Twinkie, Ginny, 
tephanie, Reagan, Erica, Lazy Abrams, Jaaaaaaaaaaaaay, 
Jex, Cody (good luck with Cyhrhaeth), Max, Colin and 
/ithering Spring (Iron Maiden rules!), Joe, Ken and Big 
ohn Studd (good luck w/ the CD), Lou, Bruce and all at 
edford Video, Lorraine and Alexander's, The BHS Mad- 
gal group, BHS Jazz band, Ricky and Lockdown, Chris 
leury, Chad, Glen, Brian and all at Streetwear, Roland 
nd Mike Goodwin and the BHS rifle team, Meg, Andy, 
;b Dog, Curt, Tom, Lisa, Holly, Arian, Gina and all of my 
iends from Burlington, Mr. Low, Mrs. Morris, Mr. Palmer, 
[r. Judge, Angela and Jerry Beckwith, Josh's mom for 
itting up with the violent racket that is Destro, Rich 
id Lost Disciple Records. Rockit Records, WJUL Lowell, 
ie US Death Metal Scene and all the cool people I've 
et at shows, the European Death/Black metal scene for 
3 inspiration (Carcass, At the Gates - RIP), The masters 
r their great musical inspiration: Kerry King and Jeff 
anneman, Adrian Smith and Dave Murray, Mantas, Hank 
nermann and Michael Denner, Hammett and Hetfield, 
luck Schuldiner, James Murphy, Randy Rhoads (RIP), 
my Iommi, Jon Nodtveidt and Johan Norman, Andy 
iRocque, Bill Steer and Mike Amott, Bob Busa, 
andcore, Hardcore, Thrash and all other forms of ex- 
eme music 

Susan Mara 

irsity soccer- 1,2,3,4; Varsity swimming- 1,2,3,4; Cap- 
in- 3,4; Latin club- 3,4; Spanish club- 3,4; Interact club- 
Peer Leadership- 4; Prom Co-chair- 3,4; Powder Puff- 
i; Hammer winner- 3; Building 19 member-3,4 Thank 
<- Most importantly- my family. You're more than I 
uld ever want. DAD- What can I say. You've been more 
an just a father; your my role model and one of my best 
ends. Throughout my life you've given me advice; with 
ports, with my sports, and even with Mark. I've cher- 
led all the wonderful times we've had together, and 
n't explain how much you mean to me. I LOVE YOU! 
>HN- For keeping an eye on me throughout my high 
lool years, and always staying on my back to keep the 
use neat. I'm sure it will help me out in college! 
iTH- For your clothes without asking, and the advice 
u've given me. Your one of the best sisters any girl 
aid want! LISA- For being adorable. "Shane's alive," 
nee routines, and Aruba. Your great; stay exactly the 
y you are. BAILEY- I Love ya, Muskrat! LINDA- You 
Iped our family so much. I know I didn't always show I 
•ed; but you're one of the best things that happened to 
Thanks! MOM- Although I don't remember too much, 
et told all the time how much I remind people of you. 
m so proud of that. The positive influence that you had 
John and Beth; has passed onto Lisa and I. I think 
)ut you everyday, and wish that you were here with 
. I know your spirit lives on, but I miss you Mom, and 
-OVE YOU! TO MY GIRLS: KACIE- Disneyworld, 
sty's, Latin, Spanish, Ralph, antelope, coffee cakes, 
ter guns, massages, drinking milk, and the cape. Your 
/ice has helped me so much, and your friendship's irre- 
iceable. LAURA- For the past 7 years. Soccer, 
■p&Shop, SWA, "cool," Bob Marley, videos, sleepwalk- 
, and many more. We've been through a lot, but our 
ndship's pulled through. PICKA-Frosty's, people watch- 
, our "boyfriends," being mean, and always making me 
gh. JO-JO- cloudy beach day, musicals, Mod's class, 
1 being the nicest girl I've ever met.You're your own 
ividual, I Love You for that! MERRIE- Josh (SAU- 
: GE), concerts, cape w/sullivans, Beachnut, Beechy, 
: I"s, Grease, Family days, our sarinade, and always 
< -mg 3 boyfriends. MEG- M.M.C, Time man, Geke/Bingo, 
• dy, Purple Jean Boy, north bridge, Danielson & Ernie, 
■< I for being a petifile with me. STEPH- Your babies, 
i amies, suntanning at Fawn Lake, and our talks. I'm 
i ays here for you! You 7 are the Best Friends I could 
1 e, and I know we'll be Friends Forever! I LOVE GUYS!! 
> \NNA- wedgewood KELLY D- The "man" in the base- 
i it KARA- Hampton Beach waterslides STACEY-Elena's 
I iy ELENA- your dancing ANDREA- Steve Urkel, Spanish 
1 jo, and Mark's house JACI- walking our babies, and 
<■ childhood memories KATELYN- bloody nose, and KSJM 

Posse BREE- cupcake friends, and the tuna fish in our 
salads KATIE B-the dance LIZ- the Gap RASHMI- Pea- 
cock, and 1-2-3 clap GWEN-Winick's house LEFEBVRE- 
all our laughs, discussing our guys, and being a great 
friend! KATIE A- all our laughs and talks! CHRIS O- being 
a riot! Molly, Kristin, Emily, Heather, Bethany. TO MY 
BOYS: COOL VIN- going out with "our friend," being 
COOL and down to earth SPANKY D's- our many conver- 
sations DAVE M- fighting w/ me like my brother, and 
having the coolest dad! DAVE W- making me laugh, and 
understanding me DREW +JEB-being huge ANGELO-the 
spider, peer leadership, and being all-around amazing 
NICK S- molesting me JOHNNY T's- being the nicest kid 
there is RYAN F- our WW years, DMB, and I'll never 
forget the talk on the lounge chairs BOBBY M, DAN, 
MIKE, ADAM ,JEFF- always ready to party CURT- the 
dances JAIME- blue key chain ALAN- making fun of me. 
North Bridge, the dance, and the time on your front steps 
RICHIE- being cool SCOTT-being cute MATT+BEN- for 
physics class DANNY R- being a great president. The B-F 
Crew- Dave- being like a brother to me, and putting up 
with me when I'm hard to deal with Becky- being my 2nd 
sister, borrowing your clothes, and all the good advice 
Joey- making work so enjoyable Jen, Meghan, Lisa. DT, 
Sylva's, Alyssa- being so fun! Kristin M and the Girls 
Soccer Team- States!! For the past 4 years, we've had so 
much fun. I'll never forget all the laughs we've had, and 
the stories we've shared. JESSIE- Teeth, and Trafing 
PADDY- your laugh LINDSAY- the stories we've told, and 
being sweet STEPH P- Oops, I forgot you again! Thanks 
for understanding, and always telling me P! Good Luck in 
the future and I will miss you all! SHI-SHI and Mr. 
Kennedy- being my 2nd parents, and always letting me in 
your home. Shi-shi, your like my 2nd mom, thank-you! 
MRS.WINICK- all the parties, and our in depth discus- 
sions! Finally to MARKY- Where do I begin. For the past 
two and a half years, you've made my life wonderful. 
We've had many special memories: Fawn lake blizzard. 
Cape Cod beach, Nutcracker, prom night, semi-formal, 
Aerosmith, Good Friday(28th), Sab's class, abandoned 
house, c-hall, Great Meadows, movies, my sides, Driver's 
ed, "good- night, sleep tight," after school, "jerk," and 
many more. You've been by my side whenever I needed 
you, and I can't tell you how much you mean to me. Your 
my Best Friend Marky, and you've made my high school 
years ones to remember. I know we'll be Friends Forever! 
I LOVE YOU!!! Class of 1998- We have created some very 
special memories. I couldn't ask for a class thats been as 
united and spirited as us. I thank you all for making my 
high school years ones to remember. Good- Luck in the 
future, I'll Miss You All!! 

Future Goals- To own a BMW convertible, and 
marry the man I truly love. To have 2 or 3 kids, and raise 
them exactly the way my parents raised me 

Bobby Marrigan 

First I would not like to thank my parents for always 
being there for me and helping me with anything I needed, 
I love you. To my sister for being a very good sister. To 
all my teachers, ecspecilly Mr. Maxwell, Mrs. Savarino 
and Ms. Bouzan. You all were the most helpful teachers, 
thanks! To all my friends, we had some fun times. DAN 
know that I'm forgetting tons of people but you all know 
who you are!! 

David Matteo 

Activities: Soccer, Skiing, Lax 1,2,3,4 — Latin club — tons 
of other stuff Thanks Mom and Dad most of all for putting 
up with me all of these years and not kicking me out. You 
have been very supportive although we do fight all of the 
time, but u have been very lenient with me, which has 
taught me responsibility, which will help me later in life 
and I am grateful for this. Thanx Tommy for being my 
little spazz brother who i can always beat on. But you're 
a cool kid and u always helped me figure out computers 
and taught me to use them to my advantage(hehehe). 
Thanx to the rest of my family for always supporting me, 
Pat for letting me come every where with you. Bill and 
Robin for letting me borrow the 300zx and everyone else 
for everything and my cousins for always being able to 
GET to me. Thanks mimi for always feeding me and my 
friends. Thanks to all of my teachers for putting up with 

me, all these years, and to all of my coaches — Mr. Wilson 
especially for helping me to find my love for soccer. Winick 
thanx for being my most interesting friend. You could 
always find a way to make any situation interesting. You 
also managed to get us in as much trouble as I could 

imagine Fireworks officer???. NO those aren't my tire 

tracks... Are u sure I was doing 80? good thing u didn't 
clock me earlier at 110 over 200 pumpkins and every- 
thing else like tricker treating in august. Thanks to your 
fam to for being my second home. Matt u will always be 
a pain and thanks Mrs. Winick for letting me tag along 
were ever you all went and being your third son. Frank 
uOre the man!!Thanks Sparky. Kruger thanx for being my 
shortest friend and all the good times we had in England. 
DiSanzo, thanks for getting all of the girls and reporting 
back, you have always been a shady character. Drew, 
thanks for being my BIG friend who is always there to 
back up my big mouth, and of course knowing everything 
about everything . Nick, ahhhhh, thanks for being Nick, 
and also my best friend for most of middle school. Jeb, 
watch out or I will blow up your car, and thanks for being 
a kewl kid and letting us stay at your house until the 
early hours of the morning just chill'in. Tate, remember 
Jack at Bentley? Rashba, you've always been a good sport 
about the ears, and thanks for Bentley, it was fun while it 
lasted. While I'm here, thanks Beth for all the parties 
and just being cool, and u too Michelle and Kelly. Donovan, 
thanks for being goofy. Cookman, u r the man, thanks for 
always being ready to party. KK, u r one of the best 
friends I have ever had we'll be friends forever. U r just 
kewl, i can't explain it, i mean pool floats?? You're so fun 
just to talk to. Thanx Mr and Mrs Kennedy for always 
having pizza for us at your house. Laura thanks for being 
my first girlfriend, and close friend, remember 
Canada??Yellow ball. Susan, thanks for always being around 
to fight with, u are definitely the sister I never had. Erin, 
u rule, but u gotta fix, ya know, hangin... thanks mer for 
being my ski buddy neighbor and other neighbor Liz for 
making parties interesting, ya u too Rachel! Lesa.. .trees 
and keep your hands to yourself. Thanks McGrath for all 
the parties at your house. Rossi, Adam, Chea, Heavy, 
Steve, Lorusso, Sullivan, Bobby, Korik, Andy, Waldren, it 
was kewl parting with all u guys and all of the other 
random people at Dan's. Thanks Moy boys and Curt, for 
making life interesting. Thanks to all of my friends on 
the sports teams I have been on, Brandon and Brad espe- 
cially, but Craig, Bobby, Jessie! stick with skiing). Kristen 
our 8 months together was great, definitely a kewl 8 
months. LI put up with a lot of stuff from me, and even my 
weird, immature friends. I hope we're friends for ever. 
Thanks Jeff for never really bagging us. Rebecca, my new 
girlfriend, I haven't really known u for a month yet( after 
a month.weOre in the clear!! ) but things are great. When 
this comes out in the spring, I hope weOll still be to- 
gether, but if not, we'll be close friends. Thanks to all of 
the rest of my friends in school, that put up with my 
obnoxious attitude, Meg, Jo-Jo, Steph. Johanna, Katelyn, 
Tom, Al, Ben + Matt, Kelly, Allison, Heather, NED, and 
ohh ya, Danielle you're sooo cool, and everyone else i 
forgot, but u know who u are. 
Future Goals: To become filthy rich, and be happy. 

Bree McCay 

I would first like to thank my mom and dad,thanks for 
always being they're for me, through the good times and 
bad.l love you. Sara(Thelma)-south park, fart corner, "cer- 
tainly sir", our secrets.You're the best sister I could ever 
have. To my family and my family away from home ( Marika 
and Walter, Susan and Oscar, the Siegels and Ms.Sylvester), 
thanks for being so good to me, I'll never forget you. Mom 
and Cardboard-thanks for letting me live at your house 23 
hours a day. Cardboard, you are the biggest pain and you 
are only good for lifesavers and burritos. Mom thanks for 
all the food, always making fun of Krista with me, telling 
me that you love me. I love you. Jane and Ed-thanks for 
all the rides to see Jamie and making me feel like part of 
the family. Ed, thanks for making fun of me. Jane, thanks 
for always defending me. Maybe someday neither of us 
will have to keep an eye on Jamie. Thanks for everything, 
you two are great. Krissy- You've always been there for 
me.we have so many memories: lunch with the snobs, 
prank calling Bethany, February vacation '96, hand mas- 
sages, nail, James Peredes, mocha blasts, making dinner, 
my cool hip dance, talking to Gayle when I was passed 
out, hay in our hair, Tracy Cook, 1 1 :00 wrestling matches, 
the little green man with green hair. Jaclyn-Cocoa, we've 


had so many different funny guys from other towns that 
we have to laugh about, FRG's, Lexington boys, and Simon 
your German lover. We've been through so much together, 
our parents grounding us, etc. Remember thrashing on 
the snowboards, singing to Nate, and your sixteenth b- 
day. Katelyn-I've known you since I was two in Ms. Peel's 
class. I'm sorry that we have grown apart. But despite 
the turmoil, you're still the greatest friend. We've had 
some great times like swords, your "Jesus"family, 
crusification of MacGowan's kids and abducting them. 
Iguana Cantina, T2, Ethan-Nathan, FRG's, your many 
rockers, the wall, "work it. work it baby..." and most of 
all "Take Care of You". Robo-I'll never forget, food and 
lodging, "Zombie", The Shame, removing empties, our 
walks to Kacie's house, Mr. Donovan and Ms. Matthew's 
hair, dumb monkeys, poopie undies, cheeda bums, and 
peeing your pants, most importantly I always know that 
you will listen to Pink Floyd and get into those weird 
conversations with me. Mike-You are a great big brother, 
you have really helped me through a lot. Thanks for 
introducing me to the stones, and Stone Cold. I'm really 
going to miss you beating on me, but I will always win, 
because I'm bigger than you plus Krista lets me. I can 
always count on you to go to BK and to listen to "thought 
tape" and complain about my relationships, thanks for 
the good advice. Bryan-Sublime rules! I will always be 
one of the guys and I'll never forget the Nashua Runs. I 
wish your hair had stayed blue. Liz will always be our 
enemy. We need to make some scrambled eggs at 4:00 
a.m., more often. Your going away party was the best 
weekend I have ever had, we were such a family watching 
wrestling and playing in the rain and having our mud 
fights. I love you. Barad (Baryan.Baree.and Barian)-Your 
always so motivated to go out. I'm glad I can trust you 
with all my secrets. Let's roast some marshmallows and 
eat some yogurt in Omar's car on Wednesday night some- 
time. I love you, man. Eric- I'm glad that I can always 
count on you to disappear and sleep somewhere weird 
during a party. Thanks for not letting Bryan and me sleep 
at Kristin's, that was really annoying. Bentley was a 
blast and Craig rocks. Don't forget Pueri vs. Puella and 
out smelly Latin teacher. Have fun at the DPW, with 
Timmy French. Cally and Kerry-you are the perfect couple 
and parents. Nerney and Pietchel-making me say "the big 
boobed physco midget", REO Speedwagon poster. Craig- 
Caring. Ja-"lights on lights off". Oates-talking to me 
about HER. Doug-mocking me. Gary-for being the pro. 
Toad-your a spaz.Laura-URI here we come, connections, 
MJL and EJR. CT (the only cool base freak )-"I want to 
molest you with my fantasies", Mr. Max, prodigy. Molly- 
Boones in the playhouse, car friends. Adam (my favorite 
98' guy l-Bobby's party in seventh grade. Andrea-Hootchie 
mole. Lee-cuddling with me. Ms.Sake's class-scissors and 
twissers .J.V. Girls Soccer team '95 and '96-defensive 
ditz's, pizza hut, sorry about our girl talks Chris. '96- 
Julie, Dave, Fanelli, Goff, Sean, Russ, Mike, Dougie, 
Chet. '97-Aron, Raug, Omar, Jay. '98 Jackie, Mer, Joanna. 
Steph, Heather, Megajoule, Dave, Angelo, Hevey, Nick, 
Dan. Mikey Suls, Jeff, Chea. Underclassmen-Richie, 
Sabastian, Lesley, Beth, Catherine, Mr. (Scott) Casey, 
both Sarah's in '99, Mel. To my teachers who got me 
through it all-Mr. Maxwell and Mrs. Matthews, you two 
are my favorites. Jaci Robin Krista Mac, you guys rock, 
and so do the fans Krissy, Sara, Lee, Kim and me. Krista- 
You are my bestest friend in the whole world. Eventhough, 
I can't give you a hug, sometimes I really wish I could. We 
have become so close over the last four years and I hope 
we continue to be friends for ever. It all started with the 
people who brought us together Jamie and Pietchel, con- 
fessions with Sara, Alf, Cecil, Bob Dole, Stone Cold, Pete 
and Akil. We then watched and listened to many things x- 
files, south park, En vogue, the power mix, horay for 
everything, Mark's masters of metal, and Huey Lewis. 
After that we visted such places as the landing (Inspira- 
tion Point ), nuns tree, and Toy Works with Bob and Jason. 
We later went on to eat chips and ketchup and drink many 
illegal beverages in your room and the woods. I'll never 
forget the many quotes we said "When I get older...". "Ed 
you're a beautiful man" (Ed?), "Don't write a check your 
butt can't cash", and the most famous of them all, ". 
Jamie-You are one of the most important people in my 
life. In the time that I have known you, you've been 
incredible. We have had so many unforgetable times, and 
we have been through thick and thin and we survived. We 
have so many memories: Air Fields, Melvin's, Inspiration 
Point, our spot at Fawn Lake, Fear, Legals, Breakfast at 

Tiffany's, Huey Lewis. Don't ever stop talking like Billy 
or Cartman, or winning at jeapordy and twisted metal 
We enjoyed lemonade and jackets, hike school, taking one 
for the team, and playing catch in your backyard. Thanks 
for teaching me about the Wall and the Doors. You mean 
so much to me, and the Beach Boys song #18 says it all, I 
love you. I'm sorry if I missed anyone, but to everyone in 
the class of 98, I wish you the best of luck. To the Chicks 
of 98, keep in touch and just "Hold On", we will all be 
together forever, I love you all! 

Colin McDonough 

1 would really like to thank my parents for all of the 
things they have ever for me. The carters for being the 
best next door neighbors you could have. Sarah Toole for 
being one of the more reasonable people I know. Sarah 
Vanderwal for "be nice it's Christmas" and for always 
being in her own world. Pam Worth for her funniness and 
the interositter. Katie Boyd for being a good friend that 
always is cheerful. Rayn Anderson for just being the 
strange little boy he is. Emaile Parkhurst for making me 
wake-up earlier that I needed in order to drive her to 
school. Jen Simpson and her crasy anticks and always 
ready to break out into a song no matter were she is. Jen 

2 and Jen 3 for being new friends. Adam Weston evil and 
the car that explodes to start. Jeff st. Sauveur for being 
a friend when you need one and for his parents the nicest 
people I know. Andy York for breaking my car and then 
punching me for it. Dave Richards for the adventures and 
the zip line. Laura Gavornick for just being Laura and 
geting the vip passes to the air show. Ellen Humphry for 
always laughing even after having a carrot stuck up her 
nose. Stefan Iwanchuk for intruducing me to the glorious 
music know as SKA and you can't forget the smile ( : : ) 
Brian Conway for being me and the fun job this summer. 
Bryan Nash for being the love of the girls forever and for 
helping with the smile. Steve Wilson for being someone 
to yell at and call a moron. Lucy McMahn for always 
being their as a spare mother and for rasing me the right 
way. Jesse Belknap for being fat for fat boy and someone 
that you can beat up and just laught and you. Shaun 
Fillion for just being happy all the time and for those 
random parties through out the summers. Morgan for 
being a sister and sometimes a pain in the butt and a 
friend. My Aunts and Uncles and thier families for all the 
fun times and the trip to Albany NH. The town of Bedford 
for tearing up all the roads at once and buying the new 
light system. Sabrina Lanza for being the butt turkey 
that she is. Alissa Lee for those wild pool parties. Marianne 
for the krowebahrs and always taking the doodoo that 
people give her and being the first person to bite me. 
Prosepina A.K.A. Joan of Ark. And I really want to thank 
any one that I left out you get bouble thanks because I 
forgot you. 

Daniel R. McGrath 

Activities: Snowboarding 1,2,3,4; Ping pong 1,2,3,4; Paint 
Ball 2,3,4; Crack about 1,2,3,4; Wake Boarding 1,2,3,4; 
Tubing 1,2,3,4; Thanks to: First I would like to thank God 
for everything. My parents for putting up with me and 
supporting me all the way. My only sister Keri and her 
friends for showing me the ropes of high school at a young 
age. My brothers Brain, Mike and Kevin who made home 
life interesting. Thanks to my dog Cinder and my cat 
Chief for giving me all that good advice. Tom 
DeBenedictus for being my best friend and his family that 
has always been like a second home. To Jay Randazzo 
sorry for taking your inhaler it was Tom's idea. Adam B. 
careful when you have a bottle in your hand and thanks 
for introducing me to building 19. Eric D. Go Whitman, 
Bedford is boring but thanks for making it interesting. 
Chea k. try not to cause any trouble and thanks for telling 
everybody. Mike K. thanks for being so good at the 
Internet. Mark L. don't you know a humidifier is not a 
toilet, keep up the good work. Bob M. you're luck is not 
the best but at least your laid back about it, thanks for 
being a bad influence. Jeff R. you are one of the weirdest 
people I know and guess what there's a pond in my back 
yard. Mike S. a.k.a. lips or pudgy remember when you 
fell in fawn lake freshmen year. I got a great idea lets 
throw rocks at each others feet and see who falls through 
the ice first, thanks for being stupid with me. Brian W. 
thanks for telling us when we where being stupid. Chris 
H. Thanks for looking old and acting like a kid. Steve H. 
you got the best way of saying things, remember water 
skiing. Jeff W. look at that star, drive safe. Andy G. 

thanks for the rides, it was fun partying. Johnny 
thanks for being a good guy and for food last summer. 1 
Anglo D., Dave M., Mark K, Drew A., Alvin T, Dave W 
Corey M., Nick S., Andy C. It was fun partying togethe 
Hey Sis, Alison L. we had some good times. Akil 
thanks for being so cool. Kacey L. remember what ha[ 
pened that one time? "98" girls: Jackie D., Jackie 
Kristen F, Katelyn M., Bree M., Stephanie S.. Erin 
Joanna T, Katie B., Robin S., Laura O, Susan M., Les 
P., we had some good times. "99" guys: Jack K. go hid 
and I will try to find you, you make a great ninja. Justi 
B. take care of Jack and stay cool. John D. and Harry X 
we had a good time last summer especially stealing Jack 
car. Hey Keith, clean up my drive way. To Jimmy F. 
was fun going to the Blazers game and I hope you have 
great senior year. To the "99" girls you have problerr 
but hey who doesn't. To Melanie thanks for being tl 
love of my life and a great girlfriend, I hope I alwa> 
know you. The reason I think we get along so good 
because we were good friends before becoming a grej 
couple and I know we will always be there for each othe 
To the class of "2000" thanks Kendra the only person 
know in that grade. I would also like to thank M 
Savarino who I had all four years of high school, I wi 
always remember Learning Center ( I hate think writir 
). To Ms. Bouzan who I also had for four years of hig 
school for Learning Center, you are a teacher but also 
friend. I don't know what I would of done if I did not ha\ 
you and Ms. Sav. Mr. Maxwell you are definetly a ditfe 
ent kind of teacher and I think if more teachers had yoi 
skill, the school would be a better place. If there 
anybody I forgot I am sorry but this is costing me. Futui 
Goals: To retire. 

Vincent Paul McGrath 

Football 1, 2, 3, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 
3,4; Morello 1, 2, 3, 4; Blue Crew 3, 4; 90210 4. Than! 
to my family who has done a great job dealing with 
difficult kid, but you finally are free! Mom, you are tl 
most important. Thanks for steering me in the rigl 
direction. Dad, for making sure I followed that directio 
for all the games seen; played everything. Thanks both 
you for just being cool! Lindsey, we didn't always gl 
along, but I couldn't have asked for a better sister. Wha 
I go to school, I will miss you. Jeffrey, you are the ma 
- a little difficult, acted like a sissy, but I love you. Wha 
I'm gone, stay out of my bed! Uncle Gerry for being 
major influence on me - you introduced me to sports ari 
changed my life forever. To Frank and the Morello's fori 
second home, all the food, all the memories. Frank fJ 
being my most important friend, you always made nl 
laugh or mad. Thanks for football in the snow, playstatitf 
wars, Spanish videos, and introducing me to a new la 
guage, good luck. Kacie the best friend I have ever ha 
You truly mean the world to me. I will always havel 
place in my heart for you. Bisutiki, the prom. Flight 
the Slavigator, winter basketball, Profiler and Pretendfl 
BNL, and, of course, SNL. Mer (Dites) I will alwa;l 
remember the first date and the ride from Steph's I 
Kelly's. Between us things have just begun but the ski 
the limit. Ryan Friend for making sure I went to Da- 
Matthew's, U2, BNL, Phish, introducing me to Stephan:! 
the TD catches, the 3's, it's too bad you couldn't learn 
swing a bat. Oh yeah, all the pancakes and Bickford 
Molly McWanis the fluff sandwiches were great. I'm stl| 
better than you at the bowling alley video game. The B| 
Kelly (#002 squared), the trips to TGI Friday's, Harvat 
Square, Dave Matthew's, physics class with Ullman, conl 
horror movies, parking lots, having a bro like Skipn 
90210. chillin at your house, the prom, for being r 
favorite Dutton! It's probably called a maheater ail 
Nomar Ruiz! Bethany I #001 ) for the Yankee Game figh 
parking lots, Spanish with Rull and Allen, 90210 at Kell 
for being the Devil and all the Blue. Matty A (#0041 f 
baseball games played and watched, 90210, Boston, yo 
attempt at football, ice cream after ball, 7 years, the h; 
cuts, cheering at FH games. BLUE CREW, thanks for t 
action! Ben for keeping an eye on my love life, t 
baseball, football and few basketball games, for steali 
my sweats, for the wrestling and the 90210 action! Ada i 
one of my closest friends - a friendship I can't explain, b i 
wouldn't trade for the world. All my friends, I will mi 
you the most - the wiffle ball games, quarterback ch.j 
lenges, basketball in the snow at Frank's, talking abc| 
girls and those head dives you did. Su-beans, sorry abc| 
the power bomb(s). You've been a great friend. I w| 



■member you for all the times you asked me that same 
lestion and, of course, the crackabout! I wish the best 
r you. To all my football boys. Chea, you will most 
iely cause the apocalypse. Hevey get that fluff out of 
iur hair. Steve take a shower and enough about the 
scuits. Sully wash your stuff and fix that cut. Ang let me 
irrow your undershirt while you fix your mask! H-Dog 
meday you will be a pianist; until then we can bury 
ch other in beach sand and chew on fingers. Erin S, I 
11 always remember you for the obvious, but that's 
finitely not a bad thing and Slavigator, don't touch me! 
anna, I'll frame the pictures you gave me in math class 
>.d can I say Dave Matthew's rulz! Line, you are a 
shard 90210 Party of 5 fan!. KB wrestling rulz and 
jybe someday we can share a hot-dog. To the class of 
1 7 for the football games and especially to Rochele for 
ing a second sister, and Mike Reid for the wrestling 
► via. Coach Sab for teaching me on the field, in the 
issroom and about life. To all my other coaches for 
: iking me try a little harder and instilling in me the 
Uire to never give up. All my teachers for leaving a 
;ting impression on me especially Mr. Palmer who 
wed me that learning can be fun and Mrs. Laver for 
Dwing me that all literature isn't bad. Kelly thanks for 
| ? weekend. Cindy thanks for the summer. Christy T for 
I ■ sophomore year. Jessica G for playing on the trampo- 
e and buying me MacDonald's. Jill for the Lifesavers. 
| nielle for the date. Rebecca M for being a totally cool 
| I, and Ben told me. 

Joanna Mclnnis 

•tivities: Soccer; Track; Madrigal; Double-Sextett and 
| 5 of other things. Clubs:T.A.P. (TardyAndProud) 1,2,3,4; 
[FNH (FreeMomsFromNature'sHeartland i : 3.4 Thanks: 
my mom for BREAKING to smell the roses and making 
| lunch. Dad. for teaching me how to not worry and 
I rk hard. To MkLk for being good at that big-brother 

I x. To the rest of my extended family-thank you for 
Lighter and love-esp. tomy TUA: tiltawhirland 

I I estakes; and Julie, Heffree. and Mattema:my purple 
mdas. Gina and Danielle: forbeing my sisters. BOWEN: 
|t knowing lots, letting me pay you 4X for a bet. JP 
ups, "Nuestra Fiesta No Termina!". MOLLY: eighth 
I de, "You're a deah. .. " and Picket fences. CARRIE: for 
long cool house to play at, trees, zip-lines...; for "feel- 
i bad" for your apple slices; having a scary birthday 
(:,13) and Haunted Houses. To CAMOJAKAME: for 
" aches" Guacamole, Bannanas, Mer talking in sleep, 
si Carrie's Basement ("light-bright" I. MR. SHOYTS' 
(\SS: 4 the bogota; Mrs. McConnell; Wordly Wise; & no 

:h (except Katie and Warmam. MER: being short till 
9, always smiling, supporting everyone/thing and 
iy musical moments. MEG: for being friends with ev.guy 
i reater-Boston-area; GYM!; "I've missed U in my days 
c unger"; Discoveries re: Mr. Desiletts; & always giving 
ONE MORE peanut M&M. THE egypt game: Toth, 
y-dues, and trying not to laugh. KELLY: 4 hosting 
j, Being a visual learner and always creative. "Crash- 
" "Moasted-Tarshmellow." Para el movemiento con- 
t OS accentos horribles ( me comprendes? I. 4 Star Wars. 
I some funky JANX! ALISON: also being fan of Luke/Mr 
sh. 4 GYM! TH'apocalypse Lunch hour. 4 baby pictures 
using "No-diggity" ina sent. MICHELLE: for laughing 
me. 4coming to Maine. Saturday-Night-Fever (what 
1 lis movie about? I, 4 singing-U have a gorgeous voice! 
everybody to relax. 4 soccer camp, comforting con- 
ations, thank U again. LO-LA: 4 soccer, breaking your 
all for the love of it. 4 Waltham-Deaconess: "How 
t filing a few things?", making boxes and getting free- 
pes. PICKA: 4 ET-phone-home; 4 not crying at chick- 
s (all-4-1 ); 4 never changing yourself. 4 being an awe- 
e captain; 4 GYM! (Jackie luvs Pete), and B-ball... 
•h leads me to BARBIE, no "I" in team (but there is a 
'), the visiting-bench, and "Cheering"; 4 Perry' being 
paper-boy, and for hating hugs. No thanx to Pee- 
but kisses to Guana. KC: 4 always being thoughtful 
generous; 4 pool-parties, Boston Garden Nachos. 4 
'!! 4 soccer and B-ball ( sorry I deserted you): Humor- 
ie in My attempts to cheer: "go ladeez, lets bsuphjah!" 
ng A stronghold for Our friends; 4 burping and other 
ric problems; 4 not being very good at group-work; 
"( 1 1 pinch your bum?" and Bernicio!! To the BREAK- 

I T CLUB: 4" floor-it. ": waking up at five-o'clock: 

Meriam's; and cheeese omlettes mmm.. SUSAN: 4 
* hing our brothers play b-ball; 4Spanish videos; 4 
lo g the musicals; 4 wanting to live in WESTON; for 

detentions in Ms. Mathews class!; 4 being a strong per- 
son, in voice and emotion; 4 soccer: always nocking people 
over, and reminding me to stay agressive. UR VERY smart, 
good luck where ever you go. STEPH: 4 your example in 
faith and always optimistic outlook; 4 teaching me 2b a 
better soccer player: 4being an excellent captain: keep- 
ing us positive and clean-mouthed. 4making socks and 
mixes. 4musicals and madrigal; 4 being almost as rich as 
the Cambell's-soup CO (due to a recipe mix-up). You're 
always welcome back at my house when your parents 
move; Thanx for being a braces friend. DEB: 4 the early 
years. 4 running, and running; 4 rec-basketball < oh-ourdads! I 
and 4 being a good locker-neighbor. EMILY: 4 ballet in 
Concord ( next week, maybe? ) For Flamenco ( oh-my mom ); 
4 surviving rides in the car during my LP days; 4 having a 
tear in your lung, but comin' back! 4 helping me in Math 
and Soccer; UR. a Trully-Tall-Friend. SHMEE: 4 helping 
me in school and always smiling; 4 CVS and MAMA-shmee; 
good luck in the medical field. ROBIN: 4 refreshing class 
with your fits'o'laughter; 4 spanish-videos; 4 always beinga 
solid alto; 4 Alison Krauss! CAROLINE: 4 running too; 4 
laughing even though I do stupid stuff. HANNAh: 4 lunch 
table chats... finding that dead guy in the boiler-room 
(wink-wink); hiding behind Elena's shed w/Kristen 
Lefebvre. STEPHSKAVE..: 4 bathing-suit shopping, we're 
not done vet! LESA: 4 Ms.Carlow; "Beav-a-lot, we Beav- 
a-lot". LIZ: 4French and carpoohng. LIZ AND TERRINA: 
4Roy Rogers! OH those biscuits! TERRINA: 4 PR at the 
temple, that really annoying guy (can't remember his 
name;let's call'em tight-pants). KRISTA: 4 being my su- 
per-hero; helping in Physics; Peanut-Butt-Bars; "Ruprect"; 
and chewing on straws. JEN: 4 being a dependable friend- 
forever. 4 Bus-stop-waiting (our moms dancing); Barbies 
and your sandbox: "Darkening of the Ligh-eee-ight"; 4 
being extremely talented at your song-writing; for being 
an individual and always loving the first snow!! I love 
you. ELENA: (we'll always be In 4th-grade, don't worry) 4 
everything-and More; 4 "Orange-juice-makes-you-fly!" and 
"I think I broke my arm-pits!"; 4 countless Halloweens 
(voting box and the Ritz incident), 4 sledding, jump-mak- 
ing, and Bike-riding. 4 reading, doing math, riding your 
bike, growing before me! No-thank you for leaving me in 
4th grade, but thanks for returning. You're very special to 
me, take care of yourself-lets work on that "E-brake." 
THE GANG ( including Monica, whereverUare). To 
Bethany, Joanna, Rachel, Kara, ErinP. Regan, Heather, 
Sara, Katelyn and Lluvia 4 standing out in my mind. To 
DaveR, Jesse. Frack, Jon, Andy, Alvin, Shaun, and Pat 
My-Homie. To Tom 4 spud and extended lunches. 
Corey. War-man-warrington. Johnson, Matt, Ben, Danny 
(4 harrassing that sub), Dave. Additional Thanx to: Jr. 
YR.-English-corner: "East-Side-Of-Bedford What-x-is-it?..." 
Adv. Physics Class; GIRLS-SOCCER: state-bound!! I trea- 
sure every sprint that I have run and every bus ride 
home... even the smell of Erin's shin-guards! I love you 
guys; Madrigal last and this year. '95: Catherine Why- 
kerr;'96: Alyssa, Cara & Burger-King-siblings, KT-ESPO- 
ZEET-OH! (my sis-once-removed, being a die-hard in all 
aspects of life. May The Yoda be with U), HEATHER; '97: 
Robbie, ChrisO., Emily, Ingrid, Myranda (**esp.-to hon- 
orary member of 98, Kristen Lefebvre for being my soul- 
mate for easy-cheese and watching the Jerk) '99: Kelly/ 
karen. "00: Jesse & DannyLefebvre & Suzanne & John '01: 
Colleen & Paddy-Nick-Dick-( u-english-speakin'fool ). FAMI- 
LIES: to the Kennedys, Lefebvres, and Simpsons; esp. to 
Vasilakises: 4 many meals, washing your fruit, Nantucket, 
and 4 late-night-internet-acsess. TEACHERS: MARTTNES, 
will not forget. Thanks to the secretaries in the office, 
for treating me kindly even after those many tardy morn- 
ings. If you are class-of '98. and UR reading this at the 
age of 53. please call me, I probably miss you. FUTL'RE 
GOALS:To be on-time for everything from graduation on, 
to teach Spanish. Never wear spandex, and to be "DOWN 
WITH THE TIMULTY" 'till I am 64. 

Katelyn Merrill 

Activities-Cheerleading 1,2,3,4; French Clubl.2,3,4; In- 
teract Club 4. There are some many people to thank. My 
mom who helped me through the hardest time of my life. 
Thank you for staying up with me when I was sick and 
always calling me bunny. To my dad for being the coolest 
guy I know. Thank you for always pushing me to be the 

best I can and encouraging me through everything. Chris 
for being such a cool brother to hang out with. I am so 
grateful that we became so close. You may not realize it 
but I admire a lot that you do. To my sister, the biggest 
inspiration in my life. You don=t understand how flat- 
tered and proud I feel when people tell me were are so 
much alike. That to me is the greatest compliment ever. 
I even try to talk with my hands the way you do. Rick for 
always keeping me in line. I may not show it but I glad 
you are around. Linda for being so cool to shop with and 
for being the coolest cheerleading mom. Lauren for al- 
ways reminding what I am eating when I am eating it. 
Ryan for being a cool little brother even though you 
aren't that little any more ( but I can still take you 
down I.Ashleigh- for being the cutest little munckin in the 
world. Chad- for being so brave to marry into the family. 
Now you can be include in the stories. Carla-for the being 
the closest Italian blood will have. To the group of girls 
that have had a lot of effect on my life. ROBO-Thank you 
for being so level headed and smart. I know we'll be 
friends for a long time. Always remember The Carriage, 
Mike from pack=n=post, Attitash ( smoking butts on the 
chair lift ), Steve=s house, getting the robos suck on the 
fence, doing the cheerleading dance and falling at your 
house, desi6. the beast, for loving broadway, AA with 
jamaraquai, DJ=s at the P bench, loving UMASS, Always 
starting off questions with A Wh y the @,. Bree for be- 
ing you. Despite the turmoil, take care of you, work it, 
work it baby, own it, own it. Pop pop for whipping you, 
not being able to open door, seven by Prince, 11:34 
( hell=o=clock I, Minty fresh fruit festival chicks of >98, for 
making up dances, the wall. "I'll ask out Brent if you ask 
out Jon". Whatever you do don=t change. To Krissy, Lovy, 
lovy. jailbuddy, biomass gasohol. Dance parties, junior 
year week of finals. Spy tech at BHS, the B-U-T-T game. 
DJ=s at the P bench, always wanting to party, wine, slim 
jims. K & W mission. Many more parties to come. Jaci, 
JC-FRGs, She=s a pimp, man with crow bar. with relish 
and poppy seeds, peeing our pants on your lawn, Adon=t 
ever tell anyone!® AyyyeahRUGDORK! Boom boom. Alien 
upside down. I love Nate but he dissed me big time. Ish 
Lieba dish. Krista, for gettting us all hooked on DJ. 
Letting me have rope with your boyfriend, partying with 
Rick Robinson and the bayou boys, NKOTB. Mr Maxwell=s 
class. The A, handcuffs, ropes., the book. For always 
being cold or sick. Julie-my boo, Chris and Tim dance 
parties, cruising in your car. getting you hooked. AI don=t 
wanna walk home®. Walking into the screen. Your stupid 
dog, days of our lives, small blah blah small. Being the 
coolest friend. 1=11 always look up to you. Sara- mighty 
morphin pig bums, AAre you being gross?@, J-roc. Being 
29 years old. Triple sec w/ molly. Jesse James, Man in the 
Mirror, Jungle boogie, me punching the rock for you, the 
sign. 1=11 always remember you. To Allison- sweet ec- 
stasy, jurassic. midnight rides, sisters. FYDP, bahama 
mama, camels and wine on your deck, boy am I in the dog 
house. Remarkable. Molly-cheerleading rules. Triple sec. 
dog cage, running away with spaghetti 0=s. Rochele-your 
the most perfect girl in the whole world, you've taught 
me so much. Arm spasm, not yet, right now, always whis- 
pering, it was good., the barbecue sauce., ooh that feels 
good, being the best person to stunt with.. I love you so. 
Pietchel.. TG, shotgun, 16, holydays, 6:40, need I say 
more. WSC. teaching me how to party. Nerney, so young, 
so pink. WSC, always being there for me. 1=11 love you 
forever, never change cause everyone loves the kid. Will 
for beating me as a child, playing spy tech, always saying 
Acaring®. Everyone in A98-Sue,Mer( RENT RULES). 
Laura-powder puff. Katie B- Gonair, Lesa- I want some 
ouse cream, Kacie-snotface, Erin, Joanna, 
Nick,Pat,Jeff,Dan.Adam.Mark,Ben,Vinny,Angelo. Dave- 
scarf ice frosty, the only reason why I critize your girls is 
cause you deserve the best. To all my 
cheerleaders.especially Liz V.Amanda. Sarah and Kristin. 
To Nick for being the love of my life. Everyone in '95- 
Johnny, Matt D. Matt H. Scott-banana tree, Deez.EK. 
Jarrod, Aaron, Steve.Perino. Megan, and Michelle. Ev- 
eryone in '96-Doug, Jamie, Fanelli. Shaun.Kerry-Duncan 
roof. Bethany. Jamie at WSC. Everyone in '97-Mock. Brad. 
Eric. Gator, Jay, Gary, Nina, Megan W, Niccole, Cristina. 
To all my coaches Mr. Beaton-the three D's, Tracey and 
Laurie, I love you both, Miram- the coolest and youngest 
cooch( HAHA). To my sisters friends-Sue. Kim and 
favorite role models. To Tim-goup on the puff. To all the 
families that took my in and fed me-the Dick's, the McCay's 


and especially the Smith's. Thank you all. From the Car- 
riage-Doug for not caring what I do at work, to Patty for 
being cool to talk to, and Thomas for just being Thomas. 
To Ms. Lohrum- the coolest woman in the world, thank 
you for everything. Mrs. Sullivan for making me feel like 
I can accomplish anything. Ms. Smith for being the only 
teacher I would ever want to hang out with. To Sara, Kim 
and Lee for always tagging along. Ethan-you know I'll 
always love you, what else can I say. Future Goals-to 
finally be immune to every disease, graduate from col- 
lege in Austrilia, become a biomedical scientist, marry 
Lewis Carroll, have a daughter named Alice and have 
jamaraquai be my maid. ?? 

Reagan Merrill 

thanks 2 my family for all their support, danny for keepin 
me outa trouble, crew of 96/97 mike. karl. ron, gonzo. 
ian, mike a., bret, jim, thanx 4 memories, crew of 
97omar. aron.ja. eric, brad. doug. for parties wed. nites. 
i miss you guys, lisa & carrie, you guys have changed alot. 
as far as i'm concerned the circle will never die. always 
remember, concentration, feet, blood, lawn, thinking spot, 
brooke, what can i say hon. you're the older sister i never 
had. i love you to death babe, you've helped with a lot and 
i'll never 4get you. you can't leave me. "don't we know 
you from somewhere?" parties slams, miller-hops, b-train. 
shannon, you're still my bud even though we've drifted 
apart, we were wrong, superman and robin aren't 4ever. 
but we'll always have bedford. fawn lake, stairs, ham. 
closets, good luck with the salon, elva, mik, phets luv ya 
all. stinky, you rock african bombadda bootie. luv ya like 
a sis, even if ya stink, tommyc. you are my best guy friend 
in the whole world, i love you chia. gas masks, spooky 
world, scream, van, dudly. to the dormies holmes, bama, 
mike. mark, nick, joe, mack, wendy, kim, dusty, and 
everyone else, erin for just bein you. chicken, window 
talks, closets, ham, 2a.m. sledding etc. jess, for takin 
care of the chomgee next door, julie, you donkasecki. 
amy. kristin, marrianne, carrie, cara a., luv ya all. rose-e 
4 bein beautiful, sean and alaena. i love you with all my 
heart, even though i'll be leaving soon you can always call 
on me. no matter what you'll always be my brother and 
sister, mom and dad, i finally did it. thanx 4 kickin my 
butt when i wanted to give up. love you. jay , abs, bianca. 
for keepin me laughin. akuna matata. old market, south 
park. .. old garage gang miss ya. we had some fun times, 
torrey, i luv you harry, jackie, kara, carmen, moose, jon, 
jerry, etc. i'm comin home! smurf.i love you with all my 
heart, you've given so much and all i can say is 2001 baby, 
mama/papa smurf thanx 4 cris. myself for bein so darn 
funny.class of 98, we finally did it guys, good luck in all 
you do. if i meant 2 put you in, sorry, if i just didn't put 
you in there was probably a reason. 

Akil Mondesir 

To my Family: thanks for all the support through the 
years, Stacy thanks for putting up with me and teaching 
me to stand up for myself. Jason: you were the big brother 
I never had I can always tell you everything, thanks Mrs. 
Parker: thanks for brining me out here sometimes I think 
it was the best thing that happened to me. Ms. Gullage: 
thanks for being more than just a teacher to me you 
always helped me out in rough situations, I'll never for- 
get you, you help me get my license thanks a lot. Coach 
Byrnes. Fuscco, Leblanc and Peligreni: thanks for making 
a player out of a kid, you guys helped me out in all ways 
possible from rides to dinner at your houses, letting me 
sleep over to even getting me summer jobs then covering 
for me when I was late. Thanks. No one could of asked for 
a nicer group of coaches. Coon and Yarbrough: thanks for 
making me part of the family. To my crew: Jonathan: 
thanks for being my boy, ever since 6 grade we always got 
in trouble together, thanks for sticking by me when people 
wanted to kill me. Eric: You will always be my Ace, you 
know "Just do what ya feel and I'm gonna follow ya". 
Oderra, Chris and D.J.: Even though your not around yall 
are still my boys no matter what we will still be the 
ballier crew, much love to yall keep in touch. Norman: 
Even though you were a late comer to the crew I still got 
respect for ya. To all the ladies in my life, my Sisters: I 
just had to give yall a shout out you know were all we got. 
Love ya. Sarah: You were very special to me and even 
though we had our ups and downs I always cared about ya, 
I'm surprised you stayed with me for as long as you did, 
you mean a lot to me, and I hope you realize that one day, 
there are reasons why I am so attached to you, and I hope 

those reasons will keep us in touch, you are very special 
keep in touch, I'll miss ya. Melissa and Clarissa: thanks 
for chilling with me until Jon and Natasha was finished 
doing whatever they were doing, yall were madd cool 
about that. Jenn: You were my partner in crime espe- 
cially in clothing class, you were there listening to me 
complain about Sarah. Thanks for being a friend. Natasha: 
Thanks for not being to mad at me for taking all of Jon's 
time and thanks for letting me stay at your house and 
play Nintendo. Tracy: I am sure glad that I became friends 
with you, and I hope you didn't mind taking me places. 
Kelly: Even though we had our differences in the begin- 
ning I am sure glad we knew each other. To the Metco 
Girls: I can't leave you out yall made the bus rides made 
fun, Marcia, Kirby, Tamarra, Shara, Quianna thanks for 
being yall. To Jasyme, Kacie: thanks for all the loans yall 
gave me without yall I would of been broke Jeff: Thanks 
for inviting me to come and hang out with you, even 
though I never made it sorry for that. But I had to Work. 
To my basketball team, Pete: thanks for giving me the 
ball even though I could never finish my layups. Danny: 
thanks for always asking for more than lOO'* from me you 
really pushed me. Bobby, Vinny and Jeb: you were always 
the big men I had to deal with you guys made me fight 
stronger underneath. Ryan: the team is yours now I hope 
you continue the wins like we did. Shane, Eric and 
Frankie: Yall were madd cool to hang around with I will 
never forget those days when yall had best two out of 
three so I couldn't play. Keep in touch. To all the people 
that supported me in their own little ways thanks. To all 
the people that I forgot it's not that I'm not thinking 
about ya it's just that there is to many to thank and I'm 
not made of money. Representing B- Town to da fullest. 

Corey Moy 

First I would like to thank you dad and my mom. Dad 
you've been there for me even when I was the worst son 
in the would. Mom , you were there to listen to me. I 
love you both. Katie thanks for always giving me your 
hugs and kisses to cheer me up. Ryan you are the coolest 
kid I know-. You and your posse of girls. Ted you would 
always come with me when I was in the mood to play 
basketball early in the morning. Thanks. Andrea we've 
had lots of talks, thanks for listening. BE CAREFUL next 
year. Chris you always made me laugh. Jamie without 
you life would not be half as exciting, we have had lots of 
fun causing trouble together. Curt you were always there 
for me and I love you for it. You two made highschool so 
much fun. Pete (Rainmanl, I would have been in so much 
trouble with C/J if it was not for you. Thanks for watch- 
ing out for me. Angelo you are the funniest person I know 
(don't forget our promise). Alvin, you are my oldest friend. 
Probably the smartest too. You one fly Chinese guy. Jeff 
you were such a good friend and you were always there 
watching over me. Kim you became one of my best and 
closest friends. I will love you always. Brent, you may 
have annoyed me sometimes but you are still a good 
friend. Steph you were my Spanish bud and we always 
told eachother our stories. Danny, you were always cool 
to hang out with. You always watched out for me. Doctor 
Rashba, you are the kindest man I have ever known. If 
only everyone knew how much you have helped with not 
only my life but everyone else's you would definitely get 
an award. I love you for that. Ben you are an honorary 
Moy. Thanks for killing my neck in that wrestling video 
for Sociology. Emily you think you know everything. That 
is probably what I like about you. Mark you were so 
robbed on that call in your states game. Kacie you were 
always the most fun to tease. Just watch out for your 
hair. Erin the offer will always stand. Debbie we were 
definitely the two smartest people in Coach Sabs. Analy- 
sis class. That is why I switched into a lower level. There 
is nobody else that made me laugh more at a dance than 
Adam. I know you wished you were Chinese that is why 
you bought that Chinese Pride T-shirt. Jeff you are the 
coolest junior. Brad you were my favorite person to beat 
on. Jon you are one funny freshman. Corey, you might 
have pissed me off once but because of your name I 
forgave you. Rachel and Liz you to are yourselves no 
matter what people think and that is cool. Katie, I know 
you are 5'2 . Don't push your dog over when you tell her to 
sit pretty. Jeff, what is this liquid coming out of my head. 
Why does it smell like this. Chris thanks for lending me 
your library card. Mark I did not mean to kick you so hard 
in our Sociology project. Caroline we were in so many of 
the same classes this year. It was a lot of fun. Mr. Max- 

well, you were the greatest teacher I have ever hadl* 
Sorry' about the watergun. Akil you got so much better ii 
basketball. I wonder why so many people like you s<L 
much. Coach I've had some tough times in basketball bu[ j 
I also had the most fun playing it. Jen you make me lauglB 
how you are such a spaz. And also I'd like to say Thanks t< , 
the whole MOY CLAN, Jamie, Curt, Ben, Pete, AngeloB 
Brent. Jeff, Dan, Steve. Jenny, Andrea, Ted, Chris, RyanM 

Bryan Nash 

Activities and Organizations: Marching Band: 1.2,3,4, 1 
section leader: 4; Wind Ensemble: 1,2,3,4; Wrestling: M| 
Jazz Band: 2,3,4; Foreign Language Band: 2,3,4; FrenclB 
Club: 2: Spring Musical - Singing/Acting: 2 -M.C. of Stagfl 
Crew: 3,4 - Pit: 4; Chorus: 3; Chamber Singers: 4; MenB 
Octet: 4; Soccer - J.V.: 3 - Varsity: 4; Winter Track: 4r| 
Spring Track: 4; Before I even begin thanking anyone, I'M 
like to apologize to anyone whose name I misspell iil 
advance. It's a little after 1 a.m. and I'm not too quick o/I 
spelling. I'd like to start out in the traditional manner o 
thanking my family. I'd like to thank them for putting u 
with me for the past eighteen years; for letting me an 
my bands practice out in the garage and down in th 
basement without getting too upset at all of the lou 
"noise". For understanding that when I stayed up latt 
outside, working on my car that it was for a reason and a 
least it was keeping me out of trouble, for the most par 
Next, I'd like to thank all of the teachers that have had a 
impression on me. In no particular order (except fo 
grade): Ms.Mahn; Ms.Yoshizumi; Ms.McGrath; Ms.Thomai 
Mr.Joki: Mr.Piece; Ms.Almy; Mr.Cedarland; Ms.Falconi 
Ms.Vermier; Mr.Miller. Now to the high school teacher; 
Mr.McGowan. Mr. Joe Modzelewski for pushing my min 
even though you knew that I didn't want to do the worl 
and for being a very fair, educated and knowledgeabl 
guy. Mrs. Sullivan for being one of the nicest, fairest an 
non-judgemental teachers and people that I have evell.., 
met. Mr. Palmer for giving me a swift kick in the pantjj 
(metaphorically) and for making fun of your students in L j:\ 
light-hearted way. Ms. Barry (Mrs. Morris) for bring th] )- 
coolest history teacher I ever had and for getting me il I 
trouble at work (carriages). Mr.Sabourin for always worl } 
dering, "Is this hard?" Ms.Suprise for keeping eveiybodli. 
on their toes. Mr.Powers for letting me go in the weign I 
room. Mrs. Gullage for letting me come into homeroon 
late and not saying anything. Mr.Maxwell for being oi I - 
the wall from day one, even though everybody though) I 
you were a weirdo to begin with, and for having the mosl " 
original on-line name. Mr.DiPietro for letting me works j i 
my own pace, how ever fast it was, and for teaching mil; 
some of the things that I will actually use from higil:; 
school. Mr.Connolly for allowing me to be ambitious ani c 
for helping me find new ways to do things that I woullp 
have never thought of. Mr.Ullmann for, periodically, bmfn 
ing the most eccentric teacher I ever had, "Check you 1 K-i 
units!", and for pounding the blackboard. Mrs.Messma ft 
for the bag of Butterfingers. Mr.Low for putting up win l 
me and the whole crew in late February - early Marcll 
Mr.Reagan for so many things, but since I have to kee 
this under 1000 words, I'll only name a few: letting ir ( 
take the quads home the first week, being a fabuloi 
musician, music interpreter and music teacher, for hel] 
ing me (with Wolfie and Geary) publish my first book, ft 
broadening my musical abilities as well as interests, ant B 
first and foremost for being my favorite teacher of a 
time and, of course, for "HEY NOW!!!!" Now all of tr 
non-teachers, once again in no particular order. I'd like 
first of all thank Andrea Reagan for her beautiful smile 
) Pat Moeschen for the cheeseburgers, COME ON!!! Ji 1 
Morris for bustin' your butt to finish writing one mon j 
lick. Dennis McDonald for letting "Ringo" play the druml 
Thanks to the DA. P. and the Fe-D.A.P. for being a kicki 
posse, but I don't know what you're talking about. Steffi 
Iwanchuck for carrying on the legacy and keeping me c| 
the LOOKOUT!! Steve Wilson for helping me out soil*-, 
much on my car. All the people at my lunch table juniJ • 
year for bugging me about when it would be done. Kat 
for many things including going to all but one of our shov I 
and paying every time, for being there to talk to ail ; 
time, giving me free stuff at Breuggers, and so mai ■] 
other things, but you probably know all of them. Mariani 
for making great sandwiches and for that elbow you £| a 
ways seem to need. (GOATS!!!) Honkus for joining marc 
ing band and being so dedicated to it, unlike some oth I 
people. Everyone in the marching band for giving rl 


iny great memories. Coach Wilson and Coach Barton 
helping me at soccer. Krista for teaching me that 
aws are better than gum. Jen Mills for teaching me to 
. VVolfie for many things in marching band and wind 
semble. Geary for writing down quotes and for your 
d laugh. Matt Abt for teaching me the lay-up in 5th 
ide. Stephanie hill for the time we shared. Drew for 
ng one of the only people that believed that I could 
Id a car. T.C. for letting me learn how to drive a stick 
your car. Gabe for being my homie from the old-school 
;e posse and for being the basest in our first band, 
ke Boucher for your rat tail, beef jerky, guitar playing, 
1 your dads barbecue sauce. Pam Worth. Eric Asetta. 
dy Dern. Ian Watt. Lee at Sherwood Forest. Jen 
ipson for our song (I'm not rung Richard I. Tommy 
udanza. Meg Hammel for teeth. Carie Schamel for 
tches and rides to school in the morning. Jeb Brady for 
iting me at wrestling (only 11 more times). All of 
se people mean more to me than just what I have 
ntioned here, but it's late (or early) and I need to go to 
I I know that there are a lot more people that have 
ped me out and have influenced me over the years, and 
sorry if I have forgotten to put you down on this little 
, but you should already know how much I appreciate 
r efforts and I will never forget you. 98. 

Matthew Nolan 

tivities: Football 1,2.3.4; Hockey 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 
: 3,4 I would like to thank my parents; always willing 
.upport me. Spending every weekend and all my 
iimers at some sort of athletic field or Hockey rink. 
!;t of all the pre-school hockey practices. 4:10 A.M. is 
[ er any fun. Special thanks to my brother Ryan for 
lg my best friend and also being supportive. Being on 
same team together was awesome. He was always a 
or at motivating me. Now it is time for me to move 
:o College. Thank you to my Football. Hockey, and 
rosse teammates. A special thanks to Coach Sab for 
:ving in me and telling us to always "be humble and 
e ENTHUSIASM!" Coach D'Entremont: "Don't be in 
carry to make a mistake." And I can't forget Senior 
r in the AHaus hockey league. A very special thanks 
ty family again for all of our memories. Future Goals: 
king forward to be successful in whatever happens. 

Laura Olson 

i ivities: varsity soccer 1,2,3,4; JV basketball 1; Track 
lki team 2,3; French club 1; Building 19 member 3,4; 
L ract 4 Thanks: First I'd like to start by thanking my 
i ily. You guys were always there for me and helped me 
tl ugh any problem big or small. Mom thanks for under- 
s .ding me when no one else could and being my biggest 
f x>rt even when I don't ask for help. Devil woman. Dad 
f never let me give up and you taught me to reach for 
tl stars. Both of you mean the world to me and I could 
n BT ask for better parents or role models. Gunnar, you're 
a >in but the best little bro. I could ask for. Enjoy 
chool, believe me it will be gone before you know it. 
>ie you're the cutest puppy ever, psycho. To the '98 
: SUEY-we've been friends for 7 \ts. and my closest 
id through highschool. There are so many memories: 
soccer, sleep walking, "cool", Canada, sledding on 
treet, the cape, "so hot", our dances. Coply Plaza, 
be there", so many more, but I have no $. I love ya 
ERIN-yellow. Bill, english, wolf!, melby, our dance, 
o nix. Canada, rippin em up, "nice bod", "minty", flip 
i, cartwheels, zenith, special cream, nice Jalopi, sorry 
ly! KACIE-vienna, math, postcard from LA, spend 
6th grade, "are you for real", "I'm here for ya". koosh 
my video. Beach Boys, buddy system, for what it's 
h, fly song. JOANNA-yellow, Bill, flip game, thorn 
i , dance parties, walden. pictures. D4: STEPH-satel- 
lil d'angelos. cake, old movies, perfection. New Years, 
Fi ind Hound. MER-Umassin, Bently boy, french video, 
els in your car, New Years. MEG-debate team, bas- 
in, sound of music, New Years, JOJO-filing, yo yo 
being the funniest girl. BREE-'96and'98, chem, 
iuh. weird secrets, roommates, KATELYN-climbing 
, powder puff! we won), baby-sitting me, my gum, 
's party, MOLLY-otis, the dance, kickball, luscious, 
■ 1 ATASHA-"fui days", you guys made highshool great 
|F1 iiss you all next year. The guys: MARK-have the 
til ', shopping, fighting, markus. pipes, squirrels, angry 
, >e ills. DAVE M. -Canada, freshman year. DB. ski team. 

big white horse, driving your truck, gym. DAN M.-big D, 
the nites young, pretty flower, the tango. ADAM-tackling 
me. our pots, all of the long talks, thanks for being such a 
great friend. I'll miss you. HEVEY-yes!. yahtzee. being 
the happiest boy. MIKE S.-what a man. shut the window, 
decorating your room. STEVE. BOBBY M.. BRIAN W, 
MARK L.. ANDY G. MIKE K, BEN A.-penguins. biking, 
tenacious, letters. MATT A. -hole in wall at Nick P.'s, 
notes. VINNY-anatomy. powder puff, walking to classes 
together, DAVE G.-dancing, flower from Bickfords, being 
the cutest boy, biology, NICK D.. PAT D., PAUL L., JOEY 
B. -twins, #13, ambulance, drivers ed.. Guys of '96: WILL- 
dancing, friendship bracelets, jumping in mikes pool, '80s 
songs, always making me laugh, ski on mulch, tricycle, 
screaming at Marshalls, quoting Mikey, I luv ya Willy. 
SHAUN-talks during gym. satellite HAHA. helping me at 
Will's, DEFINO-beach. your car. buying you lunch, calling 
your boss. JARED-skiing. CK1. phone for free $'s. thanks 
for the memories I'll never forget you, AD, NERNEY. 
JAMIE. MICHAEL- Thank you for making my highschool 
years so enjoyable. Even though you were in college for 2 
of the years, you still found ways to help me enjoy 
highschool from there. We have so many memories: Maine, 
rummikub, car battery, July 14. June 6, no your eyes, 
mini golf, massages, always getting lost, beach at nite. 
Fox and the Hound, Great Meadows, rollerblading. 
Canobie. Harvard Sq.. Blue Man group, cap gun and 
bubbles. Mix Fest, and so many more to come in the 
future. Michael you have taught me everything. Even if I 
don't show it all the time I hope you know that you are 
the greatest boyfriend and best friend I could ever have 
dreamed of having. I love you very much and I always 
will. '97: COTTY-mac:intosh. boyfriend soccer games, rides 
to school, living in an apple tree. KRISTEN L.-fishy moshi. 
Train Wreck, You Sock, soccer party at your house, 
CRISTINA C.-crazy skills, shut it. shoot at it, GARY-ice 
skating, car rides, driving standard on great road, the 
nice houses, and for being a great friend, JEN R.-buck 
forty-five, I play club now!, MELISSA F. CONSUELO. 
MEGHAN W, and SCOTTY D. -neighbor. Thanks to TRACY 
G.-enjoy senior year you'll love it, RYAN K.-I'll miss you 
cutie, uhhhh!! The varsity soccer team of '97: "states 
baby" you guys made this the best season I could have 
ever asked for as a senior. Thanks!! Good luck next year 
KRISTEN you are the best coach I've ever had and the 
funniesti ladies, not for nothin, see ya bye, 1-2-3 on the 
line. CC isn't laughing right now I. You've taught me so 
much, thank you. I'll miss you very much in the future, 
but I will be back to visit I promise. Thanks to the Lords, 
you guys are great, thanks for everything you've done for 
me. Also thanks to Mr. Hunt. Mr. Sabourin. Ms. Gullage. 
Ms. Sullivan, and Ms. Keltner for being great teachers 
and Ms. Lohrum for being an incredible counselor. Thanks 
to anyone who I may have forgot to mention and don't 
forget the class of '98 is the best there ever was or will 
be. FUTURE GOALS. To go to college and be on my own, 
marry the man of my dreams and travel all over the 
world w/ him. then settle down and have a great family 
with at least 2 kids, and never lose touch w/ all of my 
friends here. 

Lesa Nicole Pierce 

Activities: Cheerleading - 1, 2, 3. Captain - 4; Honor 
Society 3, 4: Environmental Club - 3; Peerleadership - 4; 
Orchestra - 1; Band - 1 

Thanks: First of all, I would like to thank my family for 
always being there for me. Thank you Matt and Jenna for 
always reminding me to have fun. Thanks mom for help- 
ing me through tough times, and Dad for always keeping 
me "Daddy's Little Girl." I know it was difficult, but 
thank you both for letting me stay in Bedford to finish 
senior year, I will never forget. Thank you to the Lorusso's 
for taking me in. and making me feel like one of the 
family. Thanks Sharon for your understanding and for 
always lending a shoulder to cry on. Thanks Beth, for 
being my little sister and for letting me give you advice. 
"I didn't do it. ..he did." Thanks. John for always making 
me laugh! Mark, -what can I say-? Together we have 
faced so many obstacles. You know me like no one else 
does, and for that I thank you. It is not easy staying with 
someone for three years, the compassion and love you 
have shown me has made it all worth while. Thank you 
for always picking me up when I was down, and never 
letting me give up. Thank you for reminding me to 

always "Take the good with the bad." For Apollo 13. 
Buffett. long walks on the beach, phone hangovers. San 
Antonio, robes houses, etc. Steff- for being there for me, 
and showing me how to be strong. For cannons, Swiss 
cheese, Eisenhower. Rolling Rock, frosted mugs, white 
cars. Chip & Dale, rollercoasters. "Sploring." no men. 
Brendan, and for always being my twin. Joanna - for 
hickeys, dancing. Dave Matthews. Jeff s closet, Italy. 
"I'm going to go make out with Mark now." "They don't 
know the rules." and for helping me party. Rashmi - for 
yoga, aerobics and half days. Robin - for your cool sweat- 
ers, sphinxter folder, and your laugh. JoJo - for flying 
with me in Carlo's class "Beav-a-lot!" Amanda - for sing- 
ing with me, "scent of your perfume." Liz V. for rides to 
gymnastics, "Love Shack!." pickles. Jeff - for cheering me 
up when I was down. Adam - nice bum, "let me clear my 
throat." Angelo - for flirting with me, "fishy pen." Mike 
K - for Buffett and pick up lines on the beach. Dan. Brian. 
Mike S.. and Hevey. thank you for all the fun. Thank you 
to all the great teachers I've had, Mod. Spinosa. Miele. 
Keltner. Palmer, you guys made learning fun! 
Future Goals: Graduating from college with a degree in 
Interior Design. Starting my own Design firm, and retir- 
ing at a young age. 

Stephanie Potter 

Activities: Varsity soccer 1,2,3, Captain 4: Latin Club 
1,2,3,4: Cadet Choir VP 1: Acappella 2: Chamber 3: Mad- 
rigal 4: Musical 3,4: Indoor soccer 2.3.4: Softball 3: NHS 
314: Quem Club 2,3.4 First, I want to thank God 4 His 
unconditional love and 4 His forgiveness even when I 
doubted and lost faith. Thank you 4 the strength to make 
it through thus far, I know You will guide me the rest of 
the way. Thanks to my parents 4 love and support thru all 
I have done, mistakes included. 4 being my biggest fans, 
coaches, encouragers. and 4 your faith in God. I love ya'll 
with all my heart! DAD4 letting me break your nose in b- 
ball, 40verparenting. 4your example to always do ones 
best, MOM4 our talks, overparenting, a shoulder to cry 
on and good advise ROBIN4 being my best friend. Phys- 
ics-TP. ChongChungChing. lyrical dancing. "We are Buff 
women", bunny hill concerts and wiping out on the slopes. 
4being someone who listens. You're mint chief! 
CAROLI\E4being such a great friend. 410ng phone 
conversations4pressin,g the buttons ALWAYS, getting thru 
analysis-late nite studying- We did it!, ice cream breaks 
and everything else-your awesomel the opera snowmant 
To the QUEM Club: Major Poe,4th Cliff and 
marshmellowfluff. Jars, glowing rocks. 4your encourage- 
ment and trust-I love ya'll! Light My Tree! B.F.SLAVIN: 
Psy. class, pot brownies. 4being a great co-captain and a 
great friend 'That's enough outa u!" KACIE: flashlight 
tag, Secret PALS! 4always making me laugh JO: 4being a 
great friend and someone I can trust, 4taking me golfing. 
OH MY -OSH- FORE!!!!!!!. Pepperill and the deer, and 4 
rice pudding PADDY: 4 being so awesome and funny. 4 
jinxing my goal kicks. 4 sitting withC-C "That's enough 
outa u #511. SOUPer! JO and PADDY: What the SOUP 
are u doing? SL T EY: I let u meg me on purpose! 4 the fun 
we had on our many teams and4 always making fun of me( 
love ya) -P- LAURA: No Mo! 4 ceramics and your friend- 
ship JESSIE: 4 being my roomie. 4breaking the 
shower,4being jealous of me-tools. steamin windows.4 
your humor and love of starbursts. RASHMI: "It's level 5- 
deal, 4sitting with C-C, 4 always getting lost with me 
and4 vour driving skills-your an awesome friend- Not 
caring, SHUT UP! KATffi! UNA MOCHILA! and the deer 
incident SOCCER CAMP: Keri Strug, Lee swong 
swong.'Your the Inspiration", Paddy and the gum. Power 
bars. "How can I live...". TEAM: thanks 4 the laughs, the 
hard work and the memories-COACH: Your Awesome, 
thanks 4 everything!!! I am NEVER going to your house 
again! KERRI: thanks to my big-little sis 4 everything!- 
are ya'll twins? 4gargling in pools. Veggie tales-the bunny, 
your verses and tapes, your songs for God and our perfect 
harmony. I would wander weary miles to see the sunrise 
of YOUR smile! I love u! Future Goals: to become a 
teacher overseas and really make a difference, to always 
play soccer, to be joyful and to '"live up to what I have 
already obtained." 

Daniel Rashba 

Activities: Class President 1,2.3,4/ Varsity Basketball 
1,2,3,4/ Varsity Soccer 1,2.3.4/ Team Friendly's 3,4/ First 
I'd like to thank my parents. Mom & Dad, your guidance 
& support was what got me through a lot of tough situa- 


tions & knowing that you loved me no matter what means 
a lot to me. I hope someday to be as good at being a 
parent as the two of you are. I love you both. To AARON- 
your a great older bro and it was fun beating on you when 
we were little. MISTY- you're the best little sister ever, 
you're quiet, cute, and a chick magnet. To my boys.,CORY- 
you are the nicest kid I know. Even though you made me 
cry in the 6th grade, you have become one of my best 
friends Remember schooling those kids at the Lexclub 
and taking their money, and for always talking trash w/ 
me. DREW- For always being their to hang out with when 
everyone was w/their girlfriends. Don't forget where the 
buffalo romes, ripping my shirt at Metallica, & the 
N.Andover punchingbag. DAVE M. V-8. thanks for never 
using your knife on me. for Bentley, all those Pete's & you 
lasted so little time, next year you'll make it all five 
days. NICK- ummmmmmmm. thanks for always saying 
something stupid to get me out of trouble when I made a 
bad joke, for going through the Sophomore yearnightmere 
w/me, for always fixing my tie, cheeseburgers, hot com- 
modities, & for making every girl jealous w/that rack. 
DAVE D- For giving the fica lessons to Brandon w/me, 
comparing war stories, knee's, for having more DMV points 
than/me. for teaching me/how to tell how much a girl 
weighs, and gentlemens establishments. JEB- for all of 
our talks about women, lifting partner, "I own that". SAT 
class, the smell, teachers. & the green machine. WINNICK- 
for dressing up like me/on Halloween, for teaching me 
about motorcycle repair, and M&M's. KRUGER- for al- 
ways being someone to look up to...way up, for being a 
riot, for kicking the ball at the Acton kid. and for having 
the biggest s***kickers of all time. TATE- for driving me/ 
to school, for being my first Bedford friend, for sharing 
my 3rd whl, and for dating those seniors w/me. To MATTY 
RYAN & anvbodv else I forgot, thanks for being great 
friends. To mv chica's HEATHER- for being cute. STEPH- 
for saying "NO" in 5th grade. JOANNA- will you remem- 
ber me in 50 vears. LAURA- for the long distant love 
KELS and all the other 98 chicks. To CAREY for flirting 
w/me in public speaking. BETTY- for being my little sista, 
our shower, analogies, theRegal, doubledates, christen- 
ing everything I haven't. ..mustangs. SHELLS- thank you 
for our great relationship, for my nicknames. Cape Cod, 
Acton Friendly 's Waldon Canoeing. 206. 504. beach trips, 
drives for the heck of it. your cooking, massages, Commish, 
your wicked cool family, long talks, and for being worth 
the wait. To the adults,.the LEXclub guys for not getting 
mad loosing to me. Mr. Corliss, Ms. Keltner, Ms. Matthews, 
Mr. Maxwell, Mr. Mod. Mr. Spinosa, and Mr. & Mrs Reynolds 
for being great teachers. To COACH BYRNES- for being a 
great guy and the best coach this town has ever seen and 
you've always got the record to prove it. To KEVIN- for 
being the most motivator and source of guidance to me 
(aside from my parents) future goals: to open up a restau- 
rant w/Michelle, next to Beth's shop, have 2 kids and a 
Cocker Spaniel. 

Andrew Ratichek 

Activities: Soccer V. 1,2,3,4: Interact Club 4 
My first thank you must go to the Lord for always provid- 
ing the energy to sustain me and allowing me to stumble 
but never fall. Also I am grateful to my family. You guys 
have not given up on me even when it seemed hopeless 
and consistantly told me that I will not fail. This has 
meant a lot to me and I won't forget it. Jim, you have 
been the one to understand me the best and always offer 
a solution that makes sense when I am in trouble. I have 
followed your example in many ways, but wouldn't have 
admitted it until now, and your success has been an inspi- 
ration to me and sometimes the last thread to keep me 
sane and while still in school. Mom and Dad you know 
what you've done so lets not take the rest of this book to 
describe only a small portion of it. Jesse youve always 
been the quiet one one but many people swear your a 
spittin' image of me so thanks for being my quiet half. 
(You are about half of me) And last but not least, except 
in size, Ben, you will probably never be the spittin' image 
of anyone but you will always be a voice thats heard. 
Some day you won't be the baby anymore but I will 
always remember you as my littlest brother who sat with 
me and entertained me all through my surgery. THE 
CREW. Mike and Jeb you guys are the biggest two boys 
I've ever been friends with and we had plenty of fun with 

The Reunion at Nautilus. Thanks Mike for being friends 
since we were about three, going to the cottage, the 
River Runner, Baja 186, jet skiing, jumping off the pier 
and sneaking down there for Chinese food. For eating at 
the "Dead Parrot" and watching those creeps in the limo. 
Also our bike rides in January with rubber cement and 
rustoleum. and for night cruises in your IROC or my 
Porsche. Jeb, you've been the best lifting partner ever 
and put me to shame more than once. For owning the 
biggest and most ridiculous pecs in the Bedford school 
system. Thanks for NAR and spreading that around to 
everyone. Jeb for goosing it in our toilets, "It's a hobby." 
Winick for teaching about the fun of dirt bikes, how they 
go on the street, and for all the trips we took to WilFab. 
For listening when I wanted to tell someone about Ver- 
tigo and more, and for trips to mikes cottage with Jeb 
and waterskiing. DiSanzo for driving a DAA DAA WAGON 
liking it and for the time I slept over during Christmas 
break. We loved the Boston concert and trips to Mansfield, 
speakers. GTX. YZ 250. BBQ's and for your whole family 
always excepting me, and my eating habits, as if I were 
family. Anthony, you are a second uncle helping me w ith 
my car and and inviting me over, showing me my first 
concert. Kruger being a car buff and driving spiritedly on 
occasion. You're the best soccer player in the state as far 
as I'm concerned so good luck with that in the future. 
Also being tall and driving an under powered beat car. 
Matteo, V8, You always understood and didn't mind when 
I was a hot head, cruising in the V8 and our biking trip to 
your cottage. You, me, Winick visiting his uncles farm 
near Halloween, dirt biking and never crashing my bike, 
two person hole shots. Quality Painting Crew getting 
sick at the Concord, company days, jetskiing during lunch 
break, cranking low rider, rodding around in Nick's stinky 
van, shaky rig, 27 confirmed kills, cranking Trust with 
Nick in the church parkinglot in the battle wagon. Buying 
dozens of bagels and donuts, trips to O'Conners that all of 
us had to go on for one pint of primer. Nick you know how 
to appreciate food. Dan, Jon, Alvin, Jeb, Matt, Ben, 
Matteo, Tom we had a blast at Metallica ( Fishbowled the 
Fleet Center) Nick for BBQ at Jr. high parking lot during 
the foot ball game. Things that go bang and fourth of July 
with Winick. and listening to 80's music at even' party 
you had. Heather T. for being my little freshman and 
visiting me in the A.T room every day. Jeb, driving on 
lawns, sitting on my antenna, and posing in the base- 
ment. Mike for hitting the "supah bah" with me and 
dirtbiking at Concord, night rides on our mountain bikes 
and boxing in your basement. DiSanzo, Marrinating at 
your cottage, swimming in my jetski.watching truck rac- 
ing, our trip to Lime Rock with Jim and eating at Phillips 
Diner. For being my Mountain biking buddy after every- 
one else gave out. Dad for our trip see the Formula 
Continental, and buying me many burgers on the trip. 
Susan you had some cool parties sophmore year and we 
had fun playing soccer in the rain (you, me. Mark. Laura I 
Heather for living down the street from me and riding the 
bus every day until junior year. Mike for riding on the 
quad and trusting my work on it. AT NIGHT' Kacie +Enn 
for dressing up and video taping it with us and for all your 
pool parties I Kacie I Laura for trusting me dirtbiking when 
you hardly knew me, and going in the rain a few times, 
johnny, you were my second brother in high school, stay- 
on the staight and narrow with your eyes on the prize. 
Teachers who kept me in school: Sullivans, Mr.+Mrs. And 
Mr. Mod. Mrs. Jordan and Ms. O'Malley. Sometimes you 
guys were the only thing to keep me from walking out the 
door and giving up. You couldn't have done more for me. 
If I forgot you then please place your name in the follow- 
ing blank space and write the occasion if you so desire. 
Thanks to for and many other things to numerous to 


Shara Reynolds 

KESHIA your da realist spooke I know, so keep it th 
way! I hope yaH do the right thing!!! FELISHA you w 
always their for me. To my B.H.S. girlz JEN, ANDRE 
SARAH and STACEY.I'll never forget ya'll (we final] 
did it ' i Keshia.Tamara.Sarah. and Stacey good luck nei 
year; J. you too! Last but not least, thanks to M| 
PARKER! To anyone I forgot I'm thinking of you too 
THANKS!! Much love to everyone. B.H.S. CLASS OF £ 

Dave Richards 

Activities: Ski team 2,3,4; Madrigal Mascot 3,4; Dran 
Club 3.4; School play 3,4; Latin Club 4; School play 3 
Art Club 4; Chorus 1.2; Mad drivin' 3,4. First of al 
would like to thank my Mother and my Father for prov 
ing the base for what has been, and what I'm sure will 
an awesome life, and my brother and sisters. Rick. M 
and Becky for taking care that I was tormented suf 
ciently as a child, and Aunt Kathy for her love and su 
port, and all my extended family for fun Thanksgiving 
and get togethers. I'd also especially like to thank r 
best friend Andy for more than I could express on a bo 
of these pages. Thanx to: Jesse B. for being there 
tough times and for giving me a car to forever lau 
hysterically at, Hannah for Ding-dong-ditch, and Thi 
Musketeers, and blowin' stuff up. and snowboardir 
Honkus for rides in the late cedes, and the zip line, a 
extreme driving, Frack for being Frack. and japanamati 
("Haiva - Dragon!" I. and to Mr. And Mrs. Weston for 
the times they fed my friends and I, Jeff for times raci 
the Jetta and for providing a good home for my hubca] 
Shaun for being the nicest person everybody knew, Regf 
for her mom, and an enjoyable junior English class. Ka 
B. for porno at Katies's, Marianne for . . whatev 
Sarah V. for the alert sounds on my Mac, Jen S. 1 
playin' awesome guitar. Nash for talking about cars, I 
Jo for mad physics and Ullman time, and Madrigal, a 
Andy, river, swim, Andy, water, Andy. . , Pam W. for ent 
tainment during lunch with Katie, and History class w. 
Mrs. Barry and "Fuaben". Kenny (Grundlei for beinf I 
Madrigal buddy, Paul Kadish for liking my driving. J E 
McGue for smiling in the halls, Danielle de Moss 
killing that squirrel. Meg for being a great friend and 
Pirates, and Laura for the most unforgettable four monl 
of high school, you will always be in my heart. I'd a 
like to thank: Last year's seniors, Ingrid I Grits I for sn 
ing when I tried to be funny. Allison Turner for graph 
class and ski team, and Em Ullmann for letting me pa 
on her pirates shirt, my wood burning stove for providi 
warmth of body and heart. Paul Lesure and the ent 
Mad River crew for the best weeks of skiing ever; eve 
one on ski team, and Mrs. Laver / Mr. Sullivan for thi t 
great seasons, the Art department and Music deps 
ment, and The Brueggers Crew, and anyone else in M 
rigal, and the following teachers: Mr. Sheinfeld. I 
Ullmann. Mr. Low, Mr. Hunt. Mrs. Keltner. Messma, P 
M.. Mr. Kelly, and Mrs. O'Malley, and everyone else^ 
missed or don't have enough room to write about, w' 
had good times with, you're all incredible. Future goi 
To go to college, become and Industrial designer, r 
make and enjoyable, and mostly honest, living. To 
apart and consume an entire Macintosh computer. To 
all over the world. To live my life to the fullest and hi 
fun. because it's not where you're going but how you 


Deborah C. Robertson 

I'd like to "set it off" by thanking my MOTHER & CARTER 
for raising me into the strong young woman I am today. 
I'd like to thank my sister CARLIE and my brother 
NAMYERE for being great role models for me to look up 
to. making sure I did the right thing, and helping me out 
whenever I needed it. Thanks to the rest of my peeps 
guys were all their for me whenever I needed it . JASON 
you were their for me whenever I needed you and you 
know how I feel about you , so " KEEP IT REAL !" 
TAMARA out of all my girlz we been though the most 
together and I'm sure we'll be going though much more. 

Cross-Country 1,2,3,4 Varsity 1,2,3,4; Outdoor Tr 
1 2 3 4 Varsity 1,2.3.4; Indoor Track 3.4 Varsity 3.4; E 
ketball 1.2; Spanish Club 3,4; Latin Club 3; Prom C( 
mittee 3.4; Interact 4 I would like to thank my mom ; 
dad for all of the guidance they have given me. You h 
both helped me tremendously with the many decisi 
and setbacks that I have been faced with. I don't ki 
what I would do without you. Thank you and I love 
both very' much. Fuzzbrain- you are the most preci 
thing I have and I love you more than almost anythi 
Thank vou and I will always love you. Emily- you are 1 
best friend and mv better half. Thanks for all the 
times we've shared: movies. MC Lyte. No Doubt. Thar 
givings, shopping, Amanda. North Conway, track, my b 
Pilgrim, sleepovers, cat and mouse, and just being th 
I know we will always be friends and eventually we'll c 
our own bakery while our cats are exotic dancers. Tha 
for everything. Love ya. Elena- thank you for being 
of mv closest friends. Even though we don't always 
along (Disc. Foods project), we still manage to ha\ 
blast. Thanks for Nantucket, cooking chicken. Ton I 


8 • : 


" jy, Spy Hard, cruising, our boys, those girls, the junior 
om, Monty Python, bad movies, Starbucks, and just 
■ing cool to hang with. Love ya. Amanda- thanks for 
ting another one of my best pals. We've had some 
vesome times together: sleepovers at Fran's, farting 
• , little Fran's head, baby bottles, who do you love?, 
dge, Garreth, bike trip, N.H. waterskiing, your family's 
irties, Toejam and Earl, Zelda, cruising Newton, all our 
;hts. Thanks for everything. Loveya. Caroline- thanks 
r putting up with me, I know it hasn't been easy. You 
J e one of my closest friends and I'm so glad we got to 
iow each other through XC. Thanks for Vihann, the rest 
my boys, Foss, NICE, letting me stay at your house, 
nning, Wallflowers, Moose, being absent-minded, being 
ry slow, and being wicked awesome. Love ya. Thank 
u Harkins for all the support you've given me. Mary 
in- you've been like a second mom to me and I appreci- 
1 e everything. Francis- thanks for teaching me how to 
ive, letting us beat up on you, and for letting me eat all 
ur food. My babies- I love you like my own brothers 
d sister. Barry- you have been a huge influence on my 
5. Thank you for helping me through some tough times, 
tting up with me for four years, and being a very close 
end. Paul- thanks for being a good friend to me, mak- 
fun of me, and for just being cool. We've had some 
etty fun (and weird) times and I hope we stay friends 
■ a long time. Robin- thanks for being one of my first 
ends, for Steppingstone, droplets, Hawaii, Cape Cod, 
ncing, make-up, our uncontrollable laughing fits, and 
irything else. Steph- thanks for California, Hawaii, 
epovers, and everything else. We've had some great 
les. JoJo- you were my first friend. Thanks for dress- 
; up, bottles, tea parties, Nantucket. Bethany- thanks 
Cape Cod, study hall, and everything else. Heather- 
inks for Wedgewood, Cape Cod, swim and tennis les- 
is, and everything else. Joanna - thanks for En Vogue, 
enth grade, photocopying Caroline's pic, and being 
1. Jen J.- thanks for Latin, Chemistry, our boys, mini- 
fing, shopping, and being a good friend. I hope we stay 
snds. Shannon- we've had some good times. Thanks 
5th grade, old man, stupid cat, New York, 3-2-5, Cape 
d, dinners, Mr.Rouvy, sleepovers, Algebra, Spanish, 
idies, and everything else. There are too many to list, 
ope we stay friends. Caroline K.- thanks for all the fun 
ff in 3rd, 4th, and 7th grades, SAT classes, N.H., and 
rything else. Brian G.- thanks for making fun of me 
i being a cool friend. Yung-Tsyr- thanks for playing the 
ose Game with me, XC, rides home, tickets to movies, 
I being a cool friend. Tiffany- thanks for XC and for 
ng an awesome girl. Allison T- thanks for XC and for 
/ing no legs. Mrs. Morris- thanks for Speedy Gonzales, 
b-in-the-middle, pumping gas on the "right" side of my 
and straightjackets. Jen S.- Grand Canyon trip and 
with JoJo and me. Hannah- thanks for running XC and 
lish classes. Kim- Analysis, XC, Physics, basketball, 
1 for being almost as whiny as me. Dave D.- making 
of me all the time and sitting on my friend's face. We 
I never get together. Jon, Dave M., Dave D., Drew, 
rmy, Mark- thanks for beating on me and making fun of 
and my hubcaps. Corey- thanks for being my first 
friend and for making fun of me, the 8th grade semi, 
1 Washington. Peter- Friendly's and the dinner I'm 
posed to buy you. Erin S.-8th grade English (fatigue), 
er classes, and Sherry. Alison B.- thanks for all the fun 
ff we used to do: ice-skating, playing house, cat and 
jse, and our cats. Terrina- Geometry (Geo. Chai- 
se), Analysis, Algebra, Chemistry, History, and all the 
ny stuff in those classes. You are a cool girl. Brian N- 
nks for having a locker next to mine, Charlie. Kelley 
banks for being a princess with me, you know we are 
d/s little girls. Mrs.Sullivan- thanks for English class 
running. You have helped me to improve not only me 
lish skills, but also my running ones. Thanks to XC 
'95, '96, and '97 (Greg, Andy C, Pat, Andy W, Brian, 
les, Kristen J., Heather, Lindsey, Katie S„ Katie C, 
is, Amy, Will, Adam, Beth, Natalie, Abby, Kristen A., 
i, Caroline, Hannah). Molly- thanks for History class, 
en- thanks for Latin, dorf, Chemistry, Analysis, and 
metry. Kristin- thanks for Latin. Mr.Fichera- thanks 
everything in 5th grade. Andrea- thanks for 8th grade, 
Rouvy, and all everything else. Thanks to Rashmi, 
a, Rachel J. and Liz for some fun times. Thanks to my 
y, the Acura. 

Krista Robinson 

First.I need to thank my family.Mom-for giving me con- 
fidence and strength. You have achieved so much, I hope I 
can follow in your footsteps. I am so happy that you are so 
involved in my life. I love you.Dad-caadboad-for under- 
standing what I go through and never getting me in 
trouble when you should have. Even though I don't say it, I 
love you.Alyssa-for giving me someone to look up to and 
fol!ow,putting up with my moods.being a sister and friend. 
Kim-Drop that potatolDid you hear what I sang?For be- 
ing a pest and someone I can count on. Remember our 
original songs. Brandon&Cecil-for being my two best 
friends.The Waterhouses-for welcoming me in your house 
and giving me a place in your hearts. You'll always have a 
place in mine.The Smiths! mom & nopelfor making fun of 
me and sharing children with my parents. For figuring out 
that we are doing something bad and catching us. Thanks 
for letting me in your house for 12years. Gayle & Brian- 
my "real" parents-For making me think about life and 
what I'm doing.For giving me a gift of some what "strict" 
parents .X-Files (getting me out of my house on Sundays). 
For Cheese and Nature's Heartland food. Thank you for 
always caring and trusting me with your daughter.I love 
you .Jane& Ed-Jane-for helping me make fun of Mike and 
coming to my games. Ed-for making fun of Bree and just 
being Ed. Mr.Huff-for letting me make fun of you. I'm 
sorry your family's always sick. Field Hockey-for giving 
me four years of friendship and fun. Tracy-Goalie's a hard 
job, Do it well. Danielle-for being baby cutes. BrianD-I 
love you.Pete-for talking about my body parts. Ben-for 
being my brother and friend. Curtis-for being my obses- 
sion. Nash-for turning everything into a sexual state- 
ment. Shaun-for being the sweetest guy in the world. No 
one will ever mean as much to me as you. Thanks for 
taking such good care of our pig.I love you. JoJo-fabric 
store. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Ruprect, For staying with 
me in Physics,being the best beaver ever. Mer-moths-for 
cover girl dances,so wait is there a game tonight?I don't 
cayah! Thanks for getting me so involved with every- 
thing and wanting to hear about my stupid guy problems. 
Meg-milky-keeping the nicknames, the milking kit, 
F.H.deep feelings.trying to say the hottie moths.frolicking 
in the leaves. Chris-for insisting that I go out with you. 
Maurice-for being such a MAN, being the best sweet 
talker in the world.and the cat incident. Guys of '96 and 
'97-Doug,Will, Fanelli, Oien, Oates,Todd,Gary ,Eric-be- 
ing so spastic. Cally-for Sundet's house. Pietchel-the 
poem.ceramics field trip, never calling me when you say 
you will. Nerney-dancing, singing, loving country & Garth 
& just being my boy.Craig-cahharing. Apple on your door, 
the lip that I see forming. Sundet-for mike's 
bed.understanding depressing problems.having my favor- 
ite belly button. Brad-for being scared of me on the 
bus,telling me why guys are stupid! testosterone), Jamie- 
for making fun of the way I talk(bus),Huey Lewis,and"that 
night" (Fear)?. John Bentley-being my boyfriend. 
SarafBJMcCay )-being a cool sister and so weird. Lee-fast 
car, kiss from a rose, barbies. You are five years younger 
than me, but you are one of my best friends. 
Pat,Nick,&Dave-partying and finding places to go. Johnny- 
helping me learn about life.being my first love. We may 
be distant.but you will never leave my heart. I love you. 
Katie-making fun of Mr.Huffsmoking in the shed.and your 
funny laugh. Molly-Is this your daughtah? I'm with the 
groom.give me cake.Job at lightbridge.this islyour name). 
Strawberry Soda, Poop.Tupac! You are one of my true 
friends. Chicks of '98 -P-Bench,dance parties.Jaci, Robin, 
&Krista Mac, Kristin's Cottage, & not going out with 
anyone else.You guys are the most important thing in my 
life. Thanks for giving me such close friends to get through 
.1 know there is pain, but you "hold on" for one more 
day!(oh,things'll go your way). Katelyn-ditching me in 
Maxwell's class, making me drive you homelin your 
carl.having le mange.&loving N.H., Walmart. For always 
wanting to"find people'and bearing at the P-Bench. Kristin- 
Linkage, Chris Webber & Dave Estabrook, giving me the 
futon, yelling at me at your cottage, solitaire, foot loose. 
One more thing,UMASS-Lowell=FAWNEY!(Clam your 
Clam!) Jaci-Jack Tripper/Chris Peterson, for helping me 
stop complaining, understanding boyfriend problems, and 
for having boyfriends that are so obsessed with each 
other! Matt+Mike ). Wait,are you sleeping at Sprite's house 
tonight? Robin, ROBO-12 Years Baby! Army boyfriends, 
Shamu ( Maximum Axle), Jaws.Travel Agents , Paul Ryan, 
Easter, He WRAPPED me! Most important-the Band 
with #1 hits such as :Go Touch The Ground, Just a Touch 

ofB.U.M. The game of questions, Why the..., I'm so glad 
that I had you to stay with me for our entire school 
experience, you are a true lifetime friend ,1 love you for 
that. Bree-for somehow becoming my best friend, the 
landing .caadboad in the field.THE Picture, Ed&Jane 
( rule# 1 , Ed is God,rule#2,no Bree's allowed ) the ALF rap, 
Akil at my house?, X-Files, Subwfa.the clubhouse, Pietchel- 
my love for dirty.smelly room, there's a huge L 
over my head-where? Paula bum walk, nun treefkeys on 
the roof), our competition (XXXXXL), Jr. Year before foot- 
ball games (my leg spasms), staring at the stars in your 
room.getting mike and I together, New years eve (never 
doing the yard sale),thinking about why things work and 
happen. The Fear night (quite an experience).! don't know 
what else to say, you have been the greatest friend and I 
don't know how I could ever live without you. I know I 
always have you to either talk or to not talk.Thank you 
for being my closest friend and favorite girl Mike-my 
baby sweets,, Denny's, the futon, cracking my toes ,your 
different voices on the phone ,nintendo ( zelda ), talking in 
our sleep, massages, the Aquarium, being I'm cute and 
you're cute and we're both cute, and we go together 
.Mike,Thank you for being such a big part of my life for so 
long. It amazes me how you can put up with such a 
complicated person. I value everything we have and thanks 
for caring for me no matter what I put you through. I love 
you so much. (P.S.I love you the most...o.k.we're even.) 

Marianne Roseland 

I want to thank my parents first for putting up with me, 
even though you hardly ever saw me. Dad, thanks for 
giving me the car to drive and walking to work, even in 
the winter; thanks for being so supportive and patient 
with me. Mom, thanks for giving me some space these 
four years and trusting me. Adrianne, for being my sister. 
To Katie for being one of my best friends: slush puppies 
on Christmas, cones, caruusing the keeno strip at the 
airport, helping me survive in Latin (I like goats), 
Proserpina (or should I say Joan of Arc), stealing all my 
clothes, flashing, lending everyone in the world (espe- 
cially me) money, Pumpkins concert, staring at Bryan's 
butt while bowling, plastic trash cans, Don't Go Out In 
The Woods, mentos, letting me cheat at dots, making fun 
of everyone in listener's guide, Saturday night porn, "I 
like Elvis", stalking Mmm... Bryan, bowling for shotgun, 
ears of corn, driving to a memorial in the middle of the 
bay, Flesh Gordon, 15B, Klepto Club, letting me live at 
your house and treating me like a sister. Sarah V, for 
being the first person to talk to me at school, introducing 
me to everyone, the base movies 10th grade, Frozen 
Grapes, for wearing red and green for months, for cruis- 
ing on base when I got my license. Jen, for your Belly 
shirt, singing me your songslyou can't speak Spanish and 
you smell bad too), Pumpkins, U2, swimming, streaking 
in the snow, brownies, hiding in the woods at Springs 
Brook, Christmas vacation, just happening to drive by 
Dave's house, for being there even when I wasn't being 
very nice, Lily, Sleepaway Camp, seances, being so ro- 
mantic and emotional it makes me want to puke. Emalie, 
for thinking about sex ALL of the time, your fascination 
with Barbie, being a Frozen Grapes groupie, the prom, 
porn, turkey baster, letting me and Katie wake you up in 
the middle of the night so you could spend the night at my 
house. Pam, for forgiving me for all the things I've done, 
I'm sorry. For talking to me in gym 10th grade, listening 
to music without your headphones plugged in, making me 
feel like an idiot in history, Pumpkins concert. Bryan, for 
bowling for shotgun, corn, letting me and Katie stalk you, 
letting us watch you work on your car for hours, liking 
your coffee the way you like your women, cones, smiles, 
goats, getting lost driving around Boston, ending up by a 
memorial, for reminding me that "hey, I need that el- 
bow", for making everything into a sexual joke,15B; Roy 
Rogers, I'll make you a sandwich anytime. Honkus, for 
being a very strange boy, Warped Tour, South Park, call- 
ing me Kenny, making fun of Sabrina and Eric at work, 
letting me bite your butt, never paying attention in soci- 
ology, try not to blow yourself up anytime soon. Andy, for 
making sure I'm always wearing my diaper, letting me 
drive your car, corn, saving me(cones), for showing me 
The Blues Brothers, beating me up, tackling me and giv- 
ing me a concussion, your bed, for going to UMass with 
me and Katie, following the trolley. . Sarah T, for endur- 
ing Physics with me, for being an actress all of the time, 
joining flags. Regan, for making fun of me and calling me 
dumb in history, being one of the most beautiful people I 


know, making me espresso, wearing the coolest clothes, 
history project with Joniughh!). Adam, for always re- 
minding me that "Marianne's got big ", for letting us 

pee in your yard. Jesse, for having the softest, prettiest 
hair but never wearing it down, surviving off free bagels. 
Jen D, for moving here and being one of the group, being 
so fickle, having an even bigger mouth than me. Elissa, 
for making fun of me and hitting me when I deserved 
itland even when I didn't), being the loudest person I 
know. Emily, for telling me your secrets and trusting me, 
even though no one else does. Dave, for still being a ten 
year old boy, bringing your Discman to work, keeping my 
Steve Miller Band CD for six months, crashing your car at 
least once a month. Stefan, for taking YUM! and WOW! 
and for : ). Shaun, for being one of the nicest boys in the 
world. Dan, for being Dan. for keeping me warm during 
band, and warming my fingers, and for being such a gentle- 
man. Jon and Jeff, for being great drum majors. Jen C, 
for practically blinding me with your coat, being so happy 
and cheerful, even at 7 in the morning. Flag Squad and 
Lisa, thanks for a wonderful two years, and thank you 
Lisa for putting up with me and Katie. Marching Band, 
you guys are some of my best friends, camp and the 
seasons were so much fun, thanks for making those years 
so memorable. Mr. Reagan, for being the best teacher 
I've ever had, the smiling Jack-O-Lantern. Thanks to 
everyone, I love you guys. To anyone that I might have 
forgotten, sorry, thanks for everything. Future Goals: 
travel the world, go sky-diving, become a doctor, have 
fun, enjoy my life. 

Jeffrey Michael Rossi 

Activities: Football 1; Hockey 1,2; Lacrosse 1,2; Indoor 
Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Snowboarding 1,2,3,4; Wakeboarding 
2,3,4; Dans Basement 1,2,3,4; TMM l.R.E.R. 4 First I 
would like to thank my Mom for keeping me out of trouble. 
And my Dad for all he has taught me, and both of them for 
being understanding, loving parents. Mike for being a 
great older brother and a best friend, Krissy for being the 
annoying older sister I never had, and Scott for being 
such a cool little brother. I want to thank my best friends 
in alphabetical order starting with ADAM ( AKA Blackula) 
for all the crazy things we did together, break dancing, 
Dolemite, "do you want to cruise the great naked?" 
"...sure", and trusting me with all you know and being 
able to trust you with all I know. ANDY for all the rides, 
"I got the best Idea lets sit in the back of your truck!" 
"That is the greatest Idea I've ever heard!" ,and for being 
Italian. BOBBY for making us look like angels. Killer 
bees, the blue tarp, and the high speed chase in Concord. 
BRIAN for River Rave, being such a punk, Africa, and for 
having a Acclaim. CHEA for starting all that trouble, 
Jessica, and for being such a good friend by always look- 
ing out for us. CHRIS for being so nice, Billirica stores. 
Goldfish, Turkey, Centerville. and "nothing compares 
you". DAN M-C-Grath for all the stupid things we did 
together, NH, teaching me to snow and wakeboard, cor- 
rupting me ( and all are friends), hanging out in your 
basement AKA the "Magnet", speech class ( I said six not 
s..), and of course the "Army Pond" in your back yard. ...Bull 
!. Also Mr. and Mrs. McGrath for my second house in 
Bedford and NH, you guys are great. JOANNA for the 
ride to nowhere, hanging out with us, and for always 
being there. MARK for being my best friend for life, 
having the hottest girlfriend, the stupid games we played 
in your back yard as kids. Lacrosse, the big pencil, and for 
being like a brother. Also, Mr. and Mrs. Larusso for being 
so kind and having me over all the time and of course the 
PIZZA! MIKE K. for being so responsible, I rather not, 
working all the time, and for putting up with me as weird 
as I got. MIKE S. for being my best friend the longest, 
backing me up, all the rides you gave me to 

school What?, being the life of the party, sorry about 

the splinter, paint ball, and have fun in boot camp sucker! 
Also Mr. and Martha Sullivan for keeping me scared of 
getting in trouble and the sausages. STEVE for being my 
first best friend from base, bringing me to the BX, hook- 
ing up my stereo, biscuits and gravy, waxin and all the 
other great lines. I want to thank all you guys for all the 
great times, I'll never forget any of you. Peter Allen 
thanks for being my first best friend and give me a call! 
Eric D. and Tim H. thanks for staying in touch even 
though you moved and thanks for all the trouble we got 
into together. Thanks to my boy AKIL for being my 

friend ever since we met, partying with us I mean 

working, and for all the laughs. Andy C. for being weirder 

than me. T.C. for being so funny and for moving in down 

the road from me I HOPE! Robbie C, I don't care 

what happened I'm your friend for life, thanks to Alvin 
for telling us about your parties. Thanks to Dave M, 
Mark K, Drew, Nick S. Dave W, Dave D, Vin, Angelo. 
Cory (Middlesex), and Jamie we should have hung out 
sooner you guys are DA Bomb. Lesa and Steph thanks for 
always looking out for me. Erin and Laura thanks for 
being two crazy swingin' chicks, thanks to Boo for the 
make-up. Kristin T. I am so so so sorry. Beth L. and Julie 
K. thanks for being little sisters. Thanks to Ellisa, An- 
drea and Kenya for NOTHING! Just Kidding you guys are 
crazy. John D. ( "HUGE"....snackpack?>, Jack (AKA the 
great white ninja....roastbeef?), Harry, Keith, and Justin 
thanks for partying with us. Omar, Jay L., Anurag. Doug 
R., Brad, Eric S., Sundet, and Todd for letting us party 
with you. Thanks to THW. Thanks to Tom M.( finding my 
pager), Scott E., Johny Blaze, John T, the Twins, Mikey 
M., Matt W, and Greg T. Thanks to Mr. Sabourin for 
being a ENTHUSIASTIC teacher for 2 years, Mrs. Devaney 
for letting me in her class, Mrs. O'Malley and Mr. Duggan 
for not killing me. Mr. Thompson and Mr. Maxwell for 
being so cool. Mrs. Luke for not giving me a detention, 
the Hockey Coaches for letting me play.. And of Course 
The Great Mr. PALMER for the six packs and the stogies. 
As for Coach Snow, Coach Edwards, Ms. E strada, Ms. 

Handel, Ms. Caves, Ms.Serfricas and bus drivers My 

Mother said that if I had nothing nice to say don't say any 
thing at all. Thanks to Kristin Nicole for our first kiss, 
Nov. 18, Feb. 18, the short cut to Burger King, bank.... ATM 
same thing!, all the movies we went to on time, your 
driving skills, NH. 4-wheeler ride, "just get on the Jet 

Ski and go!", Castle in the Clouds bottling factory 

same thing?. Lantern Lane when the man told us to hurry 
back to school before the bell rang, the pictures at the 
mall... " do you have a bathroom?", for putting up with 
my attitude, for always always being their for me even 
when no one else was, standing in the rain with your coat 
off.. ...your always crazy like that. ,143. Goals= to be a 
race car driver, stay in touch with my friends, become a 
pro-wakeboarder, and to either join the circus or maybe 
own an Oil Company. 

Bethany Russo 

Thanks for: Kelly, Caroline, Trisha-all the good times in 
taekwondo. Caroline-understanding my mean streak, the 
ten pound block of ice in California. Erin Slavin-going to 
all those clinics and camps with me. What were we think- 
ing? Stephanie-for being the strongest person I know. 
Erin Peebles-for the past. Kara, Liz, Jon, Mer, Caroline- 
Anatomy study groups-I'm going to reverse peristalsis. 
Rashmi-getting me out of AP Calculus, being treas. Rachel- 
for always having a few good stories to share with me and 
for listening to mine. Gwen-I'II see you in Germany some 
day. Alvind'homme chinois), Rachel-Were we really all 
neighbors? Dithe-calling me Babette, being cool. 
Tom( Bert )-for always being yourself. Molly! Marie ila plus 
belle, for Dirty Dancing. Ricky-for knowing everything 
about me, loving Italy. Stop lying and you'll turn out all 
right. Emily-the soccer bus, sharing information, 
Bertucci's, listening to me no matter what I was talking 
about, being secretly evil. We're twins, right? Meg, Alison- 
for appreciating my singing. Jen, Michelle, Carrie, Katie- 
JV soccer, Chris, Pizza Hut, Bonsai tree Carrie, Katie- 
Sticking with it senior year, going through the haunted 
house with me. Softball team-eating food all the time 
(esp., me and meg) JoJo-To succeed in math one must be 
ANAL. Buffy, Carrie-Soccer Trio. Carrieliking ALL the 
same foods as me. No Chinese, no cape cod. Kelly, Meg- 
little boys Kelly, Matt, Vinnie, Katie, Caroline, Ben- 
Beverly Hills, Party of Five. Kara-singing with me, al- 
ways being there, being a spaz with me, laughing like no 
one else can, crying telephone calls. I'm still taking you 
to college. Vinnie, Matt, Kelly-Blue Crew. Always wear 
blue, it rules. Hanging out in random parking lots and 
other cool stuff. Guys, Vinnie especially, I am not the 
Devil. Kelly, Alison, Heather-Richard Simmons, the pic- 
tures, chanting, cranberry bread, Alison's birthday pre- 
sents, weighing all of us at once, and all the other good 
times we've had. I love you guys and I'll miss you all in 
college. Kelly-Math test, oh no, math in general, nose- 
picking tee-shirt, calling/naming me Patient, free time, 
our Socrates video, baseball is life. Derek Jeter could 
beat up Nomar anyday. The Yankees rule! ! For all the 
other stupid things we've done-I love you and I'll see you 
at the next World Series. Alison-your hair/fro, J. J.'s class. 

advice on life, watching out for my health, being so eas j 
to share problems with. I'm going to miss you. but I sti \ 
have all your signatures because someday you'll be ft I 
mous. Love you, keep on chanting. Heather-What can I 
say? You've been my best friend for seventeen years, j 
can't believe you've put up with me for that long. You'vj I 
been there for every important moment in my life, for m I 
first step to my first time behind the wheel. You knov \ 
when to laugh, to cry, to comfort, and to help whe 
everyone else has given up on me. You're my other ha] I 
and I couldn't have made it this far without you. I can j 
imagine being at college without you, but I guess I'll havH. 
to. Never forget Europe. Pemi, Florida, and don't forge | 
we're traveling the world together while our husband 
watch the kids. I would mention all our memories, bu 1 
there could never be enough room for them. You're mhj 
best friend and I wouldn't change you in any way. Try nqjj 
to change too much at college, and I'll see you for the resl-i 
of my life. Mom, Dad-supporting me. pushing me to do mil. 
best, understanding I'm just not good at math. exposinnfl: 
me to the world. I love you guys more than you'll ev« 
know. AndreaYou've always been there, you always wil 
Scary, huh? Pete-You're kind of weird but I love yo 
anyway. Grandparents-I love you all, wherever you an 
and I'll try to make you proud of me. To anyone I forgo 
maybe you should have reminded me. Futur 
goalsuniversity, graduate school, learn Italian, marry 
baseball player. Activities-a lot. 
oh — u~g~e, 

Nicholas Sabella 

Soccer 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1.2 Captain 3,4; Ski team 
Indoor Track 2; Latin Club 2,3,4; First of all thank you t 
my very supportive family who have helped me through 
all. Mom + Dad thanks for supporting my decisions at! 
letic and academic Anna+Sara thanks for being cool+£ 
least trying to keep secrets The Lax Team: thanks 
Coach Snow, Edwards, Nick. Brendan, and Mike for all tl 
shots you took on me. Nick for taking care of me m 
sophomore year and for playing in Burlington with m 
Mike and Charlie it was great to work with you la: 
summer at the rec program, good luck to you both. Thani 
to Mark and Angelo for Captaining with me this year. 
Soccer team the stretching circle stories. State tourn; 
ment, to the freshmen: don't be burnouts; A gener; 
thanks to all THE CLOSEST and users of Pedros Lubr 
cants: FTM, moving cars, last nights of freedom, mou 
tain biking, lifting at Jebs, Junkyard runs If you brea 
those windows you'll payforthem car wash days, raisingl 
rukus double sessions junior year with golf balls, CoiT 
stantly ragging on each other, beeper bombs pranks et 
the painting crew; ThatOs a shaky rig, bee killing 2 I 
confirmed kills cruises in the smoke-show mobile, all thM 
escapades with the van: Jet-skiing in the Concord rival 
the middle school and the shopping carts. Kruger D 
vinci the balls mission freshman year, romping on the Va j 
on junkyard day $76.25? Latin. DiSanzo Scirroccolfll 
strutbahh swaybahh. ftEgonwagon, thanks for cutting nj I 
hair and for all the times we hung out at your house, Tail 
Jetta action, "Nick the mechanic or Nick the barber I 
Wootangkoff using your generator for night hockey Jeb | 
was walking down the street and I saw this guy and I w; 
like hey and he was like hey It's a quality auto that yd | 
own, you won't like this stuff if you donOt like heaM i 
music. Nautilus visits, latin Painting, "Smash it around 
Drew: for having more toys than you know howto fi II 
operate, or pay for. for introducing me tothe finer art 
FTM-ing. sandwich ofthe gods, red paint black leathfll 
Corey Moy andthe clan where are my shorts!. Matt fill 
being huge and being fast, Rashba for sophomore yedj 
lets forget it scrabble is no good, soccer latin I II III i j 
more translations. V8 jeep power, walking to school, tl i 
Lx8 pizza parties at your house. Winick you are you | 
neighbors worst nightmare come true, pool parties, yoil j 
unending pranks the rashba costume. Mike Presi | 
Vaahhsity Kid, g-o-a-l-i-e man, All American camp, tl 
kid from upstate "Duuude" To the juniors that hang o 
at Devins: KID what's up.Kid. Justin: relax and takejl 
deep breath. Alvin thanks for all the parties, snowboardiil 
was cool2, Susan molestation, cooking class and for Id I 
ting us crash at your house after the semi. Kelly than 1 ! 
for bein buds+ action in the nether region in Physics 
cruisin USA Joezagoon. Mer thanks for walking to scho 
with me and driving me to school all last year. Meg f | 
always distracting me from math and keeping the tin 
from dragging too much. Carli I don't really hate y«| 


okay. Geri. hi. Semi. JProm. Penelope. Sprom I'll tell you 
later. Thanks to teachers that aren't as boring as others 
Mr Palmer, Mr Sullivan, Mr Modzelewski, Mr T, Mrs 
Morris and Ms Hennessy. Future goals: enjoy college, get 
a job, get married, drive a fast car, and Play lax 
Rob Sanders Activities: High School Hockey 1, 2 First of 
all. I'd like to thank Jesus Christ, without whom, I would 
not have been able to endure through four years of high 
school. Without His guidance and unconditional love, I 
might not be who. where, and what I am. Thanks to my 
parents, for everything! The 4:00 in the morning wake up 
calls for practice, the videotaping, the shoulder I could 
cry on, the ones I could talk to when it seemed no one else 
would listen. The encouragement, the knowledge that 
whatever I choose to do with my life is acceptable in your 
j eyes, and you'll love me regardless. To my bro....keep 
your chin up. Don't let anyone tell you what to do or be 
Ccept me!) Keep plugging away, and maybe you'll get the 
hang of life. ...I'm still trying! Bevins. for the encourage- 
ment, and giving a shot to a sophomore from Alaska. The 
players, for playing their hearts out every game that 
memorable year. Ned for the manual and my twitch, 
Dave W. the superglue and itching powder, and burping 
powder, Dave M. everything else. Matt & Ben, Boston 
April '96 (Ryan's in our memories) and all the rest for 
understanding. And the "'Sandals". Gwen, for our argu- 
ments in History (which have yet to be beaten by any 
5ther class!). Laver, Maxwell, Keltner, Powers, you guys 
rule! Thanx Laver for helping me understand.... Mer for 
being there, and not judging me and understanding when 
others didn't (God bless you!) Matt J. endless street 
hockey games and fighting over whether it was a goal (it 
gas!). Those who understood after I explained. ...and 
accepted me. Z's "Can't you make 'em any sharper?". To 
Ms. O'Malley thank you, for everything. To all those who 
said I couldn't, I will. Thanks Bedford, for being my home 
for 3 years. It was a beauty. Future Goals: To go to 
:ollege, get my degree in Russian, play Division I college 
•wckey, get drafted to the NHL, get married to a beauti- 
ul wife, have kids, and have a long NHL career that will 
ihow others of who and what I claim to be in Christ. 

Robert Sanders 

Activities: High School Hockey 1, 2 

r irst of all, I'd like to thank Jesus Christ, without whom, 

would not have been able to endure through four years 
)f high school. Without His guidance and unconditional 
ove, I might not be who, where, and what I am. Thanks 
o my parents, for everything! The 4:00 in the morning 
vake up calls for practice, the videotaping, the shoulder 

could cry on, the ones I could talk to when it seemed no 
me else would listen. The encouragement, the knowl- 
edge that whatever I choose to do with my life is accept- 
ible in your eyes, and you'll love me regardless. To my 
>ro....keep your chin up. Don't let anyone tell you what 

do or be Ccept me!) Keep plugging away, and maybe 
ou'll get the hang of life. ...I'm still trying! Bevins, for 
he encouragement, and giving a shot to a sophomore 
rom Alaska. The players, for playing their hearts out 

i very game that memorable year. Ned for the manual 
nd my twitch, Dave W. the superglue and itching pow- 
I er, and burping powder, Dave M. everything else. Matt 

1 Ben, Boston April '96 (Ryan's in our memories) and all 
he rest for understanding. And the '"Sandals". Gwen, for 
ur arguments in History (which have yet to be beaten by 
ny other class!). Laver, Maxwell, Keltner, Powers, you 
uysrule! Thanx Laver for helping me understand. ...Mer 
>r being there, and not judging me and understanding 
'hen others didn't (God bless you! ) Matt J. endless street 
ockey games and fighting over whether it was a goal (it 
'as!). Those who understood after I explained. ...and 
ccepted me. Z's "Can't you make 'em any sharper?". To 

\ Is. O'Malley thank you, for everything. To all those who 
lid I couldn't, I will. Thanks Bedford, for being my home 
ir 3 years. It was a beauty. 

Future Goals: To go to college, get my degree 
i i Russian, play Division I college hockey, get drafted to 
I le NHL, get married to a beautiful wife, have kids, and 
I ave a long NHL career that will show others of who and 
hat I claim to be in Christ. 

Regan Schwartz 

: ienior thanks Activities: Student Atmosphere Commit- 
e, National Honor Society Future Goals: a career in 
ildlife biology, a trip through Europe, a visit to Wallachia. 
our years isn't all that long; there are so many people 

who have affected my life these last few years, that it's 
going to be tough trying to acknowledge everybody, so I 
beg forgiveness now, before I have offended anyone. First 
thanks to Pam, Ginny, and Ayesha; they have been there 
for me too many times to count. Pam, how do say thank- 
you for one million late night phone calls? For crazy 
anger, master plans, and main street canoeing? For 
validation? How do you say thank-you when you can't 
even say goodbye? Ginny, thank you for allowing me to 
be a little tyrant, and for not allowing our superficial 
differences to interfere. Hmm . . . (the zombie dance, 
mikes, old afternoons ). Ayesha, you are my oldest friend. 
Thanks for pony express letters, and picture boxes. For 
breaking my knee and for always making fun of me. I 
know you know that I love you. but now it's on paper, so 
it's real. Thanks to Andy, Adam, Dave, and Honkus, my 
happy little eunuchs. I love you. Anti-lock brakes, the 
underside of lab tables, AP chem., one thousand head 
rubs. I will never forget you guys, ever. (A special thanks 
to Andy, for always putting up with me — in all of my 
glory. ) And thanks to Jesse, for refusing to be one of my 
happy little eunuchs. Stephanie R. Thanks for being so 
much fun, I will miss you. Leslie, you whiny little brat! I 
LOVE YOU. Donuts and coffee and the inability to con- 
verse on the phone. Oh my dear miss Minchin, take care 
of everyone, they need you. I need you. Carrie, I love 
you. I hope you will always have access to a kitchen 
(because Leslie and I are coming over for cookies!). I 
hope that we don't lose touch, because who else will clean 
out your drain? Pat and Jeff, you might think that you are 
big and bad and scary, but I know better. Thanks for 
another perspective, and relentless short jokes. Marianne, 
I know you lived in Korea, didn't do your homework, and 
went to the Olympics! I also know that I am going to miss 
you, tons. Katie (take care of Marianne, and put back 
those traffic cones! ). Jen, your voice is beautiful, so is 
your guitar playing . . . Jamie Carpenter is not. Hannah, 
want to cleanup after messy birds for the rest of your life? 
Me neither! Let's let the little boys into the great horned 
owl cage. Hehehe. Shelly, take care of yourself, okay? 
And BE GOOD. To my political science class: I LOVE YOU 
(even you, Dave! ) Thanks for being argumentative, funny, 
accepting, and, well, the greatest class ever. Angie, thanks 
for being the ray of sunshine that you are! Molly, thanks 
for showing me how real you are, for not laughing at my 
poetry, and for being a friend. Tom, thanks for being the 
coolest guy ... if I have a son, I hope he grows up to be 
just like you. Ben, thanks for being my nemesis, we all 
need one. Katie B. and Caroline: Physics, need I say 
more? Well, yes. Thank you for back-rubs and homework 
and singing Ullman songs. Thanks for being the best phys- 
ics buddies. Alison, thanks for being "bad at ceramics," 
for discussing relationships endlessly, and for always be- 
ing willing to listen . . . and to laugh. Scott, thank-you for 
being you. You were always there when I needed you, and 
you never invalidated me (but you did make me watch 
Machine-Gun Kelly). I love you, even if you tick me off, 
sometimes. Hey, you're a Wiener, it's your job. Vanessa, 
thanks for introducing me to Xena (my future wife), and 
for always listening (although I did my share of that, 
too!). You are an awesome chickadee, and I love you. But 
if I have to kill you to get to Draco, I won't hesitate 
Geoff, what can I say? Thank you seems so inadequate. 
You made me trust you, you let me be insecure, and 
doubtful, and crazy . . . you loved me. You drove me 
EVERYWHERE, you put up with my Leonard Cohen and 
John Malkovich obsessions, you even dealt with the scary 
butch cop. I love you so much, and I will miss you, 
tremendously. I have had the best teachers BHS has to 
offer! You guys know who you are, thanks for everything, 
I owe so much to you all. Hey Mom, if there is one 
person, above all others, to whom I owe everything I am 
and have, it is you. I love you, I thank you, and I am 
going to miss you like crazy! Love, Regan 

Carolyn Rae Shamel 

Activities: sports and clubs. First, and most importantly, 
I will thank my family. Thank you Mom for never calling 
me the right name, attending my sporting events, cook- 
ing, sewing, being Polly PT, watching 'Ellen', and not 
pressuring me. Dad, thanks for encouraging me to do 
well in school, being my editor, taking me on great vaca- 
tions, and being a handy-man. Sarah, thanks for thinking 
I'm so "cool", backpacking trip, smores, beading, dolls' 
Christmases, haunted houses, and for being the best big 
sister. Steph, thanks for "ello", our tricks, being the 

typical irritating little sis, and for being the best little 
sister. Kibby for being so cute and persistent. Pablo, 
wherever you are, for only coming to me when I called. 
Thanks to Ransom for being my future brother. Next 
thanks to Bryan because you are always there when I 
need someone to talk to. Thanks for biology (belly 
breather 1,11:30 PM, sk8ing, boarding, playing ping pong, 
1/2 pennies, your prom, tictactoe, Decordova, and for 
telling me I'll never be as cool as you no matter what I 
do. Thanks for dealing with everything, and being a best 
friend. Thanks to Skot for bein' a bro'; listening to all my 
problems. Nat, thanks for hating me, then loving me, and 
cool talks. Thanks Patty and Ira. Patty for my "prom". 
Thank you Margie for calling monsters all day long, 
Mrs.Champas, haunted houses, there's a monster in the 
car... oh kapleeka! S"Hamel, beach trips, CAMPING trip, 
lifeguarding, bird paradise, sleepovers, and for always 
having the best time when we are together. Since we 
were 3, we've had so many great times, and I know we 
will continue to. Michelle- thanks for laughing so hard 
with me so many times. Sk8ing, snowing, surfing, Souper 
Salad, scorpios, Killington, quackers, FLORIDA 
(poolhopping). Thanx for being there for me through all 
the Bryan shoot, and everything else. I'm so glad we 
became great friends. Tristan, thanks for the love letter 
(haha l, playing truth or dare, sk8ing, history classes, and 
bein' a girlfriend . Matt... thanks for cool talks on the 
phone, snowboarding trips, and for doing a great Adam 
Sandler immpresion. Dave ( Chappie ) thanks for being so 
nice, loving Oldies, and Braveheart. Mer- thanks for 
gymnastics, skiing with care, sign language, 3some nite 
(the movie), and Micheal Motorcycle. You have always 
been a special friend. To the sleepover friends for Can't 
Buy Me Love, Dirty Dancing, many truth or dares, sleep- 
ing in weird places. The Witch of The Shawsheen, Potato 
Day, J.P. soap operas, and for having a blast 2gether. (p.s. 
thanks to Tom W. for marrying me) Thanks to Katie 
(Chodie) for being my best friend for many years. You 
helped me discover rug dancing, bum catalogues, Peter 
Pan, and most importantly, how to bargain hunt. I 'm 
pleased we have united again in friendship. Thanks for 
the Frankie Valli concert, soccer, ping pong. Pizza Hut, 
Salem, and once again teaching me to bargain hunt. Thanks 
for our never ending talks on weird subjects and for being 
so neat. Jojo- thank you for being the sweetest girl, and 
beating up pillows with me, Molly, for Mobs or Nob, 
singing tune of "Dear Liza", reciting Can't Buy Me Love, 
and "Istanbul". Joanna for beating me up, Mr.Shiny's art 
class, always Coca Cola! Puddles!! In fact, thanks to my 
whole Life Quest group: Jo, Mark, and Dave R, for being 
so obnoxious.... tropical fish! Mark K. for destroying my 
papers with "geek"! Joanna + Bethany 4 the soccer trio: 
peer pressure, and the day we died. Bethany- thanks for 
liking the exact same foods as me! And always discussing 
food, hair, and being on the News! Regan for always being 
alphabetically in front of me. and always being cute and 
nice. Leslie and Regan for d.f, dropping cookies in the 
floor, the boy in the heater, and cooking again this year. 
Leslie for photo + gym class, going to the movies, and for 
being pleasant. Bryan N. for crotches (on trees), and 
TEETH! Gabe M. for your barbecue, Mr.Donovan's class, 
and crushing Meg. Sean Shumarin for having the coolest 
name in the world, art class, spilling paint all over your- 
self, and running funny. Erins for getting our skis stolen 
together. Erin S. for ski camp. Rashmi for art class, 
loving my sis, our bet, joking in humanities-playing sticks- 
Dave M. for anonymous, breaking mirrors, and the 8th 
grade semi-formal. Corey for being soooo slow, but a 
really nice guy. Emily for the high jump and all the long 
track meets. Caroline K. for Henry the 8th, making radio 
stations, track, our snowman, and the Kiss concert. 
Caroline L. for gym class (mad dog). Steph for hair in 
analysis, and your water fight parties. Robin for wally 
( Katie + Sara ), confetti, skiing. 8th grade math and Alive. 
Katelyn for cheetahs and ouija boards. Hannah U. for 
being neat. Thanks to all SBP guards. Nick S. for intro- 
ducing me to boarding. Pat + Curt for Mrs.Hoyt's class. 
Jeb for french grades. Brian Cox for Sk8ing times. Pam 
for yummy deodorant. Eric G. for Ellen, dumb jokes, and 
not being scared of who you are. Also thanx to the whole 
soccer team (making states!!!)! bench team!! I, The Beach 
Boys concert, Jen, Ginny, Keri ( for the UVM visit ), my old 
Girl Scouts Troop. Sarah S. for gym, Danielle D., Mrs. 
Sullivan (for having the most interesting class by being a 
sublime teacher, and helping me with my college essays), 
Mr. Sabourin for poppy seed muffins, Justin, Hannah G. 


for our rabbits, Alison (for Jem + Scout), Kelly for this 
computer controlling me!, Mr. Sheinfeld for putting up 
with me for 3 years FuTuRe gOaLs: Become a psycholo- 
gist, find my true love, and just be happy. 

Shannon Simmons 

Alright everyone. I have soooo many people to thank and 
not enuff space to do it, so bare with me. The family. 
Thanks to my father. Where do I start'' Through the good 
times and the bad, you've always been there for us. and I 
know you always will be. Without your guidance and 
support, who knows what I'd be like. I love you, daddy, 
and I'll always be your little "Nin". To Mom. Hey — Where 
would I be without you? I'm glad we've become closer 
through the years. It means so much knowing that there 
is someone always there for me — as a mother, and as a 
friend. I think about you everyday and how much you've 
helped me. You don't know how much I appreciate it. 
Never doubt, even when I'm in one of my "I hate the 
world moods" , how much I love you. To Stephanie. Even 
during our worst fights, never forget that I'll always be 
your sister, i'll always love you, and I'LL ALWAYS BE 
HERE FOR YOU. To Kim. My littlest sister. You've grown 
up way too fast. Stay sweet and cute, and always remem- 
ber that I love you. To the rest of my family, aunts, 
uncles, grandparents, etc. I love you all. Who next? 
Leeland. You've been the older sister that I never had. 
You've taught me so much, and I wanna thank you for 
that. You've helped me through a lot — especially guys. 
You always had this way of knowing what would work out 
and what wouldn't. You were right about this one!! So 
many memories. I don't even know where to start. Never 
forget Mortimer, Sheet-man, SASQUATCH, New Years, 
Menace To Society, "How's your eye?"etc... Thanx again, 
Lee. I don't know who I'de be without you. Just remem- 
ber — guys come and go, but friends are forever. Now, Boo. 
We've been best friends for three years now. Even through 
all of our fights. But we always seem to work them out. If 
it weren't for you, I'de still be the quiet little Shannon 
that I was before. Now look at me!! We need to thank Ja 
Lowry, Aron, Omar, Doug, Anurag. Brad, and the rest of 
the crew of '97 for giving us something to do every Wednes- 
day night! And the crew of our Sophomore year: 
Mikel Sandman), Karl, Ron, Ian. Brett, Mark, Charles, 
Tom D , Jim. and Mike Alexander. Remember. Superman 
and Robin always stick together! I Luv ya, dude! Stephanie 
Crook. A.K.A Barbara. You, Kacey, Leeland and me have 
had so much fun just chillin'. Remember my Lucky Charms 
shoes, sasquatch, "I want an antfarm. yo!" It's been fun, 
and keep in touch. To Kacey. All of the classes we've had 
together have been so much fun and I won't ever forget 
U.S. History class — buck teeth, that's all I have to say. 
DUNKIN DONUTS!!! To Cara. We've become really good 
friends in the past two years, and believe it or not, you've 
helped me through a lot. Alexanders was a blast! Remem- 
ber going to see Scream at 12:30 in the morning and Mike 
slept the whole time? FUN!!! To Melanie. I miss being as 
good of friends as we used to be, but I know we'll never 
lose touch, because we're cousins. To Amy — BUCKY!!!! 
To Torrey— you are just an AARDVARK! !!!! To the girls of 
'99. Kristin T, Amy, Melanie, Kristin H., Cara. Jessica, 
Nicole, Kitty, Marrianne. Have fun guys. Last, but not 
least at all. thanks to Dave, for being the best boyfriend 
anyone could have. I know we haven't been together for 
too long, but it seems like forever. You are the best thing 
that has happened to me in a long time. Thanx for all 
you've done for me — you'll never know how much you 
mean to me. We've had a lot of good times, four wheelin'. 
New England Dragway.The DiPerna's house every week- 
end, and that's just a few of them!!! Thanx, sweetie. Now, 
to anyone I forgot. "Yo. my bad. dawg!" (Shara told me to 
write this). Seriously, I'm sorry. But I'm sure someone 
else will remember you!!! To the Class of '98. I wish you 
all luck in all you do. See ya!!! 

Jennifer Simpson 

Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3.4; flag captain 3,4; 
Spanish club 4; Yearbook 4; Drama club 2,3,4; 
Atmosphere 3.4: Tournament of plays 3.4: Int'l Cafe 
Band 3; Targeteers 2.3; Musical 1,2,3,4; Telemedia 3,4; 
Chamber singers 2.3.4; double sextet 4; Canyoneer 3. 
Thanks: To Greg: "Rant", your friends, your talent, your 
friendship. I love you. Mom & Dad: It's been tough, but 
it'll be alright. Thanks: For some freedom, the basement, 
the phone bills. I love you. Mimi: a true inspiration; 
unforgettable; sugarless candies; flowers; poems; the play- 

ground; chicken-salad sandwiches. Heather: my (god) sis- 
ter, confidant, love; for: Salisbury, fawn lake (goldfish!), 
Walden, Grand Canyon, (yes, I'm a guy. )-"jazz tonight", 
bathes. Lake Winnipesaki, swims. Boston-trips, cigars, 
and everything else I could love you for. Joanna: Peanut 
butter sandwiches, the jungle in your yard, darkening of 
the light, rides to school, the bus stops (..think he can 
move a rubbertree plant..), your mom's pancakes, nurs- 
ery school, being the most dear friend of mine.Pam: For 
Jamie (both), tutus, Ian, your kitchen ( 1/2 days), Zildjian 
Man, Bionic pen dandilion girl. Pumpkins con- 
cert. BONO. Chadwicks. the Cape, guitar, playground, for 
staying w/ me (8th). For being so you and no one 
else.i Dandilion Girl I Katie: "free concert". Pumpkins, U2, 
donating blood, supporting me (TT's & Colonial I, Goober, 
Slush puppies, youth group, hair dye; I love you. (Save 
You, Permanent Marker) Marianne: for your car. Pump- 
kins, U2, Colonial, Us and the guys, x-mas vacation, your 
porch I Brownies! ), oldies, Lily, Billy!, turning red, riding 
your ON your car, Lexington. Yes, I do love long-haired 
guys!. Slush puppies, parties, you're a dork! But I love 
you anyways. Jesse: For our "semi-nonexistent 
band"... (That's Marianne) Dave: See you somewhere out- 
side — Sarah: for your humor, ration, and intelligence; 
our "band" (we still can!). (Put your Hormones inPlace. 
Pariah, Spontenuity) Emalie: for parties, guys, your 
laugh, gossip, feminism ( ha ). makeup, cheesy horror flicks. 
I will never forget you. Sarah:, me 
the old woman, the dirty (Italian) old man, our secret 
handshake. Jason: for flings, friendship, my babbling about 
long-haired musicians, advice, and guitar.) Tomorrow's too 
Late) Matt: the proms, your support, your car, ice cream. 
I love you always. Andy: I know; I'm crazy... Thanks for 
christmas vacation, your philisophical comments and your 
advice. (Look At) Honkus: Freak! For bagels, random- 
ness, your OTHER car dipstick, underwear ); parties, 
(punk!). xxooxx.(Forever-the song ) Bryan: Geometry, 
Zildjian man, your butt, OH, BLAH DEE. .. quads, nice 
car. Won't forget you; thanks. ( King Richard, One summer 
Night, Conestoga Wagon) Charlotte: Thank you for your 
confidence in me, your free spirit, your faith. I hope that 
one day I will see what you do. D. Hoyt: words cannot 
express what a meaningful person you are. Thank you for 
everything. Thanks to: Amy S., Chris H., Mark E (Open 
Up to The Night, Miss You), Jake & Ellen. Alexander the 
Great, Romeo, Karl. Torrey, Angie, Reagan, Chris R., 
Stan. Juan, Jen 2-thanks for listening ( Coy, Want You l Jen 
3-wateraerobics,Alissa, Trevor, the rest of the marching 
band, my dear flaggies, Shaun, Elissa (Keep Me High), 
Kate Lynn Bozich. my entire extended family, Jen Dia- 
mond, Nancy & Charlie, Jed, Dennis- I will never stop 
playing guitar, Lluvia, Marcel, Ayesha, Lilian, those 2 
weird guys from ceramics, and Jamie C. (June, slip an- 
other one. Aeroplane, So Different, the Final Chapter. 
Runaway; i can't remember the rest. ), (B.N.: Thanks for 

Future Goals: To never get a regular job and to live up to 
all that I can. I promise I will never forget any of you; and 
if you're not in this, it's because i forgot, but i'll remem- 
ber you later — . Peace 

Stephanie Ann Skavenski 

Field Hockey-1, 2,3,4; Interact-2,3,4; Prom Committee; 
D4-3.4 First I would like to thank my mother, not only for 
being a supportive and loving mother, but also for being 
an incredible friend and listener. The past months have 
been hard and I couldn't have made it without you. Matt- 
1 know I'm difficult sometimes but thanks for sticking by 
me. Mrs. Warrington and Mrs. Simpson thanks for helping 
my family out, especially this past year. Lesa and Mer for 
being good and good listeners. Lesa-"Les go sploring and 
make kno men." Thanks for all the school night sleepovers 
and the good advice that went with them. 
Gettysburg="cuts the men like Swiss cheese," the rolling 
rock-put the glass in the freezer first! Florida="ls this 
man bothering you?-That's my dad!!!" the margaritas! 
Mer-Koolaide hair-how did we become friends??? D4, or- 
ganizing my life, being there for me to "vent", just being 
a LAAAADDD with me-the fries and the Arch twice in five 
hours. Kara-for helping me with my problems, teaching 
me a lot about. ...stuff! Shmeg-for always going to the 
movies with me. random guy pick ups-Lexington 
Carnival=Shawn and the Red Dog. also for D4. Laura-for 
the talks, eating a whole cake or Ramens, also the older 
boy problems-l'm the mediator. Joanna-All's I have to say 
is Jeffs closet-we didn't do anything! Thanks for always 

being there. Susan-you have really helped me out in th| 
past year, all the advice you gave me really helpec 
Angelo-for showing up at the right time, also for makin 
me laugh and smile. Curt-for being my second brother an 
for giving me hugs when I needed them. Corey-for th 
talks and for making fun of me and beating me up with m 
field hockey stick. Jeff-for our long conversations on life 
spilling your guts, and for the fun times we had partyY 
Adam and Mark-for being there when I was going througl 
a lot. Jamie-1 love your Chinese egg roll! Mark K-fc4 
sexually assaulting my arms. Heather. Bethany, Kelli 
and Alison thanks for our girls night's out and for bein 
awesome friends. Kacie-for the hand goop. eyaehh!!! Erirj 
for being my marine bio. partner, also for kacie's piece q 
gum. Bobby D. -don't forget we're getting married! Dannyl 
sorry I rejected you in fifth grade, you know I luv ya 
Kristin and Heather- for N.H. memories, SWA, all t 
play's and musical performances, the wolf spider, diap 
dude. Jessica Jill game, popcorn balls and pottery wit 
grany, modeling. Kendrathanks for taking me to N.H 
spin the bottle with Tucker and Alex! Jonny- for being m 
younger brother also for being there to talk to. Ben-f 
introducing me to caprise suns with pixxie sticks. Debbie 
for Hawaii and California memories. Torey + T.C.-fo| 
being sooo cool. Craig-for noodles and just being a cutis 
John B.-for being my freshmen obsession. Alan-for maH 
ing discovering foods fun. Joey and Dave- for being then 
for me especially this past year. Warrington family-fot 
being a second support system. Twombly family-for gi\J 
ing me a second home when I needed one. Mrs. Hill- fol 
helping my mom out. field hockey team-for NKOTB, an 
all the other great memories. All my friends parents-fo] 
everything you have done to help out my family this pasj 
year. To Mrs. Keltner, Ms. O'Malley, Mrs. Morris, M] 
Mod., Mr. UUman, Mrs. Peligrini, Mr. Sheinfeld, Mr. Corlisi 
Mrs. Sullivan, Ms. Walcott, Ms. Rull, and any other teacn 
ers I have not mentioned, thank you for your patiencd 
understanding, and support throughout the previous yea] 
Mrs. L-for being incredibly sweet, to Erin P-l know vA 
have not been that close recently but thank you for bein 
an incredible best friend you have had a great impact o 
me. To anyone whom I have forgotten-it is not that 
forgot you, but why write it down when I can say it 1 
person. Lastly I want to thank my father for giving m 
seventeen wonderful years of his life and for teaching mi 
all that he did, for makin- me strong and for giving 
the ability to succeed in life. 

Erin Slavin 

Activities:Soccer 1,2.3, Captain 4; Skiing 1,2,3,4; So 
ball 1,2,3,4; Latin Club 2, Secretary 3,4; Interact 
Prom Committee 3.4; Building 19 Member 3,4. Than! 
First I would like to thank my parents for always bein 
there for me and supporting me. I could of never gotte 
this far without you guys. I love you. Tara, for bein 
home, but never home, stealing all my clothes, and be 
a role model to look up ( down ) to, I love you. Uncle Dou 
and Aunt Pat for all the trips to the Cape, and alwa 
caring. I love you. Kacie- 1 guess I should thank you 
calling me in 4th grade and asking me to be your be 
friend, Florida 96, Cape visits, shed house, very fine hai 
"honey peas," our video (Barbie Girl), thin mints, Joh 
and Kendis, Jeff H, Rick, gymnastic's club. Barbies 
your front lawn, Tony, Beach Boys, SCORE, forks, sea- 
hand language, thank you, and sweaters. I know there 
a thousand more. Thanks for all the great memories 
wouldn't choose any other best friend. Love ya ba 
Laura- nice jalopi. Bill. Wolf, nice bod. minty, car tap 
rip 'em up, pretty, Canada, long talks, brown shirt wit 
vest, English classes, and most of all our dance. Sue? 
people watching , frosty. Steve Miller, the red flashin 
light, Wayne's World 2, UHF- the worst movie, Jan 
Jackson, your huge pumpkins. Building 19 hats, throw! 
muffins and spilling water, Canada, never giving anythi 
back, and never feeling guilty with me about people watcl 
ing. Joanna- STAPLES, "the jack", Bill, faces in thj 
mirror, "Gotta go," Steve Miller, Boston Market (bot| 
times), head driving, goggles, MMBop, manikin in tu 
shop, "Shut the window," apple pies, Latin, May 22, Jui 
ior Prom, and our Junior year. JoJo- doing activities o 
the visitors bench, Calvin and Hobbs, family night, lon| 
phone conversations. Barbie. Sophomore year gym, 'SI 
senior prom, breakfast club, and being the funniest girl 
know. Kristen L- train wreck, ribbons, breakfast clu ) 
"hoods up." fleece vests, being mummies, you sock, ta)j 
ing your chest, and Sparta bathroom. I hope you ail 



having fun at college. Danielle- thanks for letting me sit 
with you in art. Bob and his flamingo's, Arty. Doughy, 
Seiny, Mob Boys. Amoeba, the noodle, the Cape and all 
the boys, Nigal, and our hugs. Kara- cleaning Mr. Smith's 
house, African's United, not getting sand in your eye, 
calling Will, and making macaroni and cheese with water. 
Steph P- thanks for moving here, being a great soccer 
• player, Co-captains, saying y'all, caddy corner, BF Skin- 
ner, and always being positive. Meggy- Bambi and friends, 
toast eats light bulb, and softball. Kelly- Kelly and Erin's 
i Restaurant, and Africans United. Bethany- going to ev- 
ery softball clinic with sweaty old men and for loving 
Travis. Steph S- magic kits in our lockers and being one 
j of the strongest people I know. Kristin H- calling me 
Slaves, McDonald's bathroom, softball parties, Steve 
Miller, hanging out on the roof, and softball. Bree- mak- 
ing glue and being a retard with me. Katie A- for being 
I the Beaver. Robby- for going away for ever, broken ankles, 
I and being an unreal goalie. Jessie- letting me be your 
I confirmation sponsor, saying "Jam", and for being the 
I Jester. Molly and Katie- 1st dance. Robin- Latin Club 
| President and Sammy Bravermen's birthday party. Jaci- 
| touching Karen's hair and Latin Class. Erin P- being my 
I first friend and 14 years of memories, hope ya having fun 
I in California, miss ya, keep in touch. Karen T- getting 
I around Luke's and softball. Kristin H- for going to the 
j baby hospital, flowered sundress. Barbie, and softball. To 
ill the other girls of '98- Lesa, Mer, Stacy, Caroline L, 
I Katelyn, Carrie, Heather, Jen Y, and Michelle (Bruce). 
I Dave M- "you're hanging out" and ski team. Brent- capil- 
I !ary action and Adam Sandler. Mark L- crap paper. Macho 
| Mark, and Ms. Lukey Jeff R- Jr. prom, "shut the window", 
I harassing me and Boston Market. Dan- "Big D." Adam- 
I never cutting your hair in 5th grade and for being so easy 
, :o talk to. Mike S- for being "the man", not liking mint. 
I :alling me Skippy, and saying "Shut the window." Jon T- 
| ileepovers. Disney on Ice, and "half a grilled cheese sand- 
I .vich with no crust." Corey- boni macaroni. Winick- all 
I s'our jokes. Ryan- Sweetness. Vinnie- being the Slavagator 
I ind "Did you know the human head weighs eight pounds?" 
I Bryan- thanks for 4 months of great memories. Danny- 
I sorry about the nails. To all the other '98 guys- Marky, 
Drew, Ben, Matt, Jeb, Angelo, Dave D, Nick S, and Curt. 
1 1997 Girls Soccer Team- STATE BOUND: KC, Steph, 
I ^aura, Suey, JoJo, Joanna, Elena, Emily, Jester, Paddy, 
I Bethany, Carrie, Katie, Lindsay, Rashmi, and Sharon, 
iristin- for being the best coach, always believing in us 
every single one of ya), and saying literally. Mr. and Mrs. 
Kennedy- for being my 2nd parents, calling me PP, and all 
hat you have done for me, I really appreciate it . Sean 
vhere's my date? To all my teachers: Ms.Pascucci- 
hank you for caring so much and all of your help. Ms. 
iouzan- for all of you help and being so smart. Sorry 
bout the lead in your eye. Thanks to; Mr. Kelly, Ms. 
iullivan, and Ms. O'Malley for all your help. Mr. Wilson 
or being a great coach and Mrs. Morris for being so crazy 
tt softball practice and RL. Thanks to the entire class of 
38. Good Luck in everything you do. Future Goals: Goto 
ollege, get married, have children, and be successful in 
.'hatever I do. Most importantly stay in touch with all 
ay friends and continue to play soccer and softball. 

Robin Smith 

\ctivities:JV Soccer 9, Choir 9, Latin Club 10,11, Presi- 
ent 12, French Club 9,10 Interact 12 Thanks To: First off 
would like to thank my family. Erin for being a cool 
ister (remember July 4 '95 ? ), I hope you all the luck with 
•hat you do and I'm very proud of what you've accom- 
lished for yourself. Lee, you're the only one left now and 
ou will be for a while but I'm letting you know that 
ou're a cool kid. Mom & Dad, you guys have always been 
iere for me and I thank you for putting up with all my 
loods, thank you so much for being the best parents a 
irl could have. ..I love all of you guys. Now for my girls: 
an I just say one thing, why the ...?You are the best 
iends anyone could ask for, I love all of you so 
luch . P.Bench anyone? Katelyn- for the Carriage, your 
arty freshmen yrJDeez?), cruising w/ E-Dogg, freeing 
iy robo from the fence, sneaking out w/ me, neon clock, 
eeping my room clean, singing/ loving musicals with me( 
still like Collins the best), trips to Westfield, one 
ord... BEAST, living at my house, always being the first 
le to buy a cd, having a million + 1 diseases, Amadeus, 
Jtting up with me on the b. diamond, Jamaraquai (on fire 
r3 hrs.), Dave Matthews. ..I luvya. Krista-uhm 12 yrs.? 
hanks for army boyfriends, scooters, P.W cheerleading, 

4th of July's at the pool, Abu, snow bowl, One Life, ski 
trip of death, our letter.. .not long till we can open it, 
Shamul dangerous max. axell.Milli Vanilli, 1 word.. DEE J!, 
you have the cutest baby sweets. Holiday Inn '95, Kirk 
Cameron, Willy Wonka, The Krista R. and Robin S. band 
(Go Touch The Ground), having the same sisters and 
mom, Costco trips(85). Jaci- Feel free to stroll into my 
house at 2am. for hanging out with me and Ike, summer 
basketball, what's the P.O.P.P.A?. P.D.'s, Jaci & Robin 
Mac unplugged, diluey, "Oscar, I have a pony", putting up 
with fantasy league with me, diaper bum, always wanting 
to go to Chili's, your ability to sing loud without anyone 
hearing you, calling me Rhaabeen. Bree- for the p. undies, 
your fall with the cooler! never again). Pop Pop and the 
whip, Event Horizon, cutting mustard and eating it wV a 
spoon, tuna bagels, calling me the "domestic" one, sharring 
the chedda, the shame = the eggs, being the only one who 
appreciates P. Floyd w/ me, p. at the hole in the house, 
the night at Bugaboo, Steve Miller! the assasination). 
Kristin- for dance parties at your house, partying at the 
lake, SAT class! Wolfgang), the c-bench, driving me to 
school, D.D. runs. Chris Webb, partying w/ me after the 
SAT's, trying to teach me how to play pyramids, Robo's 
on the Hobo, Jerry, partying at that barn. Katie- 
Lolei&Zorei, Witchboard. Nilbog. Rusty's, your dislike 
for "dogs", surviving JJ w/ me, our notebook of top 10's, 
your shed, the burst, your career at the Lodge ( Zep fight ), 
Our friends of '92 (Keels etc.). DBU partner, the log 
where we'd sit, Geeca's jacuzzi, the "mix"( what was that? ), 
your Dad's southern accent, forcing me to like Frisky, 
feeling like beans, Nagy obese, your Obsession* Nov. 14), 
NOTRE, by the way, thanks for calling N.H. or else we 
never would have gone, Carma Camilliand never liked 
Boy George). Sara- for vacations at York Beach, Pout 
&Trout. our stupid fights we'd get in. Pizza Exp. scams, 
running away but leaving me at your house, watching 
scary movies, Whoopi Day, P. Valley camp for girls( Larry/ 
Beast). Molls- for being the cutest girl. Michael, thanks 
for always being there for me, playing games w/ me, and 
making me laugh. But you know how important you are 
to me so I don't have to tell you. So Babe, here's to the 
future. ..I love you. Guys of '95-Scott, Johnny, Matt etc. 
you guys will always be the seniors and we'll always be 
the freshmen, thanks for hanging out with us youngins". 
Guys of '96-Jamie and Nerney, Pietchel-hanging out at 
your house, gazeebo in Concord, DJ breaks. Guys of '97- 
Prom night. Eric look out for the fireplace, Brad thanks 
for stealing my car, Sundet you're awsome. Mook-for 
being baby cutes. always giving me DJ, for our talk on my 
deck (4 hrs.?). Thanks to the JJ Crewlyou know who you 
are). Nicole for always being up for stuff. Dave (say it 
ain't so ), Nick and Pat for being pretty cool guys. Caroline 
L. for summers at Hampton, Carrie for contention trips, 
and playing PinBall, Little Deez for your driving habits, 
Mrs. Robinson for being my second Mom, for feeding me 
taking care of me, and having mutual daughters w/ my 
mom. Kim and Sara for being our fans at the concert. Mr 
Kelly for being the best/ nicest teacher there is. My 
family at the Carriage House:Patty for having an intrigu- 
ing stories, Doug for being the coolest man/boss in the 
world, for helping me w/ my "problem". Also thanks to 
Ethan, the guys of '98, Erin and Joanna for three years of 
Latin, all the '98 girls. I hope there isn't anyone out there 
that I didn't mention. Future Goals: To graduate from 
college, get married, have a nice house with many win- 
dows, and become as much like Martha Stweart as I can. 

Heather Stewart 

Activities. . . Field Hockey jvl,2, V3, capt4, Interact 
1,2,3, VP4, French Club 1,2,3,4, Spanish Club 4, Swim 
Team 1, Student Gov't 4, Environmental Club 3,4, Gym 
Decorating / Prom Committee 3 Thanks To. . . Mom and 
Dad for all your love and support, for believing in me, and 
teaching me to believe in myself. I'm lucky to have par- 
ents as caring and understanding as you. Lauren for all 
your advice and being the best role model ever. I couldn't 
have asked for a better sister or friend. Peter I know I 
don't tell you this often enough but your a good kid and a 
great brother. Nana I love our chats about life, how do 
you know so much? You'll probably have to come with me 
to college to bake muffins for me and make my bed! Papa 
thanks for all the morning rides and helping me learn to 
drive. Foffie, for calling me smiling eyes and having a 
great sense of humor. To Bethany: for everything! Pemi, 
Europe, run away!, Disneyworld, Tampa, the rustew-rock. 
What would he be like 9 errrr!, get out of my brain, what 

if a dog peed on it?, parasailinglthe toupee), and all the 
zillions of things I'm forgetting. You've been my best 
friend and a big part of my life for as long as I can 
remember and I love you with all my heart. To Kelly: for 
being a goon with me, gym( nightmares about you know 
who ), ridding the bus( Astro boy, and berry berry kix I, and 
for laughing really hard with me about stupid things. To 
Alison: I'll never forget crusty, for caring about capture 
the flag, for ridding the km. and Tommy Boyi thank god 
we'll never have another night like that!) The three of 
you have been a big part of my life the last few years and 
I love you all . . . thanks for the chants, richard. cranberry 
bread, the north end, and everything! To Kara: for listen- 
ing and caring, skimmers, for being my bus partner, and 
always managing to make my life a little more interest- 
ing. To Jeb: for a zillion memories, walden, res walks, for 
being ticklish! rib counting), star gazing, one o-clock, 
aerosmith, all the nights of hanging out and watching 
movies, the 9s. for keeping me sane, making me laugh, 
and being a great friend and an awesome guy. How'd I get 
so lucky? To Caroline: for our morning adventures in the 
tan van. To Emily: you are the ceramics queen. To Steph 
for being sweet, and all our trips to York Beach. To Molly 
for being the most beautiful girl in the school! To Katie B 
for french 4 and the vendredi dance. To Ben: your the 
greatest Brotha! thanks for our chats, all your girl prob- 
lems, rollerblading, power-bomb in the mall, and most of 
all thanks for sticking up for me, you're a true friend. To 
Matt: you are the ceramic king. To Tom: for our Sunday 
morning dates with the little turds! 2nd graders stink i. 
and for being a mintie. To Vinchenzo: did they give you a 
name along with those rippling pectorals?. Hampton, 
buttcrust. all the concerts, and class piano. To the boys: 
Drew, Jon! gym rules), Dave Ml for wanting to blow up 
cars and assassinate our poly sci class), Dave Dlfor sociol- 
ogy and your moms great cookies l, Danny! spice rules), 
Mark! our farm plans and the big red blocks ), and Lhomme 
Chinoislgi joe rules, good times at your house, and ceram- 
ics). To all the 98' girls: pemi was great (skimers), 
Bertuccies night, tea at Mer's. superbowl night at Steph's. 
the Sunday morning Hampton Beach crew, and all the girl 
bonding session. You guys are great. To Liz Brady: for 
being a nut!, saving me in Spanish, running around wrapped 
up like a mummy, errrrr, bingo, and for being the greatest 
right link ever. To the Field Hockey girls: I love you all, 
good luck next year. To Erin Peebles: for being a good 
friend, even from across the country. To the 96 guys: 
Jesse, Chris, Tim, Andy, Jeff, and Jeremy, you guys are 
great, BDC will never be the same without you. And to 
anyone I may have forgotten, thank you for being a part 
of my life. Future Goals. . . To be happy, make others 
happy, marry a man who loves to laugh, and travel around 
the world with Bethany when we're 80. 

Michael Sullivan 

Activities: Football 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Hockey 
1,2; Partying 1,2,3,4 Thanxs to: I would first like to thank 
my mother and father for putting up with me over the 
years, Jim and Jeff for all the beatings in the back yard. 
JEFF: for all the rides to school and the army games in 
the back yard. DAN: thanks for all the times in NH 
BRIAN: for all the rides home from baseball. BOBBY: for 
being the biggest punk that I know. MARK: for the laughs 
especially the bag of fire. Mike: "I'd rather not" for not 
doing missions with us. Andy: for always a good laugh. 
Chris: for smashing me in football. Adam: coming out and 
partying with us. Steve: for wimping out against Jeff. 
Chea for hitting me harder than nayoneother than Hevey. 
Skoal: for the rides home from football. Alyssa: thatnks 
for making my senior year memorable and always being 
there when I need someone to talk to. Vin: for football 
and I own you. Thanks to my teachers Sabourin. Palmer. 
Maxwell, Hennessey. Bouzan, DiPietro, Petrillo, and Mr.C. 
Mr.Duggan. Also Curt, T.C., Corey, Alvin, Jamie, Drew- 
Dave. Mark, Andy, Dave, John, Jack, Ryan, John. Laura, 
Erin. Joanna, Susan, 00' girls. Special thanks to Danny 
Williams, Hurdy the fishing trips were great, and Paul for 
bailing me out on these thanks. 

Jonathan Tate 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Lacrosse 1,2,3,4; Skiing 1,4; 
Interact 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4(Treasurer); Environmental 
Club 4. First and foremost I must thank my family. I can 
honestly say that you guys were there for me whenever I 
needed you. All of my values and beliefs I hold today can 
be easily traced back to what you have taught me from 



the time I was an infant. It feels good to know there is 
always someone at home for me to talk about my day at 
school and how I did, as well as knowing that you were at 
every one of my games, even if it meant leaving a new job 
early. Thanks dad for giving us the oppotunity to travel 
across the country. Thanks Mom and Dad. Although I 
may not have always showed how I truly feel, I want you 
to know I love you more than I can put into words. 
Thanks Jeremy for shaping me into the athlete I have 
come to be. Almost eveyday we would play either foot- 
ball, soccer, baseball, or basketball. Thanks for being the 
greatest older brother. Jeff, thanks for always taking my 
abuse, although that comes with the territory of being a 
younger sibling. Also, thanks for just being there to have 
a good time, no matter what we're doing. Jenny, thanks 
for being the sweet sister I've always wanted. Thanks for 
always making a dim situation bright. You'll always be 
ray little princess. Finally, thanks to my grandma. I can 
always count on you to be there on all my birthdays, 
important games, and ceremonies, but most of all just to 
be there. You should be very proud of all that you have 
accomplished, I am. I love you all. Thank you. Danny-for 
meeting on our bikes at age 5 and becoming good friends; 
William St.; for turning a friendly bike race into an emer- 
gency room visit; lemonade stands; malatov cocktails; 
robbing treeforts; dual proms. Ned-singing on a chair in 
the middle of kindergarten class; exploring your woods; 
hockey; last tango; PMSR; thinking physically; B.C. (now 
we know). Dave D.- Balch Pond; mt biking; sling shots; 
changing sign in NH; burrito; patriots' day, lexington; 
dude at taco bell; chillin' in your basement; sick deals at 
the shop; DJ"S. Dave M.- for being my understanding 
boss; never getting mad; fairies and nomes; Bentleylyou 
would of had fun); allowing me to hang out with tommy 
while you were grounded. Ryan F. -backyard football; Rhode 
Island; Odville, bush It. and happy dog at Roger's; Lucifer. 
Nick- haircuts! never again ); auto repair! never again ), good 
record huh?; junkyard; snowboarding/skiing on closed trails; 
back-to-school party; frigid, late walk to dance; hemes. 
Mark-lowrider; spinky; hockey; ski slope brawl; being 
chased through snow by man in busi.suit; hyper stripes; 
"shady"; soccer captain. Jeb- jetskiing; soundgarden; 
perfume wars at mall; beavers, noah, and bird calls. Drew- 
rope swing; being jacked; cruising in the porsche(while it 
ran) during my unassigned and while you were attending 
the Ratichek school; dungaiii, dungaii; FTM. Winick- 
Reynold's project; parties; golf balls/bat; nick'n'slick; 
chillin' on mars; mike wells; pumpkins; Mrs Winick-for 
always letting us at your house and use your pool. Ben/ 
Matt-udefeated seasons. Ben-blazers games; hating con- 
cord. Matt-twinkle-toes; beefs with the AD. Al- sick par- 
ties, tyson fights, 80's music; semiformal; fatties; ethnic 
jokes; metallica; offroading. Curt-free-lunches; 64; hat- 
ing dorer. Tom- learning about inertia in your kitchen; 
halloween; letting Al borrow cary . Jeff B-shroud; cemetary 
gates; toothpaste; getting killed by greg ross in backyard 
football. Pat-driver's ed; tijuanas; being the coolest metal- 
head. Colin-Daytona, polaris, hooters, boogie boarding, 
s-of-the-b; Maine. Eric-the cart; disney; ossipee; New- 
year's'; neighborhood battles with Hugh. Craig-noodles; 
halloween; disc-dogging; Sudbury-valley; 9-1, ball boy, 
"I'm going in". Bentley-Levine; lifeguards-misties-pret- 
zels; "are you for real"; wanting a lowrider. Stockwell- for 
explaining Culver. Abel-for being english; getting beaten 
up by a girl. Richie, Allen, Brandon, Jonny, 
Bentley,Bobby,Craig,Eric,-work hard and you'll be 1999 
state champs. It was great playing w/you guys. Erin- 
disney-on-ice; sleepovers; "no crust please"; trading cards; 
carnivals; cape cod candy; your pool; backyard project- 
adventure. Kacie-pool parties; dance videos; Pennsylvania 
boy; JACK; bad drawing land; friendly s/track walk. Kelly- 
karate; team activities; hancock school; blind ambition. 
Kara- basement; wachusett; parties; r&c. Susan-rull; be 
dreams; Erin; steve miller; getting shafted on worst night; 
bus-dance party. Laura-triple black diamond in Canada. 
Joanna T-star watching; my sister; busride from revolu- 
tion. Steph-coed water fights; mute witness. Liz-coach 
greg, spookyworld. Joanna M-Janxin; chewbacca. Emily- 
anne green gables; spanishV. Elena-freshman study; 
lexington flick; ratboy. Mer-college hunting, "what time 
do you get off", towtruck; baby-back ribs; nhs. Heather- 
snarls, photo failures; wedgewood visits. Allison-8th gr. 
graduation. Bethany- parties-confetti; A&P study groups. 
Caroline-ceramics. Rebecca-physics help; saliva; being 
good to dave. Heather T-card games-war; Spanish club. 
Liz V-algebra; strawberry fruit bars. Jelly Kones-mus- 

tang; highway; heath's bridge; third wheel. Michelle-for 
being like a sister; letting me beat you up; Canada; post- 
semi; mini-golf; pickle fights; S.C.; la salette; being a 
good friend to beth. Beth-I hardly know where to begin. 
We've been through so much. The good, and recently the 
bad. I'd like to thank you for changing who I am. You've 
made me much more unselfish and realize how much I 
really have. Thank you. I won't list all our wonderful 
memories-it would take pages. I honor your strength and 
courage. You should be proud of yourself and never let 
anyone take that away from you. You'll always hold a 
special place in my heart, no matter if we're together or 
not. Love, JT. Senorita-office hours; iguana cantina; el 
tiburon. Mr. Griffin-environmental symposium; for being 
the most down to earth teacher. Coach Wilson-thanks for 
all the help with college coaches, etc.; phillips academy; 
for being a great coach-sorry the season had to end like it 
did. Dave Boschetto-thanks for all the time, energy, and 
effort put in to help us succeed and become a better team. 
If I'm ever in legal trouble, I'll call you. Future Goals: 
Graduate from a well respected university with a busi- 
ness degree. Succeed in whatever I put my mind to, 
marry the woman I love, raise two kids the way I was 
raised, drive a mint car, stay athletic, and live happily 
ever after. 

Joanna Thoren 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4; Skiing 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2; 
Latin Club 2,3,4; Interact Club 4; Drama Club 1; French 
Club 1; Thanks To: My parents, you have been there for 
me all my life. I hope I can make you as proud of me, as 
I am of you. You have taught me all that you can, and 
have been the best parents I could ask for. Mom- thanks 
for our talks, holding me until I could sleep, being there 
whenever I needed you. Dad- all the algebra extra help, 
and for being reasonable. Caroline- the best friend I 
could ever have. Point Break, Woocester? Sphincter?, 
Boston Caroline. You are the kindest person I know, 
never change, you know I could go on and on. Erin- Runs, 
our favorite pasttime, It's gotta be the Jack, Staples, 
Latin, clothes, etc.. I love you for who you are, you are 
definitely your own person, one more thing-Steve Miller- 
I love you! Laura- our talks in your driveway, our picture 
night, BILL!!!!! (both of them), and for understanding. I 
love the two of you, we have had some good times, don't 
ever forget them. Steph- I can count on you always, 
you're the strongest person I know; don't let anyone ever 
tell you otherwise. Lesa- you always worry, you always 
consider other people before yourself, I admire you for 
that. And to the both of you- "Sploring" and Hickeys! 
Alison- you're a true friend. Mere- we've been friends for 
a long time, don't lose touch. Meg- the little white room. 
Kristin- our dance at the senior prom (97), and partying 
together. Gwen- sunbathing. Kacie- What??? Susan- for 
being you. Jackie and Robin- Latin class, Would You 
Rather? Katelyn- Dave Matthews, and the Carriage House. 
Bubbles- agreeing with me. Carrie- stories, and Mr. 
Shienfield. Heather- for organizing everything. Elena- 
your party and dancing. Kelly- Cape Fire. Kara- you 
always provide a shoulder to cry on, thanks. Erin P.- all 
around being a great and fun person. Dave- always being 
there no matter what, stopping by, our night by the fire, 
and stripping the sheets off your bed. I love you, I 
always have and I always will. Jeff- for being the strang- 
est kid I know, stopping by, the ride to nowhere, I will 
always be there for you no matter what, thanks, I am 
glad that we got to be so close. Dan- always having 
everyone at your house, the BBQ ( the washcloth ), danc- 
ing,- you're the cutest boy I know. Adam- our long talks. 
Mike- "Shut the window!" Steve- letting me drive your 
Jeep, and eating biscuts and gravy. Chris- the happiest 
boy I know. Bobby- falling off my steps. Vinnieson- 
keeping me sane in Analysis, and piggy back rides. Jeb 
and Drew- for being funny. Mark- being my neighbor. 
Danny- "Will you remember me in 20 years?" I'm sorry 
and thank you, we had some pretty good times. Eric- our 
good talks and advice. Brian- our movies, thanks for the 
time we had together, I don't think you ever will realize 
how much you mean to me, I'll never forget you, thank 
you. Also thanks to- the Soccer Team- STATES!!!! Emily- 
fellow defender. Jesse- for being a rock. Steph- for 
saving my butt many times. Lisa and Jon- fellow Porcu- 
pine counselors. Ricky- Porcupines, truth or dare, Jacob, 
counselor tricks, cake, and for making me laugh anytime. 
Lindsey- being Ricky's sister, secret pal, I promise I'll 
take you out. Hannah- art. Kris- looking out for me, and 

being a second older brother. & Mrs. and Mr. Sarjian- th| 
sweetest people that I have ever met, thank you. Dar 
stopping by. The Thomas's- Cape Cod, skiing; Thomas 
letting me beat on you, making me laugh. Karen- Luke's 
Latin, and ski team. The Leary's- for being a secon 
family to me. Kate and Beth- the nights that the four c 
us had. Fanelli's-for being my neighbors. Thanks t 
Wedgewood. Sarah- listening, giving excellent advio 
and for being the older sister I never had. And finally t 
my brother, J.D. .sometimes you don't understand that 
am my own person and make my own mistakes, but don 
ever change. I can not imagine my life without yo 
looking after me, I will always be your little sister an 
you my best friend. I love you. 

Future Goals: Go to college, become a famous and ric 
artist, find the love of my life and hold on to him foreve 
and have a garden full of roses. 

Mark Tolwinski 

Activities 1,2 Varsity soccer 3 Varsity rifle 
Thanx to: All who influenced me. To my friends Jeff, Pa 
Colin, Mike, Sarah, Steph A., Steph R., and Jay. To e 
eryone back on Staten Island 1980-90. My family, yo 
know who you are. "If I leave here tomorrow, would yo 
still remember me? For I must be traveling on no 
'cause there's too many places I've got to see If I st 
here with you girl, things just couldn't be the sa 
'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, and this bird you cann 
change." Ronnie Van Zant Future goals: To play music fi 

Sarah Toole 

Activities: Drama Club 1,2,3,4; Musical 1,2,3,4; Orchei 
tra 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,3,4; Yearbook 3,4; Targetet 
3,4; NHS 3,4; Prom Committee 3,4; Telemedia 3,4; Cho: 
3; Spanish Club 4; Chamber Singers I would first like 
thank my parents for all that they have taught me ove 
the past 18 years. Thanks mom for making me do th 
things I didn't want but ended up liking, showing me ho 
to be a good person and making me look just like you. I'l 
glad that you are still here with me. Thanks dad fc 
giving me some of your math brains, being hilarious, an 
teaching me to love the game of baseball. There's lot 
more to thank you guys for but there isn't room enougl 
Thanks Phil for being such an annoying older brothe 
You've helped me develop a thick skin. Thanks for bein 
there when I needed you. I hope I've been able to do th 
same. Thanks to Sirikit, Oliver and Hector. Thanks 
whole bunch to Mel. Even though you moved away, w 
continue to stay as close as sisters and will for a Ion 
time. You've given me a lot of memories and I wi 
cherish them, always. Pam, I'm glad we hit it off rigr 
away. Thanks for all of your stories and introducing me t 
Kaos. You are definitely a unique friend to have. Jen 
thanks for being my Spanish buddy and passing notes i 
Geometry. I can't wait to move down to Texas and be 
waitress with you. We'll find Bubba someday, TwinkS 
Toes! Katie, you are one of the nicest people I have eva 
met in my life. You are an incredible friend and excelled 
at making me feel better. I'm so glad I have gotten I 
know you. Sarah, you and I not only share the same nan: 
but the same kind of mind. I'm glad I could help you t 
Christmassy everyday. Thanks for being my partner i 
crime on BHS Live! Marianne, thanks for being such a 
entertaining person. I couldn't have survived in Physic 
without you. I never have a dull day when I'm aroun 
you. Regan, thanks for being short with me and sufferir 
through all of the stupidity with me. You will definite! 
succeed in all you do. Robin, thanks for being the fir: 
Bedford person I met. Thanks for being so STHMAR| 
with me and having those wacky board game parties :( 
your house. Jen 2, thanks for being from Colorado. On 
we understand the greatness that is Colorado. I'm gla 
we became friends. Jen 3, thanks for being anothd 
Yearbook casualty and being such an awesome gal . Shaun 
you are the sweetest guy I have ever met. I will neve 
forget our 17th birthday celebration with the flat tire | 
wouldn't change a thing if I had to do it over agaii 
Thanks for all the Chadwick's experiences and shoving n| 
into the lockers. I'll try out for the football team ;j 
college for you. Colin, I'm so glad that I met someorl 
like you. I just hope that you never blow yourself up < 
electrocute yourself before we see each other again. Ar 
I still want your Mercedes. Jesse, thanks for being ir 
stand buddy in Orchestra and covering up my bad playin I 
You are definitely going to go far with your extraordina' 


talent. Can I have backstage passes for your first con- 
I cert? Dave, thanks for having such an awesome attitude 
all the time. I love being around you. I'll call you up if I 
| ever need any graphic designs. Andy, you can be a dork 
j sometimes but you do make up for it in making me laugh. 

Thanks for showing me how to chin people in the back, 
i May you always have a cool car. Brian C, I'm sorry I 
i didn't get to know you sooner. You and I are actually a lot 
alike. May the Force be with you, always. Trevor, thanks 
for being such a great hugger. I'll miss getting them 
every three minutes. You rock my world. Jon D., thanks 
for making me laugh and being so odd. I appreciate all of 
the rides and stories about gymnasts. You can copy my 
Spanish homework anytime. Jeff, thanks for being my 
' perpetual dance date. Thanks for tagging along. Jon, 
thanks for being such a caring person. I enjoy spending 
my time with you and sharing my brotherly woes. You 
are going to be a great teacher. Dennis, thanks for all of 
the wisdom that you shared with me and letting me sing 
my favorite song with the International Cafe band. We 
rocked the house! You're the best boss a person could 
ever have. Go Browns! The Targeteers: Jackie, Amanda, 
Kelly, Kristen, Tracey, Keran and Melissa; thanks for all 
of the great times. I miss going to work and laughing 
until 9 o'clock. You guys are awesome! To those seniors 
before me, Devin, Jean, Emily, Shawn, and the others, 
thanks for being such cool people and being nice to a little 
person like me. To those seniors to come Dan, Elissa, 
Alyssa, Steve, Tommy, and all you other kooky people, 
thanks for being such great friends. I hate to leave you 
guys behind but I will be back to visit, no doubt about it. 
Ms. O'Malley, thanks for all of your help. I couldn't have 
done anything without you. To all of the teachers I've 
had, Mr. M, La Senorita, Mr. Maffa, Mr. Low, Mr. Reagan, 
Ms. Keltner, and everyone else, thanks for the knowl- 
edge. To the nicest people in Bedford, Tom W., Joanna 
M., Emily G., Jon T, Elena V., Kelly D., Bryan N, Matt 
A., and others, thanks for making my stay here memo- 
rable. To those I may have left out: I love you all and will 
remember you until the end of time. Goals: Own my own 
florist shop, marry a famous baseball player, live in Bal- 
timore, Florida, and Colorado, drive an Eclipse and have 
many cats. 

Alvin Tsang 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 4; Lacrosse 3; Cross-Country 
1,2; Basketball 1; Snowboarding 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; 
Secretary 3,4; Musical 2,3,4; Men's Octet 3,4; Madrigal 
4; NHS 3,4; Drama Club 1,2; B-H 1,2,3,4. First of all, I'd 
like to thank my parents for all the support and love 
they've shown me through the years. Words alone will 
aever describe how grateful I am to you. Also to my 
Drother Gilbert, who, through thick and thin, has always 
oeen there for me. You are a great brother and friend, 
and I'll always be there for you as you have for me. Sister 
\nne. thank you for 13 years of inspiration, for I owe all 
try musical ability to you. I'll forever be thinking of you 
ind your warm heart. Now the rest of you: to Tom for 
3eing a great friend through the years, especially through 
ligh school. I look forward to seeing you at our 25th high 
;chool reunion. To Corey for being best of friends since 
second grade. You were always good to me, and for this, 
thank you. To Matt & Ben for being great guys. "Matt, 
•'ou bought "The Rock" soundtrack?", and "Ben, isn't she a 
ittle young for you?" J/K. To Jonathan for becoming 
riends in History II. I'm glad I got to know you well, 
>ecause you're a great guy to hang with. To Kelly for 
hanging my name to L'homme. To Alyse and Bethany for 
he "menage a trois" at the Junior Prom. To Heather for 
| aring about me when I needed it. To Emily and Elena for 
truggling through Physics together. To Kacie for all the 
iool parties. To Curt & Jamie for being my Chinese 
irothers. To James for always returning my beeps. To 
)an & Jeff for always partying on the weekends. To Beth 
or being sweet and "My Best Friend's Girlfriend." To 
Ais. Krueger for beating science into me. To Mr. Low for 
aking me to Florida and Europe. To Mrs. Rainis for 
leading the French Club and always having fun. To Ms. 
VMalley for pointing me in the right direction for col- 
5ge. To Barry Dyment, for being a great X-C coach and 
fiend. To the Men's Octet, for making me always laugh 
uring rehearsals. To the Varsity Soccer Team, for mak- 
ig states, and taking me along for the ride. And finally, 
11 of you who I didn't mention. You know who you are, so 
hanks! Future Goals: Go to college, graduate college, 
nd succeed at whatever venture I take on, not to men- 

tion having a good time, while I'm at it. 

Elena Vasilakis 

ActivitiesV.Soccer 1,2,3,4-Athletic training 2,3,4,-Span- 
ish and Latin club 3-Diving 1. Thanks: To my parents + 
Papou for putting up with me for the last 18 years, for 
being supportive and loving me all the way. Kosta- for 
being an amazing brother, parent + friend. I miss you! 
Jose- my "other" brother, come over and visit more often 
cuz I miss ya. To all my brother's friends who have put up 
w/me all these years THANX. JoJo- my bestest friend + 
my sister. I could write forever all our memories. Ballet, 
sledding, OJ commercials, piano, Tower, Nantucket, Ritz 
boxes, not having Barbies, voting booth, training wheels, 
soccer + basketball. I Luv ya. Never change cuz you're 
awesome. The Mclnnis'- for being my second family and 
all the love. Thank you, I love all of you and the Roofgoats! 
Emily- Friends since kindergarten, soccer, SBP, running 
amok, b-day parties, SMILE, Nantucket, dancing in the 
living room, Scream, unfluffy, Powder + being my sanity. 
Thanx for being grounded when I'm not. Debbie- my in- 
sanity, speech impediment, Monty, TommyBoy, I'm a 
hampster.Scream, Ninjas, Blacksheep, PHENOMENON, 
No Doubt, Sp. video, Adriatic Blue Pearl, Mad shopping 
skills, Our Boyz rule!'You're a loony" Basketball! Nails) 
Nantucket. Emily and you keep me in balance. Katie A.- 
My partner in crime, working at the mall, getting sus- 
pended, BDC Rosi girl, my "other'twin, B+B night out, 
Listening to me complain + being there for me always 
LUV YA! Lani- the other Elena or am I the other Lani? 
Our list, BDC.GOYA, dean + dimitri, driving Around, Ted 
+ all the other boyz in our lives. You're my girl + 1 miss ya. 
Robbie- My goalie, Latin thanx for all the advice about 
guys. I wish you were still here. Doug- Thank you for 
being a wonderful boyfriend for almost two years + the 
junior prom, I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, I'll never forget 
you, Luv Ya. Corey- for listening to me talk, making fun of 
Debbie.SBP + the summer before senior year at my house. 
I'm gonna miss you. Jamie- for being the only guy who 
didn't give a damn about anything. We had fun for about 
5 minutes but it had to end. D.B.- AMTI, Alan is hot, 
Corvette, Sergei, the back room , dancing to oldies, Bemis, 
I hate baseball. Jay- Sp. class, lab. Bio, #1, lollipops (get- 
ting me in trouble) "give me another beer" and being 
there when I need to get my mind off life PB- the prom, 
making Debbie happy. + dancing in the weight room.BG- 
unassigned and driving me home all those times Beth- for 
rides to school, singing, parties and being the sweetest 
crazy girl I know. Take care of JT cuz he's cool.Shannon- 
Brendon Desilets, Sp. class, Wontons, BJ to MM, Dave + 
Washington. Mark- JGMS, eighth grade,fixing my wall.U- 
boats. Bio class, "Have you ever loved someone?" You 
know me way too well, let's keep it that wayMaybe I'll 
see ya in college. Thanx for everything. Stacy- Junior prom, 
McDonald's "I am the great Cornolio",My party, chillin' at 
my house, Anaurag+Doug screwdrivers, Somerville 
dance.Michelle-my party, bloomingdales + just having crazy 
fun.Alvin- your crazy parties, homeroom, physics + beat- 
ing me with Mrs. Messmer's pass. To all my soccer girls: 
Laura, Kacielooky ), Suey, Shmee, Jen Y.Erin, Steph and 
Linsey F+F girls, we're gonna rule it all.Nikki- for being 
the best freshman goalie around, for making me 
laugh. Colleen-for being my "Little" sister, don't touch my 
thang or I'll pop ya one. you're a great soccer player, 
always remember that. Jessie-Stephen+other boyz You're 
a ROCK. Kristen M.-for being a hard coach but always 
being there for me +never letting me give up. 
DR.TW, JT,DD( I have your bunny )-Thanx for being cool 
guys to chill with and for beating me up when 
nessesary.Robin- bras,girl-parties,"I like you a lot" at 
Mark's house PB+J w/fiufT+ cakes w/out frosting Caroline- 
making fun of Debbie and "keep da twucks off da twack" 
and for being a cool laidback friend. Joanna- parties, sleep- 
ing at my house, dancing on the video, "I like to move it 
move it",soccer and long talks about Brians. Guys are the 
source of all evil.Kelley- Friendly 's, Study freshman year, 
Psych, your car, Kahlua milkshakes,the cat + all my boyz 
,"he's so cute",529,6125, Ugs, Mr.Donovan. Kara- Al the 
fish, Moy boys, homeroom, long talks, "our boy" you know 
who! spazzing out + laughing, your parties + lockers near 
each other. Fanelli, Jim. Russ- for clearing everyone out 
of my house, fixing things and the best worst night of my 
life. Brian Clemmons- for driving me around and not 
complaining, for being such a good friend to everyone + 
for always knowing what to say to me. Brian Fagan- For 

being a pain, Dudley road .working all hours at NH,"do ya 
want a hammock" guyz from Tewksbury+ for being the 
only guy over 20 who still walks to work. Thanx. Mrs 
Jordan- for making fun of me but always being there when 
I have a problem. Thank you so much. Pete Cacciola- for 
making my life mean something and always being there 
when I have a bump or a bruise. To anyone else I've 
forgotten. I LUV YA ALL and maybe next time I won't 
forget ya. Future Goals: To become a PT, make lots of 
money and marry a guy who I truly love. 

Virginia Elaine Vitiello 

Activities: ROTC(2,3,4). French Club (3, 4). GSA (since 
it was created). 

Regan, thank you for being my best friend and supporter. 
I love you. Pam: Chaque jour je la deteste un peu de 
plus!!! Thanks for all the funny moments. Stephanie: I 
finally found someone who understands my little quirks. I 
love you, porn-sister. Ayesha: Early Childhood! Sara: 
my favorite pessimist. Don't take any crap from that boy. 
Jeff: YOU'RE WRONG!!! Guillaume: I'll never forget 
you lending me all those CD's. Colin: you're wicked cool, 
even if you never talk. ..Devin: sorry about the wise- 
cracks. You make Pam so happy, how could I not love you? 
Colonel: You're cool, even if you're not Italian. Mrs. 
Sullivan: I don't need to tell you how much you've meant 
to me. I'll never forget you. Kristin and Lauren (and 
lately, Melissa): Not all Billerica chicks were created 
equal. Kids' Club: the best job in the world, with the 
neatest staff. Kim: K.C. has meant more to me than 
anything at times. Thanks for everything. Will Oleson: 
I doubt you'll ever know how much you've changed my 
life. Thank you so much. Mom and Dad: I want you to 
know that you're the best parents I've ever come across, 
and ever will. You've made me the person I am today. I 
hope, when the time comes, I'll be as loving and under- 
standing as you have been. Vanessa: despite all the 
difficult times, we have stayed close. I love you so much. 
Stay strong, and don't let the man get you down!! Geoff: 
My favorite brother, my future rocker. I love you more 
than I could ever express in words. Future Goals: Col- 
lege, Grad School. ..Psychology!!! 

Kara Volpicelli 

Activities: Field Hockey 1, Varsity 2,3, Captain 4; Swim- 
ming 1,2; Track 1,2; Interact 2,3, Secretary 4; etc. First 
I would like to thank my parents for always being there 
and supporting me. I know I don't always show it, but I 
love you. Nicole, thanks for being my little sister. For 
talking in your sleep, and Ant's Marching. It won't be the 
same next year if my roommate snores. (I don't know if 
I can throw stuff animals at her head. ) Thanks for looking 
out for me. I love you. Richie, thanks for being a cool 
little brother. For always playing your drums REAL loud 
and ganging up on Nicole. I love you. To my Bumbling 
Fools-Liz, Kelly, Joanna, Caroline, Erin S. thanks for 
balderdash, Littleton, the hairsprays, and all the other 
cools things we did. Thanks to the Wedgewood crew who 
spent endless days playing Truth or Dare, poker, and mud 
sliding. To my Anatomy girls, Mer, Caroline, Liz, and 
Bethany for late night sleepovers and cramming sessions. 
To all my Wind Ensemble buddies, past and present, for 
making it so interesting. Ingrid-WE, private lessons, 
Reagan's singing, and the horn blues. Torrey-being my 
fellow hornist. Ana and Anna-good luck next year, keep 
showing WE what's up. BDC-Mike,Tim, Andy, Chris, Jesse, 
Jeff, Mike, Dave, and Jeremy, for making it all the fun it 
was. Joanna and Caroline, for 17 and under swim team. 
The Nymphs-Lesa, Liz, Rachel, Heather, Mer, Steph, and 
Alison for our Pemi adventures. FH girls-NKOTB, camp, 
sleepovers, and team bonding. I love you guys! Good 
luck next year, I'm going to miss you! To Corey, Jamie, 
Brent, Curt, and everyone else who came and supported 
us, thanks. Mike Ross-for being my first friend, feeding 
the cows, bike rides, and Monopoly. Erin P. -for under- 
standing me better than I understand myself, the B's 
club, and all the advice you have ever given me. I love 
you and miss you tons. Tiffany-ceramics, C period gym 
class, and juice. Keri and Trin. -field hockey. Ana-Roufis. 
changing my clocks, and the chipmunk. Katie R.-rides to 
school and Okemo (Mark, Kyle, and ???) Rebecca-for the 
sunflower, Physics, driving around, and sleepovers. Elena- 
the B's club and our talks. Emily-hanging at my house and 
bowling. Matt and Ben-Spanish videos. Matt-late night 
visits and board games. Jon-for driving me to school and 
SAT class. Peter-sixth grade experiences. Alvin-prom 
night and parties. To Drew, Danny, Matteo. Jeb, DiSanzo, 


vt I 

Sabella, and Winick for not letting this school get too 
beat. Joanna-putting golf balls in your shirt at Mark's, 
photo class, Hampton, Canada, and all of our random 
bonding experiences. Erin S.-for making obstacle courses 
at Davis School, Mr. Smith's house, AU, and writer's club 
Kacie-writer's club, "kitty cat" fight, and baseball. Alison- 
peeing your pants, waiting at Bertucci's for an hour, 
NKOTB. and DFs 2. Meg-fighting over "Holly," ZAP!, All 
Star game, the movie guy who gave us free tickets, and 
our group and its intruders. Robin-Koshie Rhino, splouje. 
and the cottage. Caroline-our "special sleepovers," school 
dances, living next door to Wedgewood, and Hampton. 
Mer-my twin sister, tea parties, movie night car rides, 
chats, sleepovers, Pemi, rollerblading, and everything 
else. I love you sister. Thanks for all of our bonding 
experiences. Gwen-for providing me with food, letting 
me drive your car, prom night, and and being a great 
friend. Just keep on smiling and know that I love you and 
am always here for you. Kelly-ZAP!, BIM'S WHIM, Mr. 
Deselits, tube rides, AU, llamas, Essex, baseball, etc. 
For our friendship that started in first grade and still 
continues. To the Duttons for Essex, Sunday River, bal- 
derdash. F cubed, and all the fun that our families have 
shared. Bethany-swim team, Hampton, Chinese food, our 
double dates, and mid week sleepovers, etc. For every- 
thing I haven't mentioned, thanks. Heather-tan van prob- 
lems. Interact Officers. WAVE!, Dave Matthew's, Chinese 
food, and for everything else I don't have written down. 
You're a great listener and one of my best friends. I love 
you for everything. Rachel-English classes, prom night. 
Physics, Peer Leadership, Halloween, "short stuff," WE, 
and lunch room chats You understand it all, thanks. Liz- 
for everything from the time that we were in BF's to now. 
Miles , special sleepovers, Starbucks, lunch room chats, 
and "Advanced" Accounting, just to name a few. Steph-for 
being one of my closest and best friends. For our "talks", 
Scott and Corey, hot chocolate, understanding my boy 
problems, and listening to me spaz. I love you. Tom-for 
being my first boyfriend, WE, hugs, and prom night. 
Jeremy-WE, making me smile (even when I don't want 
to), email, water fights, hugs, and blades of steel. Mark- 
for Freshman year-mountain biking, Wachusettes bus rides, 
the library, etc. For all the advice you have given me and 
for always making sure I'm not "being stupid." Thanks for 
not hanging up on me all the times that I freaked out. 
Andrea-for being Corey and Jamie's little sister and our 
talks. Jamie-for getting into trouble and dragging the 
other two with you, understanding me, and being a great 
friend. Corey-for Peer Leadership, "cute Corey", Sociol- 
ogy talks, hugs, and being the sweetest friend I have. 
Curt-thanks for everything. You are one of the few that 
I truly trust and have sincerely become one of my best 
friends. Thanks for all that we have been through. To 
everyone, thanks for making high school everything that 
it was, I love you. Future Goals: To go to college and 
play field hockey. Smile, have fun, and see where life 
takes me. 

Brian Waldron 

Activities: Football 1,2,3: X-Country 4: Indoor Track 
1,2,3,4: Baseball 1,2,3,4: Latin Club 1,2,3. Thanks to: My 
parents for always putting up with all of the stupid things 
I do. Mom for always helping me with all of my school 
stuff, and dad for all the help with sports, and keeping me 
in line. Also I would like to thank my brother for getting 
me out of trouble and helping me to make smart deci- 
sions. I know I don't always say it but all of you have 
been great to me and I appreciate it. I would also like to 
thank my grandmother and grandfather who gave me a 
lot of useful advise and always caring about me, and to 
the rest of my huge family, thanks. I'd like to say thank 
you and I love you, to my girlfriend MICHELLE, you have 
always been there for me, even through my toughest 
times, not including the day you left. I will never forget 
all of the fun that we had together, I just want you to 
know that I will never forget you and will always love 
you, also will do anything for you. I would also like to say 
thanks to all of my friends, all of you guys were great, and 
were so fun to hang out with. ADAM, you my boy, me and 
you had so much fun together, I can't forget Wednesdays 
after school last year. The summer was pretty fun, going 
to New Hampshire, were we almost died on the way 
home, and the River Rave, all of us had so much fun and 
I won't forget about that girl. You helped me with some 
stuff and I appreciate that, and I hope that some day we 

can go to Africa together. ANGELO, we didn't hang out 
a whole lot, until this year, but you were so fun to be 
with, and don't forget that you can easily be a stripper. 
ERIC, out of all of my friends, you are trouble, no matter 
what we did you would find your way into trouble, I hope 
I get to see you more, and please try not to be a punk. 
WILLOW, I have to admit that you are the shortest of my 
friends, I know we almost fought a few times, but don't 
let it bother you, have fun in college and grow. CHRIS, 
you're a great friend, and you're so big, which helps. I 
will never forget that day in Concord, you had my back 
and I appreciated that, I'm glad you were there. If you 
ever need anything, just give me a call. STEVE, no 
offense but you need to stop being a hie, but your still 
funny. I mean who can forget the hot tub, man your game 
was on that day, but I hope you can come to the Mother 
Country with me some day, but for now I hope you have 
fun after school. CHEA, either you or Eric are the center 
of all evil. All I have to say is MIKE HARNEY, and I think 
we know what happened from that, I hope that you don't 
get yourself killed, and if you ever go back to Korea 
again, bring me so I can learn some moves. KORIK, even 
though you might be different from me, I still like you, 
we had some fun times we, especially English last year. 
Keep your car in good condition and call me while you are 
in college. MARK you have always been fun to be around, 
I hope I see your more after we graduate, but I know that 
you will do good in college, and don't forget about us over 
here. BOBBY, you always had a temper but, I liked it. try 
not to get in anymore trouble, like Fawn Lake, and watch 
out for the bees. DAN, thanks for always letting me go to 
your house in N.H., we had a lot of fun, especially motor- 
cycle weekend. I hope you have fun in college, and call 
me so we can party. JEFF, you are very weird, but I like 
you, we had a lot of fun in H.S., and last summer. I will 
never forget you at the River Rave, and how you got with 
that girl. Have fun at Middlesex, and if you want to 
party, call me. MIKE, I can't believe that you are going 
in the army, we had some good times last year, if we 
didn't fight. I hope that you succeed in the army, and call 
me to tell me how you are doing. I would also like to 
of the others that I forgot, I'm sorry. My teachers, 
coaches, SABOURIN, SULLrVAN. AL, and BARRY. Future 
Goals: Go to college and graduate, then live life to its 

Curt Warrington 

First off. I'd like to thank Mom, Dad and Craig. You guys 
were all I could ever ask for. It might not have seemed it, 
but I really did listen to you. I know you put up with way 
too much of my crap, and I'm sorry. Someday I'll make it 
up to you guys, I promise. To COREY, my best friend 
through everything and forever. You've always been some- 
one I could trust, and always had my back. I'd never had 
made it without you, and I wont ever forget what you've 
done for me. JAIME, ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAR, thanks 
for being the third musketeer (and the one with the 
biggest mouth), have fun next year, and uh, stay out of 
trouble! To BRENT, every time we hung out we got in 
trouble but we had a damn fun time. Sneaking out, partyin' 
and goin to concerts. I'll never forget the time you tried 
to kill me coming home from 311. To PETER, my other 
conscience, I wish you the best of luck. Just remember, 
when your rich and have moved to Taiwan, I hope you'll 
remember me and send a little cash my way.. ...and maybe 
a job. MATT S. you're like an older brother to me, thanks 
for your guidance. To RYAN DOLAN, we grew up together 
and I really miss ya, why did we have to lose touch. 
ANGELO for being a great guy and fun to hang around 
with. STEPH. I love you, and I hope you know that I will 
always be here for you. Thanks to AL you were always 
fun to hang out with, and you threw the best damn partys 
anywhere. LOIS, you are by far the kindest girl I know, 
I hope we can stay in touch. DREW, you follow your own 
path and so I respect you more than anyone'd know, dont 
ever change. To B.COX, some day I hope to pick up one 
of your mix tapes. To MEG, I regret how I've treated 
you, and I regret never getting to know you better, I 
promise you that I will never lose my marbles. Thank you 
Mrs. Skavenski, you are one of the few people I really 
admire. Thanks to JEFF, DAN, and STEVE, my cousins. 

DANNY R, the only person I know who would take a ta 
to my house just to go sledding, I wish we could've stay<i 
close. AKIL, your a good kid and I wish you the best i 
life. MARK and DAVE D. you guys were always fun, ari 
I loved being around, I love ya both. JOANNA M. alwa] 
stay funny. I hope someday we will finally meet in Main 
PAT D. you always made me laugh, and on the bench | 
basketball games. To TATE and DAVE M. for workiJ 
with me (but mostly sitting on the couch and eatind 
making me laugh, and working on the LX178 Liquid Coold 
V-Twin. I'll never forget you guys. Thanks BRIAN an 
SULLY for making baseball bearable. MR. ULLMAJ 
thanks for teaching me how to think. Thanks to KARJ 
you will always be special to me, sometimes I still mi 
you. Coach Sabourin and Sullivan, you guys taught ri 
more about myself than I'd ever learn about baseba 
thanks. To my Midway Crew, I wish I could see you gu; 
more often. WINICK, someday I'll get you back f 
everything you've done to me. To RICHARD, you are oi 
of the funniest people I've ever met, I hope you're n 
still grounded when this yearbook comes out. PAT I 
thanks for the music lessons, and hanging out in Englan 
JON T, IAN, and COREY, you guys are great, try to stJ 
out of trouble next year. ANDY and JESSE you alwa 
made school more fun. especially physics. Thank you Ml 
DIPIETRO, you are somebody I can truly look up 
Thanks also to MR. HUFF, MS. MIELE, MR. DUGGA] 
Thanks to the entire Moy family, my second family, 1 
name you all if I had room. Mr. Moy, you could have be« 
my father, everything you ever said to me made sens 
To LAURA, ERIN, SUSAN, and KACIE, you guys wel 
always cool and I will miss all of you. JEB keep hittin tl 
weights, and BEN, dont ever change. To TOM C. yd 
stupid burnout, I love ya. To CHAD R. you make d 
laugh with everything you do, I hope you stay just as ccj 
but watch out for flying ash trays. To Coach Burns, uh,u 
never mind. Told ya once, no need saying it again. And ] 
JESSE DILL, quit followin me! To everybody I know, tl 
entire class of '98 and to every one who cared about m( 
wish you all luck and hope you will all stay in touch. I lo 
you all. 

Molly Waterhouse 

Activities: Cool Stuff 1,2,3,4 First I'd like to thank n 
parents, for putting up with my weirdness and loving r 
even when I was hard to love. I have put you through 
lot, I will never be able to thank you enough for yo 
patience and understanding. I love you. Ben- well we' 
come along way from feetfights and pencilwars, but yj 
have always been there for me even when I made stud 
decisions, I want to thank you for that. You have beer) 
huge influence on my life and I don't know where I'd 
without you. Catherine Elizabeth (Reen) my best frie 
of way too many years, the one who's stood by me throu 
my problems and my happiness. There is so much 
thank you for, donkeys, flycemeteries, gomez, oktr. 
starz, picnics in the trees, ye olde country fdjorke, t 
word chemisier, LAA ( lifesavers addicts anonymous) Doll 
Cyndi Hunt, New Years '96 ( Katie, look what I did ) Mac\ 
David Allen, Stump, Jules, and the rest of the stuff we' 
been through! boy world/girl world ). Reen, you have be 
there for me for so long, and you really are a great frier 
I don't know what I'm going to do without you next ye- 
Thank you for everything. Cristina- even though I or 
met you last year, you are one of the most importa 
people in my life. Always remember our random cruisij 
stealing snowmen, the asbestos monster, Peter Prey, lit | 
ninjas. Goat I am, ears I have none, unassigned, Bob 
Feole, "we've talked about that," Janice, Cape Cod, Ta 
never getting mad at me, hooka hits, Mr. McGoweI 
Chris and Chester, the special swing, and of course Ni 
Wafers and Dr. P's. Thank you so much for understands 
me and listening to me. You always knew what to say 
me, I'll never forget that. Oderra- we've had a lot of go 
times together over the past three years, don't ev 
forget our spot, looking at the stars, junior, limp lip, la 
night phone calls, prom, Jade Pacific, stick boy, talki 
things out, and always loving eachother. I can ne\| 
thank you enough for what you've given me, I love yd 
Tom( Bert )- Thanks for Master Wok and Miss Smiths Frer ! 
class, for shopping at Contempo with me and Katie, 
being captain of the math league, listening to my pr< 
lems and always being there for me. Thank you so mu 
for everything, you're a great friend. Alison- for Bal 
class, fat mirror, but still going almost everyday of c 


lives. Mer- being my best friend from birth to high school, 
cape cod chip, for being drunk off diet coke, and being the 
coolest girl I know. Meg- old school ballet, being my 5th 
grade best friend, wishing you were one of those dolls. 
JoJo- laughing at me because I wore retarded clothes in 
3rd grade, for being a good friend even though I didn't 
always return the favor. Raymond- my boyfriend at Dunkin 
Donuts, istambul, climbing trees, going to dreaded gym- 
nastics, and still making it out alive. Oh yeah, sorry for 
bending your fingers back in 4th grade. CAMOJOKAME 
for being my best friends and having a collection every 
month for nothing. To Susan Laura Kacie Joanna T. for 
being fun. Bethany Kelly Alison for Dirty Dancing. Heather 
for my crush on you (sorry Jeb) Vinnie, Ben( muffburger ) 
and Matt- for being my friends. Ryan- for things to come 
Frankie for always telling me I'm beautiful, and for being 
so sweet. (I know, get rid of Od). To JJ corner in fresh and 
soph year, waiting till the thirty, To Pat for eating pizza 
at my house, and for A Bronx Tale, also for being my best 
friend for a very long time. To Nick Dave Robbie for 
always being fun to party with and for being friends since 
4th grade. To Krista- is this your daughta? Beavis 
raptor, Buffy, Tracy Chapman, Phillip and Grace, what up 
dog? Nuttin up. Making poop, Cardboard loving me, I'm 
with the broom Jaci for making up obscene cheers with 
me, and for picking up guys with me at Steve Miller 
Robin- Nope 98, Bree- Alvin's party fresh year, Kristin for 
always letting us party there, Katelyn for sick rockers, 
cheering with me, go bugs, your mom called ( I know you 
made it up). Liz Booty- for much needed cruises, for being 
my back and never letting me fall, even outside of cheer- 
ing. Thanks. To my Cheering Girls- Meghan, Danielle, 

l Coby, Amanda. Sarah, Lupe, Liz V, Lesa, and all the rest. 

: Girls of 97- lunch table, Meghan, Melissa, Jen. Cristina, 
Angela, for the Spice girls, and trash duty. Eric for 
knowing that I am smarter than you, but for being kicked 
out of soph math together for being stupid. Thanks for 
partying soph year. Consuelo- for Maine, Jetskis, Mike, 
and Hies, you've been a great friend, thank you. Chris 

i Chester and Todd- for always showing me a good time, 
and always taking care of me. Mama Jones- being like my 
second mother, always siding with me in the arguments, 
and for accepting me into your house. Mrs. Morris- listen- 
ing to my problems, not being judgmental, and for always 
understanding me. Thank you very much. And to Peter 

j Prey, the lunch ladies, the Asbestos Monster and every- 
one else who influence my life at BHS, Thank you. Future 
Goals- To live, to laugh, and to love. 

Thomas Webster 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 2,3,4 Capt. 4; JV Soccer 1; 
Freshman Basketball 1; Indoor Track 2,3,4; JV Baseball 

j 1,2; Track 3,4; French Club 1,2,3,4 Treasurer 3,4; c Band 

I 1; Wind Ensemble 2,3,4; Math Team 3,4; NHS 3,4; cool 
stuff 1,2,3,4 Thanks: First of all, thanks fam. Thank you 
for all the love and caring. I really appreciate your sup- 
port through all the sports and activities. Thanks DAD for 
all the stuff you have done for soccer over the years. 

i MOM, thanks for looking out for me and pushing me to do 

1 the best I can. DAVID, thanks for being a great brother, 
I know its tough but hey, its not supposed to be easy. 
Have a blast in high school; it's a lot of fun. PERV, BEN 
AND MATT- police escort from Laser Nirvana, Blazers, 
Alewife, Hemp Fests, track team. MATT and BEN- 
Mariocart, BHS basketball fans, "Got Action?" 

I "Frommage?" all the crap we've done, all the times we 
did nothing. BEN-for all the chicks, all the concerts, Tool, 
Shed "I am coming home", Korn, Metallica, Lollapolooza, 

I Locobazooca, extreme rollerblading in the middle of the 
night, dying and cutting our hair 5,000 times. MATT- for 
our sorry attempt at skiing, for dealing with Ben, for 

I being married. AL- for the parties, being pissed off 24-7, 
being a cool friend. ALL THE GUYS- JEB, DAVE, DAVE, 

' DAVE, RASHBA, MARK NICK, JON- thanks for all the 
great times and for all the mutual verbal abuse. GWEN- 
for all the rides to school, for the prom. Hope you find 
what you're looking for. HEATHER- Marthe, minty, thanks 
for teaching CCD with me. ADAM and VIN-for being cool 

* neighbors and wiffle ball. BETHANY- for caring about 
school, for being bigger and tougher than anybody. MEG- 
for being my first crush and not giving a flying terd. 
COREY, CURT and JAMIE- for causing a ruckus. MER- for 
doing everything there is to do, for being home when I 
stop by, for being hot. LIZ- going to dance recitals, SAT's, 

t putting up with band. STEPH-for our conversation on the 
fourth. KARA- for attacking me everyday, for being there 

when I need ya. JOANNA M-the apocalypses. SARAH 
SJOSTRUM- you are hot. EMILY-Having fun? You're awe- 
some, thanks for dealing with fam events with me. KELLY- 
you are neat, are you neat? neat are you! Nudist colonies 
rule. POOP! Thanks for all the laughs. Love ya, Veda. You 
thank. YORK-when you invent something and make money, 
give me some. Class of '00 girls- KRISSY- for letting 
Carrie hang out with me, coming to the beach and for 
band. CATHERINE- for looking enough like Carrie to 
confuse my friends. JESSIE- You Rule! Thanks for saying 
hi and talking to me even though I'm a goon. NICOLE- for 
finally following through on the crush. GI Joe Posse- 
"Activate the BET" NASH- for being cool. Poli Sci-for 
talking out our bums. REGAN, PAM and GINNY- for being 
different and for thinking I'm cool, sort of. SOCCER 
TEAMS-thank you guys for a great experience and for 
four great seasons. One man (or in our case two men) can 
not ruin a whole soccer career. I'll never forget how great 
it was to play soccer at BHS. Thanks. Good luck Craig, 
Bobby, Jeff, Richie, Alan, Johnny, Brandon, Bentley, Tim, 
Shan, and Eric. COACH WTLSON-thanks for being a great 
soccer coach and for helping us to be the best we could be. 
All the track guys- CAROLINE- thanks for being the nic- 
est girl and for always being happy DEB- for having a cool 
car and for getting really mad. GREG- thanks for running 
so darn fast, its cool. KIM-nice pants chief, cvs chats. 
BARRY- thanks for being the best coach, for pushing us to 
the limit, and for all the stories. PETE C- for being the 
coolest, for the inspiration. FRENCH CLASSES- Fin! Zut 
par deux! Pas de francais? bon sang de bon sang! Thanks 
Madame Rainis for all you've done. Thanks to all the 
teachers for putting up with class 98. Especially Mrs. 
Keltner, Mr. Judge, Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Spinosa. REAGAN- 
thanks for the laughs. ALISON- For making the ugliest 
faces. Piece? Semi-formal, that goofy gymnastics thing, 
working at da Gap, talking about nothing, for always 
being in a rush like me. Thanks for some other stuff and 
thanks for making me happy and always believing in me. 
MOLLY and KATIE B- Masta Wok, mall food court, for 
making me be the shopping escort, les crottins, all the 
pointless conversations, for letting me hang out with two 
cool chicks KATIE B-for being so freakin smart, for having 
a cool dad and a hilarious chief. MOLLY- "My girlfriends 
girlfriend, she looks like... you!" "My life, is terd" Jerry 
McGuire, making me attend fam gatherings. Math team, 
listening to me, letting me listen to you, for being the 
hottest and ugliest girl at the same time, "What's he 
doing?" "What's going on?" for being my bestest friend 
through all the terd. Je t'adore Molly-Marie. CARRIE- 
The best girl. Just hanging out, wanting to do cool stuff 
and almost always doing nothing, busting all the time, 
the summer of '97 was the best ever. Thanks for all that 
you've done for me. I Love You my chief. BDC- for being 
the coolest place to be during the summer. Thank you 
Frank fam, Tsang fam, Sabella fam, Gleason fam, and Mr. 
Abt. Thanks CARA for not killing your brothers. Thanks 
Tool and Metallica for rocking. Dr. P's-couldn't have done 
it with out ya. Class of 98 you rule! Good luck to every- 
one. I wrote this kinda fast so if I forgot anybody I'm 
sorry and you rock. 

Future goals: Go to college. Do cool stuff. Travel the 
globe. Do more cool stuff. Get married, have kids. Do 
more cool stuff. 

Colin Weymouth 

Activities: J.V Soccer 1,2,3 Rifle 2,3,4 Thanks to the 
following: Everyone that has been good to me throughout 
my life, my parents for their support and guidance, my 
whole family for being there for me, and all the teachers 
that have made a difference to me. I would also like to 
thank all the friends I have made over the years, Jeff, 
Mike, and Pat of Cursed For Eternity for being really 
good friends to me and also equally Mark, Ginny, Sarah, 
both Stephanies and everyone else who hangs out with 
us, Josh and Chris of Destro and everyone I have met 
from Nashua. Future goals: to get a business degree and 
to enter some type of business oriented job. 

Stacy Wilkes 

Activities: Field hockeyl; Softball 1; Prom committee 
3,4; Interact club 4; Atmosphere club 4; Spanish club 2; 
Latin club 3,4; vice-president Latin club 4; Peer Leader- 
ship 4; Thanks to: First I would like to thank my parents 
for always being there for me. We have been through so 
much together and I Love you guys. Thank you for always 
pushing me to do my best and believing in me. Mom and 

Dad you guys have been the best parents anyone could 
ever ask for, without you I don't know where I would be or 
what I would do I LOVE YOU! A very special thanks goes 
to my brother Parker, you were the best brother. You 
were always there for me when I needed you, and always 
made me laugh when I was sad. We had so many good 
times together, I will never forget you. You will always 
be in my heart, I miss you so much and Love you Forever. 
Thanks to my little brother Stephen for just being him- 
self a dork!jk! Thanks for always making me laugh, your 
rap music, borrowing your clothes.getting me in trouble 
sometimes, our personal talks, defending me when in 
trouble and with Anurag.Thanks for just being the coolest 
and cutest little brother I love you! MICHELLE-Thanks 
for being like a sister to me we have been best friends for 
6 years. Thanks for listening to me whenever I needed to 
talk to you.for staying with me forever when your mom 
was gone, for all the Disney trips and guys, "Doobie on 
the beach" and spacemountain remember that! Geo and 
Paul at the Boardwalk, the Yacht and Beach club, this 
summa with the woburn kids. We have known each other 
for so long and been through so much together I LOVE 
YOU, you are like my sister, you better always keep in 
touch. Don't eva change!JENNIFER-Thank you for being 
one of my best friends and always being there for me and 
listening to my problems with Anurag and telling him off! 
"Yo yall took my breathe away, Why you running",Falling 
out of my car at Dudley road, For singing all night at your 
dad's retirement party.macing guys at the mall, senior 
pictures, double date with Ian and Jacque sneakin in the 
movies, chillin at Mickyd's during unassigned.for having a 
cool dad who hits on me! What's up Gil!, Thanks for just 
being a great friend I Love You JJ! TASHA-Thanks for 
just being so cool and funny Girl you can always make me 
laugh, remember the drive by jollyranching!, having Johnny 
B's as your boyfriend, the BBC and Pajama party at your 
house after, the semiformal and Rote dances, singing out 
the window of my car. Thanks for being yourself, you are 
a have been a great friend don't eva 
change, meet me out back of the school let's fight!Girl you 
so crazy Love Ya! ANGELA- Thank you for being one of my 
closest friends, the tent crew!, for for being so nice, neat 
freak, thanks for trying to highlight my hair, Dudley road 
when we were being chased, the beach during the 
summa, partying with the woburn kids, staying at 
Michelle's.trying to teach you how to drive standard, the 
Rote dance, BBC, partying at my house while I was 
gone!Thanks for everything you've been an awesome friend 
and we've had a lot of fun times together!Love 
Ya!LISANDRA-Thanks for being so original.understanding 
and nice about everything, working at the Commissary, 
RUBY!, and for having all of those weird quotes no-one 
eva understands! Thanks for all of the good times. GWEN- 
Thanks for being one of my closest friends and being there 
when I needed you, we have had so many fun times to- 
gether. Remember this "Are you going to theBBC", an- 
nouncing in Brighams that we are gay together and in the 
movies!, your 16th party, the night at your house, that 
was one interesting night!Thanks for watching my dogs 
while I was away and having parties at my house!jk!Keep 
in touch!Love Ya!CAROLINE-Thanks for being so cool, 
Bentley, for playing Craig.macing all of the guys, the 
BBCand being stuck there all night thinking we lost our 
keys!Gwens house.partying. Thanks for being so nice and 
being my friend Love Ya!ELENA-Thanks for always being 
there and helping me with my problems, you know what 
I'm talking about.partying at your house, MickyD's.drivin 
to Billerica in middle of night, that greek dance.goin out 
with my brother.cruisin around, macing guys at mall.Jay!, 
the junior prom, Doug, school dances. chillin after 
Sat's.Thanks for being such a good friend, don't eva change 
you are the best Love YATERRINA- Thanks for the night 
at the BBC, "Are you going to the club",the ROTC 
dance, thanks for being so much fun, don't eva change 
Love Ya! Thanks to Nick and Dave for making English 
class so fun and always picking on me and making fun of 
me!, and tryin to get me and Jenn to hang out with the 
Bedford CrewiThanks toChea for all the fun times during 
the summa and tent crew! Thanks to Dave.Vinnie.Kacie. 
Susan (Elena's party!), Andrea, Mike Schofield.Ryan 
kennery, Erik Mesqita.and everyone else. Also thanks to 
Megan and Danielle for being like little sisters to me, for 
cruisin around in my car and for fishin TM's house, thanks 
for the good times Love Ya! Thanks to the class of 1998! 
My last thanks goes out to ANURAG thank you for being 
the best boyfriend and putting up with me for two years. 


We have had so many fun times together I can't even 
begin to explain them all. Thank you for always being 
there for me and listening to me. Thanks for being so 
clueless all the time,your junior prom and mine.being my 
baby Aunny,all the nights at your house.for being so 
cute.belly dancing.getting lost in Boston and for all of 
our fun times and memories we've had together. Being 
with you has been the best two years of my life, thanks 
for everything. Thanks for being my first love and all of 
the memories, I miss you!I will never forget you, you will 
always be in my heart I love you Aunny! 

Dave Winick 

I would like to thank so many people, not for just help- 
ing me, but for tolerating me, not killing me for the jokes 
I've played on them, and have been good sports; or victems. 
So, instead of thanking everybody who I've ever known, 
and completely bore the heck out of you I like most other 
senior thanks), I'll thank those who meant the most. I'd 
like to thank all the kids in Bedford for treating me so 
kind when I moved here, especially Matteo. I'd like to 
thak Gweat Wahl, Skunky, pumpkin, mailbox, flag, leaf, 
and so many other random donators. the hospitality of 
Mrs.Volpicelli, and Matteo and the rest of my friends who 
seem to always seem to get me into trouble on the week- 
ends, and the people whom have always been there for 
me, Mr. Maxwell, Mom and Frank. 

Pamela Worth 

Activities: Flag Squad: 1.2, co-captain 3,4. Forum: 3, edi- 
tor 4. Spring track: 3, 4?? Yearbook: 3, co-editor 4. French 
Club: 1,2,3,4. Latin Club:2,3,4. Drama: 2,3,4. SAC: 2,3,4. 
Targeteers: 2,3,(4) 

Biggest thanks go to my mom, for raising me, for always 
keeping my best interests your first priority, and for sac- 
rificing so much for me. Don't ever think I don't appreci- 
ate it. I love you. Thanks to my beautiful big sister 
Maureen for keeping me sane, for driving me insane, for 
being nice and for teasing me mercilessly. You've influ- 
enced me more than you know -in good ways, of course. 
Thanks to Tom and Miki and Mr. Joy for always giving 
me ego boosts. I love you guys. Thanks to my animals, 
all 9000 of them: Ollie and Georgia ( and Teddy and Nikki ) 
for being my fluffy puppies, Jeremy for biting my toes, 
Fred for biting my fingers off, Sandy for running around 
me in circles. Vixen for tripping me, and Kaos for being 
my fat cuddly orange thing. Now to my friends: Katie, 
for being so generous, sharing my interests (heh-heh), 
going out with a dirty old pickle, having a certain cramp, 
letting me cry all over you at Breuggher's, informercials, 
youth group, knowing what time it is. and special drinks, 
always having gum. and being my strongest link into the 
univoice clan. I love you. Regan, for being right always, 
for not wearing a bra, summers, graveyards, and coffee- 
houses, strange men who undress on sidewalks, for re- 
membering that I, too, must die. (like Lars) For being 
more paranoid than I, for our "best hits" album, our mu- 
tual dislike of a certain college, and for allowing Geoff to 
paint my walls with nail polish. I'll miss you so much. To 
Ginny. for being a Lanka, using words like "burgoo" in 
sentences, and liking children. For Maine, wondering why 
everyone must treat you like a kaiser, fostering my U2 
obsession, calling me a floppy dog, letting me back in your 
van after I said you couldn't drive. I know I give you a 
hard time; thanks for loving me anyway. To Jen S., thanks 
for flags and letting me call commands a lot. For making 
"Dandelion Girl", although I get embarrassed when you 
play it, for cheese and chasing Ian Watt relentlessly, Ja- 
son at Chadwick's, phone-farts with J.F.and Annie, your 
pool, anal pores, Zildjian Man. Thanks for the incredibly 
dumb things we've done together and the incredibly dumb 
things we will do. Te quiero. Suzanne, my best friend 
since 2nd grade, thanks for everything - your house, 
Barbies, turkey, talking constantly, your family (who I 
miss), having a crazy dog, still being my friend after so 
long. I love you, Pooh. Rachel J., I never would have 
thought we'd be such good friends! We don't seem that 
much alike, but I was happy to find that we are. I'm sorry 
for being such a pain in your butt. I've had lots of fun and 
stress with you since yearbook started - thanks for ev- 
erything. Sarah T, I know we have to put a prom court 
picture in! Thanks for walks home, listening to me, your 
essays, being an eep, laughing at me when I do dumb 
stuff, being as annoyed with people as I am sometimes. 
Also, thanks for all the help you've been giving me with 

yearbook, you wild and crazy guy. To Jen C, thanks for 
the coffee, for being colorful and happy, and for having 
such a good voice. Marianne, thanks for driving me home 
many times, liking Elvis, never giving my flower crown 
back, complaining about everything with me, Spartans, 
gym, gum, flags, being fun to laugh at. Sarah V., thanks 
for having those great legs and for putting on eyeshadow 
and mascara at camp at six o'clock in the morning. Derek 
H.. thanks for complaining about life with me. the inter- 
esting and uninteresting things you know and have ex- 
perienced, for being the neurotic design editor, "...x??" 
Good luck with college. To Eric, my sentence-finisher and 
5th avenue. I miss you so much. To Emalie P.. thanks for 
being the ass't-captain, being assertive, having many par- 
ties, laughing at my inane jokes and songs, being cool. 
Elissa D., thanks for listening to me whine, and living 
"right down the street!" For telling me all sorts of things 
I never wanted to know, molesting me, also being cool. To 
Emily P., thanks for the bathroom stories, the basement 
stories, the Curtis stories. I hope you find what you're 
looking for. (I sound like a U2 song!) Stay healthy (you 
know what I mean), and good luck. Angie, thanks for 
river rave, being so pretty, soph. English, always having 
a sarcastic comeback and a new band name, for hugs and 
camels. Thanks to Andy, for making me laugh, having 
anti-lock brakes, making fun of me, the clips, never let- 
ting me forget 5th grade. I'm not wearing a necklace in 
front of you again! To Adam, for analysis, those explicit 
numbers, punching me, always being around, tall, and 
nice - in that order. Thanks to Honkus for the brief but 
memorable relationships, doing magic tricks, and having 
random things to say. Dave R., for Fuaben and the arm- 
pit wave. Dave P., for all your wonderfully fun parties, 
freestylin' awful rhymes, being so darn cultured, being 
genuinely nice. To Jesse, for taking care of the Brat Pack. 
To the Brat Pack - Blake, Dan, and Brian, for being the 
only reason why I dread coming to yearbook, and also 
many Smints. To Ryan, for analysis and phys. sci. Bryan, 
for having pretty hair and a pretty car, perverting my 
name, knowing what my underwear looks like, calling 
me Mom, eating all my food sophomore year. To Tom W, 
for being a track star, and trying to teach me your lan- 
guage. To Stefan, for always having a big smile on your 
face and for being so bad :)... to the DAP: lookout! Thanks 
to the rest of marching band, including both past and 
current members; I had so much fun with you guys. Mr. 
Reagan, I'll miss your wacky sense of humor, your enthu- 
siasm, and pride. I doubt I'll ever find a band leader who 
cares so much about his band again Thanks to the flaggies 
and Lisa, good luck with next year. Thanks to the year- 
book staff, for helping out. Forum staff, good luck. Thanks 
to the Targeteers, I miss you guys. Dennis, you're the 
coolest, funniest, most good-hearted person in the world. 
Thanks for having such good advice for us, bending the 
rules for us, and making us laugh. Thanks to the "BDP" 
and others for accepting me as a tagalong. Thanks to the 
random people with whom I've formed some kind of bond, 
but cannot mention for lack of space. (Jamie. Chris, 
Hannah, T.C., Carrie, Vanessa, etc.) I've loved almost all 
my teachers, but some deserve extra thanks: Mrs. Sullivan 
( I miss you! ), Mr. Kelly, Mrs. Morris, Ms. Laver, Mrs. Eickel, 
and esp. Mr. Rinaldi - thanks so much for putting up with 
all the nervous fits we throw.. Finally, to Devin, thanks 
for being my best friend, for being unconventional in a 
conventional sort of way.and introducing me to Big Macs 
and Doritos of two kinds. . . for half-days, Boston Common, 
Jerry Springer, walks, driving me everywhere, our un- 
ending debate over the merits of the Violent Femmes, 
our unending debates about almost everything... for be- 
ing so good to me, and - heck, for the last two years, and 
the next two thousand. I love you so much. In conclusion, 
I'll miss mostly everyone here at BHS, and I'm grateful 
for what I've learned and experienced. 'Bye 
Future Goals: To have an astoundingly cool life 

Jennifer Ynostroza 

Activities: Soccer 2,4; Spanish Club 2; Interact 4; School 
Atmos. 4; Int'l Week 2.4 First of all I would like to thank 
God for guiding me and getting me where I am today. To 
my parents: I love you very much. Without your support 
and advice, I probably would've been lost. You were the 
ones who pulled me through my "rough times." Thanx for 
always being there for me. To Mom: thanx for laughing at 
your own corny jokes when no one else did! To Dad: Who 

do you idolize the most? To my sister Christina: I couldn' 
have asked for a better sister. Our talks were fun but 
were even funner when I knew you weren't going to tell 
I love you and remember- Don't even turn into a "riccj 
chic" or WE'LL HAVE WORDS!! Oh! Be nice to Max!! J 
love you Max! To my little man Anthony: What can I say 'J 
You're quite a character. Thanx for being cute and know 
ing the right ways to aggravate me. You're the best littlq 
brother. Stay cute and keep getting those ladies!! love ya 
To my grandmothers: I love you both for always being 
there for me. Gramma Connie: you sure kept me in linq 
and I appreciate it. I love you even though we've had oui 
moments. Gramma Marie: I hate that you live so far awaw 
I can't wait to see you again! I love you. Next, To my secjl 
ond family- the Sampsons. You were my home away from 
home. Thank you for being there. To Paula: for bringing 
back 80s jokes and making me laugh. Mark just wants tql 
hit you! To Mark: I love your jokes!! To MICHELLE m> 
belle: Oh here we go! You are truly my bestest friend 
We've been through much together. Our slapping 
fight, horny boy at Hampton. our many talks aboul 
different "situations",hot tubieww!), our dress-up photqi 
shoots.etc. Thanx for all our good times. I love you and! 
your family. Oh! a piece of advice- stay away from thostji 
younger boys and get you a man baby!!(j/k) To my girls I 
LATANYA: Thanx for being my older sister. Thank you 
for your honesty! Youlooked out for me and I appreciate 
it! I hope you keep in touch when you leave. I'll miss youl 
a lot. I love you! YOU ARE THE GIRL!!' To ANDREAJ 
where can I start? "excuse me. Is that Jodeci you're lisll 
tening to?", for being my first friend inD.C when we wer( j§ 
both dorks!,for always letting me talk to you when "J 
needed to, PPP, " Jen, where's my lawnmower?", double, v 
dates, our Saturday nights!, hallucinating after Cam 
bridge, always trying to get me to clubs etc. All I have tai 
say-Ms. Stankbreath. Love ya. K.I.T To STACY: My stacj| 
wacey! your car-starting laugh, our guy at the mall "whjl 
you runnin, baby?", always yellin at people(T.M), oui 
double date w/ Ian and Jacques! 1/2 hour movie- oh well 
it's not like we paid!), your pissed off lips, always hating 
same people, sitting in your room for hours while yoi 
fight with dummy, our first big fight, "are you two high?" 
for your crap car -always breaking down inthe wors 
places-GAS STATION!!, thanx for everything, loveya babe 
FORGET about Anurag! LISANDRA: I love you, Sandra! 
Dogs fly north? (no.definately don't!), Jen.what should 
do???,PPP, Int'l week-we were da bomb that night!, ser 
enading people at dad's retirement party with Selena 
singing Mariah on kareoke.walking around base, chillii 
at Y.C(What!),N.C.O club dances, "Me gusta cuando 11a 
mas mama grande", tongue aerobics. all your loveb 
advice.for showing me you really could dance/sing.etc 
thank you for being the craziest! NATASHA: Tashy! w< 
go way back 7th ), walking to school together every da> 
our sons-cheerio/fruit loop, PPP, hookingme up w/ all m; 
boysd.D + M.N), your sister almost killing me, mama': 
drawers behind TV, watching Class Act everyday afte 
school, "Yo Damita, I thought you was gonna play witl 
my frog?", "He so white he's transparent!", thanx Tashy 
Love ya. SARAH: You'll alwayz be one of my girls. W< 
were closer than ever once. Singing our hearts out UA 
Aaliyah+Mariah in my room. going to MGH and gettin; 
lost, our late night talks, etc. I love you + I'm sorry fo 
everything that happened. SHARA: you were my girl foj 
all 4 years of H.S. Public speaking, "yo, those shoes an i 
phat!",our bonding moments! crying over stupid boys!; 
You're my girl K.I.T. Love ya. KELLY: All I have to say i ll 
you're my Mexican buddy. Representing Mexico!! Forge 
about cluck cluck boy. MIKE: Thanx for all the good times 
We've had our moments but leave my cheese ALONE 
Love ya! NICK/DAVE: for trying to get me to hang out a 
McDonalds with you and picking on me all the time. Lov 
you! NICOLE: Oh Damn! What can I possibly say! Ou| j 
long talks! D.W!), Hampton! the boys), clubs, you talking 
100 miles/hour, HAITIANSfyou know who), fighting w 
Jamal at 3:30am, him dancing naked!!, etc. thank you fo 
everything! I love you Nicole! CHEA: I don't have you 
lawnmower! Thanx for being so funny. Vatos Locos for 
ever!!! RICHARD + JUSTIN: you're my favorite whitj 
boys! To 95-96 JV soccer team: defensive ditzes! to Chri 
for putting up w/ our girl talk, Coolio, Pizza Hut etc 
TERRINA: "love will lead you better", my other Whitne; 
Thanx for everything. To all my other friends: Bree, Jaci 


Angela, Michelle W, Darren, Eric, Shane,Ryan, Akil, Kacie, 
Anthony, Jacques, etc. Thank you for making it fun. 
MICHELLE WORLEY: It's funny that you live 15 min- 
utes down the road but we never see each other! You've 
always been one of my good friends ever since 8th grade. 
I love you lots. Can you CALL SOMEONE!!! Finally-To 
IAN: We went through a lot together. All our fights, our 
Saturday nights, coming after school to see me, bringing 
me chicken quesadillas, your Ultima, semi-formal 
night! sorry ) etc. Thank you for all the good times! I'll never 
forget you. Love you always. To all of you I didn't men- 
tion, I'm sorry. Thank you to everyone! I love you all. 

Andrew York 

First off, thanks to: my parents for my life. The guy 
crew: Dave, my best friend, for too much stupid fun 
to write in a book, Jesse for being as smart as me, 
Adam for being just like me (kinda) and for Kate, 
Conway for cartalk etc, Honkus for anger and hun- 
ger, JeffS for hacking and adventures. I love you all, 
you filthy perverts. Also, Regan for being little and 
an incredible human, Katie for loving me uncondi- 
tionally, Hannah for 3musketeers and 3d, Marianne 
for putting up with me, Jen3 for being adorable, col- 
orful, and making me happy, Robin for annual talks, 

Pam for having a dirty mind, Jenl for Christmas vaca- 
tion, ShaunF for being responsible for everything, SarahV 
for being cute, SarahT for being little, Alyssa for gofish, 
Erin and Elissa for making junior year... interesting, Em 
for not killing me, Em for being a little too liberated, 
Madrigal's and guys, especially PatM, Meg, Jo, Al, Em, 
Spawn, Grids for showing us a good time, KennyV for the 
bonding weekend, and ChrisB for octet driving talks, 
DanL for thinking too much, BethS and CaraMac for 
thinking I was cute, Ricky, Jean, Devin, Casey, and Jus- 
tin for kicking goon butt, EllenH for laughing, Nash for 
whatever, Leslie Munchkin for being cute, RyanA for D&D, 
and all the cool people who helped make school life a little 
more bearable. 





Dad, Mom Luke, Mark 
Danielle,Grandmom, Nana, 
Grandpop, Grandpa, Aunt 
JoAnn and 65 First Cousins, 
Aunts & Uncles to whom you 

Kelly Dutton 


It's been a joy watching you and 
your friends grow up. We 
couldn't be more proud of you- 
You've worked hard and it 

Can't wait to see what life brings 
you next! 

Happy Graduation with much 
Mom, Dad Bobby, 
Chris ("Skippy"), Large and In 

P.S. Hope this isn't too "cheezy" 



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Class of '98 





ji i i 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 j 1 1 j 1 1 ■ 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 u 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ■ .mm. n ■ 
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Class of 1998 


Burlington Studios 

Bedford High School's 

Official Yearbook 

We also specialize in 
Family Groups 

Call for an Appointment, 


Burlington Studios 
99 Cambridge St. 
Burlington MA. 01803 


It's difficult to believe this time 
has come, and nothing in this 
world has given us more joy than 
watching you become the mature 
and beautiful person you are. We 

K treasure every moment from he 
took my dollar sooo small, Will- 
helm, Greggy and Gonzo to Vidal, 
Pinky, your burps and bend over. 
Your thoughtfulness, inner 
beauty, compassion and loving 
ways have been an inspiration to 
all that know you. Your accom- 
plishments, involvement, and 
hard work throughout your school 
years fill us with pride and admi- 
ration. Your infectious sense of 
humor and zest for life has blessed 
us with complete happiness. 
You know how much we will miss your basketball and soccer 
games, pool parties, and all of the wonderful friends you have brought 
into our home. We know that you are poised, capable and ready to 
take on the world. Your heart, ambition, and sense of self will guide 
you wisely in the years ahead, and you are most deserving of all the 
opportunities that await you. 

Above all, always know that you are loved, respected, and 
cherished. Be curious, be challenged, and be happy. Be a better 
cook than Mom, and be home by eleven!! 
Congratulations KK - we love you so much... 
Dad, Mom, Sean and Sadie 







You make 
us proud! 

Class of 1998 



From adorable baby 
in Daddy's arms 

To beautiful young lady 
with intelligence 

and charms 

Smiling, sharing 

caring, giving 

You'll be a success 
in the life 
you're beginning 

Love Always, 

Mom, Dad & Bo 

Lynda Giannetta 

2(H) Tie Great Road 
Bedford. HA 01730 
Tel. 617-275-7125 

flax 617-275 0093 

(Great job Dave!) 

dedication, diligence, 
motivation, hard work, 
sense oPCJlKHr, crop- 
ping, lay^ts, apple 
juice, musicjleadlines, 
artic KOpJ^©J year- 

longnours^pnone calls, 
wrong fottl^etters to 

plant, conlerences with 
the Rep, Pagemaker 

Class of 1998 

Best Wishes 

for a 

Safe and Healthy 

Bedford AIDS Task Force 

"The first wealth is health" 



Elizabeth Brutti 


You have been the best 
daughter and sister in the whole, 
wide world. 

Our special times at 
Cape Cod, our weekend shopping 
sprees, skating and dancing 
recitals, driving adventures, and 
family gatherings are only the 
beginning of many fond 

May you find great 
happiness and excitement as you 
venture to college. Reach for the 
stars, have fun, maintain your 
spirit and know that we all love 
you very much!!!!!!!! 

Lots of love, 
Mom, Dad, Larry and Ben 


Watching you grow 
into a wonderful 
young man has been 
one of our greatest 
joys! We are so proud 
of you! Follow your 
dreams and believe 
in yourself. Know 
that we will always 
love you and be here 
for you. 

Love, Mom, Dad & 

Dearest Jen: 

We are so very proud of all your 
accomplishments, your special talents and gifts 
in the musical field, your gifts of warmth, 
compassion and love. You are a very special 
young woman and we love you very much. 
Lovingly, Mom, Dad and Greg 






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• Gift Certificates Available 

• Take Out 

• Catering For All Corporate & Private Functions 

• Function Rooms Available 

Luncheon Buffet - Monday - Friday 11:30-2:00 
Dinner Buffet - Sunday -Thursday 5:30-9:00 
Dim Sum - Saturday and Sunday 11:30-2:00 

TEL: (6I7) 275 • 7007 

BEDFORD. MA 01730 

Class Officers 

Left to Right Prom Committee Natasha Dillahunt, 
Susan Mara, Shaun Fillion, 
Vice President, Meredith Campbell 
President, Dan Rashba 
Treasurer, Curt Warrington 
Not shown Secretary, Patrick Dwyer 

Renaissance Bedford 


44 Middlesex Turnpike 
Bedford MA 

Kara Volpicelli 
We will treasure all the wonderful 
memories that you have given us and 
look forward to the ones you will soon 
create. We love and admire your 
independence, individuality, and your 

Love, Mom, Dad, Mom, Nicole, and Richie 

Congratulations, Bobby! 

From a perfect little boy 

to the main you have become 

you have brought us many moments of 

with many more, they're sure to come. 

On your road ahead 

as you choose your oath 

keep us close in your heart 

and never lose your way 2 

We love you - Mom, Bev, and " 


Andrew York 

Dear Andy, 

Two quotes come to mind to describe your approach to life: 

First, in the words of George Bernard Shaw: 'The reasonable man 
adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying 
to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the 
unreasonable man." 

And, from Frank McCourt: "It's lovely to know the world can't interfere 
with the inside of your head." 

Keep on being who you are, and don't let anybody interfere with 
your ideas or your dreams. We are constantly amazed by your 
thoughts on science and philosophy. You are destined to make a 
wonderful contribution to our world. 

We wish you the best as you juggle all that you have planned for 
your future. 


Mom, Dad, Jeff, and Pepper Kitty 

A.W. Clifford 

49 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01 730 
781 275-71 1 1 

Good Luck Class of '98 

Dr. Guy A. McGarry, D.D.S. RC. 

50 Loomis Street 
Bedford, MA 01730 


To Abel, 

Thanks for the wonderful memories and for future ones yet to come. We couldn't be more 


Love, Mom, Dad, Joshua & Sarah 
To Michelle Washington, 
Well the years have passed quickly, no longer my little girl. Though I may be far away 
sometimes, my heart will always be with you. You have truly blossmed, and I am so very 

proud of you. 
Congratulations, All My Love, Mom 
To Margaret Hamel- Dear Meg, 
We are proud of you. You will always be our Sailor Moon. 
Love, Mom & Dad & Chris 
To William Baafi- Dear William, 
We love you and are proud of your zest for life. We know that you'll achieve your worthy 

goal of helping others. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Abie and Ed 
To Terrina C. Hartford - Terrina, We are proud of you. This is the beginning of another 
journey that will take you to infinite levels where you'll make your mark. You've done 

well- Mom & Dad 
To the Class of '98 

Congratulations! As you graduate, you're wished the very best. May all your hopes and 

dreams come true. 
Best wishes from the Sabellas 
To Andrew Garofalo - Andrew 
Congratulations on your graduation from High Shool. 
Love from Mom, Dad, and Liana 
To Steve Hludzik - Steve, 
Congratulations on your Graduation! We have always been proud of you and wish you all 

the best the future holds. 
Love, Mom, Pops, and Mike 
To Torrey J. Bassett - Torrey 
Congratulations! You made it! We are very proud of all that you have accomplished. We 

love you! 
Love, Dad, Mom & Jennifer 



100 Old Billerica Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 

Class of 1 998 



As you reach for new goals 
Always remember how proud we are of 


And how much we love you. 

Mom, Dad, Aaron and Misty 

Curt Warrington 

what lies 
ahead is a 
the days 
that have 
passed be- 
fore us have 
into memo- 
ries which 
we will treasure and never forget. Hav- 
ing you for a son is one of the greatest gifts 
love has given us. Your character and 
conviction will make you a success in life. 
Trust yourself, be your own person, and 
remember, we will always be there for 

With Love and Respect, 
Mom, Dad, and Craig 

Dear Mark, 

Over the last 18 years we have watched 
you grow from a fussy baby to a small boy 
with a body in perpetual motion to a poised 
and accomplished young man. We cannot 
put into words how 
much we love you 
and how proud we 
are of you. We ad- 
mire you for stead- 
fastly pursuing your 
soccer dreams and 
never giving up in 
spite of the losing. We 
delight in seeing the 
way your smile lights 

up your whole face. May God bless and 
keep you in all your future endeavors. 
Love, Mom and Dad 

D is for daughter, an extra special one. 
E is for energy, a lot of which you have. 
B is for bills, the ones you pay so promptly. 
O is for opportunities, the many that lie ahead. 
R is for runner, a fast-paced one you are. 
A is for airport, a favorite place of yours. 
H is for hours, the "behind-the-wheel" ones. 
Congratulations, Deb — we love you! 

Mom, Dad & "Fuzzbrain" 


Meredith Joy Campbell 

May you reach the stars and follow your 

Thank you for all the joy and happiness 
you have brought us. 

Mom, Dad Ashley and Courtney 


We love you and wish you all good things 
for your college years and beyond. 
Reach for the stars! 
Mom, Dad and Kris 

Dear Sarah, 

We're all so very proud of you! And to 
think, you did it all without ever compro- 
mising what you hold dear. 
"Hold faithfulness and sincerity as first 
We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Philip, Siri & Oliver 


Graduation has finally arrived. We know you 
have mixed feelings of happiness to be moving 
on with your life and sadness at leaving people 
behind. Dad and I wish you only the best for 
your future and we have faith that whatever 
path you choose to follow will be right for you. 
Congratulations, Love, 
Dad & Sandy 



Keep on reaching 
and you'll get there! 
Love, Dad, Mom, 
Kosta and Papou 


For all the ways you're special, 
For the joy you are and the love 
you give, We hope your live will 
be only filled all that is special 
to you. 
We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Mike and Scott 

"We love you and are so Proud!" 
Robert & Carol Pierce 
"I am an onlooker on my daughter's dance, 
which I ...made possible because she came 

through me... I'm not part of her dance. 
Yet whenever she takes a pause and needs 

someone to talk to I am there. But that 
special dance with the child and the future 

is herS. " Liv Ullmann,b. 1939 

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U.S 
Fredrick H. Sullivan Post 1628 
76 Loomis Street 
Bedford MA 01730 


Nice eyes 






All Star 


Sabella is Swella! Congratulations Nick! 

We're proud of you and all your 
accomplishments. Good luck to you as 
you head off for new challenges and 
Love Mom, Dad, Anna & Sara 


1 776 Mass. Ave. 
Lexington. MA 

For all your 
banking needs 
Education is a 
wise investment 

Congratulations to the Class of 1998 

Boston Probes, Inc. 

American Legion 
Anthony-Hunt -Hamilton Post 221 
357 Great Road 
Bedford MA 01730 



More power to you, 
Congratulations Class of 98 
Good Luck! 

Great Road Shopping Center 
Bedford, MA 


St Michael's 


1 68a Great Road 
Bedford, MA 

Mabbett &c Associates, Inc. 

89 Concord Road 
Bedford, MA 

Emnronttt€tlud Clomultams dr Engineer! 

Arthur N. Mabbett 


5 Alfred Circle, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730-2346 
(617) 275-6050 • Fax (617) 275-5651 
Private Line Tel/Fax: (617) 275-3127 

IWA No hnfLtnd 


Always believe in 
yourself, We do! 
All our love. The 
Momster, Beckila, 
Ozzie, Dad, Mike, 
and the Gang. 


Congratulations to you 
and your friends. May 
your future be as bright 
as your smile. 

Mom, Dad, Adam 
Kristen, Ian, & Erin 


Tom Webster, 

Congratulations Tom 

We are proud of you. 
May your vision be wide, 
your heart be strong, and 

all your shots on goal. 
We LOVE you. 

Mom, Dad and David 


We're so proud of you! 
Wherever you go, 
Whatever you do, 
We'll always be 
there for you. 
May God continue 
to bless you 
in all you do. 

Mark, eighteen years ago, as a newborn infant, your mother 
and I would often ponder what your trademark would be on 
the world around you. Would you engage or withdraw from 
issues of the day and would you help your peers? 
As we look back we are elated. You have emerged as a role 
model with a good sense of humor balanced by strong eth- 
ics, as a team player willing to enthusiastically embrace your 
fellow classmates and a "can-do" attitude that has propelled 
your academic and athletic achievements. You have dem- 
onstrated on numerous occasions that standing up for your 
beliefs and credo of fair play gained the respect of your peers 
and others you touched. 

Mark, keep on the course you have plotted-your compass is 

guiding you well! 

Your proud Mom and Dad 


Our "amazing athlete" 
and even more amazing 
young woman. 
Never stop smiling or 
being such a kind, caring, 
persevering and loyal 

Mom, Dad and Kate 

Our dear Heather, 

The doors of life are now 
wide open to you. Step 
through and follow your 
heart to all the challenges 
and happiness life will of- 
fer you. 

With all our love and sup- 
port, always... 
Mom, Dad, Lauren and 


Congratulations Robin! 

You have been the 
sunshine of our life. 
Wherever your fu- 
ture takes you we'll 
always be "sending 
you rainbows". 
Love, Mum and Dad 
P.S.- You're my hero! 
Love, Lauren 


Congratulations Ned! 

We are proud of you and 
your accomplishments. 
Keep up the good work 
and be sure to have fun 
throughout college and 

Love Mom, Dad and 

Adam Weston, 

You're the best! Triplet siblings notwith- 
standing, you've always been steady as a 
rock. We admire your disposition, integ- 
rity, your many academic, social, athletic 
and musical gifts, and most of all your 
sense of humor. We can't imagine our 
house without you, but we know you will 
work hard and enjoy your four years at 
college. Lots of love, Mom and Dad 



God never loved me in so sweet a way till he brought you to me and said "Behold 
your daughter" I LOVE YOU! 

A granddaughter like you is a special part of our lives and favorite memories. We're 
proud of you. 
Mimi & Papa 

I'm very proud of you! I wish you luck in all the en- 
deavors of your life. Even on those days that you think are 
the darkest, just remember. I love you very much. 
Jefferson T. Eskew 

Congratulations Babydoll.. you made it! Way to stick it 
out. We love you! 
Dad, Brenda, Amy 

We have had our share of ups and downs, but every- 
thing has been worth it. You have touched our hearts and 
taught us all. Thanks for the learning experience. 
Bob, Michelle, Damian, Dakotah 



to Bedford's {p) 

Future Leaders 


for Shaun 

For being a dreamer with the courage 

and wisdom to follow your dream, 
For being the confident young man you've become 

while keeping the child in your heart, 
For earning the respect of friends 

and being a kind and caring brother, 
For the musicals, the madrigals, the harlequin entertainer, 

the poet, the scholar, and so much more, 
For being everything a parent could hope for in our child 

for all of this we are so proud of you. 

With our love and support always. Tim, JCathy. and Shannon 


May your life 
be filled with 
sunshine and 

All our Love, 
Mom, Dad and 

Lm?& from 
Mowij, <H)®d and Qre^lil 

There will come a time when you believe 
everything is fininshed. That will be the 
beginning. .. Louis L' Amour 

Carrie Shamel, 

Congratulations on your commence- 
ment, Carrie! 


Mom, Dad, Sarah & Stephanie 

Eric B. Birmingham, D.D.S. 

LASER Dentistry 

(617) 275-6349 

143 Great Road, Bedford, MA 01730 


Bethany Russo, 

As sure as day always turns to night 

It's something that even a "Big Girl Princess" can't fight. 

You're growing up - here comes the day, 

That it's time for you to move away. 

There's a wonderful world out there, 
You'll find many things that you'll 
want to share. 

As each day you continue to grow. 
Here are some things we want 
you to know. 

We'll always be so proud of you, 
For what you've done and what 
you'll do. 

We'll miss having you around our 

But we'll be with you, wherever 
you may roam. 

We Really like how you've turned 

And if you listen carefully, you 
can still hear Mom shout: 
"Rickety. Rackety. Rockety Roo. 
Come on B. we're for you!" 
Love, Dad, Mom Andrea & Pete 

Jesse Belknap 

Congratulations! All our love as you 
continue to explore the world in creative 

Mom, Dad, Tili & Abby 

We remember the little girl who captured our hearts with the 
song* she sang and the stories she told. 

The afternoons spent watching ballet classes, the Nutcracker 
performances - the music and the beauty and the young 
girl who lifted our hearts with her grace. 

The young woman, whose intellect reveals meaning 
in any situation, and whose deeply held 
values and defiant idealism create a giant 
in a small frame. 

Tomorrow's Rachel will be all of 
these things, and more. 

You are strong and gentle, idealistic 
and forgiving, dedic ated and fun- 
loving, disciplined and creative. 

We love you with all of our hearts. 

!4om and Dad, Brian, David & MufTy 


Pat Mahoney 

From the hills of California 
to the shores of Napoli- 
We have seen the world together. 
Dublin, Kenya, Tuscany. 
From Oshkosh to all black 
and piano to guitar- 
It was plastic swords and Lego's 
now that ugly old green car. 
We have laughed and cried 

now it's time for you to fly- 

The Bedford * *j| ^f^f* 
Jewish Community £3£§pj|^2$S 
congratulates the l£ I i 
Graduating Class f jS^jBj 

of 1998 Xf3l4SBB:l?lsr 


We won't be on the journey 
but our love is by your side. 
Mom, Dad, & Dane 

Dear Alii, 

Congratulations as you close this chapter 
of your life and embark upon college and 
you future. Remember all the good times, 
the old plus new friendships, and the sup- 
port along the way. We are very proud of 
you at this special time in your life. 
Much love. 
Mom, Dad, Carter 

"All the Best" 


The Donovan 


138 The Great Road 
Bedford, MA 01730 



'BuipuBJf) a uisap '^ipe^j a Bnusof '^oi^ tfrauiuj 'spiH A ubj 'ireaisg^ 















David - 

wait for 
your ship 
to come in... 

Swim out after it! 

Always remember you are surrounded by lots of love 

Mom y 




• — 


• FN 

w v Your Special Guardian Angel v Joshua, Frisky, Snickers, Muffin v Becky, 





Consulting Resources Corporation 

(781) 863-1222 • • FAX (781) 863-1441 


1 67 Great Road 
Bedford, MA 


We are so proud of you J J! It's 
been such a joy to watch you 
grow into a wonderful young 
man. You have always been our 
king! We wish you a future 
filled with love and happiness. 

With much love, 
Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Jeffery & 


You've danced in our 
hearts from the 
start, and we are so 
proud of you. Follow 
your dreams and 
soar!! We love you!!! 

Mom, Dad and Ben 


Bedford High School's 
Class of 1998 

We at Hanscom Federal Credit Union are proud of your accomplishments and want to wish you continued 

Community, education and the credit union philosophy of "people helping people" all go hand in hand. We 
believe that you are our future and therefore are an intregal part of what our world will become. 
This is why we are proud sponsors of your yearbook. 

Hanscom Federal Credit Union serves the Air Force and Department of Defense community at Hanscom AFB 
along with most federal government employees in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as members of 
their extended families. 

We have four offices to serve our members: 
Main office 
1610 Elgin Street 
Hanscom AFB, MA 01731 
(781) 274-6335 

Barnes Bldg. 

495 Summer Street, Rm. 115 
Boston, MA 02210 
(617) 542-3184 

O'Neill Bldg. Devens 

10 Causeway Street, Rm. 208 82 Pine Street 

Boston, MA 02222 Devens, MA 01432 

(617) 523-3960 (978) 772-5451 

Our no fee checking account, low interest new and used car loans with no down payment and a no fee Visa 
Gold are just a few of the examples of the many benefits we offer our members. 

Call our Member Services Department at 1-800-656-HFCU (4328) or visit us on the Internet at 
to find out if you are eligible for membership in Hanscom Federal Credit Union. 



©'Connor Skjool $ortratt* 

1348 Main Street 

Zetok&bmv, M&*&u%u*tm 01876 -2097 

tEekp&oiie (978) 851-3737 
fax (978) 851-2163 


CLASS OF 1998! 


It is hard to believe you are all grown up, and graduating from High School. Soon you will be leaving us. and going off to college to experience a 
new life. We know you are ready for the exciting new life ahead of you. You have so much to be proud of. We have moved you 7 different times 
in the past 18 years, twice transplanting you in a totally different country and culture. Despite this, you have always excelled beyond our expecta- 
tions. Your experiences in Germany will always be the soul of what you are and aspire to be. Take pride and strength in all your accomplishments, 
as it reflects what a wonderful young lady you have grown to be. We love you and no matter how far you go, you will always be as close as our 

hearts. Mommy & Daddy 

My Baby, 

You gave me this when you were just a little girl, and I want to give it back to you as you go off to college and start a life of your own. 

Liebe Gwen! 
Gluck und Gesundheit, 
nicht zu viel Arbeit. 

Freude mit mir 
das wunsch ich Dir! 
Deine Mutter 

To Patrick Dwyer - Patrick, 
Congratulations! I'm so proud of you - your patience, hard work, wisdom, and kindness. I 
hope all your dreams come true. You deserve the best! 

Love, Mom 
To Derek Ho - My dear son Derek, 
I am very proud of you and I know you will do well in college. Your career choice will be 

supported by me. 
Love, Mom 

You've grown into a wonderful young lady. Now it's time to make the world yours. We're 

very proud of you! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


Current Events 

On September 5, 1997, the world lost a woman 
known to many as a living saint. Mother 
Theresa was among the most highly respected 
people in the 20th century. Her selfless nature 
and her work with charities earned her the 
Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. In true form, she 
donated her prize money to the needy. 

Britain and 
the world 
were forced 
to bid a 
farewell to 
Princess of 
Wales, after 
she died in a 
tragic car 
accident in 
Paris in 
late August, 
'97. Diana, 
known as 
"the people's 
was best- 
for the 
spirit she 
brought to 
the royal 
family and 
her work for 

Over several 
days in 
the 11,000 
residents of 


that an 
volcano can 
cause. The 
eruptions of 
forced more 
than two- 
thirds of the 
to evacute 
the island, 
leaving their 
homes to be 
consumed by 

Diana's death was celebrated with a solemn funeral 
mass followed by a procession that wound through 
England. Among the millions of mourners expressing 
their respect and sorrow were her brother, Charles 
Spencer, her two sons, Princes William and Harry, and 
her ex-husband, Prince Charles. 


The Sojourner, the first 
mobile vehicle to land 
on another planet, 
rolled out of its landing 
craft, the Pathfinder, 
and onto Martian soil 
in 1997. The So- 
journer's purpose on 
Mars was to transmit 
information about the 
composition of Martian 
soil and rocks. Despite 
some trouble with the 
vehicle's commun- 
ications system, the 
Sojourner completed 
its mission suc- 

Launched in 1986, 
manned by U.S. 
and Russian 
astronauts since 
1994, the MIR 
space station 
completed over 
60,000 safe orbits 
of Earth until 

Slagued the 
ussian shuttle. 
skilled workers on 
board were able to 
fix the station. 

• .--«sS-*-- : M 

The Women's National Basketball Association 
- WNBA - completed its inaugural season with 
the Houston Comets defeating the New York 
Liberty for the championship. As the season 
came to a close, the WNBA announced thai 
the eight-team league would grow to ten 
leagues in 1998. The new teams will be 
Detroit and Washington, D.C. 

The U.S. Senate Governmental 
Affairs Committee, headed by 
Tennessee Republican Fred 
Thompson, investigated alleged 
campaign fund-raising abuses 
by Democrats in the 1996 
presidential campaign. The 
committee heard testimony 
from a wide variety of 
government officials and big- 
money political contributors. 
The key questions raised by the 
committee concerned the role of 
foreign money in politics, and 
whether President Clinton and 
Vice-President Gore had done 
anything illegal to raise money 
for the Democratic party. 

Current Events 


In 1997, Madeleine Albright advanced to the 
highest position held by a woman in the 
American government. She was appointed 
as Secretary of State by President William 
Clinton, after serving as Clinton's ambassador 
to the U.N. Ongoing troubles in the Middle 
East kept the 60-year-old diplomat busy from 
the day she was sworn in. 

"So, tell me what ya want, what ya 
really, really want..." Many people in 
1997 found themselves humming this 
addictively catchy phrase from the 
Spice Girls' song "Wannabe," the first 
single off of their unfathomably 
successful album Spice . Sporty, Baby, 
Posh, Scary, and Ginger Spice deny - 
in brassy British accents - that they 
are a one-album wonder band like the 
New Kids on the Block, and say that 
unlike NKOTB, they have a message: 
Girl Power. The Spice Girls have 
about as many admirerers as would- 
be assassins; only time will tell if their 
fame can last. 

Far left: The Dave Matthews Band 
has demonstrated over the course of 
three albums and several years of 
extensive touring that it has staying 
power on the record charts. 
Combining elements of jazz, funk, 
folk, and world beat music, the group 
is soulful and subtle in its harmonies 
and rhythms. The ballad "Crash" was 
their most successful song in 1997. 
Left: One would have been living 
underground in 1997 to have not 
heard the Verve Pipe's hit song, "The 
Freshmen." The Verve Pipe's talent 
as musicians and the song's poignant 
subject matter ensured this single's 
popularity. It enjoyed considerable air 
time, and a lengthy stay at number 
one of the pop music charts. 

Thirteen-year-old girls 
found someone new to 
swoon over in the 
summer of 1997. Taylor 
Hanson, one-third of the 
infectiously cheerful pop 
group Hanson, found 
himself the center of 
thousands of hysterical 
adolescent girls' 
attention once he and 
his two brothers 
released the irritatingly 
happy single 
"MMMBop," off of their 
album Middle of 
Nowhere . Success came 
early to these blond pop 
princes; Isaac was 16, 
Taylor was 13, and Zac 
was 11 when 
"MMMBop" hit the 



BENEATH THE SURFACE, the 1998 yearbook of Bedford High School was printed by 
Jostens Printing and Publishing Division, 401 Science Park Road, Pennsylvania 16801. 
The Jostens in-plant consultant was Renee Biggens. The Jostens area representative was 

John Neister. 

The cover was done by Creative Resources and our Design Consultant was Rick Brooks. 
The cover was finished with a High Gloss Litho 478 material. The photos were taken by 
Burlington Studios, and various yearbook staffers. 

All headlines were set in Avante Garde 24 point. The bodies were written in New Century 
Schoolbook 13 point. Captions were set in New Century Schoolbook 10 point. 

The Publication date for the 312 yearbooks was May 16, 1998.